At a judicious hour around 9AM, Ben Sandoval let himself in, and started cooking up a little treat for breakfast for the girls. His nurturing instinct had somehow gone full tilt now that the twins were together in town.

Eggs and bacon, and some hot coffee, and milk with real cream. Masa harina biscuits, and beans, fresh beans up from the Alamosa Valley. A few moms had made some flour tortillas; they were steaming hot. Between scrounging and foraging and some pretty simple old-time farming, he pulled together a fine old breakfast.

About halfway in, he banged on the door a little, and called out - "You girls gonna sleep ALL DAY?" Nothing happened the first time; he tried a few minutes later. He almost brought in coffee.

They were still asleep under the blanket, dropped like little ragdolls, spooned up like they were little kids. No surprise. They looked pretty peaceable. Betcha there was some foul morning breath, though.