Well, as you probably figured out by now, this is a young justice fanfic. I simply adore fanfictions where the team finds out about Dick Grayson and Robin is a blushing mess. This will be similar to that. Now I tried to get their personalities right, so bare with me. There might be slight OOCness (is that how you spell it?).

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Now enjoy the story my little cinnamon rolls!

Robin had just finished a day at school. School wasn't a problem for Robin, in fact, he liked it. He was one of those kids who actually understood what the teacher was talking about. Today Robin decided to come to the team headquarters a little earlier than normal. He had finished an exam early and the school let him out early. So while the other poor chaps had to finish a nerve-wrecking exam, Robin was going to hang out with his teammates.

Robin B01

Robin entered the cave and was surprised to find all of his team was sitting in front of the TV. Now it's not that surprising to find teenagers in front of an TV, but in this case it was because no one could agree on a channel to watch. Robin looked at the screen to see that they were watching some news channel. Kaldur noticed that Robin had arrived and looked away from the TV screen.

"Hello, You're here early today, Robin.'' Kaldur said.

"Yeah, finished my exams early, and they were pretty underwhelming. What are you guys watching?'' Robin asked. Wally turned to him and smirked.

"Well, apparently Gotham's poster boy, Dick Grayson, did a photoshoot and they are releasing some of the photos over the news.'' Wally said with mirth that went unnoticed by the rest of the team except for Robin.

'I never agreed for those to be put in the news! Batman would flip!' Robin thought.

"Yes, I hear he's really hot!" M'gann squealed. Superboy glared at the wall while Robin's cheeks went ruddy with embarrassment.

"Wh-where did you hear that?'' Robin sputtered. Wally was silently laughing at his misfortune (he was jealous too, mind you).

"Oh everyone! Well, mainly Artemis. She says she goes to school with him! Isn't that neat!'' M'gann said.

Robin sputtered again and now Wally was slightly annoyed.

"Hey, if you want to see someone who's good-looking, you're looking in the wrong place." Wally said while flexing his scarce muscles.

Artemis just rolled her eyes at him, before turning to the screen. Everyone else turned back to the screen. The reporter was talking about some charity event sponsored by Wayne Enterprises. Suddenly, the topic shifted to Bruce Wayne.

"As we all know, some years ago Bruce Wayne adopted an orphan by the name of Richard Grayson. This boy who is the talk of Gotham recently did a photoshoot for one of Gotham's teen magazines. Saying that the essence of the photos were shocking would be an understatement. Many questioned, 'is it even possibly for a boy of this age to be this hot?'. If you are thinking that this is exaggerated, see for yourself'' The news lady said before a photo covered the screen.

Gasps filled the room. The photo was of Dick Grayson sitting in a chair in a dim room. He was wearing a blue buttoned up shirt that was rolled up to his elbows. He held his head in his hand and peered at the camera through heavily lidded eyes. His mouth was turned up in a slight smile. There was no doubting that this boy was sexy.

Robin hid his head in his hands.

"Woah," a gaping Wally said and everyone nodded their agreement, though Kaldur looked slightly uncomfortable.

If it's possible, Robin's cheeks became even redder.

"The things I would do to that boy would scandalize a Nun." Artemis said in a lustful voice. Wally laughed as Robin groaned into his hands.

"How is it even possible for a boy that young to be s-so hot?'' M'gann fanned her red face. Superboy merely grunted and shifted his legs.

The picture faded from the screen and the news lady started talking again.

"As you can see, there was no exaggerated needed. This voluptuous boy is truly one of a kind. But we asked ourselves a question, 'Did the boy's adopted father agree to such photos?'. Well, apparently the father did agree to these photos. But this isn't the only photo they took. Take a look at this advertisement for swimwear, that doesn't actually show swimwear." Another photo appeared on the screen.

This photo was of Dick in a recreation of an ocean. The news lady was right about it no advertising swimwear, because the photo stopped at the waist. In the photo, Dick was just coming out of the water and was covered in water. He practically glistened in the sunlight. At this angle, his eight pack was obvious. He was smiling off into the distance as he held a beach ball in his hands.

Everyone besides Robin (who had hid his face in a pillow instead of his hands) stared open jawed at the screen (Even Superboy and Kaldur).

"Oh my-'' Artemis said.

"-God" M'gann finished. In a split second they were both giggling.

"-His abs-''

"His eyes are the most beautiful thing I have ever seen-''

"-His body-''

"-I've never seen someone so hot-"

Artemis and M'gann were both giggling messes.

Superboy looked very uncomfortable and crossing his legs. Kaldur had a faint blush on his face. Wally on the other hand was still gaping at the screen.

"Maybe we should watch another channel," Kaldur murmured.

"Y-yeah. Maybe we could watch my favorite channel.'' Superbo agreed.

"No!'' M'gann shouted never tearing her eyes away from the screen.

"Don't pretend you're not enjoying this, Kaldur. This boy is hot in everyone's eyes." Artemis sighed that last part.

"I-He's not that attractive" a blushing Robin said. Artemis turned to him with disgusted expressions on their face.

"Are you blind? Even a straight man could agree that this boy is sexy! I see that blush on your face! You're just jealous because you could never be that hot." She said.

Unfortunately at that moment, with the photo still on the screen , Batman walked in. No one noticed his arrival. and Artemis had started ranting about Dick Grayson's sexiness again.

"If I ever got that boy alone-'' Artemis began but was cut off by a grunt. She turned around to see a stoic Batman standing behind the team. Artemis blushed when she realized everyone had heard what she said.

Batman looked at the screen and behind his mask, his eyes narrowed at the photo on the screen. Batman turned to face Robin.

"You're grounded." Batman growled.

"B-but why?" Robin sputtered.

"You know why." Was the reply.

"Ugh fine. But it was your idea." Robin groaned. Batman glared at him.

"Come with me. We need to have a ...talk." Batman said coldly. Robin groaned again and slowly stood up to follow Batman out of the cave. Right before they stepped into the Zeta-beam Batman turned back towards the team.

"Stop watching TV and get to work.'' He said nonchalantly then he and Robin left.

For a few moments the room was silent, then M'gann spoke up.

''What was that about?'' She asked.

"Not a clue,'' Wally said while trying not to laugh at Robin's misfortune.

"Who cares? Well, I'm out of here.'' Artemis said while standing up.

"Where are you going?'' Kaldur asked. Artemis smirked.

"I'm going to get me one of those 'magazines'.'' She then exited through the Zeta beam.

'Poor Rob. He's too hot for his own good' Wally thought.

Poor Robin Indeed! Wonder what Artemis was planning to do? I realize Kaldur was extremely OCC, but it couldn't be helped. If you're wondering, Dick Grayson is my favorite DC character and I preferred him when he was Robin. The other Robins I don't care for as much. Hope You enjoyed!