Sum of our Parts

A Challenge Issued

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"Le gasp!" normal talking

'das fuken?' normal thinking

"set-you-on-fire-no-jutsu" Jutsu and other techniques

"I will murder you!" Tailed beast talking


'I'm getting too old for this shit…' The Hokage lamented, as he sat in his office. In front of him sat Iruka Umino, along with Natsuko and Akane Uzumaki.

The elderly man chuckled to himself, had he not known any better he would have sworn that those two weren't even related.

Akane's red hair as opposed to Natsuko's blonde.

Natsuko was shorter than the average student while Akane was among the tallest.

Akane wore dark colors that completely covered her body allowing her to blend in, while her sister would not give up the hideously bright orange that she wore at all times.

Natsuko was an endless source of joy and happiness, always social and talkative. Never letting anything get her down or appear sad.

Akane was closed off and protective, especially of her sister. She never let anyone close and even when someone managed to do so the poor girl was always on guard.

When his time finally came Sarutobi realized that Minato and Kushina were going to kick his ass for what he allowed to happen to their children.

Letting out a soft sigh the Third turned his attention back to the matter at hand. The forbidden scroll had been stolen and he needed to know specifics. Of course he knew WHO had stolen it, he wasn't called 'The Professor' for nothing after all.

Rather he wanted to know WHY they stole it… and most importantly.

How in the hell an academy student had managed to break into what was supposed to be the most secure room in the entire village, steal an extremely important object, and escape without anyone noticing for over an hour.

This thought prompted the Hokage to send an unnoticed, by the three seated in front of him, glare at the ANBU hidden throughout the room.

Not being able to track down two academy students was one thing, and a serious thing at that. But having their security breached by said academy students was just plain embarrassing.

"Okay Natsuko, how about we start from the beginning." The elderly Shinobi asked, in as calm and friendly as a voice as he could manage, trying to put both girls at ease.

"Okay Jiji, well it all started at the academy today…"


"SHUT UP YOU BRATS!" Iruka shouted unleashing the full might of his 'big head jutsu' against the class.

Immediately seeing them quiet down the teacher began his lesson, summing up the importance of the Genin exam and what each part would entail.

After barely making it through the Genjutsu portion, the class made their way outside to the sparring grounds.

Another half an hour and the accuracy portion of the exam was done as well, with the results that had been expected.

"Okay then normally we would be doing student against teacher spars to determine your competency, but since my back hurts after staying up all night to grade your final projects and Mizuki isn't feeling well…" at this the scarred man glanced over at his fellow teacher, noticing the telltale signs of a hangover when he saw them.

Mizuki just growled in response.

"Instead we will be doing student against student spars while I grade your overall technique. We will be starting with…"

The spars soon went underway as the various students were paired up against a random member of their own gender, in order to "keep it fair" as Iruka explained.

Various levels of competency were shown with the academy style up until they reached the clan specific styles. There the gap widened considerably.

Kiba dominated his opponent, a random student from a civilian clan.

Hinata also won her spar, despite her self-confidence issues.

"Very good Hinata, I see you have been practicing. Have you been able to receive any additional training at home?"

"Unfortunately n-no Iruka-Sensei, b-branch c-clan members are not a-allowed access to m-much of the Juken techniques."

The older man could only nod sadly. Hinata had been dealt a lot of bad luck in her lifetime. She had been born into the Branch Clan due to her father's late birth, her mother dying young, then the Hyuga incident taking her father away from her. It was no wonder she had problems with shyness.

As the random matchups continued it was clear on who had been taking their training seriously and who had not.

Natsuko and Akane had both easily defeated their opponents, while Sakura and Ino had been randomly matched up. At this point Iruka had been wondering whether or not Kami just hated him enough to make them sit through what quickly turned into an insult and shouting match, until the time ran out.

"How in the heck did those two make it this far?" Mizuki muttered, clearly disappointed with the two girls.

"The worst part is they will both probably graduate." Iruka whispered back, shaking his head at the requirements to actually becoming a Genin. Although he was all for promoting balance and intellect along with skill sometimes he thought it was a bit skewed in favor of civilian families.

"Last up we have Sasuke Uchiha, unfortunately since we had an odd number of males this year we will need to recycle someone. Do we have any volunteers?" Iruka called out.

Crickets chirped, as the silence dragged on.

'Oh come on, just because he wins every single fight doesn't mean the students need to be afraid of him. I thought I explained that it didn't matter who the victor was, just the show of skill.'

"I'll take him on." A feminine voice called out, shocking many in attendance.

Akane Uzumaki walked forward into the ring, her eyes focused on her potential opponent in front of her.

"Oh come on that's not fair, Sasuke can't fight a girl."

"What kind of fight would that be? He's going to easily win."

"Why should she be allowed to get close to Sasuke-Kun?"

"He is going to tear her to pieces; I hear Itachi trains him personally."

"He's so dreamy, just like his brother."

Iruka ignored the comments from the other students before stepping closer to the challenger and whispering to her softly.

"Are you sure Akane? You already fought once so you aren't required to volunteer, especially against a male student."

'Especially considering he is the top of the class and you are at the bottom.' was what the man had wanted to say, but knew better by this point.

Despite her terrible grades Akane had shown terrifying skill during her Taijutsu matches. It had been the general consensus among the instructors that the only ones who could beat her were Hinata, due to her clan's skill, and Sasuke.

Of course she had never fought the boy before.

"He needs an opponent and I haven't had enough stress relief for one day so yes let's get this started." The girl proclaimed, earning a raised eyebrow from her opponent.

"Very well," Iruka quickly left the ring before nodding in confirmation at the two students.



The two shot towards each other with surprising speed and began to exchange blows.

Sasuke's 'interceptor style' against… well whatever the hell style Akane used.

'It is a pity that she never had any skill for the academy style, with the rules as they are she will fail no matter how well she does.' Iruka sadly noted.

'At least it might shake the fan-girls out of their stupor though, to see how a Kunoichi should act.'

It was a good matchup after all, Sasuke was faster but Akane seemed to be physically stronger, along with… well it was hard to describe. Slowly she was pushing the Uchiha into a corner, allowing him to hit with glancing blows just to push him back further.

Finally she had maneuvered him to where he couldn't dodge past her, and landed a blow to his stomach. The boy coughed and took a step back, before wiping the saliva off his face and glaring up at his opponent.

The onlookers, at this point, were dead silent. How had this orphan brat managed to lay a hand on the most talented student at the academy?

Then Sasuke grinned earning a small smirk from his opponent as well, before throwing himself back into the fight at full force.

Soon the two just began exchanging blows, with little thought to dodging or even blocking as they just seemed to be working out their frustrations and pent up aggression on each other.


Finally Iruka had to call the spar to a halt. It had long since gone past just friendly sparring and the two were bleeding and covered in bruises.

Sasuke had forced the girl onto the ground, with his hand held up, as if ready to strike a final blow against her head.

Meanwhile Akane had her right hand around the boy's throat, lightly enough that she wasn't choking him, but hard enough to make its presence known.

"That's quite enough you two, I think you both showed off your skills to the point of nearly killing each other." Iruka would have chuckled had he not been worried about it actually happening.

"Not bad Uzumaki. You might be the dead last dobe, but you sure pack a strong punch."

"We should do that again sometime." The redhead agreed. "I enjoyed the feeling of smacking that pretty face of yours around."

"YOU WILL NOT LAY A FINGER ON SASUKE-KUN!" Sakura practically shouted in the poor girl's ear, earning a glare in response.

"Oh? Then maybe you would like to go a few rounds Haruno? After all your match with Ino was a bit lacking…" the Uzumaki responded, a menacing gleam in her eyes.

"Uh… Oh look at the time Iruka-Sensei shouldn't we get ready for the written exam?" Sakura quickly responded changing the subject as Natsuko ran up to her sister, giggling in excitement.

"You rock onee-chan!" The blonde happily exclaimed, earning a genuine smile from her sister.

Iruka had never quite figured out why Natsuko called her that, considering they were both the same age, but figured it had to do with their personalities.


The written portion had gone as Iruka expected, and soon left him with a large clump of papers to grade.

"Alright class time for the Ninjutsu portion. You will each come up individually into the curtained off area and display the three required academy jutsu."

Again the process went as normal, most students being able to pass this portion, until he came to the Uzumaki sisters.

This time the teacher grimaced. Knowing what lied in store for him next but hoping that Kami had taken pity on the two girls.

Natsuko came up first, and performed the 'Kawarimi' and 'Henge' without incident, but still could not form a correct 'Bunshin'.

"I am sorry Natsuko, but the Ninjutsu portion has to be passed in order to graduate." Iruka said sadly, truly feeling bad for the young girl as she hung her head in defeat.

"Aw come on Iruka, maybe we can overlook this? I mean so far she has done okay on all the other portions." Mizuki chimed in, a smile hiding his true intent.

"I would like to really I would but I can't bend the rules. Sorry Natsuko."

The young blonde shook the tears away before putting on a fake smile and walking out, happily replying that she would "get it next time."

Next in was her sister, who just stared at the two men emotionlessly.

Iruka just sighed, knowing what was coming next.

"Any progress at all Akane?"

"None, I can't perform Ninjutsu or Genjutsu."

"I see, I am sorry then but I have to fail you. I really wish I could help you with this."

The redhead merely shrugged before turning and leaving the area to find her sister.

***End Flashback***

"After that Mizuki approached me and claimed that if I completed the super-secret bonus exam he would let me and Akane pass." Natsuko explained much to the displeasure of those around her.

'Bastard manipulated my sister. At least he is in custody now.' Akane thought darkly.

"I understand that Natsuko and you are not in trouble for this, I would like to ask what happened when Mizuki finally confronted you though." The Hokage inquired.

"Oh well luckily onee-chan found me before he did, she always was good at finding me, and figured out what was going on. Then Iruka-Sensei showed up a bit later and we all took that teme down a notch!"

"Indeed, from what I heard of the ANBU report Mizuki was covered in some very serious bruises." Well now that only leaves one more question, why do you have Iruka's headband Natsuko?" the elder man questioned, pointing to the metal plate that adorned the adorable girl's forehead.

"I can answer that Hokaga-Sama, Natsuko was able to learn and master the 'Kage-Bunshin' from the forbidden scroll before we located her, and since that was the primary reason for her failure I decided that she had more than earned it, even if she did poorly on her written exam she would just barely pass."

"But what about onee-chan?"

"I'm sorry Natsuko but Akane can't perform any of the academy required jutsu, we can't let her pass despite her aid in apprehending Mizuki."

"But that's not fair! Onee-chan helped just as much as I did she should be allowed to pass too! I only did this so that we could pass together."

"Hokage-Dono, could I have a moment to speak with my sister alone please?" the redhead suddenly spoke up, earning a nod and a sad frown from the aged Hokage, he could still remember when they were younger when she too would call him Jiji…

The 'older' of the two sisters grabbed the other and took them both outside of the office to discuss something. A few minutes later the various Jonin instructors entered the Hokage's chambers, having been summoned earlier to discuss future team placements.


"Ah perfect timing as always I am glad to see that all… most of you are here." The Hokage greeted, noting with some irritation that Kakashi was late… again…

"As you know the academy exams took place earlier today and although we do not have a finalized list we can be fairly accurate on who will have graduated and who failed. Thus I would like to hear any requests or recommendations."

"I would like to have Shikamaru, Ino, and Choji in my squad Hokage-Sama." Asuma called out immediately.

A few grumbles were heard about receiving such an easy team to work with but when no one objected Hiruzen nodded before marking it down on his list.

"Actually Hokage-Sama, I would like to request Natsuko, Akane, and Hinata." The Genjutsu mistress spoke out.

"Uhm with all due respect Kurenai it doesn't look like either Uzumaki will pass." Asuma responded.

"Why not, Akane has shown more than sufficient skill in stealth, kunai, and Taijutsu skill. Her sister is a bit rough on her chakra control but is average or above in everything else."

"But neither of them could perform the necessary academy jutsu."

"Well if that is what determines whether students pass or not then who would like to tell Rock Lee that he has to go back to the academy? If I remember correctly your student was unable to perform jutsu either correct Gai-San?"

"That is correct Kurenai-San… however to do so would be most un-youthful…" the dark tone that the Shinobi spoke in made it clear that he was not happy with having his student called a failure, and that anyone who suggested he was would be having the conversation with him instead.

"O-of course Lee-San is okay. After all he showed dramatic improvements but…"

"From the looks of their previous test scores they won't pass that portion either. Plus if I am reading this correctly Akane failed the Taijutsu portion." Genma remarked, earning a suspicious gaze from the female.

Just as she was about to respond the door opened again and the two sisters returned, cautiously looking around the room at the Shinobi assembled.

"Ah we were just talking about you two girls, please have a seat. I assume you have settled whatever it is you were discussing?

"Yes Hokage-Dono." Akane remarked, not noticing the slight wince from the older man.

"This is ridiculous neither of them should be allowed to pass. They failed almost all of the necessary portions of the exam. Besides an all Kunoichi squad is asking for failure." A random Jonin by the name of Masaru interrupted, earning a death glare from the Kunoichi present.

"And why would that be Masaru-San?" Kurenai inquired, gritting her teeth.

"None of them have shown any promise this year, unlike the men. The Hyuga has no confidence, Ino and Sakura and practically useless, and the two De… I mean Uzumaki brats can't perform basic techniques." The man replied.

"I have a proposition for you Hokage-Dono." Akane spoke up, earning a surprise look from all those present.

"Oh, and what might that be Akane?"

"Since this is causing so much trouble I purpose a wager. Have all the Jonin sensei take the standard academy exam, if their combined scores average out as passing my sister and I will retake the exam until we are able to pass it. However if the scores are failing on average, you allow us to pass."

The room fell silent as eyes turned towards the Hokage, as the Jonin watched in horror as he appeared to be contemplating it.

"H-Hokage-Sama, surely you are not considering this…" The offending Jonin asked.

"Why not Masaru? It seems like a rather simple request and it would end any debate that we might be having on this subject. Besides I am SURE that none of my Jonin would fail even a single portion of the exam correct?"

"I'll take that bet Hokage-Dono."

This time even the older Sarutobi's face snapped back to the redhead, who had a dangerous smirk on her face.

"Since you are so confident in your Jonin I bet that if a single one of them fails even one portion of the exam then you provide us with extra training material and help that we normally would not have access to, no questions asked, so long as it is not specifically forbidden information."

"Alright you little brat! Then if we pass every part you agree to quit being a Shinobi forever." This time it was Masaru who answered, the Hokage starting to feel as though he was just a bystander in this conversation.

"Deal" Akane replied with confidence.

The Hokage could only sigh, and noticed the slightly nervous look on Iruka's face. "Alright now the only question remaining is… who gets to tell Kakashi he has to redo the academy exam?"


Kurenai had always been proud of her patience, after all as a Genjutsu master you had to learn to have a large amount of it when dealing with slow and subtle manipulations that they were often call on to do.

However being forced to sit in academy seats that were designed for children, with her knees knocking into desks far too low for over three hours while they waited for Kakashi to arrive was starting to test her.

That being said most of the other Jonin in the room were plotting on how to kill the masked man when he finally arrived.

Anko had been the one to start the conversation, after she had been informed earlier that day that she was to be included in the Jonin group.

"I still say fill his apartment with snakes, you can get some that are just poisonous to kill you but not enough to make it quick, think of it as slowly drowning on your own fluids while your eyes bleed out." The snake mistress tried again to convince the other Jonin on how to kill the only Jonin not present.

"Nah too quick and easy, besides what if he has an antidote or something under his mask? I say we set him on fire, there are few things in this world that fire doesn't solve after all." Asuma replied with a sage nod.

Just then the conversation halted as the door opened up.

"Yo" Kakashi greeted with an eye smile, his orange book already in his hand.

"What about snakes that are on fire?"


Once more Sarutobi sat in his office, Iruka was already there, sweating nervously for some reason, as were the two Uzumaki sisters.

"Hey onee-chan, can we go out for ramen after this?"

"Have you found a Kunoichi outfit that isn't completely orange yet?"

"Uhhh no?"

"Then no."

"AWWW COME ON! Ramen is like the best thing since… ramen!"

The Hokage smiled at the relationship between the two. Though he wasn't able to protect and care for them as much as he needed to he was glad that they had each other to look out for.

He was pulled out of his thoughts though as the door slammed open and in walked a handful of very annoyed Shinobi. Apparently they had not appreciated being sent back to the academy for a day of pre-Genin exams.

What surprised the Hokage the most though was when Anko walked in the door, her eyes immediately falling on the two sisters.

"GAKIS!" The woman gleefully exclaimed, before running over and tackling the two females out of their chairs.

"You have got to be kidding me…" Asuma questioned, face palming at the display in the office.

Natsuko replied by hugging onto the Jonin, giggling happily that her "Anko nee-chan was visiting"

Even Akane seemed to be gracing the world with one of her rare smiles.

"I didn't know you two would be here! How have you been?"

"Um Anko these are the two who convinced the Hokage to do that test." Genma called out, causing a serious look to pass over the woman's face.

"Gakis… is that true?"

Seeing them both nod the woman's face split into a huge grin.


"What the hell is going on?" Genma questioned, shaking his head in disbelief.

"I can assure you Anko-San that it was not a prank now if you would be so kind as to allow our two guests to return to their seats we can start this meeting." Hiruzen ordered in a friendly tone, smiling at the woman's interaction with the two girls.

"Fine… you two owe me dango afterwards though."

"Now that everyone has… where is Kakashi?"

"Seriously… can that man ever be on time?"

"Oh I wouldn't worry about that Jiji, let's just say I overheard the Jonin talking about him the other day so I decided to give him some incentive to showing up…" Natsuko cheerfully replied, earning a questioning look.

"Natsuko what did you…"

Suddenly the previously shut door was thrown open as the sound of lightning and thunder crashed outside. In walked an obviously infuriated Hatake Kakashi, his eyes slowly sweeping across the room, daring anyone to speak.

"Who. Did. This?"

"What are you upset about my eternal rival?" Gai happily inquired.

With a single move the masked Jonin brought out what appeared to be a normal Icha Icha book, much to the annoyance of the Kunoichi in the room.

"I don't see what the problem is Kaka…" But before Asuma could finish the cyclopean Shinobi opened the book, revealing the horrors that lay inside.

It had all been replaced with Yaoi pornography.

Anko immediately burst out laughing, falling to the floor as tears came to her eyes.

Even Kurenai had to turn her back so that she could try and contain her laughter.

The men simply looked on in horror.


Suddenly his attention was drawn to the short bundle of energy and joy that was the laughing Natsuko Uzumaki.


He took a step toward her, which he immediately regretted.

Akane was in front of him in an instance, glaring into his lone eye as if daring him to finish the sentence. The scariest part was when he felt a kunai tapping against his upper thigh, dangerously close to the more sensitive parts on a male.

"Enough, Kakashi I am growing weary of this inability of yours to arrive on time. I am expecting this to change when you are assigned a Genin team. Akane if you would be so kind as to refrain from changing Kakashi into a female I would appreciate it, the paperwork involved in formal sex changes is quite extensive."

"As you wish Hokage-Dono." The female replied, moving back to stand next to her sister, while keeping the masked Jonin in her sight the entire time.


"Now then, if you would start this meeting Iruka."

"Yes of course Hokage-Sama, as you know the Jonin present were all required to take the same test that the academy students were forced to several days ago. The exam is split into several sections which are graded and added into a final score, however if the any of the three Ninjutsu are failed then the student fails immediately." The scarred man explained, earning a nod of confirmation from the Hokage.

"The first portion was Genjutsu which they all passed by breaking the illusion immediately."

"I had assumed so, because if one of my Jonin had failed this portion they would no longer be a Jonin."

The instructor laughed nervously before being interrupted.

"We can concede that the Ninjutsu portion will also have been passed by all Shinobi as well Hokage-Dono." Akane spoke up suddenly, wanting to save time.

"Of course, now then Iruka if you would start with the Taijutsu portion."

"Well the thing is Hokage-Sama this part of the exam was never intended for Jonin and so…"

"I understand that Iruka this will not reflect on any of the Jonin's abilities."

"Of course but…"


"You all failed." Iruka muttered out.

The silence was deafening. The cigarette and pipe both fell out of the male Sarutobi's mouths.

Gai seemed to be frozen mid stance, his face stuck in a cheerful grin as it seemed like his mind had collapsed and his body had yet to catch up with it.

The other Jonin in the room seemed equally shocked, no one quite knowing what to say.

Akane merely smirked.

"HOW COULD SAY SOMETHING SO UNYOUTHFUL IRUKA-SAN!?" Gai cried out, tears pouring from his face.

"I equally would like to know how ALL of my Jonin sensei failed Iruka…" The Hokage agreed, noticing the smirk on the young redhead's face.

"The Taijutsu portion of the academy exam only grades skill in the basic style and in Clan specific styles. Since those are the only ones the teachers are informed enough about, otherwise a student could just make up a style and act like they are proficient at it."


"O-of course not Gai-Sama, I am just explaining the rules of why everyone failed."

"You knew didn't you Akane?"

Suddenly the attention went to the young girl who Hiruzen had just addressed.

"Of course Hokage-Dono, never make a bet unless you already know the outcome." The girl replied.

"An academy student fooled and manipulated the Hokage and a dozen other Jonin, and we are considering failing her?" Kurenai muttered in disbelief.


"Very well Iruka you may continue." The Sandaime motioned after everyone had finally settled down.

"Uh well next is the accuracy portion."

"Is this necessary Hokage-Sama I think we can all hit the lethal points on a wooden training dummy." Kakashi droned out.

"Well duh Kakashi-San but so can my sister and she didn't pass either. That isn't the point is it Iruka-Sensei?" the young blonde replied, earning some worried looks from both the instructor and the Jonin present.

"Please tell me that all my Jonin didn't fail the accuracy portion as well." Sarutobi almost begged.

"Ahem of course not Hokage-Sama." Hiruzen breathed a sigh of relief. "Only most of them did." Which lead to a sigh of annoyance.

"The targets were supposed to be in the center mass, not the 'kill areas'." Iruka hesitantly explained.

"Why the hell would you ever aim for the center of a target? That's where the armor is strongest." Asuma complained, seeing nods of agreeance from his fellow Jonin.

"Well this used to be a circular target but we changed it a few years back to human shaped to help the students ease into the idea of fighting." Iruka tried to explain.

"Never mind that for now, what was the last portion of the test Iruka?" The Hokage asked, already feeling a massive headache coming on from this situation.

"The written portion Hokage-Sama."

"Ah well hopefully my Jonin are as bright as I believe them to be."

"Indeed Hokage-Sama they did considerably better on this portion of the test." Iruka praised earning confident smiles from the adults in the room.

"Almost half of them passed this portion."

These were the days that the Hokage thought of simply walking out of his office and not coming back.


"This is such crap, who the hell needs to know 'at what angle to throw a kunai in order to hit the enemy ninja who is running at a seventy five degree angle and is one hundred feet from you.'?" Genma muttered, as the group of Jonin gathered to hear the recap of the questions.

"To be honest I just put 'high enough so that it hits the jerk'." Anko snickered, although she had failed the test she found it rather hilarious in the long run.

"So Iruka what is the average scores of the Jonin?" The Sandaime inquired, trying to put this entire incident behind him as soon and as quietly as possible.

"The average was a fifty-two percent taking everything into account." The teacher answered, not wanting to make eye contact with any of the glaring Shinobi.

"Well then I believe that is below failing. Congratulations Akane and Natsuko you both pass." The elderly ninja happily praised.

"Not just that Hokage-Dono, don't forget the wager you allowed your Shinobi to make for you." The redhead declared with a smirk.

"How could I…" the Hokage sighed, sending a glare towards Masaru, who had the decency to look ashamed. "We will discuss your requests once you are settled into your team, for now you two are dismissed, don't forget to return to the academy tomorrow for team placements."

Natsuko cheered happily while her sister nodded in thanks and departed.


"Well since all of the grading and testing is done we should do our final team placements."

"Hokage-Sama I request to have Sasuke Uchiha, Natsuko Uzumaki, and Akane Uzumaki on my team." Kakashi declared.

"Hokage-Sama I have already expressed my interest in having Natsuko Uzumaki, and Akane Uzumaki on my team along with Hinata Hyuga." The woman interrupted.

"Now now Kurenai you can't have everything that you want. Besides an all Kunoichi team is dangerous." Asuma butted in, further annoying the Jonin.

"So it would be fine for you and Kakashi to have everything you asked for but not me? Also remind me why an all Kunoichi team is a bad idea?"

Before Asuma could dig a deeper hole for himself Iruka decided to add in his opinion.

"Actually Hokage-Sama I agree with Kurenai-San. Akane seems to be very weary of others and Hinata is one of the few she does get along with, furthermore I would be hesitant to split those two up with how much they depend on each other.

"We have been suffering from a major issue lately Hokage-Sama, the fact of the matter is that Kunoichi, have been earning a bad reputation in the ninja world recently and Konoha is no exception. We are seen as being weaker and inferior to our male counterparts and most of this year's graduates only reinforce that image. The only three Kunoichi that seem to be taking this seriously are the three I have requested." The red eyed Kunoichi explained.

"A good argument Kurenai, is there anyone who can make one against it?"

"It is dangerous Hokage-Sama! What if they are targeted?" Masaru cried out, earning further glares from the women in the room.

"Then it would be no different than if your team were targeted I would imagine." Kurenai replied.

"Enough, I agree with Kurenai's request and her team will be as she requested. Kakashi you will be given Kiba Inuzuka instead to help form a sense of companionship with Sasuke as well as help balance out Sakura's physical weaknesses. Unfortunately this leaves us with one extra with Shino Aburame. I have decided to place him with you Asuma, this will help push Shikamaru into a leadership role and give him more to work with when it comes to the strategizing he is shown to excel at." The village leader finished.

"I suggest you all read up on your Genin teams so that if they pass your tests you will be prepared for them. I am expecting many great things from this year's students.


Woo chapter 1 is done! This is my first Naruto FanFiction, and as far as I can tell the first FF to have two sisters instead of Naruto, so I hope I did a good job. If not please tell me where I can improve.

I know I missed a lot of character interactions but this was more of a setup chapter, and picking on Jonin chapter, than anything else.

A few things people probably noticed or were curious about: Hinata is branch clan in this story, because the fact that her father was born a few minutes earlier than his twin was just way too easy of a target. Since that is the case the Hyuga incident happened in the same way, except that Hiasha was exchanged for Hizashi rather than the other way around. Also Hinata's mother still does die like in canon, how much this will influence I haven't decided yet but Hinata's personality will be slightly different.

The Uchiha clan massacre was considerably toned down, in mine there are far more survivors and Itachi was never forced to become a missing-nin, partially because I dislike the whole "I had to kill them and torture my brother but I swear I'm a good guy!" idea, and partially because I plan on making Sasuke less emo and broody since it just got annoying.

Obviously Naruto is replaced by Natsuko and Akane. The reasons for their various developmental problems will be explained later, but they are both Jinchuuriki to the Kyuubi making Minato no longer one like in canon.

For any who are concerned no this will not be a bashing Fic, I will be picking on a few of the characters a bit more, such as Kiba, Sasuke, Ino, and Sakura, but most of that is just harmless or to point out their flaws.

If I do start majorly bashing someone and don't realize it please PM or put it in a review and I will change it.

Finally I have not decided on what pairings, if any, will be in this story. So for the next few chapters I encourage everyone to PM or review with their suggestions. I have a few in mind but nothing concrete and I would be just as happy without pairings at all if readers feel that would be better.

As always I hope you all enjoyed reading this, I had a hell of a lot of fun writing it.