Okay, so the chapters are jumpy but I decided to go ahead and post this one ahead of time, only looking over it once before posting it, so any mistakes I'll fix later. I just wanted to put it up and see who liked it, as well as show the chaotic sense that is this fic. Within the next chapter or two, it will become less jumpy and somewhat easier to understand. Anyways, let me know what you think.


Bella knew that something was about to happen. She could only guess at what it was, but she got that feeling exactly twenty-eight days after her birthday, twenty-eight days after losing her virginity in a way that she really wished to forget, and exactly twenty-eight days since her family had just up and left from her life, taking her soul with her.

That morning, it started with a small contraction, which Bella was used to having at least once every day. However, Bella noticed her little one being extra careful with her mommy, as if she knew that she was hurting her. Being a hybrid Bella's baby probably knew exactly what was going on, and was probably much smarter than any adult she ever met, but Bella would just have to wait and see. She was anxious to meet her baby, though.

After seven bags of blood, Bella sat back in a chair, flipping through a book. She had to figure out something immediate to do, since the electricity was now off. She refused to stay here in the dark and the cold, especially with an infant. The weather was cold at night and hybrid or not, Bella refused for her baby to get sick, so she was trying to figure at least something out.

Nevertheless, while she was trying to relax, the inevitable happened. A huge contraction rippled through Bella's stomach, inside and out, and she lurched off the chair, winding up in the floor. Bella moaned out in pain, feeling tears running down her face as she tried to move onto her back. She did her best to breathe through the pain, but it was hard to concentrate on anything but the pain. She was sure that she had blacked out somewhere along the way, but remembering was causing her even more pain, so she decided to let that go. As long as she got through this and had her baby, she was sure she could inject herself with the venom she found before her heart gave out.

Bella hated being alone and she wished so much for someone to be here, someone who cared about her and wanted to help her, but she had none of that. Bella no longer had friends or family to help her…that alone, coupled with the pain she was in, she screamed so loud that she was sure they could hear her all the way into Canada. She would even bet on it. However, while she counted on the pain plus all the wishing that she made, she never thought she would catch a break and have her wishes turn into reality. Around twenty minutes into her labor, the door burst open, revealing two people that she was surprised, yet confused by seeing here, even though they did live here, before. Even though blood, her blood, was everywhere, she found herself being anything but afraid with them, here.

"Alice…Jasper…" Bella found herself coughing; blood no less, which hurt her worse. Her head lolled to one side, her chest tightening before she let out a blood-curdling scream, causing Alice and Jasper to come to her side as soon as they heard her. She could hear, rather than see, that Jasper was ripping up sheets and boiling water while Alice came to sit with her, holding her hand and softly caressing it. Bella instantly calmed down at the touch, her breath hitching in her throat as she began to feel differently, much differently, than she had only moments before. On the other hand, she never felt that way at any time, really.

"It's okay Bella," Alice whispered soothingly. Jasper came in bringing supplies while handing Alice a damp washcloth. He then proceeded to try to set up a makeshift birthing center in the middle of the living room floor while Alice tenderly placed the cloth on Bella's forehead, smoothing back her hair, in the process.

Bella suddenly felt the need to voice what she was dreading, because they needed to know, just in case. "Alice…you have t-t-to take care of m-m-m-my ba-b-by," she was able to stutter out before screaming again. Alice found herself flinching at that, but held it together. She was feeling what Bella was feeling, but she refused to let her know that. A sidelong glance from Bella to Jasper, and Alice was able to see that Jasper was feeling the same, but Alice was sure that his power had nothing to do with that.

"You'll be fine, Bella," Alice said, trying to keep her emotions in check. She felt the venom pool in her eyes and was grateful that she could no longer cry. Alice watched as Jasper gave Bella a shot of morphine and cleaned her stomach, prepared to open her up. Before coming back, Jasper and Alice had spent a number of hours preparing for what they needed to know so Bella could give birth. They knew what to do and how to do it, but now they had to prove that they could do it, while keeping everything together. No matter what, this situation was unprecedented, as no one had really heard of a vampire mating with a human, let alone her becoming pregnant and surviving this long like it.

All Alice knew was that if she ever saw little Eddie-boy again, she was going to fucking kill him.


Alice shook her head before looking to Jasper, who was able to open up Bella's stomach while she was out from the morphine. Alice came over to assist, and she was so glad that she was immune to Bella's blood. As Jasper did what he needed to do to get to Bella's uterus, Alice prepared herself. This was hard on the both of them. Why? Well, that was something to reveal much later, if Bella was able to live.

"Alright Alice," Jasper nodded to her, before they both leaned over to look inside of Bella. Her uterus and everything inside looked the same, but had a thickness to it that normal medical instruments could not cut. Only vampire teeth could tear through that.

Jasper and Alice looked at the other without so much as a prompt, before nodding and, in unison, leaned forward. At the same moment, they both opened their mouths and bit in to the hard barrier, chewing until they could finally pull it apart.

Then, the joyful sounds of crying filled the room.

If the two vampires could cry, they would be, by now. Alice sifted through until she was able to pull out a tiny figure that refused to keep still. Alice looked closely at the infant, checking her for any injuries, but not able to find one impurity to the sweet little angel. "It's a girl, Bella," Alice said to a sleeping Bella, wondering if she could hear her in her drug-induced haze.

As soon as the little girl was free and in Alice's arms, another cry filled the room just as Jasper was injecting the venom into Bella's heart, to speed up the process.

"Oh shit," he said, digging as fast as he could through all the blood and gore, before finally finding the second infant in question. After freeing that baby from it's confounds, Jasper handed the second baby to Alice. "Another girl," he said with a smile, feeling very proud in this moment. What a very unconventional family this was going to be.

After settling into her and Jasper's old room, Alice kept checking to make sure that both babies were fine, which they were, but she had reason to worry. If anything, both seemed angry more about leaving mommy's side than anything else, yet were rather calm with Alice, oddly enough. To calm them, she fed them and rocked them to sleep while Jasper stayed with Bella. He cleaned up all the blood and even washed her, before dressing her in some fresh clothes that was free of blood.

Once everything was either set up or put away, the waiting game began as Jasper and Alice took care of and got to know Bella's daughters, all feeding off donated blood for the next few days. Alice and Jasper refused to leave, regardless, so none of that bothered them. After all, they disobeyed Carlisle, so both were sure that they were unwelcome there, yet they were both very happy about it.

As soon as Bella woke up, everyone would know why.