RWBY: Restart

When the world is destroyed and all that he has known is taken from. One man will unknowingly return to the past and prepare it for the future...just not the way he expected.

Chapter I: From the Ashes (Edited)

Smoke and fire slowly drifted into the air, as a desolate city burned in the night. The once-bustling city of New Haven was reduced to nothing but rubble and ash with black bipedal beasts roaming the streets clad in white bone-like masks and pitch-black fur.

Their feet pounding against the cracked pavement and broken glass as they scurried through the empty streets. Looking for something to devour, consume and fill their stomachs.

These were the creatures of Grimm, monsters that feed on the anger and hatred of mankind, laying siege to many homes and ending many lives in their destructive need for hunger. They were the darkness that opposed the light and all that it stood for.

They were the beasts that consumed all semblance of light in the world, with mankind being the only ones brave enough to face them.

But now the light of humanity had been diminished and the darkness had won. Now there was only Grimm...

While roaming the streets of Haven, one beast stopped in its tracks as the monster's enhanced sense of smell sniffed the air. A familiar scent of human flesh captured its sense, as it went looking for its next meal.

Right before its head exploded as a black-robed figure descended from a desolate building as he drew a sword and sliced another of the beast's head off.

The figure rolling on the ground before he sliced at the creatures left and right of him before drawing a bronze shield from his back and successfully deflected an attack from behind. The man moved with grace and a terrifying ferocity that came with years of training and survival, showing that he had survived in this hell far longer than most.

He drew back the large circular object in his hand, as he threw the shield and watched it rebounded off a wall and smack against another monster's face. Distorting it long enough for the man to drive his blade through its chest, and impaling the creature into the ground. The beast made no sound as it slowly dissolved into small specks of dust and scattered to the wind, reunited with the oblivion from which it came from.

"Disgusting beast..." the man said he sheathed his sword and walked over to pick up the old worn shield he had thrown.

His hand traced delicately over the worn metal, as a look of longing crossed his concealed face and an aura of depression shrouded his form. Loud roars sounded in the distant as he placed the shield on his back and dashed away from the scene. He knew full well that the Grimm tended to avenge their fallen pack members, no matter how long it would take them.

But by the time they got there, he would be long gone...

The man travelled long and far before he reached a cave sealed off by a large boulder. With tremendous strength and ease, he pushed aside the boulder before he entered the cave and placed the boulder back into place, sealing himself inside from the monster outside.

He sighed a breath of relief as he removed his gear and placed it on the ground near a makeshift bed, before removing the cloth that covered his face as dull blue eyes scanned the cavern. His eyes falling upon a set of broken and worn weapons lined along the wall, as a wave of nostalgia and regret crashed into his soul.

Along the wall stood many weapons that he had managed to collect or reforge from a time long ago.

A giant red scythe with a pair of golden gauntlets was placed carefully beneath a rapier, with a black katana like blade sheathed next to a large War Hammer with two bladed-submachine guns by its side. Two golden rings hung suspended from a small piece of string as the small bands of metal glimmered in the pale light of the fire.

In the middle was a red and gold Javelin, that stood absently amongst the wall before he carefully placed the shield alongside the weapon. Tied around the reforged javelin was a faded picture of a girl with red hair and emerald green eyes smiling in the sun.

He looked at the wall as more weapons decorated the cave, ranging from nunchuck shotguns to small boxes holding untold secrets that could only be wielded by one person.

The man sighed deeply as he sat down and looked at the weapons before him. Faces and names passing his mind, as his dull blue eyes wandered over each weapon before he placed his hands on his head and removed his hood. Revealing blond hair tied back in a small ponytail at the base of his neck, with dark blue eyes that held only sorrow and regret with a face that was scared and worn, with evidence of fatigue clearly etched upon his features.

This man was revealed to be Jaune Arc, the last survivor of Beacon Academy and former leader of Team JNPR or whatever was left of them. Now no more than a lonely survivor, who wished for nothing more than death.

But what had caused the once cheerful young man to become nothing but a shell of his former self?

The answer...was the Second Great War and the End of Everything.

Ten Years ago the world had fallen to the Grimm, as the kingdoms that once stood as bastions of light against the darkness now lay in ruin and despair. Jaune was one of the only few survivors to escape Vale when the Grimm invaded and the world had begun to lose the war.

At first, mankind attempted to fight back against the Grimm and retake their homes. But because of Salem's ultimate plan, communications between the four kingdoms had been permanently cut and the trust between them was shattered. Meaning there was no way to reestablish communication and coordinate a successful attack against the then it was all a matter of survival.

Clever tactics and strategies were ineffective against the beasts, as more and more of his friends became sacrifices, to ensure that he and the others would survive.

It was a hopeless struggle in a world that had long given up on them.

Team RWBY died during the final assault on Salem's domain, each of them protecting their teammates for as long as they could. Ruby and Weiss were the last to fall as they died to defeat Salem and ending her reign of terror at the cost of their own lives. Jaune had held the broken remains of his friend as she died in his arms, smiling as she saved the world from Salem's wrath.

Ruby always wanted to be a hero...and she died like one too.

Yet despite their victory, their sacrifice only bought them little time, before the Grimm would overrun them all. Hundreds of settlements and cities fell to the Grimm as more and more lives were lost to the Beasts of Darkness. For a time it was just himself, Nora, Ren, Fox, Yatsuhashi and Russell that were left to pick up the pieces.

But just like team RWBY, they all fell as well.

He then had to watch, as he alone was the only one to survive each battle against the Grimm, only piling on the guilt that clawed at the very edges of his heart.

The last to go was Ren and Nora as they died in a giant explosion, taking many Grimm with them before the end, with the only thing that Jaune could salvage from them were their weapons and two gold rings. A symbol of the love they shared with each other.

Until he was the last one left. One of the last humans left on this Earth.

Humanity had Fallen

He had heard of possible survivors years ago, but Jaune had all but stopped caring at that point. There was nothing left for him anymore. Now he only wanted to find a fitting end for him and rejoin his friends and loved ones on the other side. He ran his fingers delicately over the golden shield and grasped the photo in his hand.

"I'm sorry we didn't have more time together Pyrrha, I just wish I could go back and change everything. If I could then maybe you...Maybe you wouldn't have had to sacrifice yourself against that bitch..."

He still remembered that terrible day years ago. The day he lost the only one who cared for him and believed in him. The pain and regret that forever haunted him echoed in his solitude as it reminded him of how alone he truly was. But his eyes grew dull and lifeless as he looked at her smiling face...

"But you can't change the matter how much you want it to..."

He got up as he walked towards the table as he sat down and wrote in a small journal that he kept by his side. He didn't know why he wrote in this old worn book when he knew no one would be left to read it. Maybe it was to leave a message behind for who might have survived and stumbled across his own corpse. Or maybe it was to write down the guilt and regret that constantly plagued his heart and scarred his mind for the past ten years.

Whatever the reason he had, it was a way to recall the events that he wished he could change.

Journal of Jaune Arc of the Year X337 Ten years since Beacon Fall...and the end of the human race.

Ten years...Ten years since the world turned into a living hell and yet I'm the only one that's still alive, isn't that a joke, huh?

Everything went to hell after the Vytal Festival, a time of peace turned into a bloody war. We were infiltrated and deceived by a Woman named Cinder Fall and her Master Salem. They killed our friends, broke the strength of our fellow huntsman and was responsible for killing my partner and the woman I never even got the chance to love...Pyrrha Nikos...

They are responsible for all of this.

Cinder and her master - with the help of disgraced Atlas Scientist Arthur Watts - crippled our communications and left the Academies in complete disarray and had the entire Vale Council assassinated...and took away the woman that I never got to love. She had achieved all of this by hacking into the CCT, which gave her unlimited access to our systems.

She used to learn all of our strengths and weaknesses. Manipulated the White Fang to further their own goals, then disposed of them when their job was done.

The White Fang was solely blamed for the fall of Vale and was systematically hunted down as the Kingdom of Atlas destroyed them one-by-one. Slaughtering and killing practically every member of the White Fang on the planet, save for Blake as she had left them long ago with her parents. But this action practically put the Faunus race to the point of extinction.

Blake's old mentor, Adam Taurus, who took control of the White Fang, died in the mass genocide only just realising that he had been deceived by his 'Ally'...I only wish I could have paid him back for what he did to Yang.

All of it was just to acquire a powerful Relic that was hidden beneath each Academy of the Four Kingdoms, sealed in Vaults that could only be open by the Power of the Maidens.

Cinder used them to distract the teachers, while stole the power and used it to strengthen her own. She became more powerful than anyone possibly imagine. She and her allies then hunted down the rest of the Maidens and extracted their powers before killing them like animals, making them an unstoppable force.

With the White Fang defeated, the Kingdoms destroyed and the spirits of every hunter in the world broken, there was no one left to stop them. No one to oppose Salem's rule as she gathered the Maidens and the Relics that lay beneath the schools. And for a brief moment, Salem was the ruler of everything. Her plan had succeeded had she not overlooked one crucial thing...

The Will of Humanity

She had underestimated us and grew overconfident in her reign, she never expected a full frontal assault with what we had left. A united assault of the last remaining Faunus and Human that were so desperate that we led the final charge to her stronghold and brought her to her knees.

Thanks to Ruby's power of the Silver Eyed Warriors, the new Faunus Rights Movement led by Blake and Ghira Belladonna, and the rest of our teams we marched on her fortress and ended her once and for all.

And even though Cinder apparently died at Haven, the war was far from over as we had to take down Salem and stop her from using the Relics. And for a moment we succeeded...

But as it turned out, the God of Darkness had one last trick...

Deep within his pools existed a terrifying creature that was sealed away until humanities judgement was decided. A power so great, that not even Ruby's Silver Eyes had a chance to stop it. A horrifying monster the world had never know from the deepest depths of darkness...

The Grimm King...The true Master of all Grimm.

This Kingdom devouring monster of legend was awakened by the hate and violence of the worldwide war and our failure in the Gods final test for mankind. It practically destroyed the entire Resistance Army in a matter of seconds and we lost more than half of the civilian population trying to escape.

Worst of all practically all of the senior hunters died trying to save them.

All of our training and all of our equipment was no match for its raw power. No one could possibly stand up to the ferocity of the Grimm King. Not even the Legendary hunters like Qrow and Raven could defeat it...they died barely weakening the beast. And Salem...

Salem died at Ruby's hands. Stabbed in the chest and left to bleed to death on her own throne. But the Grimm King was too much for anyone of us and we were forced to flee.

And the Relics? They were destroyed in the final battle between the Resistance and Salem, and the Maidens were powerless against it, we had nothing to stop it. It could destroy half a city with just a swing of its tail.

Who could kill something like that?

Realising that there was no hope left, the Resistance army scattered and the last of our forces were decimated in the final confrontation with the Grimm King.

Ironwood was torn to shreds by the king with his assistant, Winter Schnee, dying to save her sister Weiss. I remember how devastated she was that day, and I don't think Weiss ever truly got over that.

I can hardly blame her, even my own family was torn to sunder...

Mercury Black and Emerald Sustrai were both killed by the Monster as well. I took some satisfaction in that, especially after what those two had done to my friends. I only wish I could have done it myself.

That does sound dark of me I know, but when you watch as the people you care about are crippled, broken, framed or even killed by people like that. Who shows no remorse and take a sick pleasure in it...You can't help but let those dark thoughts in.

It's the only thing left that reminds me that I'm human...crazy huh?

As for Roman Torchwick and Neo...Roman had died four years before during the Beacon Invasion, while no one has seen or heard anything about Neo for ten years now. But then again, with the state of the world now, she's most likely dead.

For the next seven years after it was nothing but hit and run, just trying to survive and rebuild what was broken. But none of it mattered as we were slowly consumed by the darkness as The Grimm Kings flames scorched everything in I trained and prepared for our final battle...

But also, I looked for Cinder because I still believed she was out there, despite what Raven claimed. She's still out there because we never had the Fall Madien by our side and Emerald never claimed it...

Which meant she's still alive...but not for long...But in the end, what will it matter?

I lost too many friends to that beast...I've lost so much... I have nothing left...why is it that I'm the only one to survive when there were so many others that should have outlived me?

Why is it that I'm the last one to stand amongst the corpses of my friends? The corpse of the one woman who saw me as something more than a failure?

Why do I have to carry on alone?

Jaune breathed out as he rubbed his hands over his face, frustration and regret clearly etched on his face as he tried to hide it behind his hands. Peeking through his fingers, he looked up at the large wall of the cave. Multiple photographs and hastily scribbled notes decorated the maps with red strings lined across the wall of his cavern.

All of them focused on one picture of a woman with ashen black hair.

Cinder Fall

Nine years ago, Raven claimed to have killed her under Haven Academy where we took the first of the Relics, the Relic of Knowledge. Many of his friends believed her, but Jaune never did. Because Emerald never showed signs of having the Maidens powers, and there had been no one else to inherit the power...

Which meant she was alive...and that made him angirer...because she needed to die by his hand and his hand alone. For all that she had taken from him. and all the lives she hurt.

He glared as he walked over and placed another dagger on the map as he narrowed his eyes and turned around to the wall of weapons as a dark and cold glint glowed in his eyes.

For the past seven years, I have done nothing but search for her...

He grabbed Crescent Rose as he folded the massive weapon into its compact form, fitting the massive weapon onto the back of his waist.

Looking into every clue, every rumour and every sighting of that vile woman...

He grabbed a golden bracelet as he slipped it onto his wrists. The bracelets mechanism shifted into its gauntlet form, before retreating back into its inactive form.

Searching every lead and turning over every stone I could find...just for even the chance to find her...

He grabbed the rapier as he spun the revolver like mechanism in the chamber, before sheathing the blade onto his belt.

But now I've finally found her...I've finally found Cinder...

The black katana and the large war hammer were placed on his back, as he holstered the two guns on his thighs.

She is hiding out in one of the Schnee's old research facility's here in Vale. She has been holding up there for the last year or so, surrounded by the monster that she had sought to control, doing god only knows what behind those iron doors...

He then placed his white sheath on his left forearm as a clam breath left his body before he turned over to the last weapon amongst the wall...

But now she has nowhere else to more allies or puppets that she can more mice to follow her decree...

He picked up the round shield as he ran his hand delicately over the beautiful carvings on the bronze shield. A soft sigh escaped his lips as he placed the shield on his back and grabbed the reforged javelin in his hand and moved to the table.

I go now knowing that I will not return from this quest for vengeance...this is the last mission of Beacon Academy...

The last mission of RWBY, JNPR, and RNJR...

He touched the journal on the table before he closed its pages and walked over to the large boulder before moving it to the side. He gave one last look to the cave as he shook his head and slowly closed the cave behind him.

To anyone who finds this, my name is...was...Jaune Arc the last human left on Remnant...and I swear, I will kill her before this day is done...and then...

I will have my end

Schnee Research Facility, outside the Kingdom of Vale

The beasts of Grimm, roared and banged on the large iron doors that protected this facility. The iron doors dented and bent to near out of shape, but denied the beast entry into the building carved into the side of the mountain.

The beast could smell the lone human inside its walls; the smell of human flesh enticed them and drew them to her location. It had been so long since they had feasted on human flesh, so long since they feasted on rich human blood or chewed upon their delicious bones. But the iron gates that barred them from their meal, denied them what they rightfully deserved.

The metal gates lasting for many a moon for them and their brethren. But they knew somehow, that even these large metal walls would break, and then they would feast upon the delicious meat inside.

The beasts were about to barge again when an object slammed into the courtyard, kicking up a large plume of dust and wind.

The beasts snarled as they turned their attention to the pillar of dust, only for a Golden Javelin to shoot out of the dust and impale the Beowulf through its chest pinning the beast to the wall and making the beast screamed in pain.

Surprised the beasts turned as they roared at the one who would dare harm their brother. And as the dust cleared a lone figure stood in the middle of the courtyard as a black cloak shrouded his form.

He held a silver sword with a white shield in his hands as his eyes glowed bright white and glared at the beasts. The beasts roared as they charged the man, only to be cut down as he swung his sword in a perfect arch. Limbs and bodies parts flying in the air as pitch black smoke drifted from their corpses.

The man jumped back as another of the beast clawed at him, only for the man to stab him in the chest and slam his shield into its snout. The beast face instantly caved in, as the man spun around and sliced a Creeper in half.

No emotion or fear on his face, as his eyes were focused and cold. The man continued to slaughter the beasts with no sign of stopping or slowing down.

He was like an unstoppable Demon, in which nothing could stop his wrath.

The last Beowulf soon fell to his feet, he sheathed the blade to his arm and walked calmly over to the last Beowulf that had been impaled by the Red Javelin.

The beast whimpered in pain as beady red eyes looked into cold blue orbs, pleading and begging the human to show the slightest bit of mercy and put it out of its misery. The man reached for the shaft and twisted the spear harshly, causing the beast to howl in pain before falling limp upon its steel.

He pulled the spear from the wall as the decaying body collapsed onto the ground.

He gazed up at the large metal doors which barred him from the one he sought. But unlike the Grimm that tried before him, he wasn't going to let a mere piece of metal get in his way.

He reared back his right arm as his fist began to glow bright white, a white-clawed gauntlet took its place as he focused his aura and sent it forward. The giant metal doors exploding off its hinges and tumbled across the large open hall of the facility as the loud noise echoing in the building.

Jaune aimed the rifle down the hall as he scanned the hallway with his flashlight, as evidence of a battle was ever present on the walls. Bullet holes, bloodstains and skeletons of those who once lived here now littered the hall. But Jaune had little care as he walked down the hall.

His mind was set and his resolve was absolute as he followed the soft haunting music that played in the distance on a record player. 'Mirror Mirror Acoustic Version' a song that Weiss had sung so long ago...

One that he kept close to his heart.

He soon reached the last door at the end of the hall as a soft red light glowed from the room. Sheathing the spear to his back, the face and memories of his friends and family came flooding back to him. Their smiles and laugher a distant echo in his ear as the music softly played.

This was the moment he was waiting for so many years now.

This was the moment that he had dreamed for so many years.

To finally avenge the people who were lost, the families that were destroyed and the lives that had yet to be born.

He glared as he slammed his hands into the door and rocked them off their hinges. The doors sliding across the floor and a cloud of dust rose from the impact. Jaune had no idea what to expect when he would meet the one who had dammed the whole world.

The one who had caused all of his friends and family to die. The one who helped set the whole world on fire.

He expected a woman who was absolute in her beliefs; thinking that everything she had done was the right choice, who had long since denied her actions and sought for an answer as to why her plan had failed.

But as he walked into the room that was illuminated by small red candles, he noticed hundreds and thousands of papers and red strings littered and spread across the room. Each one pointing to a different section of her master plan, each one pointing to the outcome she had predicted...But blood red words were strung across the pages that repeated over and over again one phrase...

-It's all my fault-

He walked over to the middle of the room as she sat on her makeshift throne. When he had seen her so long ago, she was beautiful and ruthless with a dangerous fire that burned in her eye...

Instead, what he found was a broken woman, her ashen-black hair had turned to grey and her once fire bright eye was nothing but a smouldering ember.

Her blood red dress was gone, leaving her in rags of black and ripped cloth. All semblance of the woman who had helped destroy the world was gone. All that remained was a husk of her former self, weak and pathetic, not even worth the vengeance that he had sought for so long. But he would have his vengeance one way or the other.

Cinder slowly turned her head to face him as a lone faded ember meet cold blue eyes. A soft chuckle escaped her lips as she shook her head.

"It's been so long since I had a visitor..." She gazed at him as she leant forward in her seat. "May I ask who has graced me with their presence?"

Jaune breathed in deeply as he drew back his hood and revealed his face. Cold and angry eyes glared at her as she focused on his face.

"You don't remember me...but I remember you. Especially after what you did to my partner a long time ago, Pyrrha Nikos, does that name ring a bell?" the woman scrunched her face as she placed a hand on her head.

"Pyrrha Nikos...Pyrrha Nikos..." she muttered and whispered as if she was talking to no one else but herself. It almost seemed that the last seven years of solitude had made her lose her mind. "Ah yes I remember, she was Ozpin's choice as Guardian..." she looked up as she had a coy smile on her face.

"She wasn't much of a Guardian now was she?"

No sooner did she say that was a hand wrapped around her throat as she was lifted into the air. She gasped and wheezed for breath as she struggled against the man's grip. Cold blue eyes glared into hers as he brought her face to face with him.

"Right now, you are not in a position to say anything about her...Especially after everything you've done...for which you will die" he whispered dangerously as he squeezed her neck for emphasis before he threw her back into her seat, the throne slid back as she landed roughly. She coughed and gasped as she looked up in fear of the man as white flames slowly surrounded him.

"So why are you talking to me instead? Why not just kill me right now and have your vengeance?" Jaune shook his head as he sat down on a chair and glared at her.

"Don't mistake the situation, you are going to die, but not before I get my answers. Though I am surprised that you are alive, everyone thought Raven had killed you in the underground vault years ago. But not me, I knew you were still alive...but how, and why didn't you return to Salem?" he asked as Cinder sat up on her makeshift throne.

"Luck honestly, and the small amount of power I had left to unfreeze myself before I plummeted to my 'death'. But I know I could not return to Salem after failing to retrieve the Relic. She doesn't...didn't take kindly to failures in her organization. So, I ran and hid from her for years...just like Ozpin did centuries ago..." she looked at the man as she narrowed her lone eye.

"But why haven't you killed me yet? Don't you want revenge for what I did to your partner? You did promise to kill me the last time we spoke," she asked as they both remembered their last confrontation back at Haven years ago. But Jaune shook his head as he glared at her.

"Becuase I've wanted to know the answer to the same question that has driven me for the past ten years...why? Why did you do all of this? Why did you ally yourself with 'her' and set the world on fire?" a soft sigh escaped her lips as she looked to the side.

"...Do you know of the Great War? The War waged between two factions of ideology?" Jaune nodded as he remembered the old story.

"The war between the Idealists and the Suppressionists? Yeah I know that story, my Great-Great Grandfather fought alongside the Idealists and the Warrior King long ago and helped bring an end to the Suppressionists. But all of its remaining members should have perished at Wind Gate?" She turned as she smirked slightly.

"...No...Not all of them perished to your ancestor's family was the last," Jaune's eyes widened slightly as she leant in her seat. She grabbed an apple from the bowl as she held it in her hand.

"When the Supersessionists had lost the war, we went underground and waited for the moment when your guard was lowered. We waited alone in the dark and the dirt until only I was left amongst what was once a proud and noble family...I honestly had thought that I would die before I had my revenge...Until 'She' came to me with an offer I could not refuse, a plan that would bring you all to your knees and sate my families vengeance."

"The plan would take time and I would have to wait patiently for the moment to strike. But I had patience, and I waited for the moment you had all become so consolidated in your seats of power that you would never notice the serpent silently sneak into your garden and steal the treasure that you guarded so closely...and crush you with it," she crushed the Apple as the pieces fell to the floor. She wiped the juice from her hand as she eyed the pieces of fruit on the floor, already the ants swarming over the ruined fruit.

"With her help, I planned to turn you upon yourself by letting loose the darkness that resided in you all and claim the power you had hidden from everyone...But then..." Jaune glared as he got up from his chair and stood before her.

"Salem died...and the Grimm King rose, consuming this world in fire..."

His hair shadowed his eyes as his aura flared outwards, small cracks formed around his feet as the whole building shook from the pressure. Cinder had wide eyes as the white fire danced around his form, making him taller and more terrifying.

"Because of you and your master's plan, you unleashed the greatest evil mankind has ever faced! Because of you, the entire human race is dead! Because of you, everyone I held dear to me is dead!" the ground cracked further as a Cinder began to choke on the pressure.

"Because of you! The woman I loved died before we even had a chance together! Because of you, I never got to tell her that I loved her!"

A large shockwave blasted from his body as every candle was blown out by the wave. His aura swirling around his form as one lone candle burned between them, illuminating the room in a dark orange light. His breathing was heavy and his form shook as he reeled in the anger and hatred that had burned into his soul.

The countless years of anger and regret that he held inside burst forth and he showed his darker self. He breathed in gently and calmly as he looked at the terrified woman before her. The display of his power had frightened her to no end...

'Good...she needs this'

"Everything that has happened is you and Salem's fault...every life that has been taken, every city that has fallen...and every child that will never live is dead because of you...this is all your fault." Cinder had a look of fear and guilt on her face as his words pierced her soul.

"You wanted power so badly that you'd risk everything for it? Well, congratulations you got what you wanted...all the power you can ever have...with nothing to do it..." his aura subsided as Cinder only gazed back in shock, before lowering her head in what Jaune could only assume was guilt or shame.

"Just be glad that Ruby killed your master years ago. Otherwise, you'd have been dead alongside your 'allies', if that's what you called them, not that it matters anymore...We're all dead anyway", he glared at her small frightened form.

"...What now?"

Silence filled the room as Jaune glared at the woman. Reaching into his cloak he drew forth a revolver as a slight look of fear entered her eyes, as he spun the chamber in his hands.

"...I think the answer is pretty obvious..."

He pointed the gun at her head as he pulled back the hammer. A deafening silence filled the air with the beating of her own heart echoing in her ears as she stared down the barrel of the loaded gun. Jaune glared at the woman as he aimed the gun at her head.

His hands were steady and his breathing was calm as if he had practised for this exact moment. The chance to end it once and for all and finally, avenge the ones that he loved...

But in a surprising turn of events, he dropped the pistol into her lap as she looked up in shock. A look of disgust on his face as he turned around to avoid looking at her least he changed his mind.

"...No...not like this...there is one bullet left in that chamber and I'm not going to sully my hands with your blood. Pyrrha wouldn't have wanted me to go down that path...I have more important things to take care of anyway. So, do me a favour and kill's about the only thing you have left to take from me." he turned around as he made his way to the exit.

"You're going to face him, aren't you? The Grimm King?" he stopped at the doorway as he turned his head slightly in her direction. "You are going to try and kill him right?"

"...Yes...with the Maiden's gone and the Relics destroyed there is no way to contain him. I'm going to go face him and I'm going to kill him. Least that way I'll rid this world of one less evil..."

"H-How are you going to face something like that? Not even the most experienced huntsman could face something of that magnitude and live! Not even my power or the Other Maidens was enough to defeat t-that monster! What makes you think you stand a chance!? What makes you any different from them!?"

Jaune said nothing as he looked down slightly to his hand as he raised his left hand before he clenched his fist and gazed back at her with an empty look in his eyes.

"Because I have nothing left to live for..."

Cinder looked at the man as she saw the hollow look in his eyes. The look of a man ready to die and leave this horrid world behind.

"I've spent the last seven years preparing myself for this moment. Did anything to bolster my strength, stood before every trial I could master and gave up everything to give me an edge in this battle. I'm finally strong enough to kill him...but..." Cinder shook her head as she sighed at him.

"You'll die...won't you?"

Jaune looked back as he nodded with no hesitation in his eyes. Cinder sighed as she leant back in the chair. "Well then..." she checked the chamber of the gun before she closed it shut and looked at the man before her.

"Best be on your way then, there is a spare Bullhead in the hangar bay that you can use...not that I'll be using it anymore..."

She looked down as a soft smile graced her face. Jaune said nothing as he turned and walked away from the woman. She only smiled as she brought the gun up to her head, lined the barrel directly under her chin and pulled the hammer back.

"Farwell...Sir Knight"

The hallway echoed with his footsteps as he walked down the hollow hallway. He was ready now to face his final challenge, his final enemy and at last, meet his end. A loud bang resonated in the hall as he looked back down the darkened hall, as the soft clatter of a gun hitting the floor told him all he needed to know...

The Queen's Pawn was Dead

He shook his head as he made his way to the hangar bay. Where the last fully functional Bullhead, waiting for the day it would once again soar in the sky and be as free as a bird. Placing himself in the pilot seat he flipped the controls on the console as the roof above him opened and the ship soon took off into the sky. Zooming off into the distance to the place where Jaune would have his final end...

The Kingdom of Vale - Beacon Academy

Vale...once the crowning achievement of what humanity could accomplish, a shining light of hope and security to all that had once lived within its walls. Here the people could live a normal life free of the fear of Grimm and hatred that existed outside its walls. And guarding the Kingdom was Beacon Academy, a shining light to fight the darkness at their doors.

But now the city was reduced to nothing but rubble and ruin, left behind by the Grimm.

It was on the grounds of Beacon did the Beast known as the Grimm King slumbered. This massive beast was one said to only exist in legend, its form massive and horrifying that its very presence brought fear and despair.

The beast was similar to that of a large Western-style Dragon, with scales as black as night and pale white bone upon its back and face. The creature's horns curved upward to resemble that of a crown, giving it the title of King.

Surrounding the beast was hundreds upon thousands of Grimm in every shape and size as they either slumbered or fought for the last piece of scrap to fill their bellies. The noise and the fighting never once bothered the massive beast, as he slumbered upon his throne of ruin and decay.

Suddenly a loud boom was heard as every beast turned its head to the sound, minus the King as he continued to slumber. It did not care about the sound as it knew that whoever dared entered its domain would have to face the full power of its army. But the sound grew louder as it peeked one eye open, to see what was causing so much noise.

And there he stood, a human clad in a brilliant display of white as he slashed and hacked away at his minions. Their bodies falling to the ground as he twirled a massive scythe in his hands, that produced a loud crack like thunder with every swing he made as he continued to move forward as another Grimm fell to his friend's massive blade.

He had long since abandoned the Bullhead when he landed on the outskirts of the city. He knew that attacking from the air would be pointless as the Nevermore's had made it impossible to get near the beast. So he began his journey in the place where it had first begun, the Emerald Forest of Vale, or what was left of it when the Grimm King burnt it down with one breath.

The forest was now burnt to ash; with the trees now resemble blackened bones sticking from the ground.

Jaune didn't care about the state of the once green forest; he didn't care about the thousands of Grimm that stood in his way or the hundreds dead that already filled his path behind him.

All he cared about was the King that stood at the end of this horrible game of chess...

Jaune slashed as three more Creepers fell to Crescent Rose as he spun around and shot two more before the gun clicked empty. He scoffed slightly as he spun the blade around, decapitating a massive Ursa before sheathing the gigantic blade. With a flick of his wrist, Ember Celica took shape as he loaded a belt of ammo into the chamber.

He thrust his fist left as a Beowulf was flung away in an explosion of heat before he dodged another and slammed his fist into its brain. He jumped back as Deathstalker thrust its massive stinger into the ground before him, he drew forth Myrtenaster and spun the blades dust chamber, igniting the blade in a plume of fire as he slashed and burned ten more Grimm in his path.

He drew Gambol Shroud as the Katana like blade sliced a creeper in half while using one-half of Stormflower in his spare hand to unloaded a barge of bullets into a defenceless Boarbatusk. Sheathing those two he drew forth Magnhild as he swung the massive hammer and struck the ground before, creating a large shockwave that sent large bits and pieces of rubble in all directions.

Killing many Grimm around him.

He swung the hammer left and right as he crushed and broke any Grimm that stood in his path. He ran forward as he shifted the hammers form and shot round after round of the heart-shaped explosives at his enemies. He jumped over a Deathstalkers claw as he released more explosives laced with his aura.

The beast was decimated as guts and blood sprayed and gushed everywhere.

Placing the weapon back, he drew Milo as he fired at each Grimm that ran towards him, each round burying themselves deep into their skulls as he continued to fight the hoard. He stood in the middle of the battlefield as his eyes glowed a powerful light, a light that encumbered all of his eyes as small flames burned and flickered at the edge.

The Grimm King raised its head as it gazed curiously at the human before him.

Jaune continued to fight as he used each of the weapons that were once used by those he held close to him. In a way giving each of them the chance for revenge against the nightmarish hoard. But even Jaune knew that if he continued to fight the entire Grimm Army, he would not have the strength left to face the King and would die in an instant.

He needed a plan and fast if he wanted to have a chance at facing the King. Which meant that he had to use one of his trump cards...

Sheathing Milo to his back he crossed his arms in front of him as he began to gather his aura. His body shimmered white as small bits of gravel began to float around him. And just as the Grimm jumped him, his body exploded in a massive flash of light. The Grimm was either blown away or disintegrated in an instant as the light was so bright that anyone watching from a distance thought it was a shining star in the night sky.

Not as if there was anyone left on this godforsaken planet.

Back at the battle, Jaune stood in the middle of a large crater as he panted and breathed heavily at the destructive power of his technique. "Aura Burst" a technique designed to release a large amount of Aura in a powerful explosion.

Luckily Jaune only used a small portion of his aura to clear away the Grimm that was around him but still had the massive hoard left to deal with.

Jaune cursed slightly as he fell to one knee as the beast surrounded him. But just as he was about to draw his blade, a loud roar was heard as every Grimm stopped and turned to face the Grimm King.

The King rose from its rest as it stretched its massive black wings and walked towards the young man. Every Grimm in its way moved as they lowered their heads in respect of the massive beast. Its massive form towing over the remains of the Academy it rested upon and easily dwarfed the young man before him.

The beast then roared as every Grimm around the area looked cautiously before turning and leaving the two alone.

Jaune looked around as each and every Grimm had turned around and left them. Stunned at the sheer power and authority that the Grimm King possessed if it could command the lesser Grimm to leave them.

He then looked up as burning red eyes stared back at him and could instantly tell what the creature remembered him as one of the hunters that had killed his mate and knew that he was the last of them.

"...I want to fight one-on-one right? Want to see what the last human on Earth has, right?" he said as he stood up from the crater he had created. The beast only seemed to growl as if to confirm what the man had said. Jaune chuckled slightly as he set his gaze on the massive beast.

"All right then, in the words of a certain Rose..." he drew forth Crocea as a small shockwave blasted from him as the massive beast spread its wings and released a powerful roar, as Jaune burst with aura with an image of a giant knight appearing behind him.

"Bring it on!" and with that, the final battle for the fate of the world had begun...

But at a terrible cost.

No one was around to see the final battle between man and the Grimm. No one was there to see the final climactic battle that took place in the old Kingdom of Vale. But if they were, they would have told of an epic battle that split mountains and sent gigantic tidal waves all across Vale.

Both fighting with all of their strength and all of their power.

Jaune fighting with seven years of hard and intense training to avenge his fallen friends that he had achieved powers never before achieved by the most experienced of hunters. Desperation could drive any man to heights, and just as easily let them fall. And the Grimm King fighting with over a thousand years of experience and age under its name, with the power to reduce a whole Kingdom to ashes in a blink of an eye.

The battle eventually came to a bloody end as the gigantic beast fell to Jaune's blade as the ancient blade of his ancestors pierced its heart and slew the King. But the King would not go alone as he severely wounded the young knight...and ensured his inevitable death.

Which is where we find Jaune Arc now as he lay in a pool of his own blood.

His right arm was completely torn from his body along with what remained of his left leg as four deep gashes lined along his right side as blood emptied from his wound and lips.

Every breath he took burned his lungs and every muscle screamed at him to stop and end the pain. Multiple cuts and bruises covered his form as his eyes and body grew heavier with each passing second. Jaune knew what was happening to him...

He was dying...and he was ok with that.

He had long grown tired of fighting each day to survive, living another day with the regret and guilt that he had carried with him for so long and had long since grown tired of the world he was born in and wanted nothing more than a perfect ending for him.

He coughed violently as blood gushed from his lips as he cast his eyes up to the darkened sky, just as the first rays of sunlight began to peek from over the destroyed mountains.

His eyes wandered over to the giant beast as its lone red eye flicked and slowly faded, signalling the end of the Grimm King...and the end of all Grimm.

"Eheh...I won...-blragh!" he coughed as more blood filled his chest.

He continued to cough violently as he struggled to move his body to his side to ease the pain that was coursing through his chest. Just then a single red petal floated down to meet him as he watched the small petal land in his blood, sending small ripples across the surface of his blood as he stared at the blood-stained petal.

He looked around as he realised that his fight had taken him far beyond the Kingdom of Vale and was now lying in the Forever Falls Forest, it had taken him back to the place of his first victory and now his final victory. He stared for the longest time before he began to laugh at the cruel irony of it all.

His first victory against a Grimm and he ended up dying in the same forest from so long ago...The universe just loved to screw with him, didn't it?

He slowly rolled himself over as he hissed in pain as he dragged himself along the red grass of the forest.

A trail of dark red blood followed behind him as he dragged himself to a lone tree in the middle of the clearing. Each time he dragged himself another face passed in his mind and another memory would play in his last moments. So many faces and so many memories of the people he loved and cherished passing him by.

Ruby, Weiss, Blake, Yang, Nora, Ren, Coco, Velvet, Fox, Yatsuhashi, Sun, Neptune, Sage and Scarlet.

He struggled to stand but fell back down as more faces appeared before him.

Cardin, Russell, Sky, Dove, Port, Oobleck, Glynda, Ozpin with his family's standing before him as they smiled at him...

And finally, Pyrrha, the woman that he loved as they all beckoned him towards the bright light that shined on them. Pyrrha smiled lovingly at him as she held her hand to him, as he reached his hand out to grab her own, her hand and his mere inches apart. Before she faded into nothing as his hand brushed against the bark of the tree.

He stared for a brief moment as he hung his head and shook his head.

He finally managed to drag himself over to the tree and placed himself against the bark. He looked up at the red leaves that shimmered with the cool breeze that washed over him. He reached slowly and painfully into his breastplate as he pulled out the worn picture of Pyrrha.

Her warm and gentle smile greeted him one last time as he smiled with tears slowly streaking down his face. He held the picture to his chest as he relished in the warmth one last time before he knew what came next.

His end had finally come.

"I it?...I'll...I'll all soon...I'" his voice trailed off as his eyes grew heavy and his body went limp.

The first rays of sunshine shone from over the mountaintop as each light landed on the Fallen Knight. His armour dented and scraped, his body broken and torn in every way possible as blood pooled around his form in what many would describe as a ghastly display of brutality and savagery.

But for Jaune, he simply laid there against the tree as a small smile rested upon his face, as he laid his final rest and breathed his final breath...

Year X337 - Ten Years after The Fall of Remnant...Jaune Arc...Died...

Voices resonated all around, as two men and a screaming woman could be heard amongst the darkness. The man was saying 'push' as the woman only screamed in pain as the other man held her hand.

"We're almost there Diana, I just need you to do one more push!" the man said as the woman gave one last powerful scream before falling back into the bed. And then a soft cry was heard as the man held up a small bundle.

"It's a boy!" the man said as he handed the small child to the arms of a blond-haired man, the man smiled as he held the child in his arms.

"Look, honey, it's a boy! We have a son!" he said as he had tears of happiness as the woman cried as well as he handed her the child.

"Oh, my baby boy..." she said as she held the child in her arms. She smiled down as she stroked the small amount of blond hair as the man held one of the child's small hands.

"Hey there little guy my name is Roland...I'm your dad...and this is Diana, she's your mum. We are so happy to finally meet you" he said as he and his wife smiled down at the baby, the woman known as Diana smiled brightly as she held him in her arms.

"So have you two thought of a name for him?' the doctor asked the parents as they looked at each other and nodded.

"We have, his name is Jaune...Jaune Arc..." His father said as they looked down at little Jaune.

"Welcome to the world little Jaune..." Diana said as she kissed his head and smiled at the child, welcoming the new life into the world. But unbeknownst to the parents the child at had only one thing on its mind...

'...What the fuck is going on here!'

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