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Reading Ch 1: Yellow

"Oooowwww, my head." Ruby moaned, rubbing her head. She didn't know what happened. One moment, she was checking her weapon to check for any damage and the next, she suddenly got transported somewhere and landed on her back. She look around to see that she is was a fancy living room, with several couches, a small table at the middle, and a flat screen TV on the wall. "Where are we?"

When she refer to we, she means her team and team JNPR, who are also on the floor.

"Uh, I feel dizzy." Jaune said, swirl in his eyes. Beside him is Ren, with Nora landing on top of him. And at the other side is Pyrrha, who shook her head to shake off the dizzy feeling.

Yang, Weiss, and Blake are all on their back as well, all of them dizzy. They all got up before looking around from where they are at. "Your guess is as good as mine little sis."

"I can answer that question for you." An unfamiliar voice from behind. That cause all of them to rip out their weapons and point at the person behind them. That looks to be their age, with brown skin, a black hoodie, black jeans, and black eyes. Despite the weapons pointed at him, he look pretty calm and relaxed.

The guys roll his eyes when he saw them all pointing a weapons. "You can put those things down, I'm not about to harm you all. If I did, then I would've teleported you in a volcano."

"Then why did you teleported us here? And how?" Weiss interrogated, pointing her rapier at him. The man sighed before waving his hand, causing all of the weapons to disappear from their hand, much to their shock.

"M-My Crescent Rose!" Ruby cried out, despair starting to wash down on her. "What did you do to my Crescent Rose?!" She shouted childishly, waving her arms around.

"You will have your weapons return back to you once we finish our business here." The man said to her, still perfectly calm. "Now, before any questions can be ask, let me tell you the reason you're here. The creator of another universe want you girls, and guys, too read/watch about his universe. Whether it's for entertainment or to teach you something, I don't know. My job is to make sure you guys read/watch his universe."

"...And if we say no?" Blake challenged. She has no problem reading a book, she love books, but she want to know the consequences.

The man sigh before speaking again. "If you resist, then you will be stuck here for the rest of your lives. You won't be able to see your family, your other friends, ever again." That made all of them gasp.

"You can't do that!" Weiss shouted, very pissed off. "What give you, or the person you working for, the right to keep us in this place?!"

The man's eyes suddenly harden. "What rights do people have to judge others based on appearances or if they have animal ears? What rights do people have to make other suffer just because you are suffering?" That made the right theme girl silent. "Life isn't fair Schnee. Get use to the idea. Furthermore, all you have to do is read a book. It's not like it's going to kill you."

Weiss seeth, but before she could say anything, Pyrrha spoke up. "What is this book about?" She asked him. It's obvious that he's powerful enough to take all of their weapons, so it wouldn't be wise to upset him.

"Basically, it's about an alternate dimension of your lives." He stopped talking when he heard shouts of 'WHAT?!'. He waited for a second, before speaking again. "Yes, alternate dimension of your lives, with someone coming into the equation. Read the title."

Ren picked up the book, before reading the title. "'Naruto the Forced Fighter'. Who's Naruto?" Ren asked the brown skin man.

"Naruto is from another sub plane of reality." He told them all. "A very strong being, with several abilities. He's a shinobi, also known as a ninja."

"So, are we going to read about a ninja?" Nora asked excitingly. "Ooh, so our alternate selves are going to be hanging out with a ninja, although Ren is kinda a ninja! That is going to be so much fun to read!" Ren sighed while the man look at Nora in amusement.

"Yes Nora, you and others are going to be reading about a ninja." He said in amusement. "All of you are going to meet him and he's going to affect most of your lives, in some way or another." Now it's got people curious.

"Okay, we'll bite. We had nothing better to do anyway." Yang said, as she grab the book from Ren. Before she opened it, she look at the man. "By the way, what's your name?"

The man sat on the couch, before speaking. "I rather keep my name to myself, but you can call me Spirit." He wave his hands towards the couches. "I doubt you want to stand up while reading, so come sit down. And by the way, as you read, it's gonna show up on the screen like a TV show."

With that, everyone got comfortably on the couches and Yang open the book to read the first chapter. "Chapter 1: Yellow….." she read. "What does that mean?"

"For the first twenty five chapters, there will be five arcs, each splitted into five chapters." Spirit told them. "I'm not gonna tell you the titles, as it might spoil the story in some way, so don't bother asking." Yang, Ruby, and Nora pouted before Yang started back reading again.

"Bloody Sunrise, give me something cold Junior." A young boy, only 17 years old, asked with a grunt as he sat down at the bar stool of a music and dance filled bar scene. He didn't seem old enough to be drinking, but he had his reasons. He was a young man, with bright sunny hair that shone like the sun itself. He had clear blue eyes that showed anger, for the moment, and peach colored skin. He was lean and toned to perfection, though his clothes could be in better condition. What was left of his clothes, after his last lead took him to an erupting volcano that led to a huge forest fire, was a burned up and nearly falling apart mess. He had three whisker marks on each cheek, and while he needed new clothes, he needed a drink first. He was sitting, but he stood at a height of about 5'8", having grown a few inches since he had been 15 years old.

A picture of Naruto, sitting on the bar stool, is shown on the screen. Yang licks her lip at the site. "So this Naruto. I like what I'm seeing." Some of the girls agree, if the small blushes are any indication.

Blake look closely at the whisker marks on his face. "Is he a faunus?" She asked Spirit. The whiskers on his face can be an indication that he is one.

Spirit shook his head no, much to her disappointment. "The whisker marks on his cheeks are actually birthmarks."

Naruto Uzumaki was his name, and finding a way to get home was what he was trying to do. He had tried a shit-ton of ways to travel back home.

This world was NOT the world he had been born in, he didn't even know how he had gotten here other than the fact that something had messed up with something and he appeared here.

"Wait, he's not from our world?" Weiss asked, picking up on the last sentence. "Then where is he from?"

"Everything will be revealed in the book." Spirit said to her. "Also, I thought I told you I'm not going to give out spoilers." Weiss flush a little in embarrassment, but turn her head with a 'hmph'.

He didn't know why he was drinking, it took a shit ton of booze to get him drunk.

"How much booze?" Yang asked in curiosity. She can take plenty of alcohol before she can drunk, so she wonder what his limit.

"I don't know the exact amount, but I say about the amount that could kill a man." Spirit answered, getting jaws drop on the floor.

"No way, that's not possible!" Weiss exclaimed. "How can somebody drink that much without killing themselves?" Spirit didn't answer. Merely pointed at the book.

Junior, tall man standing at a very impressive height, was a muscled man who knew that if it came to blows he would lose to Naruto in a fight. He had a mostly shaved head, with black hair half an inch from his head. He was wearing a white shirt with a black vest over it, and a red tie with black pants. Everyone in the club was wearing the same thing, but they had black jackets on, sunglasses, and hats on with it. The dancers were Junior's goons, who were relaxing when not off doing somebodies dirty work.

They were goons for hire, and not very skilled ones at that. Most were cannon fodder at best, able to be taken out with a single hit each.

Not that impressive.

"Agreed." Yang replied. She fought those guys herself, and honestly, the only ones that put up a decent fight was those twins. Though she is still piss that Junior rip a piece of her hair.

"No refunds, that lead was legit until the volcano blew everything up." Junior pointed out to Naruto. Naruto, a week ago, had come into his bar and paid for a lead to find a way to some place Junior didn't know existed. He had given Naruto a lead, and it just so happened that the lead was nearby an active volcano... a now destroyed active volcano. Thanks to Naruto, and an army of angry clones using Big Ball Rasengans to destroy the mountain sized volcano.

"Huh?!" Juane exclaimed in shock, with the others looking just as shock. "How did somebody destroy a volcano? And he can makes clones? And what's a rasai-whatever." Everyone is thinking along those thoughts as well.

"Now those are questions I can answer." Spirit said. "Naruto's abilities are strong enough to do stuff like that. Yes, he can make clones, though they can pop in just one hit. And a rasengan is a ball of energy, capable of plowing through several giant stones and obliterate a person's organs." Everyone's eyes widen at that.

"Wow." Pyrrha said, looking at the blonde in shock. "That is strong." She wonder if he's going to Beacon Academy. Someone with those skills need to become a hunter.

Nora look excited. "Do you think you can teleport him here so we can fight him? Please, please, please?" Spirit had to look away when he saw the puppy eyes while Ren gave him an apologetic look.

"Maybe later. I'll have to discuss it with the creator of the universe, so no promises." Spirit told her. Still, Nora look excited at the prospect.

Fuck that volcano.

That halted the eruption, among other things.

Yang snorted. "Understatement."

"I don't need a refund, I need new clothes... so I suggest you give me something to wear to repay me for NOT kicking your ass." Naruto threatened the man with a knowing look.

"From what I heard, I bet he can do that with ease." Yang commented. "And probably did."

Junior nodded, before he got down on his knees behind the counter and got out a uniform that his workers wore. He handed it over to Naruto, who thanked him while he made his drink.

Naruto stood up, before he stripped down to his underwear, not giving shit about who else was watching, and pulled out the black pants first and slid them up.

Weiss, Blake, and Pyrrha blush and look away while Ruby cover her head with her hood with a massive blush. Yang look at his muscles with lust while Nora look in curiosity. Jaune, however, look at them in envy while Ren had a neutral.

"Mmm, I like this story already." Yang said, licking her lips once again. "Makes me wonder what he got between his le-"

"Yang!" Blake, Weiss, Ruby, and Pyrrha yelled with massive blushes while Ren and Jaune turn slightly green at the thought. Spirit, meanwhile, look at all this with amusement.

Naruto found them to be a good fit, Junior had been expecting Naruto to need new clothes after surviving a volcano erupting, and started to put on the white button up shirt. He buttoned it most of the way up, leaving the last few buttons undone for show. Naruto tied a black headband with a silver plate, a leaf symbol on it, around his instead of using the tie.

He didn't bother with the vest and jacket, he put on socks then shoes, and he was done by the time that his drink was ready.

"You need to slick your hair back. It would make you look like the leader of a criminal group if you did. Girls find bad boys hot." Junior told Naruto neutrally.

"Agreed with that." Yang said, looking up and down at Naruto's new attire.

Weiss look at Yang with annoyance. "I think only you would think that."

He had managed to get Naruto to take the headband off his head, and wear it around his neck instead. Naruto had nice hair, and it looked better without the headband.

The boy was a lady killer with his looks, and the better Naruto looks, the better Junior's club did with profits when ladies came to the club after seeing Naruto come to the club.

So, by making Naruto look good, he earned himself more money in the long run.

"Sneaky of him." Yang commented while reading. "I would definitely go to the club if I get to see the blond there."

"I like my hair." Naruto told Junior as he drank from a large glass of orange, his favorite color, drink. Naruto whipped out a kunai and flung it across the room without needing to look, he had a lot of skill handling Kunai and Shuriken to the point he barely needed to see what he was aiming at. His kunai stabbed into the wall, and Junior looked to see a Bug... not the insect, but a small machine meant for catching words that go on.

"That was good aim there." Ren commented while the others look on in amazement. "I wonder where he got the training from."

"Ooh, ooh, maybe he trained in a super secret city where ninja lives at!" Nora suggested in her usual tone. Ren shook his head at that while Spirit hold his mischievous smile. Nora hit it right in the ballpark.

Somebody had bugged his club.

"The first two drinks, on the house." Junior told Naruto. He could afford to give Naruto two drinks as thank for what he just did. He owed the boy for doing that, because he didn't even notice the bug in place. He wouldn't have either, meaning if he had done anything illegal today he would have been busted for it big time.

"Yea~h." Naruto said with a little enthusiam, mostly sarcasm.

"Perk up, heck, I bet you could find more clues if you go to a Huntsmen training school. They send you on missions to all different parts of the world." Junior said as he gave Naruto a pat on the shoulder. Naruto thought about it for a moment. He had already spent two years in this world, and he had heard about the training schools.

He had already gone to his own training school, when he was 5 years old, and he attended until he was 12.

"What?!" Was the response of all the readers. Pyrrha then spoke for all of them. "They trained kids to fight at age five?!"

Spirit nodded. "Then they become shinobis at age 12 or 13, getting in a three man squad, with a teacher looking out for them and training them."

"But their training children to fight and kill!" Weiss exclaimed. "People don't train to become huntresses until they're seventeen. This is basically making child soldiers."

Spirit shrug. "Heh, no world is perfect. Naruto's world is filled with war, assassins, and bloodshed, so they would need to train children as soon as possible. Compare to Naruto's world, your is practically peaceful." A few of them gulp. That says a lot, considering the Vale is dealing with Grimms, the White Fang, and not to mention Roman.

After that he had been trained by a squad leader, and a personal mentor for 3 years. He had actually had his abilities tested to see how he had ranked. While in this world, he had focused more on finding a way home than improving his skills. He had maintained his skills, since he needed to get home.

Academy Student (Basic) - Genin (Skilled) - Chunin (Highly Skilled) - Jonin (Elite) - Kage (Master)

As a Ninja, he had been ranked at a Genin on paper thanks to the fact he was never promoted to a Chunin. His skills though, they had been ranked at far above those of a Genin. Ninja like him were classified by certain skills. Ninjutsu (Ninja Arts), Genjutsu (Illusion Arts), Taijutsu (Hand to Hand skills), Intelligence, Strength, Speed, Stamina, and Hand Seals... Naruto didn't use Hand Seals too much for his techniques, so his skill in that area was relativally low, then again he only used a few technique that needed hand seals.

"How come he didn't get promoted to chunin?" Blake asked Spirit. "From what we've heard so far, he should be at least a Jonin. And what are those skills, like ninjutsu and taijutsu?"

Spirit lean forward, with his elbows on his knees. "He didn't get promoted because his personal mentor took him out of his home and train him, so he never got the chance to get promoted. As for your second question, ninjutsu are kinda like your semblances, except that a majority of those ninjutsu can be taught by anyone who has the proper means for it. Genjutsu are the ability to make illusions and taijutsu is basically hand to hand combat." Blake nodded in thanks, before returning back to the story.

Ninjutsu: 4 (Jonin) - Taijutsu: 3.5 (Jonin) - Genjutsu: 2 (Genin) - Intelligence: 3 (Chunin) - Strength: 3.5 (Jonin) - Speed: 3.5 (Jonin) - Stamina: 5 (Kage) - Hand Seals: 1.5 (Genin)

Overall, Naruto had been ranked as an Elite Ninja who had high levels of natural Strength and Speed, with a high mastery over powerful Ninjutsu, with large amounts of skill in Taijutsu, meaning that he had amazing hand to hand ability.

His Illusions sucked, plain and simple.

He knew how to realize when he was in one, and release most of them after being caught, but he couldn't use them himself over than the most basic one of them all. He had Stamina for literal days, capable of fighting for days without rest. He honestly did suck at hand seals, since he never had a reason to learn how to use them.

"Wow." Pyrrha said in awe. "From what we've read, I think he can beat any of us without a sweat." No one can argued with that statement.

Weiss, however, tried to. "Well, he's not perfect." Weiss said, pointing out his flaws. "From what we've read, he can't do illusions or hand seals." Spirit roll his eyes at the arrogant girl.

"And you have the ability to make illusions?" Spirit pointed out. "And at least he admits his faults, unlike you. And do you even know what hand seals are?" Weiss open her mouth to answer, but then close it when she couldn't find one. She did it a couple of times before she gave up. "Thought so."

Weiss glare at the man, resisting the urge to attack him. He took her and the others weapons with just a wave of a finger, who know what else he's capable of?

"Sounds boring, I mean, school, fuck that." Naruto said with a light smile on his face. He wasn't interested in anything that involved book learning.

Weiss frowned. "That is a such a waste of talent. He can do so well in Beacon and yet he decided not to." Yang and Blake roll their eyes at her.

"Well, not everyone would want to go to school Weiss." Yang pointed out. "Beside, I think he's more focus on getting home."

He had no interest in going to school again, but if he really had to so that he could find a way home, he would do it. He really wanted to return to the world that he had come from.

"So he might go to Beacon like we all did." Blake commented. It'll be interesting seeing how this blonde affect their lives at Beacon.

He wondered how it had changed in 2 years.

He had tried Summoning Toads, but they had told him that it would be best if he stayed here for the time being. This world would be the location for his next step of training, since they couldn't Reverse Summon him thanks to how far this world was from them. He had enough chakra to summon them, but the same couldn't be said for them. They simply lacked the massive reserves of chakra needed to summon him back. He didn't even know they could summon him, but it was part of the reason that he knew he wasn't on his home world.

The other reason.

Animal-People. They also go by the name Faunus, people with animal features on their bodies and personality traits similar to animals. There was even a terrorist group of Faunus called the White Fang, though Naruto had yet to actually run into them.

"So he knows about the White Fang." Ren said. "I wonder if he will run into them eventually." It's the first chapter, so anything can happen.

"You never know, you might like it. If you find a girlfriend, or six, be sure to take them here for drinks." Junior told Naruto. Any chance he could get to get more business, he would take it, and Naruto was good for business. He attracted people like a magnet. Since he had been serving Naruto, he had a boom in female business. Naruto wasn't even famous or anything, people just saw an attractive man coming into a bar and figured the bar was a good one.

People judged a bar based on the people that walked into it on a regular basis.

"It's the same for most places, whether it's a store, a library, or a club." Ren said, getting some nods in agreement. "I wonder if Naruto knows that he's being used."

Weiss decided to voice her opinion. "I suspect that he's a dumb blonde and doesn't when he's being used." Yang glare at her for that, since she was blonde as well. Suddenly, Weiss felt a shock on her bum, causing her to let out an "Ouch!" and jump off from the couch. Spirit look at her in annoyance.

"I have a few friends who are blonde, so knock off the insults." Spirit said, in an annoyed tone. Weiss glare at him, but then pale when she heard what he said next. "And if you make insults like that again, I will take your mouth away from the remainder of this book."

Suffice to say, Weiss is now reflecting on what to say before she open her mouth.

"Naw, I'm not that good looking, I mean, never had a girlfriend before." Naruto said, rubbing the back of his head.

Yang look at the screen with a blank stone. "He's kidding right? Come on, he even got Blake to blush!" Said girl blush a little at that.

"Naruto is a bit oblivious to the heart of a woman, so don't be surprise if he doesn't figure out if anybody has feelings for him." Spirit told them. Honestly, when he saw the Naruto series, he could see that a blind man could tell that Hinata has a crush on Naruto. And the guy didn't figure out, not even a clue.

'Idiot, he doesn't even know that he captures women's hearts without trying.' Junior thought with a deadpan tone to his voice. He had two girls who worked for him, and they hated most men... their standards were through the fucking roof for men. They could see a handsome lady killer, and just say "whatever". They talked with Naruto for five minutes, and now they talked with him the second they noticed him every time that he stopped by.

Naruto didn't notice their flirting in the slightest. He was SO oblivious to female wiles that Junior was sure that no girl in the world was capable of actually seducing Naruto.

"Oh really?" Yang asked, taking that a personal challenge. "I'm going to test that theory."

Not the shy, polite type like Miltiades Malchite. Not the strong willed and stubborn girl like Melanie Malachite. They were twins, willing to SHARE Naruto after they saw him shaking rain water out of his hair without his headband on. Junior himself had blushed when he had seen Naruto with wet hair, and he was straight damnit. It wasn't hard to believe for Junior if somebody told him that Naruto had girlfriends leave their boyfriends, and turned their boyfriends gay for him without even noticing it.

"Seeing him, I can believe it." Yang said, before turning to the guys. "Are you guys gay yet?"

"No." "No!" "Not even the slightest." Was the reply from Ren, Jaune, and Spirit, respectively. Spirit can admit that Naruto is good looking, but he's not going to turn gay anytime soon.

Naruto was THAT oblivious.

"Anyway, I'm not really looking for a girlfriend... I might if there isn't a way home for me." Naruto admitted after a moment. That was the one thing he feared above everything else, other than ghosts, the chance that it was actually impossible for him to return home. If he couldn't return home, then his dreams ended... his goals ended... his promises ended. He would have lost his friends, never to see them again. He would never be able to find out who his parents were, and if they had loved him or not.

He would never know anything about any of that.

The mood turn a bit somber at that. The group wonder how they would feel if they were in Naruto's shoe, if they were teleported from the world and doesn't know anyway of getting back.

They forgot the fact that they are in the exact same situation right now.

"Well, look who showed up Melanie." One of two people said, girls, as they walked up to Naruto and sat down on either side of him. The one on his right, the one currently speaking, could be called Miltiades Malachite... while the one who sat on his left, rubbing his forearm, was Melanie Malachite.

Miltiades Malachite, a girl about the same age as Naruto, was a pale skinned girl with a more petite frame of body. She wasn't well endowed in the chest, but she had a feminine frame to her that went well with her form. She had black hair, pure black, that was short than her sister's hair. She wore a lot of red eye liner over the top of her eyes, which were a soft green color. She had a strapless red dress with a black bow on her waist, and she wore red gloves and had high stiletto heels. She wore fur over his shoulders, black in color, held by a gray gain. Her weapon of choice, were black and red claws that she wore.

She was a polite, quiet girl who didn't normally say as much as her sister.

Melanie on the other hand, she shared almost the exact same body as her sister down to the last detail. They stood at the same 5'5" height, had the same eye and hair color... only Melanie had long hair. She wore heavy cyan colored eye loner, and unlike her sister she wore a light green fur and had on a white strapless dress with the bow on her cleavage. She had see through white gloves, and wore her weapon on her feet. She had bladed heels, making them a fist and foot combination when it came to fighting.

One fought with legs, the other with arms.

"I remember those two." Yang said, recalling when she went to that club. "I fought the both of them after defeating the other goons in that club."

"Wow, they're pretty." Jaune commented, seeing the two girls on the screen. But they also look intimidating to him, with the weapons they have.

"Naruto, it's been awhile, you should come and keep us company more often." Melanie said as she held onto his arm. Naruto didn't notice the seductive tone to her voice, he honestly didn't, and it was noticable to the girls.

"Okay, the seductive tone in her voice is obvious and he doesn't know it?" Weiss asked incredulously. "I don't I know anyone that is that oblivious."

Ruby look confused. "What does seductive mean?" Blake, Yang, and Weiss stared at Ruby blankly.

"...Nevermind." Weiss said, taking back her statement.

Part of the reason they liked him. He was modest, about his looks even if he was arrogant about some other things, and he was kind hearted... it helped that while he was a pervert, half of the time he didn't understand sexual things so flirting with him was more honest. He didn't talk with them because they were hot, he talked with them because he wanted to be friends with them.

"Those are some good traits." Blake said neutrally. "I can see why girls can be attracted to him."

Weiss look a bit annoyed. "But what the perverted part?" She asked her. That part bug her a bit. Blake look at her blankly, before she pointed at Yang, who is a big pervert and she can see that Blake's eyes says, 'We live with one, it shouldn't bother you by now'.

"...Good point."

"We miss not having our big, strong teddy bear." Miltiades said as she ran a finger across the rim of Naruto's drink. She couldn't freely touch him like her sister, so she flirted in a different way. She was more polite, so she didn't go into his personal space when she tried to seduce him.

"Bear, more like Goldilocks with that hair." Junior stated, getting sharp looks from the twins. They were trying to bed Naruto, so it would be best for Junior's health if he didn't ruin the mood that they were trying for. Junior got the message, so he made Naruto a second drink, while he fixed up the girls two smaller drinks. Barely able to get a person drunk unless he drank like ten of them at the same time.

"Put a little flavor in it." Melanie said to Junior as she glanced at Naruto's drink. She was not above the use of an aphrodisiacs.

They were villians after all.

"What?! They would stoop that low?!" Weiss exclaimed in shock.

"They did say they were villains, so yeah, I think they would stoop that low." Spirit said to her.

They were not the highest ranking of villians, capable of taking over the world or ruling the Underworld. They were actually pretty low when it came to how evil they were. They were more like bodyguards than true villians. They protected whoever needed to be protected, at a high cost, and they would work for villians if they were payed enough. They had loose morals about what they did. They had high standards, but loose morals.

"Hey Naruto, is that a bowl of ramen?" Junior asked Naruto as he pointed at the other end of the room. Naruto's head SNAPPED as he turned around to look for the ramen.

"Why do I have the feeling that he's addicted to that food?" Ren asked. That the same feeling he got when he first had pancakes with Nora.

"That's because he is." Spirit said to him. "He's is as addicted to ramen as much as Nora is addicted to pancakes and syrup." Honestly, in some stories he had read, Naruto practically worship the food.

"Maybe when we meet, we can make a food addiction club!" Nora said randomly. "In the club, we'll get our favorite food and see which one eat the most! Does that sound cool Ren? Huh, huh, huh?"

Ren merely facepalm, knowing that Nora is going to talk for a while.

Junior pulled a small pill from his vest pocket. He put the pill into Naruto's drink, before he added a about 3 pills to Naruto's new drink. They quickly bubbled, before the pills and the evidence of them were gone completely.

"They are going to drug him with aphrodisiac." Weiss said blankly. "Unbelievable." Meanwhile, Ruby looks confused.

"What's aphrodisiac?" She ask innocently. Yang sigh before whispering the definition in Ruby's ears. Ruby blush up a storm when she heard that. "Eww, that's disgusting! Why would anyone have that?!"

Naruto's body, something that Junior had learned through trial and error, was mostly immune to poisons.

"Say wha?" Was the response from most of the group.

Spirit nodded. "Not even the strongest of poison could kill Naruto, due to his healing abilities." He can't wait to see their reaction to Naruto taking a chainsaw to the back. Especially Weiss's.

Poisons that could instantly kill people only made Naruto sick, but he wasn't truly to being drugged. He wasn't immune to pain killers, so Junior had figured out (yes he had tried to kill Naruto via poison) that Naruto was only resistant to things that were harmful to his body. Things like sexual enhancers, and other things that were beneficial to his body, could be felt at full force. They burned out of Naruto's body quicker than most, so he had to add more of them.

He added another two to the drink, just to make sure that they took very good effect.

"Do you think we can see some steamy and sexy action?" Yang asked, hoping for a 'yes'. Ruby, Blake, Weiss, and Pyrrha blush hard at that while Ren and Jaune try not to be aroused at the thought of someone having sex with sexy twin girls.

Spirit shrug. "You'll just have to wait and see." Yang pouted for not getting an answer while Ruby and Weiss prayed that they won't see any sex scenes on the book and TV.

"Damnit, I can't believe I fell for that again." Naruto grumbled as he turned back around. Melanie and Miltiades both hid the smirks from thier faces the second he did. Sure, they were using underhanded methods, but the affection was real.

They were not goodie goodie girls, they were hard core when it came to how they went after what they wanted.

Naruto was so trusting that they did feel a little bad, but it wasn't like they were using some of the worse drugs.

They were making him horny.

"And that isn't bad?" Weiss said with a huff.

"I don't think it's bad." Yang said to her. "Honestly, I might use something like that to make people horny." The people that are sitting with her decide to scoot away from her, afraid that she might do that to them.

"Our big, sweet teddy bear." Melanie repeated, since like a teddy bear Naruto was just so adorable when he did those stupid little things he did.

"Looks like business." Junior said when he noticed that a regular was coming. A tall man with straight, short orange hair that wore a black hat on his head. He had a pure white suit with black pants on. The man was smoking a cigar and walking with a cane, more than likely a weapon that he was hiding in plain sight. The man was a well known criminal who had escaped from jail several times, and built himself a repuation. Roman Torchwick was his name.

Many of the group narrow their eyes in anger at seeing criminal. He had cause them a lot of trouble. If they could, they would've hold their weapons tightly, but unfortunately, they were all taken away from them. They are glad that bastard is in jail now.

The only reason that Naruto, a hero, wasn't kicking his ass was because Naruto didn't pay attention to the news.

"Dammit Naruto, why don't people pay attention to the news?!" Weiss shouted in annoyance. Honestly, more people need to do so.

"Maybe he just more focus on trying to get back. Anybody in his place would've focus on finding a way back home instead of paying attention at what's happening in the world they wasn't a part in." Jaune said. It was silent of the room, with the group looking at him in shock. "What?"

Weiss pointed at him with shaky fingers. "Y-You actually said something smart." Jaune blush in embarrassment.

"Hey! I can be smart!" Jaune protested. Hearing Weiss snort, along with Ruby and a few others looking away from him, made him get a depress bubble. Pyrrha put a hand on his shoulder in support though, causing him to smile.

So Junior slipped away from Naruto so that he could talk to Roman about business in private.

"Okay?" Naruto said with a raised eyebrow. Naruto finished off the drink that he currently had, not knowing what was in it. It was a tasteless and colorless drug.

If it had been anyone else, then the girls wouldn't bother with drugs.

You see, Naruto was an honorable man. If he slept with a girl, he didn't just sleep with her. Based on what they were guessing, if Naruto slept with you, then he would try and form a relationship with you. He didn't do one night stands, so if you banged him... he was yours to keep. It was an easy formula to remember.

Drugs + Sex = Naruto is Yours to Keep

Very simple basic villian math for manipulating good guys.

"Okay, that is evil and smart." Yang said, getting a few nods in agreement. They wonder if this will work, or if Naruto will actually get out of this with his virginity intact.

Meanwhile, Ruby is hiding in her hood to hide the massive blush on her face.

"Drink up, we heard all about your... explosive trip." Miltiades said as she encouraged Naruto to drink his other drink. There were enough pills in the drinks to make a normal person, when they took effect, so horny they would sleep with nearly anything. If Naruto finished off both drinks, there was little doubt that he would lose some of those morals he held. Just one night was all that was needed.

The more Naruto drank, the more of the drugs he was taking in.

"They must really want Naruto." Blake said, as Yang read. Not that she could blame them. From what they've read, Naruto sounds like the perfect boyfriend to have.

"Poor baby, let us take care of you." Melanie said to Naruto as she leaned in closer. The drugs took between 20 and 40 minutes to take effect. It didn't matter how much of a drug you used, the amount of time it took to take effect was the same if you were using the same drug. The effects were just that much more powerful.

"I'm okay, can't say the same about the volcano though." Naruto spoke, grinning as he stopped drinking for the moment. He still had half a glass left of Bloody Sunrise before he had drank two of them.

"O~h, pretty drink you got there fella." A new female voice said while Junior finished off his talk with Roman. A slim hand came out from behind Naruto and grabbed the drink, before Naruto turned around and saw that a woman his age had stolen his drink from him.

"Wait, is that…." Yang trailed off, feeling a bit of dread. If that is her, then she is going to be taking

"Hey, that is his drink." Melanie said when she looked at the woman, and she grit her teeth.

This girl was a looker.

She had blond blond hair that was wavy, pretty, and ended with lighter blond tips. Light colored skin, and a very pretty face to go with a sexy body that she showed off. She had a thin waist, well shaped thighs, a nice ass... not the best, but not bad. She had long legs that were mostly showing, and a toned body. It helped her case that that she large breasted, very large boobs that were constantly shaking a little with each breath that she took. She had lilac colored eyes, which Naruto noticed first.

She wore an orange scarf, what he noticed second, and had a brown jacket on that did nothing to hide her stomach or her cleavage. She had a brown and white hip cape, over her tiny black hot pants that did show off most of her body. She had a yellow tube top with a flaming heart on her left boob. She had orange socks, very high up on her legs, and brown knee high boots. She wore black gloves, and had on yellow colored bracelets.

"Oh no." Yang said, feeling dread crashing down on her. While she doesn't act like it, she is still a virgin. What will happen since she drank the drug?

After two years in this world, Naruto could tell what was a transforming weapon.

Those bracelets most likely turned into some kind of gun gauntlet thing that helped her hand to hand.

What the people of this world lacked in in some areas, they made up for with having annoying abilities and weapons that served many purposes.

"Woah girl, didn't mean to steal your boyfriend. Just wanting a Strawberry Sunrise, but a Bloody Sunrise seems nice too. You mind?" The girl, standing about the same height as Naruto himself, asked as she swished around his drink.

What did he care, he didn't pay for it.

"Go ahead, got a name? Mine's Naruto." Naruto told her, and she chugged down his drink. Melanie and Miltiades did not like her doing that in the slightest.

Weiss sighed. "Yang, didn't anyone tell you not to drink a stranger's cup? Who knows what's in it?" She been told that by her father and sister many times, especially since the White Fang anyone related to the Schnee.

"How am I, or my other, suppose to know that it was drugged?" Yang argued, even though Weiss got a point.

"Yang Xiao Long... Xiao Long is my entire last name, I don't have two last names. I get that question a lot." Yang said, answering Naruto's question when he looked like he wanted to ask it. Yang seemed to pull a small white object... from somewhere on her body, where, he didn't have a clue. It was a Scroll, advanced tech, and it expanded and showed a glowing screen.

A picture of a woman was on the screen, a woman that Naruto actually recognized.

"What?" If Yang wasn't paying full attention, she was now. Before she went to Beacon, she had been asking anyone for whereabouts of her mother. And during that search, she had nothing. But now, hearing that Naruto recognize her, sprang a little hope for her.

She looked just like Yang did, a near perfect copy. Her colors were different though. She had paler skin than Yang did by a good amount. Her hair was jet black, though it was in the same style as Yang's was. She had burning red eyes, unlike the lilac ones that Yang had. She wore black and red as her primary color pattern. Most people seemed to have a color preference, not that he could judge. She wore clothes that Naruto would expect his people to wear. She had on a black kimono with red shoulders, and a red obi around her waist. Her eyes were slightly more narrow than Yang's were. She had bead necklaces, and a sword with a large sheath for it. LIke Yang, she showed off thigh, and had high black boots. She wore armored forearm protectors with black gloves.

"He recognize my mother?" Yang asked, mystified. Blake look at Yang in concern, one of the few who knows about her past obsession in finding her mother. Ruby also looked at her sister in concern.

"Who is that?" Melanie asked her sister with a raised eyebrow.

"A woman, do you know anything about her?" Yang asked with an actual serious look on his face.

"Yeah, I saw her not long ago, a few times actually... I could take you where she is." Naruto said with a tilt of his head. Yang blinked a few times, before she seemed taken back by his statement.

"How!?" Yang actually nearly shouted, shocked that she had actually found a real lead. She had been looking for years!

"Two years ago, she found me and taught me this language. I actually woke up at her house, nice woman... though she isn't the most... social of people." Naruto tried to put his words into something as nice as he could say it. She was not the best of people to talk to. She was always so serious, she could be have a little fun, but she always seemed to have something on her mind.

"He actually knows my mom." Yang muttered to herself. If her universe and this one are pretty much the same, other than the blonde being there, then maybe she can finally see her mom. Or at least her other will while she reads about it.

"Really... So you know where she is. Take me to her, I need to find her." Yang spoke to Naruto, who looked at her.

"Tell me why." Naruto said to her. If she was going to try and hurt Raven, full name Raven Branwen, then he wouldn't take Yang with him.

"I wouldn't harm her." Yang said with a huff. "Punch her for leaving me and my dad behind, yes, but other than that, I wouldn't." The others look at her blankly. Clearly, she forgot that she can break a rock with her punch.

"She is my Mother, and she abandoned me when I was born... I need to talk to her. You don't know what it is like to have a mother abandon you." Yang told Naruto, making a guess since he seemed like a such a happy person.

"Yang!" Pyrrha exclaimed, startling Yang. "You can't assume that he doesn't know what's like or had it worst!" She scolded her.

"But he like other me side, he seems like a happy person!" Yang argued, but Pyrrha didn't back down.

"People wears a mask Yang! He may seem like a happy-go-lucky guy, but he might feel the same way you do." Pyrrha said to her. She should know. She had to wear a mask due to her fame. Not to mention she remember somewhere in the chapter, Naruto mention he didn't know who his parents were.

Yang bit her lip. She hope Pyrrha is wrong and she didn't hurt Naruto.

"You're absolutely right, I don't know what it is like to have a Mother abandon you. Actually, you couldn't say I don't what having a Father abandon you feels like either. I've never had a Mother or a Father, or any family. Now I am not taking you for sure." Naruto told Yang with a frown on his face. That had hurt, her words were something that irked him to no end.

Yang look a bit guilty at that while Pyrrha gave her a look that say, 'I told you so'. "Okay, you were right. Sorry." Yang said, apologizing for her father.

Her words had really hurt his feelings, reminding him of everything that he had never had.

Yang felt a bit more guilty, reading that part. That was dickish, complaining to a guy that has no parents to speak of.

"I'm sorry, but you have to take me to her. Would you take a chance to meet your Mother if you could?" Yang asked, trying to get Naruto to sympathize with her. She could see how she had hurt him, she felt like a dick because she was complaining about mother problems to a guy with no parents, but she really wanted to meet her mother.

"Me?" Naruto asked in surprise. He had never really thought about it that way. Actually, he was never told if his parents were alive or dead. He just knew that he never had any since he was born.

Naruto paled a little.

What if he really was unloved, his parents didn't die... they abandoned him.

Yang flinch a little, cursing her other, while Weiss slap her hand in her face. "Smooth, Yang, smooth."

"Oh, like you can do any better?" She retorted back to the white themed girl. She doesn't the added comments to add in her guilt.

Yang winced when she noticed how her question had affected him. She was not helping her case, and if she attacked him she was damn sure that he wasn't going to help her. Melanie and Miltiades moved in front of Naruto, who looked at them with the color returning to his face.

"I think you need to leave." Melonie spoke to Yang with a light amount of aggression in her way of speech. She was indirectly telling Yang that if she didn't leave, it was going to come to a fight.

"Let us show you out." Miltiades said, insisting that Yang leave.

Yang glare at them. "You want to go you twins?" She already faced him before, she can bet her other can.

"No breaking the TV." Spirit told her firmly, not wanting her to break it. It's a pain to recreate one.

"I'll take you, but we leave right now. First though, we need to stop by a clothes shop. I need some orange. Also, you may need to go home... It is like a day of walking." Naruto grumbled. He couldn't wear clothes with orange to them, it wasn't something he did. He had a deep infatuation with the color, for as long as he could remember. He didn't know why, he just loved the color.

"How bad is that infatuation?" Weiss asked, curious. Spirit didn't say anything. Merely grab a remote and change the channel, showing a younger Naruto in a orange jumpsuit.

"...Oh, it's that bad." Yang commented while Weiss's eyes widen at the….monstrosity. Honestly, who would where such a thing like that?

Spirit shrug before changing the channel back to where it was. "The boy couldn't buy anything else, for reasons I might tell you later if it doesn't appear up."

"Was there something wrong with that drink?" Yang asked with a frown on her face.

"Don't worry about it, I switched the drugs that Junior had on him for something completely harmless." Naruto said with a grin on his face.

Yang sigh in relief. Good, she can still keep her virginity and not randomly fuck anyone. She's a flirt, not a prostitute, and there's a difference between the two.

The twins dropped their jaws at him. Yang held her stomach for a moment, before she covered her mouth. Naruto was a ninja, who used cloak and dagger techniques. He had a hidden dagger in his sleeve at all time, which was connected to a wire mechanism. He had a super strong sense of taste, he knew that Junior had tried to kill him many times... about 5... in the past. So, he had replaced all of Junior's drugs he used to poison people, and the other ones, with harmless pills that caused a person to-

"Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp!" Yang belched loudly as the drug came up. Naruto held down one as well, the effects not really that strong on him.

Everyone eyes' widen at the painfully loud burp while Yang blush. She'll admit, she know she isn't lady like, but even she thinks that was really loud.

"... Awesome." Naruto said with a grin. Yang was blushing, while she could never be accused of being lady-like, that had been a rather... painfully loud burp.

Yang shook herself, before she got serious.

She was so close to finding her mother.

"Can I read the next chapter?" Yang asked Spirit, who shrug in response.

"Go ahead, it's not like I'm asking everyone to take turn for each chapter." Spirit said in nonchalance. "Beside, I can see that this is important for you." Yang smile at him before turning to the next chapter. Maybe this guy isn't so bad after all.

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