The Roles we Play

Setting the Stage

***I do not, nor have I ever owned the Teen Titans. ***

"All the world's a stage. And all the men and women merely players; they have their exits and their entrances. And one man in his time plays many parts." -William Shakespeare

Timeline is quite a while after 'Things Change' excluding Trouble in Tokyo, with some minor changes added in.


A moan echoes through the dimly lit room followed by another gasp. A feminine voice giggles out in excitement while the owner caresses her lover.

"M-more, harder."

A man chuckles before obliging the request, putting his hands on either side of the woman to allow himself better leverage.

A few more moments of the constant thrusting before the man reaches his peak, sighing with contentment before rolling down onto the bed next to his lover.

Raven pants heavily, catching her breath and waiting for her vision to come back into focus as she gazes at her two companions.

Starfire giggles before crawling onto the man's other side, snuggling up to his torso.

"Not bad eh?" the masculine voice calls out to the winded teen next to him.

"Very very good." The girl admits.

Again Robin smirks before closing his eyes and falling asleep next to his two lovers.


The resident changeling of the tower growled out before glancing over at his alarm clock.

The 'lovebirds' had been going at it again tonight, which of course meant that he would get at most an hour or so of sleep.

The problem was not that their 'activities' lasted a long time, Beast Boy had to smirk as Robin was certainly not known for his stamina, but rather the fact that with the Boy's ultra sharp senses he could hear them from virtually anywhere in the tower. The sounds would instantly excite the animal portion of his brain and wake him up from even the deepest sleep.

Then there were the scents that the 'fun' would produce.

With a sense of smell almost as strong as a bloodhound the entire tower would reek of their 'bonding' for hours if not days, just long enough for them to get in another round.

Thankfully they kept their nightly activities confined to Robin or Starfire's rooms, which allowed the green skinned boy to simply avoid that corner of the tower at all costs.

Unfortunately the smells stuck to them like bad hair gel, which meant that all three would be almost intolerable to the poor boy for at least a day or so.

Ironically it was when Beast Boy's name came up for the nightly solo patrol that he would actually feel rested. Not that he slept during it but his animal instincts allowed him to switch into a 'cruise control' state which flying allowing him to rest his brain while the baser thoughts took control until he needed to act. It had been a skill developed during his time with the Doom Patrol and was one of the many things that Beast Boy had been grateful for being taught.

Knowing that he had absolutely no chance of going to sleep in his room he decided to fall back onto one of his backup plan for nights like these, laying on the couch with the T.V. on to try and lull him to unconsciousness.


The next morning found the young changeling still lying on the couch. After another couple of hours of restlessness he had managed to pass out for a few hours before being woken up by Robin's ever early morning routine.

Grumbling in annoyance the younger boy sat up and stretched out his stiff body. How in the hell someone trained by the legendary 'Dark Knight' managed to make so much damn noise making a cup of coffee in the morning he would never understand.

"Oh good morning Beast Boy, fall asleep during another one of your late night movie marathons?"

"Yeah something like that."

"Well I hope you got enough rest, it is going to be an exciting training day for everyone today!" The Titan leader happily exclaimed before sitting down to browse the news on his laptop.

'Oh joy, I would ask why he is in such a good mood but I would rather not know to be honest. Plus he hasn't even showered yet, dude still reeks of… that.'

"Don't worry Rob, I am always on my 'A game' you know that." The green skinned teen happily exclaimed before making his way toward his room, wanting to change before the start of all the "fun".


At around seven thirty the five Titans gathered in the training room for their morning routines. Normally this would involve each of them splitting off into the various sections to do exercises specific for their powers but once a week Robin would insist on doing sparring sessions along with the normal activities, claiming that he wanted to keep the team informed of each other's capabilities.

'It's really just a way for him to show off though.' Beast Boy had realized. 'After all the only one he ever spars with is me and that is just designed to beat me down and prove he's the best.'

After a half hour or so of intense exercise, weight lifting for Cyborg and Robin, aerobics for Beast Boy, and aerial maneuvers for Raven and Starfire, Robin called the team together for their sparring match ups.

Just as predicted Robin and Beast Boy were paired up. This left the two female Titan's to engage in a long ranged battle while Cyborg monitored everyone's progress, and recovered from his night of patrolling.

"All right Beast Boy same rules as usual, no powers and no gadgets or weapons. We need to give you a backup should you ever find yourself in a situation where you can't shape shift."

"Okay Robin" The boy replied, before assuming the combat stance that Robin had forced him to use early on in their training. The problem was that it simply copied the Boy Wonder's own combat style, meaning that Robin would always have the advantage since he had been trained in it for far longer and was adapted to it.

The spar never took more than a few minutes, with his leader progressively getting more and more cocky and aggressive as the fight wore on and the green teenager got pummeled.

Soon he was forced to tap out with due to one of his opponents submission holds, the preferred way for said boy to win since it forced the loser to surrender willingly.

"Not bad Beast Boy, still not close to beating me but that is to be expected after all." The victor cockily added before turning his gaze to the two females who had taken to destroying their part of the arena.

"Alright girls, that's enough I am calling this one a draw due to damages, along with both of your substantial skills." Robin called out, immediately ending the other battle.

'Of course, that way he proves that he is the only winner once again.' Beast Boy thought as fought the urge to roll his eyes.

"Well alright yall everybody did pretty darn good, improvements all around and you know what that means… IM MAKIN WAFFLES!" Cyborg exclaimed with glee.

Just then the alarm sounded in the tower, informing the inhabitants of a crime taking place.

"Sorry Cyborg but that will have to wait." Robin commanded as he raced upstairs with the rest of the Titans.


As the five superheroes arrived on the scene it was immediately apparent what Overload had been planning. It had formed its own robotic army using various electronic and metal parts and was currently raiding an electronics store to gain even more. Currently its army was at least thirty strong and growing.

"Alright team here's the plan. I will go after Overload and take him out, Cyborg and Beast Boy will engage his makeshift army and keep them distracted while Starfire and Raven will control the situation from the air, making sure the civilians stay out of harm's way and lending aide if you two need it."

"Of course Robin, let us go Raven." Immediately the two females took to the sky, with Raven making makeshift barricades along the street to contain their enemies and Starfire helping to evacuate a bus full of civilians.

Meanwhile Cyborg began unleashing sonic blasts while Beast Boy charged straight forward changing, into a T-Rex, and intending on creating a large distraction.

Robin, on the other hand, swung in to the store directly, unleashing a barrage of explosive discs and confronting the villain.


"You okay over there BB?" Cyborg called to his companion as he noticed a dozen of the soldiers climbing all over his T-Rex form.

Unfortunately it appeared as though despite spinning rapidly the boy was unable to throw them off and was slowly being weighed down by more and more of the robots, until several began to glow and created an electrical shock, forcing the changeling to reverse back to his human form and sending the mechanized creatures falling to the ground.

"B!" The mechanical man shouted, as he barreled through the large gathering of soldiers, desperately trying to reach his friend.

Thankfully a few seconds later the machines shut down and fell apart, their power source and will being cut off with Overload's defeat at the hands of their leader with aide from the two female members of the team.

"Hey man you alright?" the large cybernetic man asked his friend.

"I'll be fine, just got a nasty shock from the jerks."

"You two okay?" Robin shouted from the destroyed store entrance.

"Yeah I think BB was electrocuted by them though, he's still a bit shaken."

Nodding in acceptance Robin returned to the attention of the two female Titans, who were busy fretting over their secret love interest.

'Seriously how does Cy not suspect anything is going on between those three, or maybe he knows and just doesn't want to make a big deal out of me being the only single one of the team?' the green skinned boy pondered.


After the authorities had arrived and detained the A.I. the Titans returned to their tower for the battles debriefing.

"Nice work today everyone, there are certainly room for improvements. Raven good thinking with forming the barricades and Starfire, I believe you accuracy has improved since the last battle. Cyborg you and Beast Boy need to work on the cooperation between you two in a battle. Since the battle was fairly easy on everyone though I want to do another short training session before we have a late lunch." Receiving only groans for his statement as the team made their way back to the training room.

"Okay team nothing major this time, today we will be working just on accuracy. The fight showed us that we need to be both accurate and precise especially when there could be civilians in the area. Beast Boy since you have no ranged capabilities I want you to work on something a bit different."

Taking the boy aside Robin walked the youngest member of their team to a nearby punching bag, not noticing the slight hesitation in his team mates eyes.

"Okay Beast Boy I want you to work on your hand to hand combat skills while we train, since we now know you can't always rely on animal forms you need to have a backup ability."

"Uh you know I don't really do well with the boxing thing Robin, couldn't I work on something else instead like… trashing training droids or something?"

"No can do Beast Boy everyone needs to have a backup way of fighting should our powers not be effective, and it is clear to villains that you are the weakest link in this regard." Again the changeling appeared nervous but this time it was picked up on.

Letting out a deep sigh the leader decided that a compromise was in order, seeing as how his reluctance was starting to draw attention from the other members of the team.

"Okay how about this, if give it your all with no transformations for five minutes then you can choose the movie tonight."

"Come on Beast Boy quit acting like such a child and just do the training already. I have no interest in spending anymore of my free time in a sweaty gym than need be." Raven called out, her irritation towards the young boy apparent.

"Yeah come on BB just hit the thing, unlike Robin it won't beat you up when you try." Cyborg teased, earning a giggle from the Tameranean.

"Oh yes Beast Boy do the punching of the bag."

Robin only smiled at the young boy's predicament before moving off to his own training area as the other Titans turned to theirs.

Reluctantly Beast Boy began hitting the large training device in front of him, giving half hearted boxing combos while focusing on every blow like Robin had been trying to teach him for some time.

'Naturally the all gang up on me again, anytime someone sees the chance to laugh at me it becomes all against me. Sometimes I think Robin does it on purpose.'

"Let's go Beast Boy, pick up the pace I said 'give it your all' remember?" Robin reminded him, apparently watching from the corner of his eye.

'Trying to assert dominance like always eh Robin? I am surprised you even have time to observe me while you are busy showing off for Raven and Starfire. God I am so sick of you sometimes, you always have to be the best at everything and you pick on me to remind everyone of how apparently inferior I am.' The green haired boy raged internally, not realizing that he had lost his focus during his training

As his thoughts became darker so did his actions. His occasional punches became faster and harder. His combat stance switched to a very different one that what he had been taught by the Boy Wonder.

As his eyes dulled and his long suppressed instincts began taking over his 'training' became more of a flurry of blows against the target, attacks that were normally controlled and regulated became dangerous in nature, showing skill far beyond what he had before and tearing into the punching bag in ways that would have killed a normal human being.


Raven was the first to sense the change in the young boy. Normally Beast Boy was one of two things on her empathic 'radar'. The first was overwhelming happiness; the second was nothing at all.

Raven had first noticed these "blank periods" as she called them around a month or so after the Titans formed, though she had never mentioned it to anyone else. When Beast Boy's emotions went dark she found herself unable to find or sense his presence in anyway and it frightened her to a degree that she was ashamed of. After all there was nothing to be afraid of, he was the most harmless and fun loving of the team, or so she kept telling herself.

The new emotions that she was detecting though said a different story. There was a darkness that she detected from him that had staggered her, like a gunshot in a quiet room.

As she saw the boy, utterly destroying the training device she made her way over towards him, to ensure that nothing was physically wrong. Glancing about the young sorceress noticed that the others were too busy with their training, or in Starfire's case sneaking glances at their leader, to notice.

As she approached the boy from behind and reached out to him he whirled around, pulling back his hand in a threatening manner. It was then she saw his eyes. They were not the same as the fun loving childish boy that she had known for the past few years. Rather they were dull, as if he had not been fully conscious but rather was acting on some kind of 'autopilot'.

He froze when he saw the girl's eyes widen in shock, and immediately retreated out of reach from her, his eyes snapping back to their normal shade.

"Beast Boy are you…"

"Uh yeah just fine, awesome in fact, guess I went a bit overboard eh? Hehe must be all of Rob's awesome training, yeah that must be it. Well I gotta go, nature calls and all that funny since I change into nature huh? So uh yeah um bye!" The teen babbled out in one breath, before nearly running out of the training room.

"What's his problem?" Cyborg asked, coming up to the startled girl.

"No idea, Cyborg you don't think that The Beast is acting up again do you? Beast Boy was acting a bit strange."

"Doubt it besides you know that 'strange' and 'Beast Boy' are basically the same thing. I wouldn't worry about it." The cybernetic man replied easing the Raven's suspicions as the other two Titans came over.

"Huh, I guess Beast Boy did work for five minutes I wonder what terrible comedy we are going to have to sit through for this tonight…" Robin questioned with a worried tone.


The rest of the day had gone quickly, with no more alerts the Titans were able to relax in their own ways.

Starfire had enjoyed spending time with her pet Silkie, Cyborg was making modifications to the T-Car, Robin had been working on updating files in the archive, Raven was meditating, and Beast Boy had spent the remainder of the day in his room, only leaving make a tofu sandwich for dinner and then returning to his shelter afterwards.

When darkness fell on the city, Cyborg was the one who had retrieved Raven, and strangely enough had to go and locate his best friend.

Knocking on his door Cyborg was thoroughly surprised to find the green skinned boy in his room still.

"Uh hey B, Robin said it was your pick for movies tonight so uh… yeah… are you feeling okay?"

The teenager looked strangely tired for having not really done much the entire day.

"Yeah I'm fine Cy, I didn't really sleep well last night and with the training today and the fight I think I'm just feeling a bit tired. Tell Star she can pick the movie, I am sure she is dying to watch another romantic flick again and I doubt anyone wants to watch another comedy despite their awesomeness." The changeling chuckled, drawing a surprised look from his friend.

"You sure BB? It isn't like you to miss a movie night."

"Yeah go on and have fun I just need some rest is all."

"Alright man, well if you need anything just let me know."

"Will do goodnight Cy."

"You too man."

With that the largest Titan left and returned to the common room to inform the team of the situation, which ended with a scream of glee from a certain alien as she began shuffling through her large box of romance movies that had been purchased for her the previous Christmas.


Thankfully that night had been Robin's turn to do patrol, so the green teen was actually able to get a full nights rest.

The next morning Beast Boy was awoken by a tapping on his door. Groaning at being woken up before eight in the morning the hero threw a shirt on before answering the call.

"Hey BB just wanted you to know that our 'fearless leader' is calling everyone down to the medical bay in ten minutes, apparently he had some brilliant idea last night and wants to do a test of it."

"Alright thanks Cy, I'll be down in a sec."

Nodding in acceptance the cybernetic teen departed, allowing his friend to get ready in peace.


"Explain to me again why I have to be the one to do this?"

Robin let out a deep sigh, wishing that his fellow Titan would just follow orders and not question them.

"I told you Beast Boy, Starfire's anatomy is too different, Cyborg is busy monitoring the activities and it wouldn't make any sense for Raven to do it on herself."

"Okay sure but why not you why does it have to be me."

"Because Beast Boy Robin needs to be able to operate heavy machinery and utilize weapons in combat, we can't take the risk that this might put him out of commission." Raven replied, her voice with a slight edge in it.

'You mean you don't want to see your precious lover hurt…' the changeling thought, before dismissing the idea and sitting down on the examination table.

Glancing around at the tray of medical supplies he chose a rather sharp looking scalpel before making a small cut on his finger, drawing blood and holding it out for Raven.

Rolling her eyes at the insignificant wound the empathy held out her hands and immediately healed it, before glancing over to their mechanical friend.

"Sorry BB you are going to have to do a bit more than that, I couldn't get a good reading on the energy Raven was using or the effects it would have on anything besides soft tissue damage."

"Uh translation please Cy?"

"Make a bigger cut Beast Boy." Robin chimed in.

It had been Robin's idea to test the full extent of Raven's healing abilities, and how much it would affect her depending on the wound inflicted. He had made the argument that should civilians be injured they needed to know who could be safely healed on site without compromising her powers and who had to be evacuated to a hospital for emergency treatment.

Again the green hero sighed, before making a slightly bigger incision for Raven to heal, before glancing over at his best friend again.

"I got a bit more information on the healing that time but it still seems to be tiny scraps of information at best, we need a larger sampling of both the resulting damage and the influence that it would have on Raven's vital signs."

"Uh Cy…"

"Translation is, stop being such a wuss Beast Boy." The gothic heroine growled out, not wanting to spend any more time on this stupid test than was necessary, especially after missing out on some valuable 'stress relieving time' the previous night.

Starfire just looked nervous, not wanting her friend to hurt himself, but seeing Robin's patience wearing thin at the lack of results.

"Please Beast Boy, we all just want for this test to be over and accomplished." The orange girl pleaded, trying to end the situation as quickly as possible.

"Yeah let's go we don't have all day, we have training simulations to run, the obstacle course is almost repaired, and of course there is the individual sparring that I think we could all use again today…" Robin practically smirked at the last option.

Inside Beast Boy was seething in annoyance, apparently everyone was far more interested in Robin's plans and the rest of their free time rather than seeing him unharmed. Well fine then he would give them something to analyze.

Abruptly standing up the boy ignored the questioning gazes that the others gave him, before walking past the initial tray of medical supplies that had been laid out, oh so graciously he might add, by their leader. Instead he went to a nearby countertop and retrieved a medium sized box before going back and laying it onto the small end table.

"Uh Beast Boy, what is in that…"

Before Cyborg could finish his statement the boy had pulled out a large surgical knife, before holding up his left arm and stabbing just below his hand, then cutting all the way down on his forearm to near his elbow.

The others just stared in shock and horror as he did so, without so much as a flinch on his face.

Afterwards he looked over to Raven expectantly, as blood rapidly poured down his arm.


His statement seemed to knock the room out of their thoughts as the empathy rushed to his side and began rapidly healing his arm.

Afterwards he glanced over at the still horrified cybernetic man, who had yet to move his stare from the previously bleeding appendage.

"Was that enough information?"

"Wha? Uh yeah I think we are…"

"Good, now if you will excuse me I need to go change my shirt, I wouldn't want to arrive at training in bloody clothes."

With that the boy turned and left while the others tried to recover from the display.


Before the Titans could gather in the training room a signal once more rang out through the tower.

Rushing to the main room Robin punched in the information but discovered that it wasn't the emergency alarm but was the notification of a law enforcement message.

As the others gathered into the room, Beast Boy noticeably walking in last, and standing behind the group, he pulled up the message.

On the large display monitor were the images of the police chief, mayor, and head of the local FBI office.

"Hello gentlemen what can we do for you?" Robin questioned his stance tall and firm while his voice had taken on tone of leadership and authority with a hint of respect.

"Greetings Teen Titans, I am sure you all know who we are by now, we have been having some trouble with an ongoing case, and the FBI and Law Enforcement have finally agreed to allow for your expertise in this matter." The mayor replied, his eyes shifting about nervously.

"Of course, anything we can do to help."

"You have undoubtedly heard the rumors of a serial killer on the loose in California, praying on teenagers and other young individuals?" This time it was the police chief who inquired, and after receiving a nod of confirmation continued the explanation.

"We have had absolutely no luck in bringing this person to justice and with your success record and tracking skills we would like to ask of you to lend us your assistance in our investigation and hopefully stop this maniac from striking again."

"We will do all we can to help."

"We appreciate it. We will meet you at the local FBI field office in two hours to brief you on what we know."

"We will be there, Robin out."

After switching off the transmission the Boy Wonder signaled to the rest of his team to prepare for departure.

Starfire, however, noticed that Raven was moving a bit slower than usual as if in a daze.

"Is everything okay Raven?"

"Yeah Star, I just have a bad feeling about this."

"I am sure it is nothing Raven, we have dealt with far more dangerous villains than this before."

"Yeah you're right Star, let's go." The empathy confirmed, before sparing a glance at the shape shifter who was just exiting the room.


My first real Teen Titan Story woo!

If anyone has any suggestions or critiques I am open to them, I welcome all assistance.

I am going to attempt to update every week, shooting for Saturday mornings, but no promises since I am also going to be trying to do two stories at once now.

For those of you concerned, no this will not be a Robin bashing story. If he seems like an ass right now… that's because he kind of was in the show/comic, also if you were in charge of a bunch of super heroes as a teenager and sleeping with two of them you would probably have a bit of an "alpha male" personality too.

This story WILL eventually be a BB/Rae, Robin/Starfire story, but based on the Television show I felt like Raven had a far stronger relationship with Robin than she did with our green protagonist. This will change over time but do not expect any sudden love confessions from either of them.

As always Thank you for taking the time to read my story, I hope you enjoyed the Chapter. I know I enjoyed writing it.