Piper woke early for once, heading outside while there was still mist on the ground, yet she never left a footprint as her feet never touched the ground.

She flew low, her eyes on the disappearing stars. Those stars never answered her questions but she always looked for them.

"Piper, what's wrong?" She didn't even bother being startled, it was almost natural for Conrad to know something was wrong with her.

"Not much really, just thinking." Conrad frowned from where he sat on the roof.


"Nothin." Piper was watching the stars, sitting on the old fence now as Conrad climbed off the roof.

"You don't do that Piper. You don't just think about nothing, your incapable of that." Conrad strode up to her, frustrated.

Piper sighed and looked at him, "Fine, I was thinkin of flyin."

Conrad frowned, "But why would that make you like this? You love flying!"

Piper opened her mouth to answer before she froze and looked but to the horizon where the faintest hints of light were now coming.

"Do you hear that?" Piper was staring at the horizon with such intensity that had Conrad not known otherwise he'd have set she had set the horizon on fire rather than the sun coming up.

"Hear what?" Just as he said it he heard it, a humming, a familiar humming.

"The dragonfly?" His words were whispers as he spoke, confused.

Piper was flying higher, watching for, and finally seeing the dragonfly.

"It came back." Her words were quiet and Conrad watched as she flew ith incredible speed to the dragonfly.

It met her halfway where they danced in the sky like they had earlier the day before before landing not far from Conrad.

He ran over to see her hugging it and crying, "I thought you weren't gonna come back! I thought I was alone again, you know what it is to be alone up there, by yourself. Its so big and blue and there aint no one to share it with but yourself. But you came back!"

Conrad knew then why Piper had been so quiet all day, she had thought she had lost someone again, Someone she could share the sky with.

First it had been Sabastien, the cricket, then it was her, Dr. Letitia Hellion, and now it was the dragonfly. She was scared of being alone up there alone.

Piper turned to Conrad, "Sorry, Conrad. I just didn't wantcha to worry bout me."

Conrad gave a little smile, "Its fine Pipes, I was going to worry anyways."

He stepped forward to pet the bug, "What are you going to name it?"

Piper laughed, giggled really as she looked at Conrad with sparkling eyes, 'Do ya really wanna hear what just popped inta my head?"

Conrad smiled and nodded, "Shoo."

Conrad laughed, "Shoo? Why shoo!?"

Piper laughed again, wheezing and wiping away tears, "Ya know; Shoo fly don't bother me. Shoo fly don't bother me. Shoo fly don't bother me cuz I belong to somebody. That little kiddy song?"

Conrad stared at her for a while before cracking up hysterically, "Shoo fly?!"

"Hey! I thought it was kinda cute!" Piper frowned at Conrad, embarrassed.

He wheezed, trying to contain his laughter, "Sorry, sorry. And who, my dear Piper McCloud do you belong to?"

Piper blushed, "Well geez, I don't know, I just thought Shoo was a good name for the guy…"

"No its not a good name," Piper sighed disappointedly, "It's a brilliant name!"

Piper's head shot up excitedly, "Can I get that in writin?" They both just laughed as the dragonfly, Shoo, began to flutter its wings.

Piper shot it a calculating look and then at Conrad and then back to Shoo and leaning to whisper something to in.

She seemed to take its fluttering of wings as an answer for she laughed and flew strait up, doing a celebratory backflip before swooping down, grabbing Conrad, lifting him, and depositing him on Shoo's back before he could even form a protest

Then, before he could clamber off, Shoo took off.

Before he knew it, they were flying in the sky with him on the back of a giant dragonfly. Not that he minded of course, he was FLYING!

He finally understood why she loved it so much

He gave a loud, "WHOO HOO" before remembering that her family and friends were still asleep inside.

Piper laughed as she flew around them, the dragonfly going slow enough he wouldn't fall and that Piper could keep an eye on Conrad.

They were laughing, happy when they landed again and all the inhabitants of the house were outside still in their nightclothes.

"Piper! He came back! And Conrad! You were flyin on him!" Kimber cried.

Piper and Conrad shared a glance before laughing and trying to explain without mentioning Pipe's little breakdown and all that came out with a laughter choked, "His name is Shoo."

They spent the morning taking turns flying on Shoo's back, even Jasper took a turn. Piper took a turn simply relaxing on the roof, watching her friends enjoy the experience of flying for a while as the sun was rising when Violet climbed up beside her.

"Hey there Piper." Piper grinned at Violet's quiet voice.

"Hiya there Vi." She turned to see her friend looking at her curiosly, "Do you want to fly Piper?"

Piper's brow rurrowed in a frown, "Huh? Well course I wanna fly… I love flyin."

"Well, no… I was wondering if you wanted to fly… with me." Piper looked at Violet curiously.

"Well last I checked, you couldn't fly too good…" She gave a little smile and Violet laughed.

"No, I meant… Can I fly with you? I can shrink down small enough you wouldn't have to worry about my weight and I get to see what its like for you to fly…" Violet looked nervous as she asked but hopeful all the same.

"Well geez, Vi that sounds fun! I wish everyone could get all small like you." With that Violet grinned wide and shrunk small enough to be placed in Piper's jacket pocket.

"Hold tight." Then, Piper was flying.

Violet finally knew what it was like for Piper, it was she felt when she felt free. It was exhilarating and it was fun and as they got higher and Violet could see the world below, it was breathtaking.

She had never realized what was so special about Bluebell that Piper always wanted to return but now she did. There was a kind of special serenity and beauty about this little town that was so different from the big cities and places Violet had grown used to.

Piper stayed floating in one spot for a moment before carefully taking Violet out of her pocket to stand on her hand, "You see this Vi? This is what I see." Her voice was a whisper as she spoke, unwilling to break the silence and Violet knew why.

The sunset that Piper saw was so much more than any of the rest of them could ever even imagine. It was so vibrant and red and beautiful with streak of gold and there was definalty silver linings everywhere. Violet found herself crying looking at the sunset.

"Its beautiful." Piper smiled and began to slowly spiral back down to the world below, "You think that's pretty, you should see the sunset."

They landed quietly, still in awe of the sunset. Violet kept looking at the view from the ground and could hardly believe it was the same sun even though just earlier she had been stuned by the beauty of the earth view.

Piper set her on the ground to grow and smiled.

She turned to the dragonfly to see that her friends were still flying, too distracted by flying ith the bug to have taken any real notice to the sun and even still Shoo would never have been able to support their weight to get all the way up there to get the perfect view like she and Violet had.

There were some things she had already consoled herself to them never seeing or knowing.

But that was ok. She had Violet who knew now.

Conrad glanced over at the two girls and FOUND Piper staring n their direction so with a smile he waved.

His grin widened when she grinned and waved back happily, he had been right in urging Violet to ask Piper to take her flying, he knew that if there was any thing that Piper wanted to share with them, it was flying and he knew now that she had.

That was all he needed to know his job was done, her grin.