Recently, my weird dreams came up with the idea for this fanfic, so I thought that I could share it with others. I am still writing the next few chapters for Bella's Destiny, as I know where I want to go with it, but I am also having a hard time in figuring out exactly how to do that. This fic, while meant to be a diversion and a treat while I get my other story together, is also something that I've been wanting to try for a while, now.

Therefore, I'll quit rambling now and just allow you all to read, and if you find that you like it, let me know. The more reviews I get, the more excited I am to keep writing the stories that I write.



Nobody can hide out, forever, but Isabella Swan was sure going to try. For the past month, she had been getting quite good with it, and the funny part was that she was only so few miles away from where she used to live, but never planned on going back to. She could if she really wanted to, and she did, but it was far too dangerous for Charlie, even by Bella's standards of how she was behaving as of right now, which, by her standards, was very strange.

Bella knew why and how she was changing, which was leading her farther away from being human, but how it was possible was another story. Leading Bella to believe that since vampires were technically dead, Carlisle had told her that to conceive a child was nothing if not impossible…but Bella was now living proof that it was possible. She was pregnant, by Edward, and craving things, but not the strange food that most women want.

Bella was craving blood. It took her a day or so to figure that out, because she was still technically human. After throwing up all of her food and then some, she walked around, stretching her legs when she came upon a smell that was more exquisite than anything that she smelled in her entire life. She became so thirsty that her throat began to burn, scorching her from the inside. When she tried drinking water, it seemed to make her thirst worse, if that was possible, so while she walked, she thought of her theories as she found herself making her way into the garage.

The last time she had been in the garage was when James was hunting her. The Cullen family had been planning James' demise and rethinking their plan and tactics while Bella, a shy and timid teenager, even then, was thinking about anything but what was going on. Instead, Bella kept watching as, one by one, each Cullen opened some closet or drawer, getting out various things needed for a ploy or attack, and she found her eyes drawn to what contents were where, just in case she needed to know for another time. Coats, money, identifications, keys, and papers were all in a safe, while a fridge sat in a corner, stocked with donated human blood from the Red Cross. At that time, Bella had shuddered just thinking about it, seeming gross for her standards, at that time.

Now, months later, she was staring at the red liquid in the plastic bag with morbid curiosity. Normally, through the plastic, the only thing to make her sick would be the texture of the blood, not trying to hide what it really was. She knew what it was just by looking at it, only now she could smell it better through the plastic. For once, sickness was the last thing she felt. Instead, she felt thirst, desire, and longing, all for that thick liquid that was teasing her through the plastic.

All reasoning went out the window as she ripped the bag open and gulped it down. She was starting to feel better, not as weak, as she ripped open more and downed them. The whole time she felt like she was out of her body, watching someone else, as it was utterly ridiculous that a human would be drinking this, but there was no point in pretending. The blood felt as soothing as it went down her throat, and she could feel parts of her tingling, as if awakening her senses as all the blood began to disperse within her.

Bella leaned against the counter, hand on her oversized bump as she sighed in relief. Not only was she feeling better and even a bit happier, she felt even better now that her daughter was calm down, only kicking her softly a couple of times, telling her mother that she appreciated what she had done.

Finally feeling better for the first time in four weeks, she waddled herself to the living room, thanking whatever god there was that everything in the house had yet to be turned off. She sat down on the couch, stretching her body out until she was laying as comfortable as she could, and closed her eyes. Within a few minutes, she fell into a peaceful and dreamless sleep.

Coming out of her vision, Alice was far from being able to explain her vision, but knew it was true and all had happened in real time, startling her even more. What had they done? She felt sick, if that were possible, and had to think of a way out of this before going home. No matter what, she refused to allow Edward to know what he had done…at least not yet, that is.

Leaning against the tree, she scraped her foot along the ground, glad that she came in her tennis shoes. Dirt was not compatible with Prada, at all.

As Alice stood, she lost herself in her own thoughts as she tried to decide where her loyalty lie. She loved the Cullen family with every fiber of her being, but she was sick and tired of trying to lie that everything was fine, when she was literally dying on the inside. It took Alice a couple of days after leaving Bella to even realize that they have a bond, and that was when she realized that Edward was not Bella's true mate, though Alice had a huge hunch of who it was and now, she had to fix everything.

In the cover of darkness, Alice stole back to the house, glad that her husband Jasper was the only one there. Alice had purposefully waited for that time when the whole family would be gone, save for her and Jasper. As soon as she came through the door, he just stood, smiling at her knowingly.

"I guess we're going back," he said with his southern drawl, a crooked grin lighting up his face.

Alice snickered, wondering if Edward really was the only mind reader in the world, before hugging Jasper and nodding. They both understood where the other was coming from, and knew how to get through this. All they really knew now was that Bella needed them, so the last place that they wanted to be was here.

After packing what was most important, as well as some clothing and hygienic items that they needed, they loaded up the van before Alice emptied out their safe. They left within the hour with more than a hundred thousand in cash, their debit and credit cards, mementos, as well as items needed to help their human, before beginning the long trek to Forks, back where everything had started only a few months before.

Alice knew some of what was going on, but until she saw Bella for herself, all she could find it in herself to do was to worry, which caused her to pray that all would go accordingly to plan. After all, that was all that they had, left…each other and Bella and the hope and faith that everything would turn out exactly the way that Alice foresaw it months before.