The Red List

Chapter 1

Okay, so here's the rundown of Elysium dirt so far; at least in a thumbnail sketch:

1. Camarilla Economics are going strong since Prince Therese took Praxis. Lots of boons are getting traded back and forth among the Kindred on a nightly basis. My crew has been resourceful enough to even get the lowdown on what they are getting traded for. I have compiled a ledger that I'm willing to bet matches damn close to the Harpy's and passed that off to Bertram, Imalia, and Mitnick. Bertram is very pleased. He figures this gives us lots to work with

2. Fenris has been spending most of her nights following Damsel. I have to admit she's been pretty smart about it; the Gangrel has been alternating her reasons between a growing friendship and talking business with the Sheriff; insisting that the affairs of Sheriff and Scourge ought to be coordinated to avoid stepping on each other's toes. In short, she's monitoring Damsel in plain sight in order to appease Therese's paranoia.

3. The Court officers are finding it more difficult to keep the Prince in check than they imagined; in a city as big as LA, plenty of distractions come up. Most of it has been petty shit, but it's still been enough to keep the Court and the Council busy.

4. Tyler and Xavier seem to be hanging out a lot. I suppose it makes sense, since their respective Clubs are networked together along with Jeanette and Therese's. Could be they're just dealing with all that, but then why is it that the Prince is so rarely at their table? In fact, even when she is, she only ever sits with them as Jeanette; not that either X or Tye are aware they're the same person...well...kind of.

5. The only thing of interest that Knox has come up with on his dayshift is the number of suit and tie guys that seem to be around the various Elysium locations lately. He thinks they're connected to the agency that's been setting up shop in the former LaCroix building.

Of course, now Bertram has pulled me off the nightshift of Elysium watch and has Knox take in reports from both shifts. I'll have to admit that Knox Harrington really is proving to be way more competent than I thought.

Old Bert gave me a whole new assignment tonight. He called me to meet with him in the Warrens under the Hollywood Cemetery, where he introduced me to some new kid from God knew where. He was Nosferatu; there was no doubt about that. His skin had gone completely dry and yellowed –it had a tendency to flake off like dandruff, his mouth was puckered up into a permanent sour-puss expression, and there were these empty sockets with little pinpricks of light where his eyes should have been. He had what would have been a jarhead haircut if his scalp wasn't peeling. Beneath his ratty trench coat, hooded sweatshirt, jeans and combat boots, the kid looked like he was, once upon a time, quite athletic before he ravaged himself with heroin. Besides the fact he was obsessively filing his left thumbnail, the first thing I noticed about him was the fact he was so young he was practically still warm. My first hunch was that this new Nos wandered into LA and now Bert was going to put him under my accounting. That was not something I needed right now.

"It's about time you got here," Bert said when I showed up in what used to be Gary's meeting room. Before I could say anything he went on. "Ajax, meet Adam Walker, Adam, this is Ajax. He's not much older than you, so I'm thinking you two will be able to identify with each other."

The kid put his nail file away and extended his hand. As I took it I noted how strangely elegant his hands appeared, and how weirdly smooth they were; they had no ridges on them at all.

"Pleased to meet you, Ajax." He said. His voice was so deep he had to have a sac like a pair of bowling balls between his legs. "I look forward to working with you on this critical matter."

"Likewise" I replied. "What's this about again?"

"You know about the Red List." Bert said. I nodded. "Adam here managed to capture and destroy one of the Kindred on that list back in Winnipeg, and as result a Camarilla Justicar appointed him as an Alastor. As an Alastor, all he really does is track down other members of the Red List."

"I recently tracked one to Vancouver, and that thread led me first to San Francisco, then to here." Walker confirmed.

I had a feeling I knew which one, considering the relatively recent Setite debacle we had which eventually led to the resurrection of the Tower in LA, but I asked anyway.

"An especially elusive Follower of Set named Khemintiri" Walker answered, just as I thought. "Her crimes against the Tower are virtually unspeakable. Even the Sabbat wants her dead, and her own Clan has her marked as a traitor. If legend has it right, she is a child of Set himself."

"I know who she is," I said back. "But she ain't here. We just recently turned an entire Coven of Setites into ash. It turned out the whole reason they even set up here in LA was to lay down a trap for her; they raised all kinds of hell in the process, but as far as anyone knows she never showed up. My bet is she knew it was a trap all along." That was, to my judgement, the most likely thing. There was no way anyone could elude two sects and their own Clan for as long as she had by taking needless risks like showing up in a place where those who were hunting her were waiting for her to appear.

"I'll be the one who determines that." Walker insisted. "I have information and evidence that says she either was here recently, or might even be here now. I have studied her methodology and will know what to look for."

"This is why I called you in, Ajax." Bertram interjected. "You're going to be Adam's tour guide of Los Angeles, and you're going to assist his investigation any way you can. Because of his position and occupation, the formalities of prestation need not be worried about; you can get straight to work."

"That is true, Bertram," Walker confirmed, "but all the same I would prefer if I met with our Primogen, the Sheriff, Prince, and Scourge if you have one. It's best if they know of my presence and my business so they know to stay out of my way unless I enlist them for their aid."

The kid was a real dyed in the wool Cammie. That was for sure. How'd that happen to one so young? I guess it doesn't really matter. On a personal note, though; his clear loyalties to the Ivory Tower and his skyrocket promotion said something for the organization.

"No problem" I said. "I can introduce you; in fact, I have a pretty good idea where all four of them are right now."