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Couplings: Yami/Bakura, Ryou/Seto, Yuugi/Jou

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More Than You Realize: Epilogue: Gone

It was Christmas.

Yami and Bakura strolled through the snow filled streets of Domino, bundled in large jackets to keep warm.

"Why does Kaiba have to have a party when it's snowing outside?" Bakura muttered.

"Come on, Bakura, its Christmas." Yami grinned.

"Bah!  Why can't Christmas be in the summer?" Bakura grumbled.

"Christmas is fun.  And you still have yet to tell me whom you invited.  Who is it?" Yami asked.

"You'll see." Bakura grinned mischievously, "Look, we're here."

The party wasn't actually a party, just a gathering of friends and family.  Ryou, Bakura, Yuugi, Yami, Seto, Jou and Mokuba.  The rest of the gang was spending Christmas with their families.

"Hey, Yami, Bakura." Yuugi laughed as he saw the two near frozen bundles of clothes at the front door, "You guys look like snowmen."

They ignored him, eager to get into the house.  They pushed passed him and staggered into the room.  Yuugi closed the door after them, still laughing.

Yami and Bakura rid themselves quickly of their extra layers of outerwear.  Yuugi cleared his throat.

The two looked at him simultaneously with questioning gazes.  Yuugi only grinned and pointed upwards.

Yami and Bakura looked in confusion at the small green plant with red berries hanging above them.

"That's a mistletoe, two people that stand beneath it are suppose to kiss." Seto said with a smirk from the stairs.  Ryou, Jounouchi and Mokuba stood next to him.

"Come you two, kiss!" Mokuba chanted, "Kiss! Kiss!  Kiss!"

Looking at each other, they smiled softly, and then leaned in for a kiss.

Electricity coursed through their bodies as their lips met for a tender kiss.  The kiss was soft and short, but conveyed their love to each other in a way beyond words.

They ignored the catcalls from Mokuba and the smiles from the other boys as they looked at each other with grins on their faces and kissed again.

It was cold and he was not too happy about having to tread through knee high snow to get to a Christmas party. 

But he had made a promise that he wanted to keep. 

So with a soft grumble, he continued forcing his way through the snow.

They sat in a circle drinking hot cocoa, exchanging gifts. 

Squeals of delight could be heard and many kisses and hugs were given out.

"Here, Yami I got you something." Bakura said, a faint blush on his cheeks as they cuddled on the couch.

Yami blinked slightly.  "You did?"

Bakura nodded, handing Yami a small package wrapped in gold foil.

"Open it," Bakura urged nervously.

"Not yet, let me go get your gift first and we can open them together." Yami put his gift down gently.

"Ok." Bakura watched as Yami ran out of the room and up the stairs.

There was a loud knock at the door and Bakura got up to answer it, as Seto and Ryou were too busy making out to notice.

The blond boy dusted the snow off himself as best as he could.  He reached forward and rather than ringing the doorbell, used the knocker.  He gave it a sharp knock and waited.

Moments later, the door opened.  The white haired Yami in the doorway looked at him in shock.

"You actually came?" He asked.

"Of course, you invited me.  Why would I come?"

"Well, come in, it's freezing out there."

"Tell me about it."  He grinned, walking into the warm house, the door closing behind him.

Yami looked through the gift bag he had brought along, searching frantically for the small silver box.

Realization hit him as he remembered that he had not placed the present with the others. 

Yami looked in the pocket of his jacket and found the package he was looking for.  With a triumphant grin, he walked out of the room.

"So what have you been up to lately, Malik?" Bakura asked as the blond Egyptian hung up his winter coat.

"Nothing much really.  Just been hanging around, annoying Isis a bit." Malik smiled.

Bakura laughed, "Have you been wrecking any havoc?"

"Nope, shocking, but no.  Too busy with things in general." Malik said. 

Malik looked around the room and noticed the mistletoe hanging above them.  He grinned.

Bakura raised an eyebrow at this, "I don't like that grin on your face, Malik.  What are you planning?"

"I haven't planned anything.  Up." Malik said simply.

Bakura groaned as he saw the mistletoe above them, "Do we really have to?"

"Oh, come on Bakura, it won't hurt."

"You sure about that?"

"Yep, it's a harmless kiss."

"Ok…fine…" Bakura said reluctantly.

Malik pulled Bakura toward and kissed him hard.  Bakura moaned into the kiss, enjoying it more than he planned. 

Neither saw the figure standing on the stairs.

Yami stared in shock.  Malik?  Malik Ishtal?  Bakura was kissing Malik?  In the middle of the hallway.  And Bakura looked like he was enjoying the kiss. A lot… 

In his surprise, Yami failed to notice the mistletoe that hung above the two. 

He nearly collapsed on the stairs, but held himself up.

The box in his hand slipped and hit the wooden floor.

The noise snapped the two out of their kiss and they looked toward him, breathless. 

When Bakura realized it was Yami, he opened his mouth to explain, but Yami had already ran up the stairs.  Bakura stared after him, frozen to his spot.

The look Yami gave him nearly killed him.  It was full of anger, sorrow, disbelief, love, hate and betrayal.

Minutes later, Yami walked down, dressed to go out.  He walked pass Bakura wordlessly and got his outer coat from the closet.  Slipping it on, he walked toward the door.

He turned to Bakura, anger, sorrow and betrayal mixing together in his voice, "I hate you Bakura.  I hate you.  How could you betray me like this?  I thought you loved me!  But I'm not going to stay around and listening to your excuses.  If you are happy with Malik," The name was spat out angrily, "…then who am I to stop you from being happy.  It seems that you don't love me or need me.  So I'm leaving Bakura.  I'm leaving for good.  I hope you have a good life.  I did love you, but now I hate you…" Yami slammed the door behind him and left.

Through this Bakura stood frozen, but the instant the door closed, he fell on his knees.

"Oh, Ra.  I've lost him…its all my fault!  How could I have hurt him again!  How?!  Ra, I'm so stupid.  Come back, Yami.  Please, come back." Bakura cried, slamming his fist on the floor repeatedly.

Malik looked at Bakura and at the door in cold indifference, but a there was a flicker of triumph in his eyes.


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