Passions of my Heart

by Yukitsu

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Chapter Fifteen. It's been so long, ne?

"Jin, I don't think you should start drinking again" Touya warned, following the straggering redhead along the corridor. She kept track of where they were going, as it was obvious that Jin was heading the wrong way.

"But we have nothing else to do" Jin cringed at the long hallway ahead of them. He blinked back his drowsiness and extreme head ache before gesturing for them to move forward.

"We can just take a walk around" Touya shrugged, ignoring the fact that Jin couldn't see the action.

"That would be boring"

"Sparring?" Touya suggested again, not really liking the thought of getting drunk. After all, the last time she got drunk, she nearly got herself into someone else's bed.

"Nah. This is DAY OFF, Touya, don't be a prude" Jin waved the idea off and stretched his arms.

"Eat, then, since we'll get back to our usual diet after this break" Touya sighed as she watched her partner practically CRAWL his way through the building.

"Don't want to" Jin muttered.

"Listen, Jin, I'm not going to drink with you, and that's final" Touya declared impatiently. Jin turned to her, pouted, and his eyes actually went watery.

"Look, why don't we look for something fun to do. Something that won't involve alchohol intake and mass murder" Touya tapped a clothed feet on the ground and stared uneasily as Jin's eyes watered. Here she was, willing to include the word FUN in her vocabulary, and Jin was still acting like a baby.

"Okey. What do you want to do?" Jin grinned happily, nearly bouncing in his place, headache or not.

"Umm... we should get you something to take that nasty headache away. I don't think Kurama expected something this bad of you, so I'm sure he'll have something better than that fungi tea"

"You're mean, Tou" Jin scowled, following Touya as the Ice demon walked the other way.

"Can't do anything about that"


"This should do the trick" Kurama murmured, balancing a large mug of another mixture of tea on one hand. Jin accepted the boiling hot liquid gratefully, and was just about to take a sip when he looked suspiciously at the other redhead.

"Chu had nothing to contribute to this, right?"

"What?" Kurama asked, slightly confused. At the amused look on Touya's face, the fox gave a chuckle. "Nah, of course not. Chu's in a worse state than you"

"Good" Jin forced the burning liquid down his throat, anticipating for the effect of his headache disappearing.

"But Suzuki sure did. He seemed kind of enthusiastic about offering his toenails" Kurama mused, pretending to think nothing of it.

Jin nearly spat the medicine out when he saw Kurama chuckling. Touya, as unbelievable as it may seem, looked very amused too.

"Kurama...." Jin growled

"You guys still have until tomorrow morning to party, so I say you go" Kurama interrupted, holding up his hands in mock defeat.

"Why don't you come with us?" Jin inquired, handing the mug back to its owner. Kurama took the heavy mug and placed it on the desk besides his bed. It was fortunate for Jin that Touya was good at looking for presences, so they amanged to get there to Kurama's room with no problem.

"Nah. I don't want to ruin your date" Kurama waved the invite off, wrinkling his nose at the apparent thought of getting between two lovers

"Kurama!" Touya exclaimed, her cheeks burning red

Jin merely blinked

"I was kidding, Touya" Kurama smiled. "The truth is, as much as I want to go with you guys, I still have a lot of work to do. You go on ahead."

"Work, work, work. That's the only thing you EVER do, Kurama! Why, I have half the mind to go and demand that Yomi let you take a break with us" Jin ranted on, his terrible head ache obviously gone.

"Jin, I appreciate you caring and all, but this is something that I have to do. What's more, I don't think Yomi will take your barging in on him very lightly" Kurama chided good humouredly.

"Mou...." Jin pouted. After thinking about it for a moment, he shrugged and bounded out of the room. Touya moved to follow him, then stopped at the door.

"Kurama?" Touya called. The redhead looked up from his work and tilted his head questioningly

"Can you suggest something fun for us to do? I have no idea what Jin might like without including alchohol"

"Sex is good" Kurama said teasingly. Touya's face reddened before she muttered something about perverts and slamming the door. Kurama shrugged behind her and returned to his paperwork.


Touya emerged from the rooming still steaming from the non-so-subtle suggestion Kurama gave. Jin gave him a glance before swooping up into the air, barely avoiding contact with the ceiling.

"Ne, Touya, what are we going to do?" Jin called

"I don't know. What do YOU want to do?" Touya lied. Of course, now that Kurama -- the bastard! -- brought her attention on the activities he had suggested, couldn't take her thoughts of it.

"I don't think sparring will be as fun when you know that you can do something else." Jin mused thoughfully. He sat indian style while keeping afloat on the air, and pursed his lips in thought. "Maybe we can just go out and eat"

"Eat? That's a good one, Jin. After all, it HAS been a while since we had something fancy to eat" Touya shrugged and followed the redhead out the building, not minding the fact that she had suggested the very same thing less than an hour ago. Jin thought his idea was good too, and zoomed through the dark hallways recklessly, barely avoiding large bumps on his head.

"I saw this really cool eatery lastnight. I think they have human food there. Wanna try it out? Yukina-san can cook really good food, and she said humans have more taste than youkai" Jin babbled on, back tracking every few minutes to match paces with his friend and partner.

"Let's do that then. It's not like we can do anything more with the time we have" Touya shrugged again and stretched her back as she walked.

"So... where was it again?" Jin mumbled to himself when they finally exited the large building.

"I do hope that you won't get us lost" Touya said wryly. She chuckled to herself as Jin debated with himself where to go. Amused, she watched as Jin's face brightened and he swooped to the left path.

"Aw, Touya, you don't trust me" Jin pouted, floating high in the air, relishing the freedom he had a grasp of that he couldn't experience in Gandara's buildings.

"No, it's your sense of direction that I don't trust"

"YOU led us to the wrong stadium back at that Tournament" Jin pointed out. Touya raised an eyebrow and sent an icicle at Jin's direction. The redhead playfully caught it and sent it back down, making Touya grin as she slapped it away. The icicle hit the wall and lodged it self in deep.

"You're in trouble Tou," Jin tsk-ed, sending himself higher. He gave Touya a lopsided grin and went off in a random direction, leaving the blue haired ice maiden running after him below.

"Do you have any idea where we're going?" Touya demanded, speeding her sprint when her partner got a bit carried away with his short taste of freedom.

"Of course, Tou! To eat!"

Touya gave another inward shrug and just went along with Jin's antics. Soon, Jin hovered around a structure just like the other structures -- tall, gloomy, and dark -- and gestured for Touya to come quickly. The building had a small "Ningenkai" sign on the very front door, and was more crowded than the other stores Touya had seen earlier.

"This is it, Touya" Jin scampered over to her and started pushing her towards the entrance. Touya sighed and allowed herself to be led by the enthusiastic Jin.

"You never run out of energy, do you, Jin?"

"No, not really"

The lay out of the whole place was... different from the rest of what Touya had so far seen in Gandara. It was too comfortable, as well as friendly. Was Ningenkai like this everywhere?

They were ushered by a pretty, petite little girl to a table for two against the wall, and given large menus each. Jin picked the dish the menu called 'spare ribs' while Touya opted for the more normal looking 'ramen' thing.

Funny how youkai react to unknown food.

"Hey, this isn't half bad" Jin grinned, chowing down the meat and cleaning the bone thoroughly. Touya nodded and took a tentaive sip, the ramen scorching hot against her tongue.

"Ningens have taste. And they live different lives from us."

"Heh. They can afford to spend time on eating. I wonder why Kurama never cooked much for us?"

"We were in training" Touya shrugged and continued on with the ramen.

"I guess so"

Touya thought for a while, pursing her lips, her gaze wandering off to the window. She wrinkled her nose, shrugged, and decided to take the risk. "Hey Jin, when you were drunk, did you remember ever saying anything to me?"

Apparently, he DID remember saying something VERY embarrassing to Touya. Not wanting the topic brought up so suddenly, Jin denied it.

"Umm.. no"

Touya raised an eyebrow and shrugged her disappointment off.

"I guess you didn't mean it then. Pity, I was going to say the same thing to you"

"You were?" Jin was bordering on perking up and being wary.

"I thought you didn't remember" Touya raised an eyebrow wryly. Jin looked sheepish, again, and merely scratched his head. Touya gave him a smile, and his heartbeat hitchd with the tension and the hope of... was this it?

"Yare.... But what were you going to tell me?" Jin grinned, the corners of his mouth reaching the edge of his jaw. Touya raised her eyebrow at him again before putting her food down. She raised her body on her seat, leaned over the table, and brushed her lips against Jin's.

"The same thing"

Jin blinked, swiped a lick at Touya's perched mouth, and grinned.


Err... was the ending too abrupt? I'm not sure if this is the END end, but I will try to add an epilogue of sorts, or maybe a few more chapters to really end this

Or something.

To tell you guys the truth, I gave up on this fic after chapter 11. I just decided to continue because this HAD been my baby. I always finish what I started, even if it takes me decades to finish. *sighs*

December 5, 2003

P.S. I got an idea, though, for them to try develope their new found relationship. How does that sound? I feel that this will reach atleast chapter twenty, though.