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Negotiations of Producers, Managers and Gun Wielding Americans

When did actions of the heart become actions of the dollar? When did love become a sacrificial nothing in order to get ahead or earn another buck? It's hard to tell when passion became greed and love became money, but it is evident every day in social lives and in business life. Poor Sakano, a simple producer of a simple music group learned this lesson all too well, whether or not he learned anything from it is unknown...he was probably too stressed out to even notice when love bit him on the nose.

Chapter One: When Love Penetrates Stress (and consequently makes it worse)

It was Six A.M. and the sun had just began to peak over the horizon, cutting into the windows of houses all over Japan. People were just beginning to rise, the city was coming alive, work starting and school beginning soon. People sat with families to eat their breakfast, read the paper and get themselves ready to face the day. Everyone, that is, except Sakano. He didn't have to wake up, get ready and go to work. He had been at work all night long, pacing around, scribbling notes on random pieces of paper in which he ALWAYS lost and then was forced to look for. Sakano had been fired from his manager job no more then a month before, "demoted" to a producer. He still couldn't decide whether or not his demotion was a good or bad thing. Bad because he got paid less and got less respect, but good because not only could he concentrate on what he was good at, but they had the fortune of having K manage the group. K was the magnificent manager of Sakuma Ryuichi, the cute lead singer of Nittle Grasper who went solo for the past few years over in the states. Why he wanted to take on Bad Luck was unknown to Sakano. Who cared anyway...it wasn't his problem anymore. Yeah right, as if he could NOT worry about the pay cut he received. He could barely afford to live before he got demoted, now he was forced to work extra hours to eat every week. That and to afford the expensive suits that he liked to wear.

He continued to glance at his watch, counting the seconds before Shindou, Hiro and Fujisaki were scheduled to arrive. He scheduled them at Eight fifteen. He flopped down into a fold up chair, heaving a little, sleep finally beginning to sound very nice. His brown eyes began to get very heavy and they opened and shut until he finally found a little rest until-

"SAKANO-SAN!!!!" Suuichi screamed in his ear, jerking him awake in a startled jump, making his chest pound with a fearful relief, "OHAYO!! I AM HERE AND READY TO PRACTICE!!"

Sakano pushed his glasses higher on his nose and blinked once or twice, looking groggily at the pink-haired boy who stood in front of him, "ready to practice". He looked at his watch and lost all breath when he saw that his watch was reading Ten Twenty-four. IT HAD TO BE BROKEN!

"SHINDOU-KUN!!" he screeched, grabbing his wrist and turning it over to see his watch, not listening to or caring about Suuichi's screams of pain. His watch also read Ten Twenty-Four. Sakano could feel the vomit begin to rise slowly in his throat, getting more lightheaded second by second. He tried doing what his therapist directed him to, count to ten and breath. One, two. TWO DAYS LEFT UNTIL THE CONCERT!!! He began to feel a loss of breath and his body could no longer take the pressure. Poor, Poor Sakano-san fell to the ground, his body lifeless and skin clammy.

* * *

'Sakano...' a voice from far, far away seemed to whisper to him, but he didn't care. This sleep felt so good and so needed that he never again wanted to wake up. 'Ogenki Desu Ka, Sakano-san...' That strong, silky voice just wouldn't let him sleep. He could ignore it, maybe. He began to feel himself drift back into a null state until the once soft and soothing voice transformed into a loud boom, like the sound of a God, 'SAKANO, YOU WUSS!! GET YOUR ASS OUT OF BED BEFORE I BLOW YOUR BRAINS OUT!!'

Sakano startled awake, again, blinking and sitting up. He had no idea where he was or who was shouting at him although he had a pretty good idea. 'Blow your brains out.' K. WHY of all people did K have to be the one to "rescue" him when he needed to be rescued? Why couldn't it have been Shindou-kun or Hiro? Because that was the story of his life. Failure at everything that he put his heart into. His eyes continued to stay fuzzy and after minutes of freaking out that he was vision impaired, he realized that he was without his glasses. K had STOLEN his glasses!

"Calm down, spaz, here are your glasses," K pulled his glasses from the table on the side of the bed and sighed, "You're so predictable, Sakano."

Sakano scoffed a little. That scoff turned to a shy blush as he felt K's rough hands against his soft, innocent skin. The touch wasn't meant to excite him in any way, shape or form, but for some reason, it did. As his vision began to clear, he could see that K was inches away from his face, clear blue eyes shining against his dull brown ones. Sakano blushed even more as K's angry frown turned into a mischievous grin, all of his beautiful white teeth showing. A wicked thought flashed in Sakano's mind. For a split second, he wanted to close those extra inches and taste K's delicious lips, but it was simply a fleeting thought.

"There," K said, brushing a few loose strands of hair from Sakano's eyes, "Kirei."

K winked at him before turning to look at the door, his face shrouded in shadows. He smiled inwardly at Sakano's turmoil. He had always had a connection with the boy. Maybe it was physical attraction, or just the fact that he was so nervous all the time? He always was partial to men who wore suits. He was more attracted to Sakano now then he had ever been before. So much so that he was a word away from hopping on top of him and tearing away his remaining clothes, teaching him what pleasure really was all about. He would do it too, if he thought for one second that the boy wasn't a virgin. Sakano was too stressed out to be getting any cause if he was, he would learn to relax and enjoy his life rather then constantly worry about it.

Sakano sat perfectly still, staring at his knees that were covered by silk sheets, that fleeting thought coming and going from his tired, pounding head. The way the light was hitting K at this very moment was so...alluring that Sakano HAD to stare at his knees to stop himself from saying something stupid. His knees weren't nearly as interesting though.

"Sakano-san," K said, making him glance up to meet the eyes of this man whom he barely knew, "What are you thinking?"

Sakano stared at him for a second, wondering why K would ask that question now, when all he could think about was kissing K's lips, neck...maybe other places. He scolded himself silently for having such dirty thoughts about another guy. He had never had such thoughts about a guy before, but in a way he liked them. Sakano looked down at his knees again, talking only above a whisper, "It isn't any of your business, Mr. K."

"Oh?" he said, inching a bit closer to Sakano, pretty eyes closed, "Is it about me?"

Sakano gasped a little before his surprised looked turned into an angry frown, "You're so vain! What makes you think that I would have any thoughts about you? I mean-"

"Why are you getting so angry, Sakano?" Sakano stopped talking and blushed very gently and attractively, "Why are you blushing now? Is it because I'm right? Of course it is. So, what was I doing in your thoughts, Sakano? Was I at work? Maybe...out with someone," he glanced over to Sakano's retreating form, "Maybe I was out with you?"

"Y-y-y-y-you're wrong, M-M-M-M-Mr. K," Sakano said, the air in the room getting harder to breath and his heart pounding in his chest. His hands were shaking, even more so when K gingerly clasped them in his own and pulled them close to his face.

"I'm not wrong, Sakano-san," he said, kissing one of Sakano's fingertips, staring deeply at his hands, "What did we do when we were out, Sakano? Did we simply talk and laugh? Or did we get a bit more passionate?"

Sakano didn't say anything, his body wouldn't allow him to. He just listened as K continued to talk, his voice deep and dark...and so incredibly sexy. K kissed his fingers again, sending a small shiver through Sakano.

"How did it end, Sakano?" he said softly, leaning forward a little, letting go of Sakano's shaking hands and moving his busy fingers to the shivering boy's lips, "How did it end?"

Sakano closed his eyes and sighed, his hot breath burning K's face. K was about to stand, to walk away from this. He had tortured this boy enough for one day. There would be nothing between them because Sakano couldn't even open his eyes. Surprisingly enough, the brown eyes reared their beauty upon K's, making his widen a little. Sakano let his arms creep around K's hard waist and he shifted his weight a little, staring deeply into K.

"I-I-I-I never saw the end," he whispered, a grin pulling at his mouth as K lifted his chin to his level, "I didn't want it to end."

K didn't need any more then that. He brushed his lips ever so softly against Sakano's, waiting for his reaction, which was taking K's mouth with his own, a bit more passionate, but inexperienced and clumsily. They played around in each others mouths for a little while, moans escaping from Sakano's throat every so often. Things began to get heated as K began to remove Sakano's shirt, moving his tongue from the dark haired boy's mouth to his neck, his chest, his bellybutton, his pants line. From a distance, he could hear words like "Onegai", but all he cared about was this amazing boy who, no matter how shy and innocent, was trusting his body to a man he barely knew. That turned K on even more. He began to unbuckle Sakano's pants and he felt the boy tense up and choke as he began to shake a little.

"K, can I tell you a secret?" he said, as K looked up at the boy, his back arched only very slightly, chest heaving and skin glistening from the sweat.

"Of course, Sakano-san," he said, taking this opportunity to remove his own shirt and slip under the soft covers, pressing his chest against that of his soon to be lover, kissing his neck again.

"I...I've never. I've never had-" K placed a hand over Sakano's lips and smiled a goofy grin, loving the boy when he blushed.

"I know, Sakano-chan..." he said, kissing him softly on his sweating forehead, "Don't worry about a thing, just lay back and relax. I will guide you, Sakano-chan.....I won't hurt you, I promise," he ran his hand up Sakano's inner thigh, teasing him a little, his back arching a little, "I can't stop now, you know. My hormones are TOO wild and you're TOO beautiful for me to stop now, so, IIKIMASHO!" He kissed Sakano one last time, accepting the boy's clumsy kiss with erotic lust and yearning.

They broke apart one last time. Sakano laughed a little, "Baka."

* * *

That was the last word that Sakano's innocence heard that day and no more were spoken until deep into the night, when the two lovers laid naked in K's bed, wrapped tightly in the embrace of one another. K inhaled the soft smell of Sakano's hair, Sakano's face rested lightly on K's shoulder. Maybe it was just the heat of the moment or maybe it was the fact that Sakano looked so incredibly sexy all tired and sweaty...or maybe it was the fact that he truly meant it, but K turned to the boy, man, and kissed his forehead.

"Ai shiteru, Sakano-chan."

* * *

The blonde haired boy sat, letting the phone ring and ring and ring as it had been all day. None of Bad Luck knew where Mr. K had taken Sakano that day, but it was bizarre for him not to have come back yet. He should at least have checked his messages by now. He normally answered Tohma Seguchi's pages within minutes, no matter what he was doing. He could be performing open heart surgery or finding a cure for cancer, he would answer when Tohma called. Seguchi smiled a little, thinking of cute, dark Sakano, licking his lips. That obedience was what made Sakano so appealing to his appetite, and Tohma Seguchi always fed his hungers.

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