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It was a chilly December morning in the British town of Clifton and inside a small flat a young woman was busy getting ready for work at the local carvary.

The woman sighed putting on her work boots, Christmas was a very bitter sweet time of year for her.

Upon hearing tiny footsteps outside her room she knew her 'roommates' were up and about.

The woman looked at herself in the small mirror in her room, her short hair which was purple at the top and bottom, pink in-between the two purple and a small stripe of orange in the centre was tied back as best as it could be, her blue eyes looked tiered and defeated.

She placed the nametag on the carvary waitress outfit and nodded forcing a smile.

"Least you look presentable Jasmine." She thought.

A knock on her bedroom door broke her thoughts.

"I know I'm running late." She said opening the door.

She looked down, her 'roommates' were hardly ordinary as they were quite literally living walking puppets.

She looked at the muscular bodied puppet with a tiny head appropriately named Pinhead.

"But in all truthfulness I really don't have the energy to go in today." She said.

She looked up at some of the other puppets standing in the hallway.

"I'll catch you guys later."

As she left the group looked at another worried, Jasmine wasn't normally to downhearted. True they had only been with their new master a few months they had never known her to be so down.

"Is she sick?" A puppet dressed like a jester asked deeply concerned.

"Who cares." Came the reply from a metal puppet with a flamethrower for a arm named Torch replied.

The Jester puppet frowned.

He turned to the others.

"I'm worried, I've never seen her so down."

The puppet leader Blade, a white face with seemingly empty black eye sockets. It wore a black trench coat and wide-brimmed hat covering its white hair but what really stood out about it was for its left hand it had a hook and for its right hand a sharp knife nodded looking at the Jester.

"I've noticed it too Jester."

"Maybe someone's bullying here at work. Pinhead suggested.

"Maybe. Tunneler, Six Shooter what do you two think?" Blade asked turning to the last two members of the team.

A six armed cowboy yawned sitting up on the dirty maroon coloured sofa.

"How should we know? We don't even get to go out anywhere."

"Well we are on the forth floor Six." Jester commented.

"Shut up."

Blade looked over at Tunneler, the drill headed puppet deep in thought.

"Well..you'd think she would be happy with Christmas not far away" He finally spoke.

"Humbug!" Torch grumbled.

The others chuckled.

"Ok we get it Scrooge." Six chucked jumping down.

Pinhead walked over to an old oak bookcase and glanced up at a photo of Jasmine as a younger child, though then she only had brown hair dressed in a Christmas jumper with who he assumed was her parents.

"Guys, do we know what happened to her parents? She never talks about them and always looks sad when she looks at the photo."

"That's a good point…master never talks about family..maybe they had an argument or something." Six suggested.

Jester looked at Blade.

"Didn't you say the fact she seemed to have no parents bothered you?" He asked.

Blade nodded.

"From my understanding something happened to her parents and people stopped looking for them." He said referring to something Jasmine and a friend had briefly mentioned.

There was a pause between the group.

"Well then we're just going to have to cheer her up." Jester said.

"Jester it isn't that simple." Pinhead said.

"Why not? Its not like she doesn't like Christmas. You seen the amount of Christmas songs she has on her computer? All the boxes labled XMAS DECORATIONS?" Jester questioned,

"Ok ok we get it. Look when she comes back from work we'll ask." Blade said knowing they couldn't just go trying to make it Christmas or cheer her up without knowing what was wrong.