I do not own Harry Potter or Beauty and the Beast which inspired this story!

Chapter 1 -

Sixteen year old Harry Potter was heading in to town for a day of work at the local, the only one in town, bookstore. Harry was excited to see if any new book's came in to the bookstore.

Harry walked in to the bookstore to be greeted by the bookstore's owner, Hermione. Harry loved and trusted Hermione because she was the only in town who treated him like a human being.

As the day went on, Harry cleaned, organized the books and helped all the customers that came in to the bookstore. Soon Came time for Harry to close up the bookstore and go home to his lonely home outside the village. Harry was walking home when he was grabbed from behind by the Mayor's son, Junior. Harry hated when Junior tried to force marriage upon Harry whose mother was supposed to marry Junior's father, the Mayor. Harry was able to do something to make Junior let him go which was Harry kicking Junior where the sun don't shine and that made Junior fall to his knee's in extreme agony. Harry, who was now free, ran all the way to his home and slammed the door locking it behind him.

-The next day-

The next day found Harry enjoying his day off from the bookstore. Harry was about to take a sip of tea when he heard a knock coming from his front door which surprised him because of how far he lived from the village. Harry opened the door to see Junior and his father, the Mayor, standing outside his home. Harry was surprised when the Mayor started to drag him outside to a group of people who seemed to be waiting for a wedding to Mayor turned around to Harry and said, "You will accept the honor of marrying my son or I shall force you to marry me like your foolish mother should have done all those years ago!" before Harry could respond a roar was heard from the skies above. Everyone out of fear screamed and ran for their lives as a Dragon swooped down grabbing Harry who passed out in the claws of the Dragon. The mayor and Junior yelled at the Dragon to release Harry. An anguish Hermione could only watch as her employee and friend was helplessly taken far away to the unknown by the Dragon.