Bianca finished getting ready as she waited for Maggie to show, she jumped when her mother suddenly burst into her room.

"Sweetheart Maggie is here," Erica stated as she looked her daughter over.

"Great," Bianca said sarcastically.

"Remember be supportive," Erica said as she swatted Bianca's butt as she walked out of the room.

"Hey are you ready?" Maggie asked as Bianca appeared.

"As I'll ever be," Bianca replied as she grabbed her purse and followed an eager Maggie out the door.

"So what do you think of this one?" Maggie asked as she modeled another dress.

"Looks great," Bianca mumbled as she tried not to look.

"Can you at least pretend to be interested?" Maggie snapped at her best friend.

Bianca signed as she looked up, she nearly gasped when she saw Maggie standing there in a flowing strapless gown.

"What?" Maggie asked growing concerned by Bianca's silence.

"You look stunning," Bianca said as she tried to control the feelings swirling inside her.

"I do?" Maggie asked as she turned to look in the mirror.

"Flawless," Bianca said as she came up behind her.

"Do you think Johnathon will like it?" Maggie asked as she turned back towards Bianca.

Bianca scowled at the mention of his name, "he would be insane not to."

Maggie smiled as she threw her arms around Bianca, "thank you for coming with me."

"My pleasure," Bianca mumbled as she returned the hug.

"I'm hungry, ready to go?" Maggie asked as she purchased the dress.

"Sure," Bianca said as she gave her a weak smile.

Maggie threw her keys on the table as she entered her apartment and headed towards the kitchen for a much needed glass of wine, she smiled when saw a note from Johnathon saying he went to the store and would be right back.

She kicked off her shoes and set her glass on the coffee table as she turned on the TV and waited for her fiancé to return.

"Babe?" Johnathon called out as he entered the apartment.

"In the living room!" Maggie called back and she stood up and kissed her fiancé as he entered.

"What did you do all day?" Johnathon asked as he set his bag down.

"Went dress shopping with Bianca then we grabbed a bite to eat," Maggie said as she grabbed the bag and headed towards the kitchen.

"You and Bianca huh?" Johnathon asked a hint of anger in his voice.

"Is that a problem?" Maggie asked as set a bag of apples in the fridge.

"You two are always together," Johnathon whined.

"She's my best friend," Maggie said as she placed her hand on his arm gently.

"I thought I was?" Johnathan snapped.

"Where is this coming from?" Maggie asked hurt as she poured another glass of wine.

"I just don't trust her," Johnathon said as he grabbed the glass from Maggie and took a sip.

"Why?" Maggie asked a little hurt at his confession.

"She's in love with you," Johnathan spat out.

"What, that's crazy," Maggie argued with him as her mouth fell open.

Johnathan threw the glass at the wall, Maggie jumped as it shattered.

"Don't call me crazy!" Johnathan screamed in a rage.

"Woah call down," Maggie pleaded with him as she raised her hands.

"I don't want her around," Johnathan said eerily calm.

"I can't just cut her out of my life," Maggie said as tears welled up in her eyes.

"She wants to see us apart," Johnathan tried to plead with her.

"I don't believe that," Maggie insisted.

Wake up Maggie!" Jonathan screamed as he threw the wine bottle at the wall.

Maggie jumped once again as it shattered.

"Look at what she's doing to me!" he screamed as he walked over to Maggie and began shaking her violently.

Johnathon please stop you're hurting me," Maggie pleaded as tears fell from her eyes.

Johnathon seemed to be in another world as he continued to shake her before pushing her against the wall in a fit of rage.

Maggie cried out as her head hit the wall hard and she slumped to the floor.

Johnathan seemed to snap out of his rage when he heard Maggie cry out; he quickly rushed over, "Maggie I'm so sorry."

Maggie recoiled out of his reach as she rubbed her head, "just stay away from me."

"Maggie please," Johnathon pleaded as he reached for her again.

Maggie jumped up and ran out the front door, slamming it behind her as she ran down the street.

Meanwhile across town Bianca was towel drying her hair as she thought about Maggie and her upcoming nuptials she frowned as she thought about how Johnathon seemed so wrong for her best friend. She was broken out of her thoughts when she heard a loud knock on her door.

"Maggie what are you doing here?" Bianca asked as she opened the door to find her best friend on the other side.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have come here," Maggie said as she turned to leave.

"Hold on," Bianca said as she grabbed Maggie's arm causing her to flinch in pain.

"What's wrong?" Bianca asked concerned.

"Nothing," Maggie lied as she rubbed her arm where she knew a huge bruise was.

"Maggie look at me," Bianca said as she guided Maggie's face towards her own.

"You've been crying," Bianca said concerned as she guided Maggie towards her bed so she could sit down.

"I'm fine really," Maggie lied as she sat down.

"Maggie please talk to me," Bianca said as she went to sit next to Maggie on her bed.

"I and Jonathan got into an argument, its nothing," Maggie tried to assure her as fresh tears began to fall.

"Oh Maggie," Bianca cried out as she wrapped her best friend in a tight hug.

"He was so angry," Maggie sobbed into Bianca's shoulder.

"Stay here then," Bianca said as she pulled away and wiped Maggie's eyes.

"I shouldn't," Maggie said as she stood up and pulled her jacket closer to her.

"It's late," Bianca argued.

Maggie glanced towards the clock which read two am, before glancing back towards a worried looking Bianca.

"Okay," she whispered.

Bianca gave her a tight smile before going over to her dresser and pulling out a shirt and shorts; she handed them to Maggie and turned around.

Maggie quickly changed and then went to sit on the bed.

"Do you want to talk about it?" Bianca asked as she sat next to her.

Maggie avoided eye contact, "no," she whispered as she tried to hide the bruises.

"Maggie what happened?" Bianca asked concerned as she tried to get Maggie to look at her.

"Nothing," Maggie lied, as she got up and began to pace.

"I saw the bruises," Bianca said as she tried to hide her tears.

"He didn't mean to," Maggie assured her as she finally locked eyes with Bianca.

"Oh Maggie," Bianca said as she stood up and placed her hands on Maggie's shoulders.

"Bianca please don't," Maggie cried out as she tried to turn away.

"Don't what?" Bianca asked as she cupped Maggie's face gently.

"I'm fine," Maggie lied, as tears poured from her eyes.

"You can't lie to me," Bianca said as she wiped them away.

"He really didn't mean to," Maggie repeated as if she was more trying to convince herself than Bianca.

"Oh Maggie," Bianca said as she pulled her sobbing friend into a tight hug.

"I'm so sorry," Maggie whispered more to herself than Bianca.

"You have nothing to be sorry for sweetie," Bianca assured her as she rubbed her friends back trying to calm her down.

"I shouldn't have come here," Maggie cried out as she got up and headed towards the door.

"Maggie stop," Bianca pleaded as she grabbed her hand and turned her round.

"You are in no shape to drive, just please stay," Bianca pleaded.

Maggie could only nod as she went to the bathroom to wash her face.

As Bianca watched her best friend sleep beside her she knew with sinking feelings things would only get worse.

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