Author's Note: Well, I wasn't sure I was going to make it in time for Christmas with the last chapter, but I did! Just barely! This one is written from Anna's point of view whereas the first chapter was from Elsa's POV. Hope you enjoy it and, if you do, please let me know with a review. Just a few short words mean so much! Thanks for reading and I really do hope you like it!

Anna watched as Elsa's eyes took on an icy blue glow. She'd seen that look before... whenever Elsa came up with some new naughty way to please her with her ice powers. The expression was playful and full of mischief but it was also brimming over with passion.

"When I get done with you," she said, "you will never see a krumkake in the same way again. But first…"

Elsa held up her index finger and gazed at it until a thin shard of ice grew from the fingernail. She reached over under Anna's chin and let the sharp point graze along Anna's jawline softly, Anna shivered with the feeling. She gave the end of Anna's chin a little tweak before permitting the sharpened tip to etch a sensuous path down the younger girl's freckled skin. Elsa wasn't pressing hard enough to break the skin or even to hurt, really, but the sensation felt odd, almost dangerous… and completely arousing. It caused Anna to shiver and squirm. All at once, the image of Elsa as a regal blue-eyed white tigress, teasing her with an outstretched paw fluttered through Anna's mind and it caused her to tremble even more beneath the Queen's chilly touch. At last, Elsa let her icy stiletto dip down behind the ribbon between Anna's breasts and pull it taut.

"…to open my gift.", she flicked her wrist and the ice blade sliced cleanly through the ribbon as if it weren't even there, Anna's breasts jostled briefly at the release, revealing the rosy, pink tipped nipples that Elsa had been longing to see all night. Anna watched her sister's eyes bloom with desire as the prize she'd been denied so long appeared before her.

Elsa smiled ear to ear. The toothy grin further fueling Anna's feline fantasy.

"Finally. Those luscious strawberry tips of yours… Merry Christmas to me!", she purred softly. And it made Anna giggle.

Then the Queen reached out with the icy shard of her nail and traced the perimeter Anna's left areola. Anna inhaled a deep, shuddery breath. The coldness of the ice on Anna's hot skin making her shiver, chill bumps raising all over her flesh and a low deep moan coming from the back of her throat.

The tigress was toying with her prey.

Then Elsa made a little flourish with her hand and the icy spike on her index finger disappeared. But she didn't waste another moment waiting, she leaned down and let her tongue follow the path of the frosty nail, licking her way around Anna's areola and making Anna tremble with absolute lust. Then she took the stiffened peak into her cool mouth and Anna moaned with the feeling. Since they were right beside the fire, Anna's skin was much warmer than usual and it made Elsa's chilly mouth feel even colder. She shivered with it as Elsa suckled greedily, her hand reaching up to fondle Anna's other breast while her mouth worked the left nipple with consummate skill. Anna's hands reached up and held the Queen's head to her breast firmly, her fingers lacing their way up into the other woman's hair, ruining her braid and knocking the Santa hat she was wearing to the floor. But Elsa didn't seem to notice. Finally, she released Anna's left nipple only to lean over and give her right one the same treatment.

Anna's whole body was vibrating against her, she felt as if she might explode. Elsa at last stopped what she was doing and raised her head to look in Anna's eyes intently. She only hesitated a moment before kissing her passionately. Anna closed her eyes and let Elsa take control of the kiss, feeling her sister's tongue wriggle inside her mouth and entwine with her own. That's when she was aware of an odd but extremely arousing coolness engulfing one of her nipples, then both of them.

Her eyes clamored open and Elsa giggled.

Anna looked down at herself only to discover two sharp objects protruding from her chest.

The krumkakes!

While she had been kissing her, Elsa had planted a couple of them, whipped cream end first, upon the swollen peaks of Anna's nipples. It felt absolutely bizarre but more arousing than she would ever have believed. The little pastries stood up, stiffly pointing at about a 45-degree angle towards the ceiling.

Elsa was now covering her mouth, giggling like crazy at the look on Anna's face.

It always turned Anna on so much when she covered her mouth like that. Elsa had always been so mature for her age, even when they were kids. But when she giggled like this, it was so childlike and endearing. It was also reminded her of the way their parents used to continually scold them about the fact that royal young ladies should not be given to fits of giggles. But, their reprimands had never stopped either of the girls from doing it. Although Elsa, being Elsa, had become much more proficient at containing the giggle fits than had Anna… that was until she couldn't hold it back any more… and that's when the hand went over the mouth.

"Oh those look dangerous.", Elsa finally managed when the giggles subsided somewhat. "I could be impaled.", she said, attempting to feign fright and failing miserably, "I suppose I should get them off."

"You mean get me off!", Anna winked.

It made Elsa smile so wide her eyes crinkled shut. "Well… if the krumkake fits…", she said.

She leaned in and covered the whole pastry lightly with her mouth. Then she pulled back, letting her lips graze over the outside very lightly, but not enough to unseat it from its somewhat precarious perch atop Anna's erect nipple. Then she did it again, and Anna got the distinct impression she was performing fellatio on it. On her. And it caused a deluge of tingles to flood through her… all of them rushing to the area between her lgs as Elsa continued to fellate her nipple.

Elsa knew just what she was doing. What it would look like to Anna.

No wonder guys got off on this! Just seeing Elsa's open mouth and o-shaped lips slowly moving up and down on the humble little pastry had caused Anna's whole body to throb and pound… especially that one certain area that was now screaming out for attention. Anna watched as Elsa finally eased the whole kake into her mouth and then made her way down over Anna's entire nipple and the took a good deal of her breast into the cool moisture of her mouth as well. She pulled back gently, taking the pastry delicately between her teeth and withdrawing it from her nipple with care. She raised her head, offering the end that had been covering her nipple to Anna who leaned forward and bit it off. Both of them now chewed and swallowed their treat.

"Nothing goes better with strawberries than cream.", Elsa voice was a low sexy rumble in her throat. She lowered her head once more to Anna's breast and ran her tongue around and around her areola, lapping up all the leftover whipped cream from the kake.

"Mmmmm…", she managed around the ripened tip, "Mmmmm… you taste so, so good, my little Christmas pixie." She drew the nipple into the coolness of mouth to suckle it tenderly, her tongue continuing to lave against it at the same time.

The sounds of pleasure coming from Elsa's mouth were mirrored by Anna's own moans and grunts of passion as the feelings her sister's cool mouth and tongue were sending through her consumed her.

It felt amazing!

Then Elsa finally released her breast and before Anna realized what she was doing, she'd snatched the other krumkake from her right nipple. Anna watched, transfixed, as Elsa's red, glistening tongue dipped out and proceeded to jam itself into the opening of the krumkake. She watched as it wriggled inside, Anna's mind going off in all sorts of the most pornographic directions, until the probing muscle was finally withdrawn, drenched in the white sugary confection.

It was probably the single most erotic act she'd ever before witnessed in her life. Most especially the most erotic thing she'd ever seen her sister, Elsa, do.

The Queen gazed over at her with eyes that were full of desire, the cream still covering her tongue. Anna trembled as a shudder of pure lust and arousal flooded through her, inundating every pore. And, then her sister's creamy tongue was in Anna's mouth and Anna was sucking the sweet treat from her it hungrily. Elsa groaned with the feeling as passion exploded throughout Anna's body and she leaned forward, kissing her sister ravenously. Elsa tasted so good, Anna found herself wanting to devour her. Take all of her into herself. Her senses heightened so much that when she felt Elsa's hand slip underneath the bow covering her nether regions and begin to stoke her that she cried out into Elsa's mouth, her eyes going wide with surprise and utter bliss.

Elsa broke the kiss and smiled. "I suppose that means Santa's Christmas offering meets with your approval."

All Anna could do was nod, grunting as her hips started to rotate without her conscious control against her elder sister's groping fingers.

Elsa bent her head then and slurped up the remaining cream from Anna's right nipple. At the same time, the fingers between Anna's legs slowly made their way further back into the recesses of her aching folds, two of the probing digits slipping up and inside her as Elsa's mouth continued to work her nipple. With her other hand, Elsa took the empty shell of the krumkake and pushed it into Anna's mouth, muffling her cries of passion, which were becoming quite loud… especially now that Elsa's fingers were delving up inside her in search of that certain spot that caused a feeling never ending of ecstasy to spiral through the younger girl.

Anna swallowed the pastry and groaned, still feeling Elsa's fingers squirming around within her. Elsa finished with her nipple then suddenly flicked her wrist and the sharpened icicle from earlier reappeared on her finger. It only took a few quick seconds for Elsa to slice through the bow covering Anna's nether regions. The ribbon fell away to reveal Elsa's hand between her legs, jerking and moving against her, a few of Anna's ginger curls peeking out around the edges. Elsa withdrew it and Anna felt herself relax. Her breath coming in shallow, panting gasps.

She was close. So close.

Elsa sat back on her haunches, her eyes surveying the rich, tantalizing offerings now revealed to her below Anna's lithe waist.

"Mmmm… part two of my gift… Santa's evening just keeps getting better and better.", Elsa murmured, her voice a sultry rasp.

With that, she plucked the largest of the two remaining krumkakes from the tray. Anna watched intently as she placed the whipped cream end of the pastry just below her clavicle and made a curvy sinuous trail of the delightful confection that traced its way down her body. Elsa was excited and that was causing ice crystals to form in the cream. It made a slight crunching sound as she used the krumkake like a pastry chef's bag to make the wavy line continue down her hot skin, below her navel. When she got to Anna's hirsute mound, she pressed the end into her cinnamon colored locks and squeezed out the remaining cream so that a large dollop was left atop it.

Then, before the heat of the fire had time to melt it, Elsa bent her head and let her tongue follow the path of cream down Anna's quivering torso. Every part of Anna was pulsating with arousal and buzzing with anticipation of what she knew was to come next.

First, Elsa hooked her arm around her waist and lay her down beneath her. Then, she kissed and licked her way down the burning hot skin of Anna's abdomen, her cold tongue causing chill bumps to arise all and making Anna shiver. At last she dipped her head below the swell of Anna's hips and lapped up the large dollop of cream from her sister's pubis. Then, she lowered her head further, to the juncture of her hips, pulling her legs apart to kiss the insides of her thighs, hungrily sucking the flesh until blooms of pink appeared. Anna moaned with the sensation.

She was so close!

And, Anna was trembling on the brink, yearning to have her release.

But Elsa denied her.

"Please, please…" Anna begged, her voice tremulous and filled with desperation.

But Elsa wasn't done with her yet. "Patience, my dear little elf.", she told her. "Remember how long you made old Santa wait."

Anna heaved a sigh and nodded, trying to keep herself from hyperventilating as she attempted to contemplate what else her sister could possibly have in store.

She spread open Anna's searing hot folds and blew a breath of chilly air across them. A little puff of smoke rose up when the cool air met the heat of Anna's pulsating groin. Anna took a huge gulp of air and exhaled a shuddering, shivery breath, her hips twisting up off the floor in agonized torment.

Her body felt like it was going to explode if Elsa teased her any longer.

Anna inhaled another tortured breath. "F-Fuck!", she finally managed.

Elsa smiled at her reaction as she reached over to procure the last of the krumkakes from the tray beside them. She unrolled it carefully and pressed it cream side first into Anna's throbbing folds. The audible squishing sound that it made was as much the cause for the shiver that ran through Anna as was the sensation of whipped cream being slathered over her most sensitive area. Then, pressing her tongue flat against the back side of the pastry, Elsa licked it firmly which caused the cream to be evenly distributed all over the surface area of Anna's vulva.

Elsa removed the pastry, leaving just the cream and that's when Anna's world shattered. She felt her sister's tongue begin to do things that made her lose all her inhibitions. She found herself crying out, the timbre of her voice rising higher and higher as her hips twisted and writhed against her sister's ministrations.

Until Elsa gave her a stern look from between her legs. "Don't wake the castle, honey.", she smiled. "At least not until Santa has finished her Christmas goodies."

This made Anna give a small chuckle. She nodded and clamped her hand over her mouth.

That was all the permission Elsa needed to continue her singular mission of pleasure between Anna's thighs. Anna quivered and shook as she felt Elsa's chilly questing tongue wiggling its way into her every nook and cranny, exploring her every crease and fold, lapping up every last morsel of the scrumptious, delicious goodness that covered her trembling nether lips.

Anna was so close to the edge; she could feel her body starting to drift away into that hazy place where it felt like she was floating. But abruptly, Elsa stopped her excruciating assault. Anna felt her hand, which was still covering her mouth, being moved aside. And then, Elsa was kissing her fervently, her eager tongue pushing its way into Anna's mouth so that she could taste both herself and the delectable cream. Anna moaned into the kiss and then Elsa pulled back.

"Now, isn't that just the best thing you've ever tasted?", Elsa asked.

"Nuh-not bad.", was all that Anna could make her vocal chords croak out.

"Not at all", Elsa grinned. "Now, my dear sweet sister, are you ready for your um… Christmas climax?"

Anna nodded vigorously. "Y-Yes, please, Elsa, pl-please don't make me-OHHHH OH GOD!"

Elsa's head was already buried in her crotch. She'd slid down Anna's body and went right to work, taking the pulsing nodule at the front of Anna's trembling folds into her mouth and sucking on it insistently. She plunged two of her fingers up into Anna's passage, penetrating her a few times in rapid succession before homing right in and massaging the small spot at the front of her anterior wall. Anna's whole body began to shake with the feeling. Elsa stroked it hard and in seconds Anna felt the familiar sensation begin to take hold and transport her to what felt like another plane of existence. A warm, tingling feeling emanating from the area where Elsa was rubbing that radiated out to every extremity. At the same time, the small nub that Elsa was attending with her mouth exploded and a torrent of sensation rushed through her. Elsa didn't let up on either action and Anna had to cover her mouth again. She screamed into her hand as her body erupted, writhing and shaking with an orgasm that felt like it would never end. Her hips bucking high up off the floor and jerking against her as Elsa tried to keep up the suction and the internal stimulation.

Finally, Elsa took mercy on her and removed her fingers and her mouth from her sister's beleaguered groin. Anna continued to vibrate as the remainder of the orgasm swept through her for several more seconds, a high pitched whine escaping from her lips. Elsa crawled up beside her and pulled her into her arms. She enfolded her tenderly as Anna's body went through the last throes of the climax, jerking and twitching against her until the younger girl finally relaxed into her sister, her body completely spent, her head lolling over onto Elsa's chest and her breath coming in great, heaving gasps.

"Shhh, honey," Elsa soothed, "Shh, are you okay, my love?"

Anna nodded. "I-I th-think sso.", she managed, her voice unsteady and weak, "I-I've never in my life come like that before."

Elsa laughed. "I know! You lit up like we had another Christmas tree in here.", she said.

Anna was able to crane her neck slightly to see the twinkling lights on the tree glowing beside them. She gave a small laugh.

"T-Tell me about it.", Anna smiled, "You give the best gifts, Santa."

"Ho, ho, ho!", Elsa answered. "Merry Christmas!"

Anna giggled. "I loved my present.", she admitted, her voice finally sounding stronger, more like Anna.

"And I loved mine!", Elsa told her. "In fact, I think I'm going to have to make a Royal Decree…"

Anna looked up at her. "Oh?"

"Yes, I do believe 'Krumkakes for Santa' has just become an official Arendelle holiday tradition!", Elsa told her, eyes bright with glee.

"What, no 'Krumkakes and Hot Cocoa for Santa'?", Anna asked, looking slightly crestfallen.

Elsa eyed the frozen cup of hot chocolate on the floor across from them. "Surprisingly, hot cocoa, not so much, especially when a Queen has so much trouble controlling herself.", she smiled.

"Ahh," Anna agreed, "I understand."

"Now, krumkakes, on the other hand...", Elsa smiled, a twinkle in her eye.

"Oh I couldn't agree more, my Queen. Krumkakes do seem to spread lots and lots of holiday cheer, it's true!", Anna grinned and it caused Elsa to let out a high pitched burst of a laugh.

"Yeah," she nodded, "lots and lots! Emphasis on the 'spread'!"

At this, Anna cackled loudly. "Why, your Majesty, I have no idea what you could possibly mean by that!"

"Oh, I'm sure you haven't any idea at all, my naughty little Christmas elf.", Elsa smiled.

Anna closed her eyes, burrowed her head into Elsa's shoulder and let out a sigh of contentment. "I love you, big sister.", she murmured.

"Love you back, little sister.", Elsa breathed. "More than anything in the world."

"Merry Christmas, Elsa.", Anna said, looking up into her sister's eyes fondly.

"Merry Christmas, Anna.", Elsa answered, gazing back at her with the same loving stare.

They closed their eyes, nestling against one another snugly. And, in less than five minutes, they were both sound asleep, safe in the arms of love.