When Connor lied to oliver and said he had a drug addiction, he did it to cover up the fact that he had participated in a murder. Now, as he popped two more oxycodone pills, he realized it wasn't a lie. He did have a bit of a drug problem.

Things at the Keating house were as normal as could be following the events of sam's murder, except that stress was higher than ever; Especially for connor. He had barely managed to patch up he and Oliver's relationship, he had just helped kill someone and hide the evidence, finals were here, and there was the extra workload that came with working alongside Annalise. Things just became too tough.

The first time he tried using drugs was when everyone disbanded after they killed Sam and destroyed his body. He went back home to his apartment which was a mess like always. He went promptly to his bathroom and unlatched his medicine cabinet which was behind two panels of mirror. Oxycodone. That's the only thing he found besides extra toothpaste, an unopened bottle of advil, and his anti-depressants that that he refused to take.

It started off as taking 2 pills to get the temporary feeling of euphoria, but it soon became three as his body required more to get the same desired effect. He finished the bottle in his medicine cabinet which led to him buying off the street. Which lead to having no money. Which lead to less. which lead to weight loss.

Oliver was the first to notice Connor's symptoms. His body was more pale, and his overall sex drive was less than before. He thought maybe Connor was cheating on him, but felt guilty when he found the half empty bottle of pills in his backpack.

"What's this Connor?" Ollie asked. He took the pills from his backpack and walked to the couch where Connor was nearly asleep. "Connor, you said you stopped using!"

"Ollie," Connor said frantically. He rolled off the couch and tried to take the bottle from him. "Ollie, I tried,"

"Seriously, Connor?" Ollie said, shocked. The pain was clear in his voice. He brought the pills to his sink and emptied them down the drain against Connors protest. "We are going to get you clean, o-"

The door slammed closed behind Oliver; Both Connor and his bag were gone.

Connor breathed in the chilly winter air. He had an overwhelming feeling of guilt, he was shaking from the cold, and he was about to cry; Just like the night Sam died. But this time he couldn't run to his amazing ex-boyfriend.

He counted the money in his wallet before calling and meeting his dealer who sold him another bottle; That's all he had enough cash for. He popped four pills (an extra to forget about Ollie for a few hours) before getting in his car again.

He was halfway home when he got the text.

Group text: Keating 5

7:45 pm: Meet at the office ASAP

Despite being the closest to the office, Connor was the last to come in. He spent at least ten minutes in his car preparing himself for how he was going to act as he was obviously on something. Even if his hysterical laughter, rigid breathing, or dilated pupils didn't give him away, the dark circles under his eyes or his shaky movements would. He literally slapped himself across his face before getting out of his car and heading inside.

"Nice of you to show up, Mr. Walsh," Annalise said in monotone.

"Y-yeah," Connor said. He fidgeted uncomfortably with his hands until he realized everyone was staring at him.

"Someone get him up to speed," She said before taking Bonnie into her office.

"You want us to brief you, or not?" Laurel said.

Connor walked to the couch and sat on the edge where he stared blankly at a seam in the carpet. He didn't realize Mikaela trying to talk to him until asher waved his hand in his face.

"You okay dude?" Asher asked.

"I feel like shit," Connor said. And then he started laughing; Hysterically, and without stopping.

"Connor," Wes said. He grabbed Connor's shoulder. "Connor!"

"What the high holy hell is going on in here?" Annalise said. Connors laughing had quickly turned to sobs and he was scratching his wrists while mumbling Ollie incoherently under his breath.

"We don't know, he was just- He was just like this when he came in," Mikaela said.

"Everyone out," Annalise said sternly. "Bonnie, get some water,"

She kneeled on the ground next to Connor, despite the tight dress she was wearing. She gently helped him back onto the couch and sat next to him.

"Connor," She said. "Connor, did you take anything before you came here?"
"Oxycodone," He said through sobs. He didn't even try to lie, it would be no use.

"How many?' She asked soothingly. She continued to run her fingers through his hair and hold him close.

"Four," He said. "I can't do this anymore. I can't keep doing this, I can't,"

"Shhh," Analise said. "Sleep it off. You'll feel better when you wake up,"

Annalise got up and draped a blanket over connor and gave him a glass of water from Bonnie before telling the rest of the Keating 5 to go home.

"Go to sleep," She whispered.