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Reading Ch 3: Yellow

Team RWBY and Team JNPR are still trying to digest the information given to them. They can't believe that one person would be hated by an entire village, just because of fear and lack of understanding. They can't believe that someone as nice as Naruto would be the one to be hated. Annoy others, sure, and maybe a couple of jerks would dislike, but an entire village?

Ruby is having the most trouble digesting it, being the most innocent out of all of them. She couldn't imagine a life like that, since she had a family of her own. Having no parents at all, having no friends for twelve years, being called a demon, and being treated less than human? How can somebody live like that?

After a couple of minutes, the group started to calm down a little. "So, are you all ready to read the book now?" Spirit asked them, getting nods from the others.

"I'll read again. It's my arc, after all." Yang volunteered, picking up the book. "Chapter 3: Yellow…."

"This is awesome." Yang said as she sat on top of Naruto's shoulders as he walked the two of them over a lake.

"Huh?" Jaune dumbly said, as he gaze at the screen. The others are just as surprise. On the screen, Naruto and Yang aren't on a boat or walking on a bridge, but Naruto is literally walking on water, with Yang on his shoulder. "How many abilities does this dude have?"

"Too many for anyone to count." Spirit answered. And they didn't hit the chip of his abilities. Just wait till they see his sage mode, his regeneration abilities, as well as his combination transformation. It's going to be fun to see.

This was better than any boat ride she could ever imagine. The sun had risen into the sky by the time they had gotten to the lake. She had thought Naruto would prepare a boat for them, but he didn't do normal things like that. Naruto just picked her up, and started walking on water like some kind of water god! It was amazing, the gentle rocking of the water and the soothing breeze on it.

"Now I want to be in Yang's place." Ruby said with a pout. She then look at Spirit. "Do you think Naruto would walk me over the water if I ask?"

He shrug. "If you meet him, and you ask, he might." Ruby beam at the thought.

She could see into the water, and she didn't have huges waves splashing her every few seconds like with a boat.

She could see fish in the water, not bothered by Naruto passing over them. The water was clear and blue, so clean that she could almost see to the bottom. She could see strange, tiny black creatures at the bottom... with white masks and glowing red eyes.

"Oh come on!" Jaune complained, seeing the fish on the screen. "There are Grimms in the ocean?"

"Makes you have second thoughts on fishing." Yang joked.

She wanted to warn Naruto about the Grimm, but she noticed that they weren't coming up for them.

"What?" Pyrrha asked, a little surprise, as are the others. "But Grimms always attack humans or faunus, so why aren't they? Are they not doing it for the same reasons as the last Grimms?"

"Let's find out." Yang said, before reading again.

"Hmmm?" Naruto hummed when he noticed that Yang had stiffened up for some reason. He looked towards the bottom of the water like she had been doing, before he noticed the same Grimm that she had noticed. "Oh, those Grimm are blind, their eyes are for show. They use their scales like a fish does, so unless we go into the water they can't see us." Naruto told her.

"Hmm, interesting to note." Ren commented. He wonders if any hunters or huntresses did any missions at the ocean, rivers, or lakes, and end up in situations like that.

He had learned that one. In a boat, they were able to "taste" the wood of the boat in the water, mixed with the metal. They would swarm it because it was a man made creation.

Naruto had a small layer of chakra between his feet and the water, so not a single part of him was inside of the water. The Grimm didn't even know that they were there, which was why he insisted on walking on the water here.

He had tried a boat before, but the boat had just been swarmed by Grimm.

"Now I know not to ride on a boat anytime soon." Blake commented. She wouldn't think about getting near the water, anyways. She's a cat faunus, so she doesn't like going in water. Showers are the only exception to that.

"Maybe we can use a torpedo to blow up all the Grimms under the water." Nora said, with her trademark, crazy grin. Ren shook his head at his best friend.

"Fish scales?" Yang asked Naruto, and Naruto nodded.

"Fish scales are covered in taste buds, they have them on their lips too." Naruto told her a small little thing that Sakura had told him. Fish could taste everything around them, it was how they located food. The Grimm down below were most likely truly blind, and their eyes were simply there to paralyze humans with fear when they were swimming at them.

"So... What do they look like, and what do you even call them?" Yang asked, since she had never heard of that before.

"Well, since most Hunters don't do well underwater, nobody really sees one and lives.

"Well that was pleasant news." Yang said dryly. By now, everyone decided never to go near the oceans, rivers, or lakes if they can help it. They don't want to become fish food.

I call them Kappa, but honestly, they are like Fish with armor shaped like a Turtle shell, and webbed hands... creepy little things. They always move in groups of like 30 or more." Naruto told Yang, and he grinned for a moment.

"What is he going to do?" Yang asked warily. She knows that grin. It was the one she makes whenever she want to do something devious.

Naruto jerked to the side, and Yang yelped and held onto him so fast that you would think she was having a heart attack.

A couple of people laughed the look on the other Yang's face while Yang herself puff her cheeks out in anger. That jerk, making have a heart attack!

She sent him a dirty look and rubbed her fist into his head.

"Don't do that, you almost gave me a boob attack!" Yang said, with Naruto opening his mouth, before closing it.


"What?" Everyone asked Yang asked at the same time. Yang, herself, grin at the joke her other made.

"Boob attack, I like it." Yang murmured to herself, with everyone giving her a dull look. Even Spirit look at her dully. God damnit Yang.

"Boob attack?" Naruto asked, unsure of what to make of that one.

"I would say heart, but my boobs are bigger." Yang spoke jokingly to him,

"Boo!" Most of the group exclaimed while Ruby muttered, "God dammit Yang." to herself.

Yang cross her arms and pouted. "Oh, like you people would know better jokes."

"I think even Weiss or Jaune can pull off better jokes than you." Blake said dryly, causing two cries of "Hey!" from the two mentioned people while Yang pouted even more. Critics, the lot of them.

and he thought about it for a second. He wasn't sure that joke made too much sense at the moment.

"I think that joke goes better with 'I love you with all my boobs' because then you can say 'I would say heart, but my boobs are bigger'." Naruto explained to her.

"That one is even better." Yang agreed while everyone groan. God damnit Naruto, don't encourage the girl.

She thought about it for a few seconds, before she shrugged.

"I'm hungry, you got anything to eat in here?" Yang asked as she pulled off Naruto's shoulder bag and started to go through it. Naruto didn't mind it all too much, he only had shuriken, kunai, some clothes he didn't want to get rid of, water, food, and his necklace inside of his bag.

Yang blinked when she pulled out a jacket that was worn out, too small to fit Naruto. It was orange with a high white color, blue shoulders, slightly beat up and torn, with a zipper down the front. It had a red swirl design on the back, and a white one on the left sleeve.

"Get that monstrosity out of my face!" Weiss exclaimed, causing the others to laugh. She look at the orange clothing with wide eyes. "How can anyone wear that….thing?"

Spirit sighed. "Even if he wanted to wear something else, he couldn't. The clothing stores at his home charge him two times the regular amount, so he could only afford the jacket. And even that cost a lot for him." That wiped the disgust look off of Weiss's face and she looked a bit ashamed for judging him.

"Well, I like it." Yang spoke up, trying to get the mood back up. The others got a bit depress, and a little angry, when they heard Spirit's statement. "Nice and orange, like my scarf."

"Oh, be careful with that, that is my treasure." Naruto told her with a grin on his face. That was his jacket he wore when he had first met all of his friends. He had so many good and bad memories when he wore that jacket.

"I like it, looks cool. Nice and orange..." Yang said as she took off her own jacket, showing that her tube top was strapless and reveal a lot of her body.

Ren and Jaune looked away with blushes on their faces, and even Spirit blushed at the amount of skin Yang was showing. Yang grin at the three men in the room.

"Like what you see boys?" Yang asked, sliding off her jacket just a little bit to tease them. Jaune stuttered, his blush increasing, while Ren and Spirit just stayed silent. Pyrrha gave Yang a dirty look as the blonde hair girl got back to reading.

Her own jacket was small, so putting on Naruto's jacket, she looked at her reflection in the water and gave herself a thumbs up. She felt strong with this jacket. It was well cared for, very durable feeling, and it seemed like it held a lot of comforting memories for Naruto. She could only zip it up to about halfway to her cleavage, but that was fine with her.

She took it off and put on her normal jacket, before she folded up his jacket and placed it in his bag. She pulled out a necklace next, and this time Naruto grabbed it before she could try it on.

"Don't put that on, it's cursed." Naruto warned her, and Yang froze. Naruto sounded dead serious about that. He wasn't joking about it at all.

"Cursed?" Blake questioned, looking at the necklace with narrow eyes. "How is it cursed?"

"It'll tell you in the book." Spirit told her. By now, it his automatic answer to questions like that.

"Cu-cursed, like how cursed?" Yang asked as she looked at the little gem. It was a beautiful green gem, rectangular shaped and so brilliantly shining.

"If you aren't destined for... great things, you die within a day of putting it on. Only 3 people, myself included, can safely wear that thing. Everyone else who wore it died, that is the only crystal like that in this entire world." Naruto told Yang truthfully.

Most of the group's eyes widen at that information. "Oh….my." Blake said, shock that a necklace like that exist. And she have no trouble believing Naruto, seeing that he's the type to horribly lie. And he isn't lying.

Weiss, however, scoffed at that. "Come on, there's no way that necklace is actually cursed is it?" Weiss asked, though there's some lingering doubt in her mind at her words. Spirit sighed, before getting the remote and changing the channel.

"Let me show you how ridiculous it is." Spirit told them, getting to the episode where part of Tsunade's past is revealed. Everyone's eyes widen in horror, as they watch two people that wore the necklace died. One was the woman's brother and the other was her lover. Both of them wanted to be something greater, only to die when they wore that necklace. And that woman, Tsunade, watched as they die.

"...Okay, so it's not that ridiculous." Weiss said, her voice significantly smaller now. Can't really blame her, considering what she saw.

In his own world, there was another copy of the crystal. This world didn't have even one copy of the crystal, so his copy was the only one in existance here.

In his own world, his necklace was worth 2 or more Gold Mines, AND the mountains on top of them.

"Really?" Everyone said with wide eyes. That necklace is worth that much and it's cursed?

"You could buy an endless supply of pancakes and syrup with that!" Nora exclaimed, then her eyes lit up. "Maybe Spirit here can make us one so we can!"

"Uh, no." Spirit said with a frown. "I'm not gonna make a cursed necklace, so don't bother asking." He has a feeling that Nora would eventually forget that it was curse and put it on. So he's not taking chances.

Nora pouted while Ren sighed in relief. Apparently, he was thinking the same thing Spirit did.

Here, who knew how valuable it was considered.

'Probably a lot.' Was the thought of everyone in the room.

A one of a kind crystal, only of it's kind in existance. It would be no doubt the most valuable thing in the world.

Yang VERY carefully put the crystal back into the bag, not wanting to touch it anymore than she had to. She didn't want to die, because Naruto seemed like the type that sucked at lying. If he said the crystal was cursed, then it was a crused crystal. Not something that she wanted to mess with, since she figured Naruto was the type to never mess with cursed objects without a reason.

"So you are destined for great things?" Yang asked, since if he could wear it, it meant that he was apparently suppose to do great things in life.

The others listen more closely, not bothering to ask Spirit yet. Most likely, he will say that it's in the book.

"Well, I don't believe in destiny or fate. I believe we take fate into our own hands, and we get to decide our destiny. I want to do great things... I was told a prophecy about myself awhile back." Naruto admitted to Yang, who was admittedly curious about this. She wasn't the kind of person that staked much claim in prophecy, but Naruto seemed serious about this. "My Master was technically given the prophecy, but I was told about it... recently." Naruto corrected himself.

"So what is it?" Yang asked, and Naruto cleared his throat.

"The Prophecy speaks of the Child of Prophecy, the person who predicted it can see into the future... well he can see many outcomes. For the world though, he has seen two." Naruto told her, and he frowned for a moment. He was the Child of Prophecy apparently, so he held the fate of whatever world he existed in, in the palm of his hands.

No pressure.

It didn't even apply to just his world. Any world that Naruto existed in, would share the same fate that the prophecy foretold. Naruto had the fate of any world he lived in on his shoulders.

"Two outcomes?" Yang asked, the way Naruto went silent not being something she found comforting.

"I will either bring a lasting peace to this world, or I will utterly destroy it... I want to bring peace." Naruto told her, and Yang nodded slowly. That was a lot to take in, and Naruto didn't sound like he was bullshitting her. Her eyes widened when she truly started to realize what this meant, before her jaw dropped.

If that was true... then peace or destruction for the world was going to be happening in her lifetime!

Everyone's eyes widen a lot at that. So, in whatever world he is in, he can either destroy it or bring everlasting peace in it. "God damn." Yang whispered, shocked.

None of them don't really believe in fate, but Naruto doesn't seem the type to lie. And he sounds pretty serious about it. So their alternate world will either have peace or be destroyed.

"And the village treated him badly why?" Blake whispered incredulously. That boy hold the fate of their world, so why did they treated him badly? They are lucky his friend saved him from his hate.

"None of them about knew the prophecy, so they didn't think how they treated him would affect them." Spirit said with shrug. And even if they did, they would refuse to believe a jinchuuriki hold the fate of the world. And yet, they would believe a little boy was a demon.

"I hope you bring peace." Yang whispered to herself, because she didn't want to watch the world burn. Naruto didn't seem like the kind of guy to want to destroy the world.

"And our others are very lucky for that." Ren said, with everyone agreeing. If Naruto still hated people when he got to their world….they didn't want to think about it.

Yang pulled out some energy bars, not enough to fill up her empty stomach, and she was able to eat one of them in like four bites. Naruto grabbed the other and in a single large bite he swallowed the entire thing whole.

"Well, I can see the taller buildings of the city... Well shit, I forgot how close this place was to Vale. We could have walked a straight line after all." Naruto said after a moment. They had taken the long way around the mountain range, when they could have gone over the mountain.

"He just notice that now?" Weiss asked blankly, not sure of what to think about that.

Spirit shrugged. "Everyone has an off day."

Yang noticed this, but this still had to finish crossing the lake, another forest, and go down a river before they were done.

Naruto let her down onto sand when they finished crossing the river a mere 2 hours later, and the two of them started to run together to go through the next forest.

"So... Has my Mom said anything to you?" Yang asked him, kind of nervously. It was dawning on her that she was getting closer to her mother now, and she was kind of scared.

Yang was a bit nervous as well. She always wonder if her mother ever thought about her or her dad. It was one of the things that plagued her mind.

"Not really, she mentioned that she had stuff to do and kind of left when she finished teaching me to read, write, and speak this language. She never really stays where she lives for long periods of time." Naruto told Yang, who seemed conflicted.

"Oh great." Yang said, a bit disappointed. So she can't expect hugs and kisses from mom then. Instead, she gonna expect someone cold and distant. She's a bit disappointed at that.

Blake grabbed her partner's hand and squeeze it in support. Yang smile at in thanks before going back reading.

So that was what her mother was like, good for her to know. She shouldn't expect hugs and kisses, and warm greetings with a plate of cookies then. She was going to expect somebody more cold and distant, that was... good, no it wasn't. Yang was slightly disappointed at the way her mother sounded.

Yang chuckled a little about her other thinking the exact same thing, but it wasn't loud enough for the others to hear.

"So, she never mentioned me then?" Yang spoke more quietly, and Naruto shook his head.

"She seemed like she had a lot on her mind, but she never talked about you or anything like that. She was always looking out, I think maybe she was sad she didn't get to see you either." Naruto told her with a wide smile. He hoped it was true, it seemed like it was true at least.

"Always optimistic, despite his childhood." Pyrrha observed. Most would've turn hateful or dark if they lived the life Naruto did, but yet, he always seem happy.

He hoped that Raven was at her... home... base... whatever she called it. He hoped that she was there so that Yang could meet her, and they could reconnect with each other.

"So her name is Raven." Yang said, glueing that name in her head. She then turned to Spirit to ask him something. "Do you know if my other's mom is the same as mine?"

Spirit shook his head. "The name is similar, yes, but I'm not sure about personality." Yang was a bit disappointed about that. Well, it's something at least.

Yang smiled for a moment, hoping his words were true as well.

"I don't know what I want to do first, punch her in damn face, or hug her first." Yang joked with him, and Naruto took her seriously.

"Punch her, and then hug her. Anyone, doesn't matter what reason, who abandons a child needs to be punches before anything else!" Naruto exclaimed loudly, but he was half-joking with her. He would punch his parents before he hugged them or anything, he was sure of that one. Well, he would punch his father, according to Shikamaru and Kiba, you didn't punch mothers. Mothers were scary.

"Agreed." Jaune said with a shiver. Ren, Nora, and surprisingly Pyrrha shivered at the thought of invoking their mother's' wrath.

Seeing the questioning looks from the others about why she shivered, Pyrrha answered sheepishly. "When I first entered my first tournament, I did it without my parent's permission. Meaningless to say, my mother didn't took kindly to that." That was the most scariest day of her life, after winning the tournament.

"So, the Grimm in these areas are... BIG?!" Yang shouted when Naruto picked her up and jumped into a tree just as a large Grimm came at them from the ground. It came out of literally the ground, jumping out of a hole in the ground. Like all Grimm, it had the same basic features... but it was two legged, with no forelegs. It was heavily armored, and had a reptile's tail. It had claws and teeth, very sharp claws and teeth.

Weiss quickly sketched a doodle of the thing. Ruby look at her questioningly. "Um, why are you drawing the Grimm?" The youngest huntress asked in confusion.

"It so I know what to expect if we ever encounter one." Weiss told her without looking up from her drawing. "We can quickly see the strength and weakness of this thing, and be prepare if we've ever fight it." Suddenly, two more pictures appeared in her lap, causing her to jump in surprise. The pictures are the elephant like Grimm and the fish like Grimm.

"In that case, take this pictures to. Like you said, better to prepared." Spirit told her. Weiss smile at him gratefully before gathering up the pictures.

"Big Creeper, about 10 times the size of a normal Creeper... way bigger than a person. This one is experienced." Naruto said as he noted down the size. The bigger the Grimm, the more people it had killed and the more experienced it was. It had survived many battles, and gained a better understanding on how to fight and kill mortals.

"That is a lot of spikes. How do you think those spikes grow out of them, where do they get the bone for it?" Yang asked, since she had noticed that new Grimm didn't have those bone spikes on them.

"I have an idea, but I don't like it... Lets not think about it. Shadow Clone Jutsu." Naruto said as he created a clone next to him.

They saw Spirit turn a bit green, causing all of them to look at him. "Do you know how?" Blake asked him.

"Like Naruto, I have an idea, but I'm not telling." Spirit told them, swallowing his bile rising up from his throat. God, these Grimms are disgusting.

The Creeper was looking around for them, while Naruto's clone started to palm thrust the air above his hand. Yang watched as spiralling yellow energy above his palm. It was a small sphere, the shell being dense, and thousands of tightly rotating spirals inside of it. It was like a contained storm in a sphere, beautiful and dangerous looking.

The Rasengan?

Naruto jumped off of the tree and landed on top of the Creeper's back, before he slammed the sphere into the back of the dark creature.

Yang was nearly blasted back by a powerful shockwave when the sphere expanded and exploded, taking out the entire Grimm and creating a crater in the ground. Naruto was already up in the air, having been unaffected by the recoil of his attack.

"...Damn." Jaune said in awe, voicing everyone's thought. That ability really is powerful.

Naruto landed back on the branch, and the clone of Naruto puffed in a burst of smoke.


"Holy shit, you have two Semblences!?" Yang shouted out, making a guess at what he could do. The ability to clone yourself, and make destructive attacks were SO different than they couldn't be part of the same Semblence!

'That's what we want to know.' Everyone simultaneously thought, all of them wanting to know Naruto's power came from. Does his people two or more semblances like that?

"Huh? No, that was the Rasengan, and the clone was a Shadow Clone. I don't have a Semblence or an Aura like you do, my abilities are different." Naruto told her with a grin.

Spirit mentally counted to one until everyone yelled, "WHAT?!"

"But that's impossible!" Weiss exclaimed, wide eyes. "All humans and faunuses have semblances and aura, that's where we get our powers from!"

He didn't need to have an Aura to defend his body from attacks, he was durable enough to take explosions head on without flinching. He also had a healing factor and natural advantages, so he didn't worry too much about the different abilities.

"...He has a healing factor?" It was more of statement than a question from Jaune. Is that guy broken or something? How can anyone have that many abilities?

"What? Everything with a soul has an aura, see, I can connect my aura to yours and... Oh my God you don't have an aura!?" Yang shouted out in shock, truly and utterly surprised by the fact that when her yellow aura touched Naruto via hand contact, that nothing happened. Normally she could activate an aura, but with Naruto she was getting nothing. He didn't have an aura, and without an aura one couldn't have a Semblence.

How did he do the things he did?!

"That's what we want to know!" Everyone exclaimed, much to the amusement to Spirit and possibly any readers out there reading this.

"Told you so, and I'm not weird. Where my Home is, nobody has an aura. The Grimm don't attack me because of it, unless I get in their way or get angry. They sense negative emotions." Naruto told her, and she was still rather shocked. Naruto didn't have an aura, his abilities were all natural to him, but he did them without using his soul's power.

"How? I mean that kind of ability has to use something to activate it, right?" Yang asked, trying to understand where he got his power. It didn't make any sense to her.

"Tell us!" Weiss demanded, yelling at the book. Blake at the Schnee with dull eyes.

"You do realize you're yelling demands to a book right?" Weiss flush a little before turning her head with 'hmph'.

"Chakra, I use my body's own internal energy to make Jutsu those things I did. Though, if I run out of chakra I die... Unlike you, if you run out of aura you just can't use it. Kind of unfair." Naruto said with a pout. When you ran out of chakra, and you tried to use it, you died. You could technically run out of chakra, but if you continued to fight after running out then that was it for you.

"I think it's pretty fair, considering you can use multiple abilities." Jaune deadpanned, getting Pyrrha to elbow him in the ribs. "Ow, it's true! We can only use one semblance while this guy can use multiple abilities!"

"I have to agree with the fool." Weiss said, getting a offended "Hey!" from Jaune. She ignored him.

"Yeah, I bet..." Yang said, just giving up on understanding Naruto's abilities. She would try and avoid thinking about it too much, and it would be much better for her sanity if she did.

"I think it's better for all our sanity." Ren said, rubbing his head. He slightly agree with Jaune about the broken thing.

"Well, lets get going... We can be there in like... a hour or two." Naruto told Yang as they jumped down onto the ground, chunks of Grimm turning into smoke as it vanished into nothing.

Yang gripped her fist, and looked up at the sun for a moment.

She was so close!

Yang gripped the book tightly in her hand. She might be able to meet her mother. While she would've preferred meeting her in person, she will gladly take this. No one ask if they can read next. They all can see that this is important to Yang.

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