Shamelessly, I couldn't shake the scene of Aria on the security footage in the 6B Promo, and from that, so was this born.

His skin was rough where he hadn't shaved. She observed as she kissed his jaw. Her fingers played at his ribs and down, ghosting the scar he'd suffered for her. She felt him breath in and she moved her hand away, back up to idle on his chest as she laid her head on his shoulder.

"I have to go."

He didn't respond. He knew, but he didn't say anything. Fives years of silence and he couldn't respond to her still. But then that could be attributed to the pounding of his heart. Wasn't it cruel? He couldn't be more relieved to have her in his arms but he couldn't speak around the lump in his throat. She must think so much of you. Coward. You don't deserve to have her in your arms.

It was cold when she moved to sit on the edge of the bed. Porcelain skin slid over flexing muscles as she dressed. He couldn't help but watch. She was sitting still as she put her shoes on, but when she stood, he caught her wrist, thumb caressing the skin there.


She watched his eyes for a moment.


Her wrist slid from his grasp and she left the room.

Walking into the lobby, she looked back at the elevator, only once as she wrapped her arms around her body. She took a deep breath. She had never stopped loving him.

She couldn't.

- E