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More Than You Realize: Cry

Yami Bakura sat in the tree and watched as the snow fell around him.  Normally he'd be inside, grumbling about the cold, but today wasn't a normal day.

It wasn't a holiday, but it was an anniversary.  He smiled, something he didn't do often.  It was six years ago this day that he met his aibou.  His hikari.  His light. 

His smile faltered.

It was also their anniversary.

Six months ago they started dating.

He glanced at the window and saw them sitting on the sofa, cuddling and just enjoying each other's company.

He watched as the taller boy leaned down and gently kissed the small one.  Yami Bakura could see it in their eyes.  They loved each other. 

He turned away, tears threatening to fall.

His light was gone.  The one thing he loved the most wasn't his.  Ryou was not his.

He was Seto Kaiba's.  The hikari had opened the cold CEO's heart with his innocence, forgiving nature and love. 

Yami Bakura laughed bitterly.  Ryou had that effect on people.  He should know.  He was one of the people that Ryou did that to.  Ryou opened up his shielded heart, seeing the good in him when no one else had.  He had thought he was safe when he fell for Ryou because Ryou seem to return his feelings.

But the look of love in Ryou's eyes had not been for him.  That he found out too late.  Too late to save his heart. 

When Ryou told him that he loved Seto Kaiba, his world collapsed around him, but for his hikari's sake, he smiled and forced himself to congratulate them.  Behind the smile, he was a wreck.

He was alone.  No one loved him.  No one cared for him and as much as he hated to admit, he wanted someone to love him.

"What are you doing up there in this weather?"

A voice shook him out of his reverie.  Yami Bakura nearly fell off the branch, but held on.

His eyes narrowed, "What are you doing here, Pharaoh?"

"I was taking a walk," The crimson-eyed teen stated, "Now why are you out here and not in the house?"

"None of your business!" Yami Bakura snapped.

Yami was silent.  Yami Bakura looked down, but did not see the Pharaoh there. 

"Does it have anything to do with Ryou and Seto?"

Yami Bakura was a little startled when he saw the Pharaoh sitting on the branch near his.

"What does it matter?" His voice came out more bitter than he wanted.

"You love him, don't you?"

"Can't you shut up?!"

"I'm sorry."

Yami Bakura blinked.  Did the Pharaoh just apologize?

"Yes…I do love him." Yami Bakura sighed.

"I can relate to how you feel."

"How?  How can you possibly know the extent of the pain that I feel?!"  Hurt and anger overwhelmed him.

Yami gave him a wry smile, "I probably know more than you realize…"

"I loved him, damn it!  I loved him more than I had ever loved anyone in my life!  I thought he might have loved me.  He looked in love and stupid me thought he was in love with me, but no, he was in love with him!  With Seto Kaiba!  Ryou's happy with him.  Now he has someone!  And I'm left with no one!  I want to love and be loved in returned, but no one cares.  The only one I've ever cared for and opened up to, doesn't love me, hell, he doesn't even realize I love him.  It hurts.  It hurts so badly.  Do you know how it feels when the one you love doesn't love you as more than a brother?" Yami Bakura didn't know why he was telling Yami all this, but he couldn't stop.  He didn't even bother to wipe away the tears that slipped down his face, "Go ahead Pharaoh, laugh!  Tell me what a fool I am!  Go on!  Laugh at my pain!"

But Yami didn't do that.  Instead he climbed over, and to Yami Bakura's surprised, wrapped his arms around his shoulders and hugged him.

"It'll be alright.  Just cry…just let it all out."

So he did, he cried.

They sat in the tree in the lightly falling snow.  The tri-colored hair former Pharaoh with his arms wrapped around the albino haired former Tomb Robber who was crying into his shoulder.  They were a strange looking pair, but they looked perfect together, made for each other.

Yami Bakura didn't notice the tears in the Pharaoh's eyes, the longing and the heartbroken pain in the crimson eyes.  Yami Bakura did not notice Yami shaking as he held him, too absorbed in his own pain. 

A single teardrop slipped, unnoticed by the white haired boy, hitting the ground. 'Somebody does care.  I care.  I care so much.  If you would only care about me…'



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