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As a last-ditch effort to get Harvey and Donna together Rachel and Mike ask them to do something that will carry more significance than any of them ever would have expected.


December 2016

"Oh, my goodness," Donna sighed as Rachel gingerly handed over her new bundle of joy. "Look at those little fingernails. Rach…she's so beautiful."

"Thanks," Rachel said meekly from her hospital bed, where she lay sweaty and weary. Mike just beamed, a smile never leaving his face.

Donna sat down and stared in wonder at the slumbering little miracle.

"She is beautiful, Rachel. Congratulations. Thank God she looks like you. Are you sure Mike is father?" Harvey said with his typical smirk, hands stuffed in his pockets as he stood a few feet away from Donna, glancing on at the baby.

"Very not funny, do you even know how babies are ma-?" Mike managed to get out just before Rachel cut him off.

"Thank you, Harvey," Rachel said, a big smile creeping across her face at hearing anything that personal out of his mouth. "Thank you both for coming here so quickly," she added. Only the four of them were in the room, Mike had asked them specifically to stay back. Rachel's parents had just left along with Louis and Jessica. Even Harold and Jimmy had stopped by with a huge teddy bear.

"Rach, you're my best friend," Donna said. "Why on earth would I be anywhere else right now?"

"It doesn't matter what we're doing or where we are. We're all family," Harvey said, backing Donna up.

Rachel started to tear up, rolling her lips in and crinkling the hem of her sheets in her hands.

"What's wrong?" Donna asked, worried, finally peeling her eyes away from the pink little newborn.

"I just miss you both. And I don't think the pregnancy hormones are gone yet," Rachel said, laughing at herself as she ran a delicate finger under each eye.

"You've only been on mat leave for like a week," Donna said, though still reaching out one hand to hold Rachel's while the other nestled the baby.

"Mike…" Harvey said tentatively, finally pulling a chair away from the wall to sit near Donna, leaning forward with his hands on his knees. "Is there a reason you wanted just me and Donna in here?" He was certain he knew. There was only one reason they would want him and Donna, in the same room as them and the baby after everyone else left.

"There is. Rachel and I were hoping you two would agree to be Charlotte's godparents." Mike said as Rachel's flashed an expectant smile at her friends.

Donna and Harvey locked eyes with one another briefly before either one of them looked at the young couple.

"I know it's an odd couple kind of thing, but my parents are getting older, Mike doesn't have anyone left…Jessica is Jessica…and well Louis is out of the question," Rachel added.

Harvey smirked at Donna, who didn't see him, but was instead busying herself with straightening the baby's blanket.

"So, will you?" Mike asked.

"Of course," Harvey and Donna said in unison.

Rachel reached out for a hand from Donna and a hand from Harvey. "Thank you both. It means so much that no matter, we'll all still be family."

"A big, happy, dysfunctional family!" Mike added as they all shared a quiet laugh as the baby slept in Donna's arms.

"I'm honored that you would ask," Donna said.

"As am I," Harvey said.

Harvey and Donna shared an awkward look with one another, unbeknownst to Rachel and Mike, who had both taken a moment to confirm that her daughter was safe and content.

"So, Charlotte, huh?" Donna said, glancing up at Rachel. "I love it."