I do not own Harry Potter or beauty and the beast that inspired this story!


There was once a Prince, named Draco, who was known to be cold and greedy with no love kindness in his heart. This Prince would take and take but would never give anything in return. But that would change.

One stormy night the Prince heard a knock from outside. The Prince opened the door to see an old hag standing before him. The old hag offered a rare and beautiful fire rose to the Prince in exchange for one night's shelter from the storm. The Prince, out of greed, grabbed the fire rose from the hag and slammed the door closed leaving the hag outside in the storm. Suddenly the Prince doubled over in agonizing pain and was startled when he heard a woman's soft voice saying,

Your form shall twist to match your greed.

The only way to turn back is to earn true love's kiss from true love before the fire rose die's.

If not you shall be greed incarnate forever.

Doomed forever.