A/N: When I finished reading Life and Death, I definitely enjoyed the new ending, and I loved the sense of closure, but I also found myself getting nostalgic for the original ending and New Moon.

I think I've seen one or two others on here who have started doing something similar, but none that had gotten too far yet, so I ended up doing this purely for fun while I take a bit of a break from some other projects. (My goal is to post at least up through the end of chapter 3, though in terms of rough drafts, I have gotten further than that as of now... We'll see.)

I've already posted the alternate original-Twilight ending for Life and Death, which I figured I needed to write to set up for this. So you might prefer to read that before reading this, though I wouldn't think it would be necessary.

Thanks for putting up with my overly long author's notes, and see you again in the next chapter!

Disclaimer: Considering the nature of this kind of project, plagiarism is just going to be a fact of life. The Twilight series and Life and Death both belong to Stephanie Meyer, and many of the lines, dialogue, and word choices will belong to her too. That being said, this will not be a transcribed version of New Moon with the names and pronouns switched, and in fact, don't be surprised to see quite a few differences of various kinds.

Rated T for... well, nothing more extreme than is in the original.


I felt like I was trapped in one of those terrifying nightmares—where you know you've got to run, run until your lungs seem ready to burst, but you can't make your body move fast enough. My legs seemed to move like molasses as I shoved my way through the crowds, but the hands on the huge clock tower marched onward, ticking down—down to the end of everything.

But this wasn't a dream. It wasn't even my life I needed to save—someone more important was on the line and, in that moment, strangely my own life didn't seem to matter that much.

Archie had said we might both die here. Maybe things would have been different if Archie was here to help, if it wasn't all up to me, incompetent me. But it was up to me, and as I heard the clock begin to toll on the hour, vibrating under the soles of my sneakers, I knew I was too late.

I suddenly didn't care where I was, that dangerous enemies surrounded me on all sides. In fact, they gave me a little hope. If I was going to fail, maybe I wouldn't have to live with it for long.

The clock tower tolled again, and the brilliant sun beat down on my head.