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Reading Ch 2: Yellow

"Chapter 2: Yellow…." She read, before turning to spirit. "So this is where I get to know Naruto?" Spirit nodded to that question.

"He'll meet three others before you guys go to Beacon Academy." Spirit told them, but he didn't elaborate. He isn't about to let out any spoiler of any kind.


A type of... creature that existed on the world of Remnant. Naruto had found them slightly interesting, since they had aboslutely no soul at all. Grimm were literally Human and Faunus killing machines with no soul. They destroyed man and everything that man created, and Naruto used man as a light term. Anything with a soul, other than animals like dogs, cats, and... well anything that wasn't human or faunus. Grimm only killed animals over things like territory issues.

Of course, they didn't even seem to register Naruto most of the time unless he was annoyed of pissed off.

"Huh?" Was the response from the others, especially Weiss. She then spoke a bit louder. "But how?! The only way Grimms don't sense you is if you don't have any aura! And everyone has aura!"

"Don't forget that Naruto isn't from your world." Spirit piped in. "He and his people don't have aura. They have something different, as you'll see when you read further." Yang got back to reading, to find out why he isn't being sense.

They highly resembled animals, only there were stark differences.

They had jet-black skin and fur, so black it was like a starless night sky. They had burning red eyes, with hints of yellow to them. It was like looking into the eyes of fire that wanted nothing more than to burn and eradicate the souls of it's victims. They had plates and spikes of bone coming out of their bodies, the older and stronger they were, the denser, shaper, larger, and more those plates and spikes appeared. They wore masks, like they were hiding their faces and their sins from god.

They were terrible creatures who didn't kill for food, even though they ate what they killed... they killed for what equalled a base desire to just kill.

"Duh, we already knew all of that." Yang said with an eye roll. "So why are we being told this?"

"Cause this book is being read by people from my dimension." Spirit answered for them. "Naruto's story and team RWBY's story are well known in my world. There is a TV show called RWBY that show your adventure in Beacon while Naruto has a TV show of his own." That surprise both teams.

"Wait, so you and the other people have watched what we did?" Ruby asked, before looking around in nervousness. "Are we being watched now?" That got the others nervous, looking around the room to see if anybody is watching.

Spirit shrug. "Maybe, maybe not." He isn't about to reveal that everyone is reading about them reading this story, but it's fun seeing them squirm. Yang, to get the nervousness out, started back reading.

Naruto, now dressed in new clothes that had a nice amount of orange to them, was wearing a black undershirt with red laces going up the right side that kept the top on. He had a small orange long sleeved jacket, and had orange pants with green armor on the outside of it. Over his shoulder was a brown bag that held supplies for himself, and he had kept his black armored sandles and added plated armor to the front of them. He had added black armored gloves, and forearm protectors as well.

Yang was not a patient girl.

The were coughs of understatement from Blake and Weiss, getting a betrayed look from the blonde girl.

The second Naruto had gotten himself clothes, Yang had decided that was enough. Naruto had packed several bottles of water, some energy bars and he had gotten himself some kunai and shuriken. They actually sold them in Vale, no joking out it. They were sold as mostly training tools, shuriken so that people could practive throwing weapons, and kunai so that people could learn how to wield short swords... but they worked well enough for Naruto to use in battle.

Now they were off, in the middle of the night.

Naruto, he could see in the dark. He was a ninja, trained to see just fine in even the blackest of nights. He had amazing night vision, so much that people thought he was a Faunus because of his whisker marks, fox-like personality and face, lean form, passion for pranks, sensative eyes, nose, and nose. He was just fine in this, but Yang could not see all that well. She was using something that she bought on the spot, a flash-light that was barely able to light the way for her. If she wanted to use it, fine, but Naruto was not being caught dead holding onto such a cheap little trinket.

He didn't need all of the tech that these people used, he was a ninja and he used tools that ninja used.

Yang huff. "Well excuse us for not being trained to be ninjas." Some of hunters/huntresses in training with Yang statement.

Spirit chuckle. If he was a betting guy, he would bet that the shinobis could beat the hunters and huntresses without a sweat, due to being trained to fight humans, as well as the kind of power they use. He didn't say out loud though. They'll see proof soon enough.

In two years, Naruto had travelled the world, been to all 4 Kingdoms, and been to every single village and town in the search for a way home. He had travelled everywhere, almost everywhere, and he had seen many types of Grimm. He actually had a list of Grimm, their abilities and weaknesses so that he didn't forget.

Beowolf, Boarbatusk, Ursa, Death Stalker, Nevermore, Creep, King Taijitu, and Goliath were some of the more well known types of Grimm that were commonly found. Well, not commonly in some cases, but well known enough that people could tell what they were by a simple glance. They might have similar colors and features, but their base animals were very different. He didn't even know what a Creep was suppose to be, some kind of dinosaur or something.

He had also seen, and named several other Grimm that he had found and killed.

That got everyone curious, especially, Ruby, Weiss, and Nora. Ruby and Nora, cause they would like to kill it. Weiss, cause she want to find out more about those Grimms incase they run into them.

You didn't go two years travelling the world, without seeing some strange things.

"Come on, lets hurry. I want to get there as soon as possible." Yang said as she shined the flash-light right at him.

"We walk, and the walk takes awhile. First we pass through this forest, and then we cross a river, follow by going into another forest and crossing it. After that, we travel down a river and reach the ruins of an abandoned city." Naruto told her with a frown on his face. It was a long walk, and if he was allowed to run it he could be there in less than an hour. For him, the distance was nothing. For Yang, it was a considerable distance, but he couldn't carry her the entire way.

He would only carry her over the lake.

"What, is he going to fly over it?" Jaune asked.

'No, he is going to walk on it.' Spirit thought in his head. He couldn't wait to see their faces on that.

"Come on, we have a good... lot of miles to cover before tomorrow. Grimm are very active at night." Naruto said as he tried to listen to what was going on around him. If he could hear anything, then Naruto could kill it with a well thrown kunai. His senses were pretty high like that... He remembered nearly killing a white rabbit used by Zabuza to replace himself with, and he had been the only person to sense Zabuza hiding.

"Bunny, no!" Ruby shouted in instinct. She may be a kill happy girl, but she only like it when it's done on purpose or if it's a Grimm. If it was by accident and/or if it was a regular animal, then she doesn't like it.

He had mad sensing skills, just not energy sensing.

"So, lets run!" Yang shouted out to him as she started running on ahead of him. Naruto grinned for a moment, because fuck the danger, he liked the way this girl thought. If they ran, they could cut down the time to a third of the time walking would take. It was the best way to save time.

So Naruto ran and caught up with her, keeping an eye out for anything around them.

"So, why you looking for somebody who abandoned you?" Naruto asked her blunty. He understood the feeling of chasing somebody who wanted nothing to do with you, but he was stupid like that. This girl, while playful and dim witted in some aspects, was not blatently stupid.

He would never admit he was stupid out loud though.

"Too late, we already know!" Nora said cheerfully, getting a few chuckles.

"She's my Mom, I want to know why she left me... What about you? You have anything you want more than anything?" Yang asked with a strained smile. She didn't want to talk about this with somebody she just met. She was trusting Naruto enough to lead the way, and she would admit he had this aura about him that inspired you to believe in him... but this was personal for her.

"I want to go home... I don't know where home is though. I want to find it, and go there. I have a friend who needs saving. He fell into darkness, and I can't let him go down that path... You see, this girl I like-" Naruto started, before Yang nudged him with a grin on her face.

"Oh, looks like you are trying to impress a lady, go you." Yang spoke, before she instantly regret those words moments later.

"Oh no, what did my other did now?" Yang moaned, putting her palms on her face. Is she going to keep hurting him every time she speaks for the duration of the ark?

"She is in love with my friend, and she asked me to save him." Naruto said, and suddenly Yang felt like a dick. That was a low blow, you did not ask the person in love with you to go and bring back the person you love. That hurt, on a deep level. That was like the utmost level of being rejected.

"Ok, your other need to shut up." Weiss said, feeling bad for the boy. No family, no way of knowing if they're dead or if they abandon him, and a girl he likes told him to save someone she liked.

For once, Yang didn't say anything about it, feeling guilty that her other kept reminding him of bad things.

"I'm... sorry, I didn't know." Yang said, and she continued to run, but she saw Naruto grin at her, his eyes closed.

He was hiding the hurt in his eyes, for sure.

"It's no big deal! I mean, I want her to be happy! She loves Sasuke, so I'll bring Sasuke back for her and be happy for them... Yeah, her happiness is what matters." Naruto said a little lower at the end. Yang felt even worse, she kept saying stuff to Naruto, not knowing how hurtful she was being. She didn't know him at all, and she was telling jokes that were actually really hurtful to him.

In less than 24 hours, she had brought up how he didn't have parents. She had made him remember he didn't have a home. She reminded him that his goal was to help the one he loved, find love with somebody else.

Could she feel like a bigger bitch right now?

"Maybe if I reminded him that he didn't have any friends when he was a kid, if that happened." Yang joked weakly. If that honestly happiness, she would find a way to punch her other.

"So... How about things you like, dislike... stuff like that! You know, not depressing stuff." Yang tried to find something to talk with Naruto about, to pass the time mostly. She also wanted to get to know him.

He was a really good guy. He cared more about his friends than himself, and was throwing away his own happiness for the happiness of others.

He was too pure.

"Understatement of the century." Spirit said to them, gaining their attention. "This boy can befriend the people he's fighting against by words and kicking their butts. He would also do anything for the people in his life, even it meant sacrificing himself."

The group are stunned to hear that. The other Yang was right, he really is too pure.

"Well, I love ramen. I like tasting new flavors of ramen, and my favorite ramen is Miso with extra pork in it. I dislike vegetables, fresh or not, and I hate the three minutes it takes for instant ramen to cook... Three minutes is not instant. I also like Red Bean Soup, and I love watering and talking to plants." Naruto said as he listed off the things he actually liked and disliked. Yang didn't ask about dreams for the future, because she figured that was a no-no question at the moment.

"So... I like jokes! I also like dogs, and animals in general. I have this adorkable sister, she is a total nerd about weapons. I don't really like assholes, but who does... I try and avoid cussing in front of my family too. Just a habit of mine. I love my hair." Yang said as she listed off the things she liked. She left a few... personal things out. She didn't tell Naruto that she enjoyed the act of fingering herself, having a record of doing it 11 times in a single day that she wanted to beat. She didn't tell him that she enjoyed fighting either, but she didn't know why she didn't mention that one.

When they heard the fingering part, the group turned as red as a tomato, including Yang. "Yang! Did your other have to think that?!" Weiss shouted, indigitant.

"Hey, I didn't know that she would think that!" Yang retorted back, the blush still on her face. "And like none of you masturbate!" That got all of them quiet and turning away from her, even Ruby.

Her blush faded when she remember one of things she said on the book. "Hey! I'm not a nerd for weapons!" Ruby exclaimed in protest. Yang roll her eyes at that.

"Ruby, when we first got here, you started listing off the weapons other kids had on them." Yang pointed out, causing the red theme girl to be quiet again.

"You do have pretty hair, I wish I had nice straight hair... Instead I was born with this shaggy mess." Naruto said as he shook his hair in annoyance. If he could change anything about himself, it would have to be his hair. He liked it fine enough, but he wished he had a different color and style... He wished he had something like... like Straight Red Hair instead of the hair he had. He didn't even know why, but he loved red hair. It was so pretty to look at.

"Ooooh, I wonder how he would feel when he met Pyrrha." Yang teased, getting Pyrrha to blush a bit.

Maybe his Mom or Dad had red hair, he knew one of them had to have blond hair.

"Thanks, I try and take care of it." Yang said as she stroked her hair.

"Slow down, don't attract attention to yourself. Walk slowly, there are Grimm in front of us." Naruto told her, and Yang stopped dead in her tracks. She didn't look worried about it though, Grimm were no real big deal most of the time. The only Grimm that she knew of that would be a challenge would be a Death Stalker and giant Nevermore thanks to their natural advantages.

She stopped thinking her thoughts when she saw a huge Grimm walking in front of them.

It was large, easily bigger than the trees around them. It was so huge that Yang knew for a fact she couldn't defeat it. It would be too tough for her to so much as touch. He was elephant shaped, and had spikes on it with large tusks. Each leg was thicker than the trees surrounding it, and it walked very slowly in a path. There was an entire line of them moving in front of them.

"Oooo Kaaay, I've never seen that Grimm before." Yang commented, seeing the Grimm on the screen.

"What is that?" Yang asked, serious now that there was an actual threat nearby. She didn't joke when there was something actually dangerous to her around.

"Goliath, big, nasty, and has a lot of strength... several hundred or thousand years old. These Grimm are smarter than other Grimm. Patient, and they use their tusks, trunks, legs, and skulls as their ways to fight. Most weapons are useless against them, only big and powerful works on them." Naruto said to her, suddenly not as worried now that he got a better look at them. He had mistook it for something else for a moment.

Goliath, while huge and still creatures of Grimm, were not known for attacking people on sight like most Grimm were known to do.

They were waiting... for something.

"How does he know this?" Weiss asked/demanded. "He isn't from this world, so how would he know?"

Blake answered this time. "I remember the first chapter that Naruto has been in our world for at least a year, more or less, and have been traveling around the world. I think anyone would pick up stuff like that."

"So, how do we fight them?" Yang asked as her bracelets extended over her forearms and turned into gauntlets. She didn't want to, but she would fight if she had to.

"We don't, I could use the my Big Ball Rasengan to take them out one by one, but they won't attack us if we don't attack first. They are big and powerful, but... they don't act... like you know, the other Grimm." Naruto tried to explaIn to her. He didn't know how to explain it best, but she seemed to understand him.

"So, they are smart?" Yang asked, actually a bit worried about that little tidbit of information.

"Not smart, well yes smart... They had grown so old, and killed so many people... That they had learned things. They know if they kill us, people will come and kill them. So they are waiting for something... they will wait however long it takes, but they are still Grimm by nature." Naruto said as he watched them move. He wanted to kill them, but Naruto could not in good heart kill something that wasn't trying to kill him or his friends first. If the day came these Grimm attacked them, then he would kill them.

"Wow, he really is too pure." Blake commented, blinking a little. Most wouldn't think twice about attacking a Grimm, unless they knew that a Grimm is too powerful for them. This guy didn't attack because it's not attacking him.

"So, we wait for them to pass by?" Yang asked, considering she believed that if they got any closer they Goliath would attack them anyway.

"Yep." Naruto said as he sat down, there was nothing to do but wait for fight. The Goliath would pass them by on their own.

"... Big Ball Rasengan?" Yang asked, wondering about what he was talking about. It sounded like a weapon to her.

"A technique I use, very powerful, very dangerous... I could blast a line right through the Goliath with it and still injure more of them. If my opponents weren't big like Goliath, instant death for most." Naruto admitted, since she had asked. He could most likely kill most Grimm with a regular Rasengan, or even his weaker Rasengan that he made without clones. The Rasengan that wasn't completed, the kind he used when he was sparring with people.

"Wait, that move isn't complete?" Weiss asked incredulously. A move that could kill a person or twist their organs inside isn't completed?

Ren hummed in thought. "Sounds like that move can become more powerful." It'll be interesting to see how powerful Naruto really is.

"Oooooh, cool. That sounds like the bee's knees." Yang complimented in an unique way. She didn't talk like most people did. Naruto saw that there were only about 10 more Goliath that needed to pass by them. They stayed mostly still as to not attract attention to themselves.

"Sure... I can actually blast my way all the way through one of those... Water Tanks you find on top of hospitals with a normal Rasengan... Big Ball Rasengan, a lot stronger. I hope I never have to show you though." Naruto told her as he stood up, dusting himself off. Yang shrugged her shoulders as she got dusted off by her own hands.

"I want to see it, but I won't push it. I have my own secrets, things I can't just show off at a whim too. You know, when I talk to you I realize how lucky I am." Yang spoke gently after a moment, and Naruto gave her a confused look as they started to run on their 'quest' to find her mother.

"Lucky?" Naruto asked, her, and Yang smiled awkwardly at him.

"I'm sorry, but your life sounds like it sucks. I am blessed with a Dad who loves me, a little sister... a Step-Mother who always treated me like her real daughter. I might have a few misfortunes happen, but I live a rather good life... Your life doesn't sound like it has been good so far. I'm actually impressed you can smile the way you do." Yang told him with real admiration in her voice. She had spent some time talking with him, and she found he was genuinely happy. He didn't have to fake his happiness, but he had a shitty life that should have led to him being an emo loner.

When Yang read that part, the others thought about their lives. Weiss has her father and sister, as well as being the riches girl in the world. Blake had a family in form of the white fang, practically born into them. Ruby had her sister, father, Uncle Qrow, and her dog, Zweiz. Pyrrha, Jaune, Nora, and Ren had their own family as well.

And yet, this guy didn't had anybody when he was younger. That actually made them feel bad that they had pretty good lives while this guy had a horrible life from the sound of it, yet still be able to be happy.

"... Well, you have a point... I could have been a monster... loving only myself, hating and killing everything else." Naruto admitted to her. She was the kind of person he felt good talking to, like she could keep a secret and was mature enough to handle the information.

"You, a killer monster... No way." Yang stated, she couldn't see this pure soul being a killer.

"Really, my entire life... for the first 12 years, has been filled with nothing but hate. I didn't even know why I was hated, or why I had no parents... Parents didn't let thier children play with me... They ignored me-" Naruto said as he stopped running and slowed down, before he stopped and looked up at the sky. This was actually something that he needed to get off his chest really badly.

Yang listened to him as she stopped and walked back to him.

"Go on... I can listen." Yang told him. She could see some conflict in his eyes.

"-They treated me like I was less than human all my life. They didn't look at me, and when they did it was always with hate. I was alone, always alone. Honestly, I hated them all... I cried so much, and hated them all. I only learned 5 years ago why I was hated... I was never 'He' or 'Naruto'... I was always 'It' or 'Demon'. My friends saved me from my hate and loneliness, so I will never abandon a friend in need!" Naruto said with determination in his eyes. If his friends ever needed him, he would always try to be there for them. He didn't need a reason, if his friends needed his help, he was willing to die with a smile on his face for them.

The people who saved him from his own darkness, were the ones he loved... and those he loved had his absolute loyalty.

That cause a cut in all of them. Weiss, Yang, Blake, and Pyrrha are crying a little at the story while Ruby is bawling her eyes out. Jaune is crying as well and Ren mood grew somber and sympathetic for Naruto. Even Nora, an alway cheerful girl, has some tears leaking out.

Spirit's mood is somber as well. "Makes you think how good your life is, compare to others like Naruto." He saw Yang wipe the tears that leaked out before continuing to read.

Yang was actually crying a little when she heard his story, but she didn't saw anything that she felt would patronize Naruto. He loved a harsh life, harsher than even the Faunus.

"I agree." Blake whispered, still crying a bit. Before this, she thought no human would know a Faunus' suffering. Now, she want to kick herself thinking that. Human or Faunus, you can still be hated for something you can't control.

She wiped her eyes, not wanting to show her girly side to Naruto. He deserved more than her crying about how hard he had it.

"Okay, if anyone every complains about having a hard life, I am going to punch thier lights out for it. That moved me, you bastard... you really moved me. Okay, after this I am going to help you find a way home!" Yang said with a helpful grin. Naruto blinked at her, before he rubbed the back of his head and started to jog away, with Yang jogging behind him.

"I agree with my other me." Yang said. Naruto's life is way worse than anyone else's lives in this room. Some of them has it hard due to family drama, fame, or whatever else, but this guy had no parents, been hated by his village, and was told by his crush to save the person she likes. The others silently agreed to that statement, even Weiss.

They both tripped over a tree branch on the ground, before falling onto the ground... and rolling down a hill and into a river.

They both popped their heads from the water, and spat out mouthfuls of liquid.

"Pfffft... Yuck, salt water. Thanks Yang, but you don't have to do that for me! We're friends now, and I would do almost anything for a friend! After this, I need to make some money. Gama-chan needs some food." Naruto said as he showed off his toad wallet. This world used Lien, while his world used Ryo. Naruto had to abandon Ryo, and start using Lien.

"So what do you do to make money anyway?" Yang asked as the two of them went onto the side of the river and stood up.

"Nothing much, capture criminals who needing catching. People with bounties on their heads, turn them in. Stuff like that." Naruto said as he rubbed the back of his head. He actually had a plan for his next job and capture.

The Schnee Dust Company had a train with a shipment of Dust coming towards Vale, he would get on the train, and see if anyone tried to steal the Dust.

A train like that was like criminal bait for sure!

"He helps the Schnee Dust Company?" Weiss said in surprise. She didn't really expected that, from anyone really. She smile a little. Maybe her other might like Naruto.

"That's the end of chapter 2." Yang said, before putting down the book. She turn to Spirit. "Hey, can we get a quick break from reading so we can calm ourselves down?" She can see that her sister is trying to hold back crying.

Spirit nodded. "Go ahead. Time is stopped while we are here, so take all the time you need." Yang nodded to him in thanks before moving to comfort her sister.

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