Sum of our Parts

Greater than the…

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"Le gasp!" normal talking

'das fuken?' normal thinking

"set-you-on-fire-no-jutsu" Jutsu and other techniques

"I will murder you!" Tailed beast talking


"You four will pay for your interruptions. There is no one alive who can hope to match me. I have defeated all of your Kage so what hope do you have?"

"That's because baa-chan and the others don't play well together. Onee-chan and I are awesome at teamwork."

The older Uchiha blinked in confusion for a moment before scoffing.

"It does not matter how talented you are the end result will be the same."

"We will see about that Madara." Itachi interrupted, his Sharingan blazing to life alongside his brother's.

"Very well, let us duel like proper Uchiha then, Susanoo."

With that the massive Chakra creation formed around the resurrected man, glaring down at those whom its master saw as inferior.

"I am glad we worked on perfecting this. Akane-chan, Natsuko-chan you two should stay back. We should be able to defeat him." the ANBU commanded.

Moments later two more Chakra constructs formed from their respective owners before all three clashed.


"Hinata what are you doing here? You need to get them out of this place!" Tsunade tried shouting, but at this point was far too injured and weak to do so.

"We both know I can't force them to do anything. Besides I am not going to be the one who let the five Kage and their grandfather die." The girl followed by using the Summoning Jutsu that she had been given, using the slugs to help heal the other injured warriors.

"Jiraiya and Kakashi should be here within a few minutes to help get all of you off the battlefield, until then just keep your heads down and focus on recovery."

"We will be fine for now, you should go and help the Uzumaki sisters." Gaara urged.

"They will be fine. Even with all of my improvements I doubt I could be any more than a burden to them in this battle."


As the three Susanoo clashed it quickly became apparent that despite how powerful the two younger Uchiha were, it was only a matter of time before they would be defeated by the more powerful experienced warrior. Each time one of them would parry his blade it would force them back, and cause noticeable strain on the sibling.

"We have to help them Akane-chan. They won't be able to win at this rate."

The redhead nodded, her mind whirling on what would be the best way to aid their allies, until she came upon a rather unique idea. "Natsuko, what if we tried that idea you had concerning the 'grand finale'?"

Her sister instantly perked up, a bright smile adorning her face. "You mean it Akane-chan? Oh this will be sooooo cool!"

Returning the smile, the redhead proceeded to produce the last bulk container of specialized ink that she had, hoping it would be enough.


"Foolish children, even as Uchiha you cannot hope to stand against me. I will admit that your power is impressive though, so why do you fight for Konoha? Why not join me and create the perfect world? I have heard about the destruction of my former clan. This is just another reason to cast off the imperfections of this reality and join with me in creating a new one."

"No offense Madara... but you are insane. I am not going to abandon everyone who has placed their faith in me just because you had a rough life and dislike your former village. The fact that you are willing to turn everyone into mindless slaves just further demonstrates why you were never made Hokage."

The older Uchiha frowned at the youngest one's comeback, before glancing over at his smirking older brother.

"I assume that you stand by your brother in his choice?"

"Of course."

The man's frown deepened, "So be it."


Sasuke and Itachi stood, surrounded by their most powerful techniques and gasping for breath. Opposite of them stood an ancient Uchiha, powerful and cunning beyond measure.

"A-any ideas?" the younger of the two gasped out.

"Not q-quite yet. He s-seems to be far more powerful and ex-experienced than either of us though."

Sasuke nodded in confirmation. At least they had come to the same conclusion, they were hopelessly outmatched.

Before the older man could resume the match the ground began to shake as another soldier stepped onto the field of giants.

A warrior made of earth and rock, of root and dirt. A being created from the mind of a young girl.

The Last Avatar

Once more it was covered in seals, appearing more like a tattooed berserker than a dignified warrior such as themselves.

"Interesting… so the reports were true after all. It appears as though…" Before he could finish his statement the giant charged forward with impressive speed, ducking under slash from the Uchiha's blade and landing a powerful punch into his face.

The Susanoo, and Madara along with it, staggered backwards from the force.

He retaliated, blurring forward with a barrage of attacks… which were gracefully dodged.

'How is she dodging this well? Natsuko was never this talented in Taijutsu and…'

The older Uchiha's musings halted when he glanced down and saw the young blonde cloaked in her flaming cloak and next to her, in a meditative position, was her sister.

"You let Akane-chan take control of the giant…"

Natsuko seemed to hear the mutterings, and smiled in response.

Moments later the two of them were consumed in a bright golden flame, as a massive fox coalesced from thin air.

"How about a four on one?"

The two Uchiha grinned, and joined back in with the two sisters.


"Jeesh look at the two of you. I leave you alone for five minutes and you got the crap kicked out of you."

"Can it Jiraiya and help me up." Tsunade growled in annoyance.

Arashi chuckled slightly, then groaned from the pain that the laughter put him in.

"I'm just saying hime," the white haired Sanin continued on, ignoring the glares that he was receiving from his former teammate, "I kind of expected more from two 'Kage level Ninja' along with the four other Kage. Hell Kakashi and I won our fights and we are still standing despite the ridiculously bull crap powers that Tobi had."

"Yeah well you weren't fighting an ancient and all powerful Uchiha sociopath."

"True, but he did have the Rinnegan... plus he could like phase through attacks... and... stuff... HE COULD HAVE BEEN MY GREATEST PUPIL! Imagine it hime! The power to walk through walls and hordes of rampaging women! The power to stick my face through clothing! Think of the potential benefits to mankind! Think of the research!"

At this point the man was practically drooling as the Hokage and Kamikaze leaned on his shoulders.

"You know if it wasn't for the fact that I can't stand on my own..." the wandered muttered out.

"Perhaps you should be in charge of the spy network Namikaze-Sama, lord knows I could use someone who does more than just spy on women controlling it..."

"You're so mean to me hime..." the toad summoner pouted.

Meanwhile Kakashi helped both Mei and Gaara up, while stealing glances at the Mizukage.

"We are here too you know... assholes..." 'A' called out, glancing over to where Onoki lay as well.


"I must say you have put up a considerable better fight than the five Kage did. The only two who have ever pushed me this far were Hashirama and Arashi Namikaze."

"Yeah Gramps is awesome!"

The Uchiha blinked in confusion.

"You… are related to him?"

"Of course, him and baa-chan got together a long time ago."

"Who are your parents?"

"Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki."

This time it had been Akane who answered the man, trying to buy time for the four of them to recover and form a plan.

Despite their best efforts the Uchiha was simply too powerful for them to defeat, even in a four on one fight. Both Sasuke and Itachi were beginning to tire and Natsuko had never controlled the Kyuubi's Chakra in such a way before.

Despite her own skill in close combat her form was simply not strong enough to damage their enemy.

"So… Uzumaki, Senju, and Namikaze. The only three clans I have ever respected all coming together in you two… and yet you are greater than all three. Greater than the sum of your parts. It is a pity that you two are not older and wiser, if you were, I would guess that you could potentially rival even my arch-nemesis. Too bad I can see the potential in you and thus you must die before you can truly become a threat to me."

"Truly become a threat? You mean like ruining your plans for world domination? Seems like they already did that." Sasuke muttered, earning a growl from the resurrected Uchiha.

Pulling back his sword the Rinnegan wielder let loose a swing and a massive wave of energy at the same time, tossing the two brothers back and temporarily removing them from the battle.

Next his armored form delivered a massive kick to the summoned giant and dropped it to the ground as well, leaving only the two sisters remaining in the Biju's energy.

It was strange, watching the man prepare to strike her sister and her down from a third party's point of view. Almost like it wasn't happening, almost like it was just a story taking place rather than an actual battle.

Suddenly she was reminded of something and the Avatar launched a large rock projectile from its arm towards the remaining Susanoo.

Madara easily saw the attack coming, and dodged without effort, allowing the last ditch effort to fail.

Or so he thought.

His eyes widened as the summoned giant disappeared in a flash of light.


Had Madara truly been the one who had attacked Konoha and the fourth Hokage all those years ago then he would have known what to expect. Perhaps he would have even been ready for it. But he hadn't been, and thus he was not.

One no one else had noticed was the fact that the projectile itself had a Hiraishin seal placed on it, coming from the creature it was simple for the redhead to manipulate the ink to do so.

The others who shared the battlefield watched on in shock… as the massive creature performed the legendary combo of the fourth Hokage.

Appearing instantly above the ancient Susanoo the creature spun in midair, an Odama Rasengan roaring into existence in its palm, before descending towards its target.

"H-how… Jiraiya I thought she couldn't perform any Ninjutsu!"

"She can't… but that doesn't mean she doesn't know how to perform them. She is using the Chakra from the Life Release just as Natsuko did before. Her sister taught her the technique despite the fact that she can't use it, she always felt bad that Akane never 'inherited' their father's Jutsu." The white haired man answered his Hokage, as the others watched on in terror as the sphere hit.

Then the battlefield was once more turned into a wasteland.

Shockwaves and winds that impressed even the Namikaze himself tore through the area, forcing the Ninja to take cover behind Itachi's own technique. The Uchiha had managed to see the impact seconds before and had thrown himself over the injured warriors to shield them from the collateral.

It still barely held.


Somewhere in the land of the deceased, a certain blonde haired father grinned with pride.


Sasuke and Itachi deactivated their heavily draining techniques, just as the massive giant descended back into the earth and the Kyuubi's form once more vanished.

Madara's Susanoo had been torn apart, and undoubtedly the man had been destroyed in the process. After all who could live through such a technique?

As the dust cleared the four received their answer.

A slight chuckling became a roaring laughter as the ancient man stepped into view. His armor had been destroyed and his body slightly bloodied but overall… he was intact.


"Great I feel so very special…" the youngest Uchiha muttered, his expression being one of shock, horror, and annoyance.

With that the resurrected man brought out a war fan to engage in combat with his four opponents.


The battle had begun simple enough, a four on one Taijutsu skirmish until it quickly escalated into a full out Jutsu battle.

Fire Ninjutsu clashed in beautiful and terrifying displays across the battlefield.

Mokuton ripped from the ground, lashing out towards its target.

Genjutsu were cast and repelled at terrifying rates.

Kage Bunshin filled the area in near endless hordes.

Yet throughout everything Madara kept the advantage.

Despite everything that the four Ninja could think up the elder man was simply too cunning and powerful. He had lived in near constant warfare after all. His Sharingan gave him an almost supernatural ability to predict combat, even beyond what Itachi could achieve. Worse than all though was his use of the Rinnegan, which he began to use liberally throughout the battle. Jutsu were absorbed and repelled, gravitational forces tore through the battlefield, and energy blasts cratered the ground.

The landscape, once relatively smooth due to the Namikaze's Jutsu, was now pocketed with imperfections.

Eventually the four began to fall back onto Taijtusu, to conserve energy, but even then the difference in skill levels was obvious.

It was only through sheer luck that the four siblings had managed to land the handful of blows that actually struck, and even then the effect had barely been noticeable.

Leaping backwards from a series of wooden spikes Madara delivered a kick to the older brother's chest and proceeded to charge for Sasuke, intent on breaking the annoying cycle of having his combat interrupted from afar.

This was where Akane finally saw her opening. Moving in from behind she activated her Dojutsu seal and cloaked herself from the man's sight, before drawing her blade and slashing forward.

It was only years of experience and Kenjutsu battles that allowed the elder Uchiha to dodge the attack, and even then he had not taken into account the extended reach of the blade from her Sage Mode.

The cut across his arm wasn't deep but would still affect his performance even if just slightly.

What was more frightening to the man was that he could only perceive the girl through his Rinnegan. Somehow she had come up with a way to hide herself from his more notable eye.

Scowling once more the man pulled forth a blade of his own, forcing the girl to unsheathe her mother's blade, and began a fierce close combat duel.

It was only Itachi's intervention with his ANBU sword that saved her from a particularly vicious strike.


The slight activation of a seal produced the former Sanin's blade, and allowed the redhead to toss it over to her newfound teammate.

Now the three duel wielders set about engaging in a flurry of blows, for once the battle having taken on a balance with neither side having any advantage.

Even with Akane's Hiraishin becoming active, and being able to strike from any angle they failed to land a single solid blow on their opponent, yet it kept him from delivering anything than a few minor slashes to either Ninja.

That is until a blunt strike from the handle of his war fan stunned the girl, and allowed him to kick the Uchiha to the ground.

The follow up was instantaneous, a swipe of his large weapons created a massive gust of wind, which he used to further strengthen a wave of fire, transforming the already formidable attack into a cyclone of fire.

Itachi didn't have the time to dodge, and had only a second to see his oncoming death, before the Uzumaki sister leapt to his protection, throwing her blades to the ground and extending both of her hands to try and stop the inferno.

The raw energy which signified her seal blazed to life, showing her desperate attempt to stop the Jutsu.

For a single moment the two forces clashed, Fuinjutsu against Ninjutsu, Uchiha against Uzumaki.

Finally, the flames ended, and the girl fell to her knees, her palms badly burned from the raw heat of the attack.

Yet she had succeeded in stopping the Jutsu, and saving one of her comrades. What she wasn't prepared for was the powerful kick that was sent into her arm, breaking at least one bone and sending her skipping across the ground to where her sister stood.

Immediately the blonde ran to her side, a look of terror on her face.

Itachi moved to prevent the man's counter attack, and clashed blades with the elder Uchiha.

"What a pity boy, you truly could have been the next great Uchiha but now…"

"He is the next great Uchiha!"

Madara broke the stalemate, before dodging to the side, narrowly avoiding the younger brother's Chidori after his enraged declaration.

A quick knee to the stomach in retaliation brought the youngest boy to his knees, before the man leapt back once more, avoiding an Amaterasu and distancing himself from his four adversaries.

"No he is an imitation. Look at you and your so called 'friends'. I am still in near perfect health and two of you can barely stand. You have done quite a bit better than your leaders, and you have thwarted my plans in ways I could not imagine but the results will be the same. You four do not have the power or the will to stop me."

"I'll show you power and will…"

With that the blonde extended her palm towards the sky, moments before her sister placed her own hand upon the girl's.

A massive sphere of Chakra began to take shape, but instead of the normal blue colors it had a distinctively color. Seconds later white blades formed on the attack itself.

"Uzumaki Odama Rasenshuriken!"


The black flames from the older Uchiha's technique added in a wreath of flame to the already dangerous orb.

Natsuko pulled back, preparing to launch the attack, just as Madara activated his Susanoo.


A half second later a black arrow pierced the Chakra construct.

An arrow being made of Sasuke's own Amaterasu combined with his Susanoo. A trump card he had been saving to use so that one day he could impress his brother.

Glancing over he saw the slight nod that Itachi had given him, a nod of respect.

Madara's protected covering shattered, his Chakra having been lower than he originally anticipated.

The attack was hurled towards him.

He was not out of options though, not by a long shot.

He would activate the Deva path of his Rinnegan and repel the attack, killing them with their own ability. True justice in his mind.

Just as he was about to do so his vision became blurred. Both of his eyes could no longer focus on anything, as if they were covered in water.

But how? It wasn't a Ninjutsu and he was far beyond the point of any mere Genjutsu.


Itachi watched the attack soar towards their mutual enemy, but noticed that the man seemed to be unable to concentrate, blinking his eyes rapidly as if to clear them.

Then he noticed the slight smirk of the redhead, and remembered a conversation from the Chunin exams.


"Wait if you put the seal on your sister and yourself, then why didn't you put one on Hinata? She could have destroyed Neji." Kurenai remarked, earning curious glances from the Hyuga heir who had been standing close enough to overhear the conversation.

"Because it messes up my Byakugan." The girl stated, her eyes never moving the match.

"So you tried to do so already then?" Asuma guessed, and earned nods from both Genin.

"It has something to do with coating them in a weird Chakra cloak." The white haired Sanin responded from his spot nearby.

The various Jonin, along with Itachi and Hizashi, turned to the man, interested in hearing his explanation.

"She tried explaining it to me when she first developed it, something to do with a layer of dense Chakra coating the person, which is probably why it messes up the girl's sight as well it isn't directly on the skin but an inch or so beyond it."

***End Flashback***

But when had she managed to put any seals on the man? The closest she had gotten was… the few times she had landed Taijutsu blows...

A slight fear crept down the older brother's spine as he realized what the girl had perfected. With her blood sealing she could actually places the ink on her opponents through the slightest physical contact, and then rearrange it at will.

If her skills continued to develop there wouldn't be anyone who could defeat her in close combat.


Madara internally swore as he heard the attack getting ever closer, fine if he couldn't somehow repel the attack he would just absorb it. This was a minor inconvenience to a warrior of his caliper and they were virtually exhausted.

Reaching out his hand he summoned forth the Preta path and prepared to absorb the Jutsu.

Just as it was about to come into contact his arm was jerked back, he could just make out the shape of vines having restrained him temporarily. It had taken the cooperation of all four clans to defeat him. The Namikaze technique, the Uzumaki Fuinjutsu, the Senju Mokuton, and the Uchiha flames.

He could only give a slight smile as he swore that for an instance… he saw Hashirama smiling down at him.

Then he knew only pain.


The Rasenshuriken tore into the man's chest, slicing through the armor effortlessly before digging into flesh, muscle, and bone.

Then it exploded.

The release itself was not overwhelming or awe inspiring, but the effect was. Madara Uchiha was slowly incinerated away at a cellular level from heat that had no business existing on this world.

Moments later his remaining Susanoo crumbled as he fell forward. His legs had been completely burned off, though parts undoubtedly remained.

His left arm was burned down to a stump.

His right arm was missing everything from his elbow down.

Most of his internal organs had been vaporized, along with one of his lungs and part of the other.

He would be dead in seconds.

And yet rather than use this few precious moments of clarity, apparently whatever had been binding his vision was destroyed as well, to strike down the four children before him… the elder Uchiha gave a last laugh. A silent praise and thanks to those who had finally proven him wrong, that cooperation and peace between the great clans was not only possible, but beautiful.

Then the man faded from this world.


"Is he…"

"I would imagine so, but he has been exceedingly difficult to kill."

"Maybe we should burn the remains from here, just to be safe?"

Itachi nodded in agreement with his younger brother, before using Amaterasu to burn away any more proof of the man's existence.

There was thought of retrieving the Dojutsu that he bore or saving the body for research. He had no interest in either such things.

"So does this mean…."

"Yes Natsuko, we won."

"HELL YEAH WE DID!" the young blonde cheered enthusiastically, before almost falling over in exhaustion herself.

Luckily her sister caught her, she always did after all, and helped to support her as they began making their way back towards the allied camp.


Ten year later…

"Hokage-Sama we really should start the meeting."

"We need to wait on the report before we take any action. I will not risk such a thing on mere rumors."

"I understand that Hokage-Sama but…"

"Such talk has caused terrible losses before, imagine what Konoha would have been like if the Uchiha peace talks had continued rather than simply acting."

"Fair enough Hokage-Sama."

The blonde smiled at the head of the Hyuga clan. Neji had taken his ascension to the position magnificently and his first action had been the order to remove the Caged Bird seal and to reunite into a single clan.

"Hokage-Sama if we are not going to begin immediately perhaps we could take a small break to…"

"What's wrong teme? Missing your two girlfriends already?"

"Shut it kibbles! At least I have wives, you are still trying to find a date for tomorrow night if I'm not mistaken."

"That's only cause allllll the ladies want a piece of this, I just can't make up my mind which…"

"Considering the odor that you currently bear I find it highly illogical that you are able to keep a woman's attention Inuzuka-San."

Kiba growled at Shino in annoyance from across the table, before flipping off his former teammate with a pout.

Any further arguments were interrupted by a red flash from the corner of the council room.

"It appears as though the ANBU commander has finally graced us with her presence." Kiba muttered out in sarcasm.

The slight glare, although he couldn't really tell from behind that creepy mask, earned silence from the feral boy as the warrior walked up to her Hokage.


"Onee-chan, what news?"

"Gaara-Sama has denied all claims of the rumors, there is no shortage of Cumin for the proposed ramen recipe."

"Thank Kami… very nice job onee-chan."

"Of course, by the way Shikamaru-San, the Kazekage would like me to remind you that he is visiting next month, and if he is not pleased with the state of your youngest child's room then he will be making his irritation known."

The Nara heir paled, remembering that the last time Gaara had 'made his irritation known' he was buried up to his neck in sand and left to dig himself out. There had been far too much dirt in 'uncomfortable places' after that.

Meanwhile Temari giggled at her husband's distress.

"Well since the crisis has been averted does anyone else have any pressing news?" The Uzumaki happily inquired, as she motioned for her sister to take a seat next to her.

"Nothing pressing Hokage-Sama, the peace that was achieved over a decade ago is still going strong and since the five major nations joined together most of the smaller have agreed to partake as well. Trade is up, public opinion is up, there are a dozen new restaurants opening up including one that…"

"Akimichi-San as riveting as this conversation is I am sure that Hokage-Sama and her sister wish to cut this meeting as brief as possible, after all the commander has just returned and my cousin has become quite… 'pent up' from lack of interaction." Neji smirked as the village leader blushed. He liked to assume that Akane did as well but with the mask… well it was very difficult to tell.

"Ah of course, other than that I got nothing."

"The Uchiha clan is being rebuilt ahead of schedule as well. My mother finally convinced Itachi to take on a few wives and they have been quite… relentless in their pursuit of him."

The other males shuddered a bit, remembering what would become known as the 'great Itachi chase' as the poor man had fled from no less than twenty squealing young Kunoichi.

The blonde Uzumaki giggled slightly before nodding as well.

"If that is all then I believe we can call it a day, same time Friday?"

"Of course Hokage-Sama." The others called out.



It was hard fought and bitterly earned but it had finally been achieved, peace in the elemental nations.

Sure there had been the occasional attempts to break the comforting unification, but with all of the alliances that had been made, and the terror that most nations felt towards the two Uzumaki sisters, none had sought full out war.

Eventually it had just become the norm, with no one desiring anything else.

The older generation had been able to retire, something that before would have been impossible. Now Kurenai and the previous Jonin spent most of their time teaching useful skills at the academy or taking on individual students.

Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Arashi had chosen retirement and lived in the Senju compound while the two sisters had been built a completely new residence.

Akane and Natsuko Uzumaki stood on their balcony overlooking the village.

It was dusk and a beautifully clear sky lay overhead.

The sun had just finished setting and a slight chill settled onto the comfortable silence of the village.

"We finally did it onee-chan. Everyone is safe, there is no more war, and everyone is happy."

"Indeed, mother and father would be proud of you Natsuko."

"Proud of both of us."

"Hey you two come back to bed, I told you what the 'consequences' would be if you made Akane-chan leave on extended missions again Hokage-chan."

The blonde giggled before walking back towards their princess and mutual wife, followed closely by her sister.


"H-Hinata... more..."

The Hyuga gladly obeyed, grabbing onto the blonde's thighs and pulling her closer towards her face.

With her enhanced vision she managed to catch sight of her other lover moving gently between her own legs, before she cried out in ecstasy before...

Bolting upright Hinata glanced to her right, and noticed an empty bed.

Then the fear gripped her once more, had it been a dream? Were her fantasies and desires once more only a product of her mind? Had she completely imagined the entire relationship with the two sisters and was only now coming back to reality? Did she even want to return to such a life?

Before any further traitorous thoughts could flow through her mind the bedroom door opened, and a barely clad Natsuko sleepily walked in.

"Sorry if I woke you, had to use the bathroom." she whispered out.

"That's okay Natsuko, come back to bed." Hinata glanced behind her at the other voice, and noticed her other wife sitting up next to her, still slightly groggy but considerably more functional than the Hokage.

It hadn't been a dream after all.

***Alternate Scene***

Iruka looked at the assigned teams nervously, once more going over them in his mind. Internally he swore, wondering just what in Kami's name the Hokage was thinking. Externally he was composed and normal.

"Team Seven will be Akane Uzumaki, Natsuko Uzumaki, and... Sasuke Uchiha..."

The screeching interrupted his announcement with force.


"ME! Exactly forehead! Thank you for agreeing with..."


Before the two academy students could get any further into a fight they were cut off, "SHUT THE HELL UP YOU BRATS! Now like I said at the start of this, these teams were chosen by the Hokage himself. So if you have a problem you are more than welcome to go and..."

The two girls immediately ran for the door, pushing each other out of the way to try and leave and voice their 'complaints'.

Iruka's eye twitched violently, he could already tell that he would be getting chewed out by the village leader for telling them to voice their complaints to him directly.

Oh well nothing to do now but to continue on.

"As I was saying, you three will be with..." the man let out a deep sigh, knowing that this was going to ruin whatever friendship he had with the two girls, "Itachi Uchiha"


"Greetings I am Itachi Uchiha, I have been chosen by the Hokage to teach this team."

"You mean mom insisted you teach me?"

The older boy fought back the urge to slap some sense and respect into his younger brother.

"Yes something like that. As I was saying I believe we should do some introductions, I will go first. My name is Itachi Uchiha, I am a Jonin of Konoha and I specialize in my clan Jutsu and Genjutsu. My favorite foods are cabbage and onigiri. My goal is to help restore my clan and aid you three in your journey to become Ninja."

After that older teenager turned and gestured towards the other Uchiha.

"My name is Sasuke Uchiha, I like training and becoming stronger. I dislike weakness and weak clans. My goal is to become the best Uchiha and to restore my clan."

Immediately the older boy frowned, true he had been on assignments outside of Konoha near constantly since the attempted coup but his mother should have noticed this personality flaw in his brother. If something wasn't done the boy would either turn into another Orochimaru or burn out like so many other gifted Ninja. Assuming his pride didn't get him killed first.

"My name is Natsuko Uzumaki! I like Ramen, and onee-chan, and jiji, and Hinata-chan, and..."

The girl continued on for a few minutes, listing random things that she enjoyed, before finishing her introduction. "I dislike those who want to hurt me or my sister and my dreams are to discover who my parents are and become Hokage!"

"Tsh not from what I have seen during the academy." Sasuke muttered out, earning another glare from both his 'Sensei' and the redhead.

"My name is Akane Uzumaki, I like spending time with my sister and training. I dislike those who try and hurt my sister or hate us. My goal is to help my sister fulfill her dream."

'A bit worrisome, she is far too focused on her sister and doesn't seem to have any other interests... my like my brother.'

"Well now that we have all been introduced why don't we meet tomorrow morning at nine o' clock, training ground seven. There you three will have your first true test to becoming Ninja."

The two sisters nodded before walking off.

Sasuke gave a 'hmph' before looking towards his brother, as if expecting him to explain everything.

"As I said the test is tomorrow. Do not think I will go easy on you just because you are my brother Sasuke, this test is to protect you just as much as it is to ensure you are capable."

With that the former ANBU vanished, leaving his brother to walk off towards the clan compound alone.


So this is the last chapter... and holy crap what a chapter it was. I had a lot of fun making the 'epic' fight scene and I hope everyone enjoyed it.

As for the story itself, when I first started I wasn't sure how it would turn out. Despite being my least viewed and reviewed story I have come to love it the most out of the three I have written thus far. Not only were the characters a blast to write but the twists and turns, the development, the sorrow, the love... it was just so much fun to create.

As for the alternate scene... it came to me when I first started the chapter and I realized it actually resembled what closely happened in the manga with Team seven. Once I get around to reworking the story and fixing a lot of little problems I plan on starting the 'alternate scenes' from the first chapter and making a separate story alongside the original, this one focusing on the situation of Itachi and Sasuke being the two girl's teammates. Let me know what you think about the idea!

I hope everyone enjoyed the ride and will stick around when I start my next full length feature, most likely to being in a week or two.

Till then thank you all for reading and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!