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Just A Regular High School Life

Chapter 34: Commencement into Life

Green is such a complicated color to understand. It is the jealousy that is forever envious of anything around it, and wants for everything that its green eyes fall upon. It was the color that blended in so well with anything, but yet when it was focused on, anyone would be stared at and too close for comfort. It was the color for piercing into one's soul, greedily taking anything that it saw and piercing even deeper than before.

Sakura sighed deeply as her shoulders sagged in the mirror in front of her. She bit her lower lip as she raised her hand to push some hair out of her eyes before sighing again at her own reflection. Was she even ready for this part of her life? Sure she had known that this was coming, but did it have to come to an end so soon?

"Sakura? You ready?" Ino called out from around the bathroom's corner, and Sakura sighed through her mouth before she slapped at her cheeks and shook her head to clear her mind. Sakura stepped out of her bathroom and looked over to smile at Ino who was waiting outside, and as they smiled at each other, they looked at the green robes and caps that the both of them had on their bodies.

Together, they moved down the stairs of the home to the first floor where Sakura broke off as soon as she saw Naruto standing there in his own matching gown. The two young adults kissed madly and without a care while Ino's parents and Sakura's mother watched from the sidelines. As they parted though, Sakura was quickly pulled back by a groaning Ino who muttered and grumbled at how Naruto had messed her hair by even touching her face. Sakura simply giggled and waved at Naruto, while he secretly waved back.

"So, are we all ready to go?" Yuki asked.

"No." Sakura refuted. "Daddy's not here yet and-" The doorbell rang and Sakura moved to quickly open the door and quickly hugged her father before ushering everyone outside the home where all of the cars were waiting. The three graduates piled into Anna's car, where Sakura quickly confiscated her little sister from her mother's arms and began to praise her on her little pink dress as they all made their way to the football stadium.

As they pulled into the bus unloading zone, the three kids quickly exited from the car with the rest of the graduating students while the various cars raced off to grab their spots and make it back in time for the graduation ceremony. Meanwhile, the three students with Ino in the middle wrap their arms around the other's shoulders and made their way to the check in area, which was the poolside next to the lockers and the gym.

As they watched around for fellow friends as they assembled in the indoor pool area of the gym, they easily saw the slight nervousness that someone might get pushed into the water and so everyone stayed off of the edges. Soon though, it was simply Naruto and Sakura standing beside each other while Ino chatted and cried with her fellow cheerleaders, with Shikamaru's hand gripping her hip, but slid down to her ass as Ino looked over and grinned widely before they began to make out.

"Ms. Haruno." Sakura heard her last name being called and turned to see the principal approaching her and grimaced, but put on a smile anyways. "Are you all set with your speech?"

"Hai. I'm all ready to go."

"That's good to hear. We'll be lining everyone up in a minute, so just be ready to head to the front."

"Okay." Sakura nodded, but when he had left, she slumped into Naruto's shoulder as her boyfriend laughed at her. "I don't want to give a speech."

"But Sakura. You got the highest grades in the school."

"Well…yes….BUT! They also decided to add in my GPA from Julliard and my college courses. I mean, of course I'd get way over the next girl."

"Don't worry about it too much. You'll have a great view of everyone…even your little sister."

"I suppose. I wish though that I could sit next to you and Ino."

"Well, we'll just have to see each other and you can jump into my arms when you see me."

"Then I'll be jumping off the stage." Sakura smiled as they both laughed at the thought of actually pulling off a stunt at graduation. Sakura didn't need more attention, and Naruto didn't mind the lack of it, but Ino might give them something to remember for the reunion in ten years way off from now.

"Everyone form up! Richard, please don't step out of the line. Ms. Falls, please refrain from customizing your gown. We do not need to see your cleavage."

"Well…I guess I'll see you in a bit?"

"Yeah." Sakura smiled before planting a small kiss to his cheek and moved away towards the front of the line itself before being handed one of the ten flags that would lead the lines to their seats. Sakura chatted peacefully with the people in the front for over an hour before they proceeded down the ramp to the edge of the field and waited for the music to begin.

"Alright Sakura, nice and steady. Just as you practiced." Sakura muttered to herself before the music did indeed start and she raised the flag and walked straight down the middle of the field, passing the fifty, the thirty, and the ten before turning down the first three rows where those students with the highest grades were placed. Sakura continued on with the rest of the flags to the two sides of the stage as the teachers moved onto the stage and then it was her turn.

Sakura quietly placed the flag into the post and moved up to her seat and then when the music was over, everyone sat down as the principal began his speech. Sakura didn't catch most of it because like her fellow students, she looked wildly around the stadium, where she found Naruto and Ino near the back rows smiling back at her.

And then she heard a loud squeal of 'Sissie!' and smiled while looking into the stands to see her mother with her boyfriend on one side and her ex-husband on the other. Anna saw her looking over and smiled as she picked up Maria's hand and waved back. Sakura smiled wider. Her mother in law or something like that was going to make a great mom.

"And now, your valedictorian, with a GPA of 4.6, Sakura Haruno, will now give the final class address." Sakura heard through the loudspeakers around her. Sakura stepped up and approached the stand before standing behind it and took a deep breath.

'Now is your time. Just as you practiced.' Sakura thought before closing her eyes, slowly breathing in, and opened them until she stared at the students around herself and smiled towards them.

"A good afternoon to everyone here today. To the students, and our family and friends who are here to support us and who will share in this day for the rest of our lives." Sakura spoke aloud, her voice ringing loudly into the stadium and outwards towards the parking lots of the school. "Just thinking about being up here today means so much to me, and yet I still don't feel like I want to be up here." Sakura smiled as the audience giggled towards her.

"I always wanted to make friends, friends who would know who I am and care about what I care about, who would stand beside me and help me realize what I truly want in my life. That's what today is to epitomize. The fact that we are graduating this high school life, where we have grown up together and made memories that we will remember for the rest of our lives.

"From the day that I came here, I expected that I might just go through high school greeting pleasantries and waving to maybe a few acquaintances, but that was not to be. I have a boyfriend, and that guy is someone who I know that will be beside me for better or for worse. I have a best friend who I wouldn't trade for the entire world, and I have made friendships with so many fellow students, that I hope that I will treasure and remember long after this day is through.

"Now, none of us know where we are going to be in ten years, but some of us have an idea of our place in society and our place in our individual lives. I just know that wherever we end up, it is our family of those around us that we will treasure forever. So with that in mind, please join me in this light and let's graduate already!"

A loud uproar pounded at Sakura's ears and she looked up to see Naruto nodding at her as the president stepped back up to the podium. "Sakura Haruno." He announced her name and she quickly accepted her diploma as the other students began to form in behind her. She moved towards the back of the line while she shook hands with each of the students and madly hugged with others.

She was so giddy that time simply passed her by and her mind was not thinking of the present. She was thinking about the upcoming summer where she would spend a week with Ino at her parent's cabin in the woods, the week after that babysitting little Maria while Luke and Anna spent their anniversary together, and then a week with Naruto doing…well, various fun things.

She would then have a number of summer concerts around the country and Naruto, Ino, and Shikamaru were going to join her for the free lodging and the many places to go. And then she would get to spend her final week with her mother Yuki before they packed everything up and took Naruto to his college, and then their lives would begin all over again.

And now that she thought about it, Sakura was only waiting for the turning of the tasels to show that they were now high school graduates, and then they would spend the evening kissing and laughing surrounded with friends.

A hand guided her forward while another handed a diploma into her hand and Sakura realized that it was now her turn to hand out the diplomas to her fellow students. Sakura looked up and a huge smile adorned her face as Naruto stepped up the small set of stairs onto the stage.

"With a GPA of 3.3, Naruto Uzumaki." The president smiled and shook Naruto's hand before he stepped in front of his own girlfriend.

"Congratulations." Sakura smiled, and handed the paper over, but then his hand covered hers and she broke, her mind and intelligence leaving her as her emotions took control.

"I'll see you in a bit." Naruto whispered.

"Oh forget that!" Sakura yelled before she jumped into Naruto's arms and smashed her lips deeply into his and he only groaned before he kissed back. Screw waiting for the throwing of the hats, she knew what she was doing and who she was spending the rest of her life with after high school! So why keep her emotions back and do nothing?! Just do what you want to do, right?!

Meanwhile, as people groaned, giggled, and began to post the hilarious video onto the web, Ino and Shikamaru laughed behind them on stage and waited for what they assumed would be awhile for them to back up, but when they did, their red faces would remain, and they would be made fun of for the many reunions to come. But hey, out of high school. Now if they did this during college graduation….then they'd never let that down.

I want to thank everyone who read this story; it held many themes and a vision for what I myself wanted in my own high school life growing up. Now that I am a full member of society, I may not have as many friends as others, but those close ones, I have the memories that I will forever remember and cherish. And just as I remember those memories, I will recall the reviews and the close relationship I have had with all of you. Thank you.

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Just A Regular High School Life