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Reading Ch 62: The Death of Weiss

"So, who wants this book next?" Pyrrha asked, trying to forget what she read. Weiss raised her hand, causing Pyrrha to pass the book to the heiress. Weiss open the book and started reading.

"Chapter 62: The Death of Weiss…." Weiss dropped the book when she read that, her eyes wide in shock and horror. The others are looking the book in shock as well.

"Um, that's book is joking right?" Ruby asked nervously. "I mean, Weiss wouldn't really die on this right? RIGHT?"

All of them turned to Spirit at the question. In response, the young man merely smirked at them. "Stop smirking and tell us!" Weiss shrieked. How can he treat her possible death like this?!

"Just read and find out." Spirit told them, the smirk still on his face. He looked at Weiss curiously. "You still want to read?"

Weiss chuckled weakly and slid the book to Blake. The black haired faunus sighed and picked up the book, opening back up to the chapter.

'She is trying WAY to hard.' Naruto thought as he watched Weiss try and summon something. Her summoning, while not completely like his, focused on her summoning the enemies of the past that she had slain. The enemies that had pushed her to the limits, which was a cool ability. He wished that he could summon his defeated enemies to fight for him in battle.

Then again, that would require he actually kill them.

Ruby's eyes go wide. "You can do that?" Ruby said in amazement. "That's so cool Weiss!"

Wanting to get her mind off of the title, she focused on that subject. "If only I can actually I can actually do the summonings."

"From what Whiskers is saying, your trying too hard on it." Nora helpfully pointed out. Weiss gave her a look in annoyance.

"Thank you so much for the observation Nora." Weiss said in obvious sarcasm.

Unfortunately for her, the sarcasm was lost on Nora. "No problem Ice Queen!" Nora said cheerfully. Weiss merely groaned in response.

Weiss on the other hand, was seconds away from bitching, moaning, or giving up. She was sweating, she was exhausting herself, and she was pissed the hell off with her inability to summon anything at all.

"Yep, sounds exactly like our Weiss would do."

"Quiet, you bimbo!"

"She is glaring at a circle." Ruby muttered to Yang, while Naruto closed an eye. Naruto entered Sage Mode passively, not really doing it completely. Naruto could sense that Weiss was nearly out of aura, and without exhausting himself he left Sage Mode. Weiss was putting way to much effort into this.

When he summoned, he just thought for a brief moment of what he wanted, and then he made his body do it.

"I can't do that!" Weiss exclaimed in anger. "I need to think hard about my enemies! I can't lose focus on it!"

"Shut up! I can't do it, but I don't need your comments!" Weiss shouted at Ruby, who yelped and hid behind Naruto. Weiss looked towards Naruto for help. "You, how did you learn to summon?" Weiss asked Naruto, and he bit his thumb and summoned a small toad on the table. This toad was holding onto a bottle of wine, and was currently drunk off it's ass.

"Stop thinking about it." Naruto told her, and she looked like she was going to be vivid.

"Are you an idiot!? I can't do that! Winter says that I have to think hard about my defeated enemies, she ALWAYS goes on about it! I have to focus!" Weiss shouted as she jerked around and made the Glyph appear on the ground again. Naruto rolled his eyes, now she was pissed off, and her chances of summoning her getting smaller the more she acted like this.

"Maybe Naruto is onto something." Yang suggested, ignoring the withering glare she's being received. "But can you even summon at all right now? You're other looks very pissed off."

Weiss huffed and turned away, not being able to deny that.

"Can you even summon?" Yang asked sarcastically, since she highly doubted that Weiss had the potential to do this right now.

"Naruto! Are you just going to sit there and watch me fail like a fool!?" Weiss shouted at him, and Naruto stood up. Naruto looked around for a bit, before he could find something that would help Weiss. He could always teach her the way that he learned, but that may be possibly a bit too extreme for her.

Actually, that sounded perfect.

Immediately, the memories of the Naruto game came into their minds, and their eyes widen in horror, especially Weiss's. "Do you think he means….?" Pyrrha trailed off.

"Most likely." Blake answered. Weiss's nervousness returned, recalling the title.

"Here is what I think. You don't believe you can summon, so you can't do it. You think so hard and try to be perfect... so even the smallest stray thought ruins it for you. Summoning is impossible for you. You will never summon, so stop trying." Naruto told her harshly, and she dropped her sword out of shock. She hadn't expected him to just... give up on her like that.

Eyes were wide on this, momentarily forgetting their suspicions. "Wow, that's harsh." Jaune stated in shock.

"How can he say that?!" Weiss shouted in anger. "My other is trying here!"

"But he does got a point." Pyrrha mused. She held her hand up at the betrayed look Weiss is sending her. "Think about it Weiss. You're trying to make the summoning perfect, so if a stray thought goes out of your head, you'll lose focus. And it's not possible for stray thoughts not to come into your mind."

Weiss frowned and looked down. She can't help but think that Pyrrha may have a point in this. But still, how can summon if she can't think about what she's summoning?

"Woah... harsh." Ruby said with wide eyes, now REALLY interested in what Naruto was going to say next.

"I'm trying my hardest!" Weiss yelled at Naruto, ignoring the commentary that was going on close to them.

"There is nothing on the line for you. You don't have a real reason to NEED to learn. You might be smart, but for this you might be a bit too smart. Stop thinking about it, and do it." Naruto told her as he looked up towards the sky. Naruto stopped moving, because he had an idea that could just work.

"Why do I have this chill going through my spine?" Weiss asked, wrapping her arms around herself.

Spirit smirked. "You'll see."

"How can I not think!? I have to think about what I want to summon, or I can't summon it! I have to think about every minute detail or it won't work!" Weiss nearly screamed at him, and Naruto's eyes transformed as he entered Sage Mode. Blake, being closer to her instincts, felt the shift in the air and looked up from her book to see that Naruto was looking at the sky with more interest than he was giving Weiss.

'What are you planning?' Blake thought to herself with a raised eyebrow.

"Ooooooh, this is going to be good... I think." Yang started, before she rubbed the side of her head. She didn't know what Naruto had planned, but it had to be awesome.

"And if I die?" Weiss demanded, daring her to say the wrong way.

"Um, it would be less awesome?"

"It would definitely be less awesome."

"Well... I do have a way you can instantly learn how to do it." Naruto said with a smirk on his face as his hid his eyes away from Weiss. He did have a way where she would learn to do it in one try, because there would be grave consequences for her if she didn't learn how to do it.

"Grave….consequences?" Weiss squeaked, afraid of finding out what would happen.

Weiss perked up.

"Just name it." Weiss said, and Naruto grabbed onto her and picked her up. Naruto grinned at her, and she paled.

That was NOT the face of mercy.

"No it isn't." Jaune agreed. He've seen that face from Nora several times, and each time, it didn't end well for the person on the receiving end of it.

Naruto tensed his legs up, before craters appeared underneath his feet as he jumped towards the sky itself. Weiss screamed out of surprise when they went from ground level, and quickly went to cloud level in a second flat. Her scream of terror didn't stop when Naruto created a clone underneath them, and he jumped off of it and zoomed even higher up into the air. The air started to get thinner and thinner by the second, and Naruto let go of Weiss and pushed FAR away from him so that she couldn't hang onto him.

Weiss' eyes were wide with terror.

Eyes are practically popped open. "Is he crazy?!" Jaune screamed. "Is he trying to kill Weiss?!"

"Was he really that annoyed with her complaining?" Yang question. Even she was shocked at what just transpired.

The title of the chapter was recalled in Weiss's head in full force now. "My other is going to die!" Weiss screamed in horror. Her savior had became her executioner.

"Okay Weiss, summon or die." Naruto told her as he sat on air cross legged, and he fell as well. Naruto's eyes turned orange and he gained cross shaped pupils. He used his Jinchuriki Sage Mode, using the Kyuubi's chakra while using Sage Mode, and he looked at her with interest. He would save her of course, he wouldn't allow her to die or anything. Of course, he couldn't let her know that.

She was going to summon, because she had no option BUT to summon.

She couldn't think about it anymore, if she tried too hard she was going to die. Now ALL of her thoughts wouldn't be about summoning. Her thoughts were going to be on living and not turning into a blood stain on the ground. They were so high up, her Semblence wouldn't even help her if they landed. Naruto was durable, and was using both Sage Mode and the Kyuubi's chakra along with his already insane durability. If he hit the ground, he would be bruised up, but he would live.

She would die, the second she hit the ground they would be finding pieces of her everywhere.

"Is he crazy? I can't summon like that!" Weiss screamed in distress. "I would get killed!"

"Actually, this may be a excellent training strategy." Jaune stated, surprising the others. Weiss whipped her head towards him with a furious glare.


"Let me explain." Jaune said, holding his hand up. "In the first game we played, Jiraiya did something similar with Naruto. Because of this, Naruto didn't have time to think about what he should summon. He just needed to do it or die."

"So the same strategy could be used for Weiss." Pyrrha continued, realizing what Jaune is getting at. "Cause no matter how different are, we all still have the same desire to survive. So either you summon, or you end up dying. You'll be left with no choice but to do what it takes to survive."

"But even you end up failing, Naruto will still save you." Blake decided to finish up. "He just letting your other think you'll die."

Weiss bit her lip. Even though it was explained to her, it still didn't made her feel any less better. What if he does it too late? What if makes a mistake? That what-if scenarios are playing rapidly through her head, and is making her more distress.

"Aaaaah! Are you insane! I am going to die! I'm going to die! I can't die like this!" Weiss screamed as she looked passed the clouds and at the Kingdom of Vale. The entire Kingdom of Vale, and she could see some of the other Kingdoms as well. She couldn't see the cities, way too high up, but she could see the countries they were located on.

'You know, if I created clones and jumped off of their backs... I bet I could get to the moon like that. I have enough chakra, and in Sage Mode I can jump high enough... I have GOT to try it sometime.' Naruto thought as he looked up at the moon. In one jump, he went from ground level to above cloud level. His second jump took him even higher than that, so he might be able to go up to the moon.

"He's falling hundreds feet high, and he's thinking about that?!" Weiss and Jaune screamed simultaneously. For once, they agreed on something.

"Well, Naruto has been through a lot worse. Going through life threatening situations several times probably conditioned him from stuff like that." Ren reasoned. "Plus, his physical body is able to withstand the impact. So he doesn't need to worry all that much."

Weiss didn't stop screaming out, and she created a Summoning Glyph and tried to summon, but it flickered out of existance very quickly when she looked at the ground.

The image of a bloodstain in a crater frightened her so much that she couldn't even concentrate. She couldn't picture the Glyph, and she couldn't picture what she wanted to summon.

'I'm... I'm going to die... because I'm a failure... I failed and I'm going to die... I'm so pathetic...' Weiss said as she cried. She hugged herself, crying because she knew that death was going to come to her. She had almost no aura left, and Naruto didn't seem to be paying attention to her.

"I can't blame her for crying." Pyrrha stated with a frown. "Anyone else would be like Weiss in her position."

"Accept for Naruto." Jaune corrected. "Then again, there is the question whether he's sane or not." And the question if any of the ninjas in Naruto's world is sane.

"You know, nobody is perfect Weiss. I trained for a whole month, and couldn't even summon a toad right. I always thought about it way to hard, and tried even harder. Your sister said you need to remember the enemies who pushed you... the times you almost died? I say, the best way to learn to summon is do it by trusting your body to do it for you... your body wants to survive Weiss. Stop thinking." Naruto told her as he laid back on air and watched as she fell, even though he was falling close by. He only ever got the hang of summoning when his life was on the line. He wasn't allowed to think hard to try harder, he had to do it or he would die. It was as simple as that.

Do it or die.

Your desire to live was often times the best way to motivate you. Weiss had an option, she could put full faith in her body and actually try without trying, or she could not do it and she would "die" as it were."

"He makes a good point." Pyrrha said. "There are times where you don't have to think, and you need to just do it. Trying to think on everything you do while on a fight will get yourself killed."

Weiss was about to argued, but then thought about it. Every time she was in a fight, she didn't think about what she's doing with her glyph. She just did it, using muscle memory. Maybe they have a point?!

Still….is this really necessary?! Her other is frighten to the point of tears!

"Save me... please save me..." Weiss begged him, and he looked away from her.

"Hmmm, no, I don't think I'll do that. If you summon though..." Naruto trailed off playfully, since this was something she really did have to do herself.

"Now's not the time to be playful!" Weiss growled. Ruby scooted away slightly from her partner.

Weiss jerked her head towards the ground, and Naruto winced when he saw the pure terror in her eyes. Weiss looked towards him, and he made sure she couldn't see how horrible he felt for doing this to her. He schooled his emotions, knowing that she would need something big to motivate her.

"At least he feel horrible about what he's doing." Spirit pointed out. "That's more than Jiraiya could say. When he did that to Naruto, he didn't feel any guilt about doing it."

Many felt some disbelief. "And that guy was Naruto's godfather?" Weiss asked in disbelief.

Spirit shrugged. "No one ever said he was the best role model."

"Aaaaaaah!" Weiss shouted as she formed a Glyph underneath them, and it flickered out of existance, and her eyes widened.

"You want to die Weiss!? Is this how far your will to live goes!? First sign of trouble, and you do and die! Come on Weiss! Do better than this!" Naruto shouted at her. He wasn't going to be nice and say nothing but sweet loving words.

Weiss needed somebody that wouldn't be gentle with her right now.

"I don't want to die! I don't! I can't!" Weiss shouted back at him, and the ground was getting closer and closer by the second.

"Really!? Don't want to die! Then why haven't you summoned!? Your must want to die, because I'm not seeing you summoning anyway! Come on now Weiss, show me that you aren't some weak willed little princess! Come on Princess, lets see that survival instinct!" Naruto roared at her, and Weiss' eyes widened as she looked towards Naruto. She could see his determination to help her, even though she was terrified right now... so terrified that she was going to be getting a fear of heights after this for sure.

"That is if she's going to survive from this."

"YANG!" Her team screamed.

"What? I'm just saying." Yang stated 'innocently'.

Her eyes turned into stone, and she started to grit her teeth.

"I want... I want..." Weiss had started to say, and Naruto decided she wasn't speaking loud enough.

"What was that Princess, I don't think I can hear such weak willed words! You got something to say, don't just say it! SHOW ME! I want you to scream it to the sky and show me how far you want to go! Tell me what you want to do! Give up and die, or fight until the end!" Naruto roared at her so loudly that she had to shut her eyes. The ground was getting closer, even faster than ever. They only had a few minutes before they hit the ground, and before Weiss' turned into a splat mark.

"I want... to live." Weiss said as she started to bring out as much aura as she could, and the Glyph appeared and started to flicker.

"Say it again! Louder! I want all of Remnant to here how strong your will to live is! Let's see how far your guts will take you! SUMMON!" Naruto nearly broke his own voice with his loud he was yelling at her.

"...He's a worse drill sergeant than all of our teacher." Jaune breathed in terror. He didn't want to say that he's worse than Nora.

She might take that as a challenge.

"I want to live!" Weiss screamed at the top of her lungs.

Her mind went completely blank, for a brief moment she didn't have a single image in her mind but one thing. The one thing that she had been trying to summon, the one other time her life had been placed in danger of being extinguished. The life and death battle that had been carved into her body. Her life flashed before her eyes.

She felt arms wrap underneath her back and legs, and saw Naruto holding onto her.

Weiss let out a breath of relief, causing Spirit to chuckle. "You really took that title seriously, did you?" Spirit stated with an amused smirk.

Weiss glared at him. "Why did you scare us like that?!"

"Hey, I didn't made the chapter." Spirit raise his hand up, the smirk still on his face. "But it was still fun to see you freak out like that."

Weiss screeched in fury and try to strangle Spirit. Ruby and Blake grab a hold of her. "Weiss, calm down!"

"Don't do anything you would regret!"

Eventually, the two manage to get the seething heiress back on the couch. After calming down, Weiss picked back up the book and started reading once again.

Weiss' eyes widened when she saw what Naruto was looking towards. It was a glowing white sword, two handed in nature. It was the size of her body, and made of glowing white energy almost. It was doubled edged, and uniquely shaped.

No, not just that, she summoned the armor too! She had summoned a glowing white suit of armor with nobody inside of it.

Eyes popped open once again, this time in amazement. "Damn." Nora whistled. "That's impressive."

"More than impressive." Pyrrha stated. "That is something that can be extremely useful."

"Definitely." Blake agreed.

Weiss is stunned to say anything at first. Finally, she got out of her stun state and smiled arrogantly. "And this is what a Schnee can do."

"You weren't as confident when your other was falling and panicking." Yang muttered. Despite the muttering, Weiss heard and blushed.

"Q-Quiet you!"

Naruto created a clone underneath him, and he slowed their fall by jumping lightly off it's back. Naruto started to fall with her again, and he did the same thing. He slowed their descent greatly, until they were barely falling.

Naruto's feet touched the ground, and the sword was stabbed into the ground inside of a crater. The suit of armor landing on the ground and holding onto the sword.

"So Naruto's strategy worked." Nora mused. Then she grinned. "I might have to use that with Jaune."

The blonde paled and whimpered at this while Ren sighed. Pyrrha patted her partner's back comfortingly, though she's worried herself what Nora has planned.

"Woah..." Ruby said with wide eyes as she looked at Naruto holding onto Weiss, who had fainted and was holding onto Naruto's jacket tightly.

"She did it..." Yang spoke, just as surprised at Ruby was. She didn't think that Weiss had it in her, or that Naruto had it in him to put her in such a dangerous situation.

Weiss couldn't deny that. She didn't think her other could do it either, not in the condition she was in. Still, she isn't gonna admit that out loud. She still has her pride to consider.

'She also wet herself a little.' Blake thought, but hey, Weiss didn't have time to worry about her bladder more than likely. Blake was pretty sure that she would have done something very similar in this situation. Weiss didn't full out piss herself, but she did pee a little, enough for Blake's sensitive nose to smell the scent of urine.

Weiss flushed even more in embarrassment while the others, san Blake, Pyrrha, and Ren, started laughing. Ren gave them all dry looks. "And tell me, would any of you react differently to falling thousands of feet from the sky, with no way of stopping the fall?"

That made the ones laughing silent. "Thought so." Was Ren's reply.

The sword and armor vanished, and Naruto grinned at the sleeping Weiss.

"Good job Weiss... now you just need to learn to do it at will." Naruto spoke softly, and his grin turned into a soft smile.

He hoped she would forgive him for this, even though she had never been in any real danger she thought she had been.

He really did feel bad about this.

Weiss felt herself soften at seeing Naruto's regret at what he did. At least he didn't enjoy what she was feeling.

Still though, a part of her hope that her other will give Naruto hell for scaring her like that.

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