"Well," Harry remarked, shaking his head as he glared at Lanayru, a Light Spirit who resembled a massive serpent, "that was singularly unpleasant. And that reminded me rather too much of an old teacher of mine who also liked to rape minds. You'd better have a bloody good reason for that aside from warning us about the power of the Fused Shadows."

The Light Spirit stared back at him, bemused, and understandably so. After they had gathered the Tears of Light (including having to destroy one of the ugliest, oversized monster bugs Harry had ever seen), they had met Lanayru, who promptly put them (well, Link, Midna, and Harry) through a rather unpleasant, surreal, and unsettling vision about the history of the Fused Shadows. Midna looked miffed, Link had been horrified by the imagery, and Harry was annoyed.

Eventually, Lanayru regained its handle on the moment, and said, It was necessary. The Fused Shadows have lured the unwary. The Twilight Princess may know of them and their purpose, but even she does not truly comprehend their full power. And your ancestors coveted much within Hyrule. It is only the blessing of the Goddesses that I allow you to keep the relics your forefathers pilfered.

"Even so, did you have to molest my mind?" Midna complained. "It's rude to rummage through someone's head like that, and put stuff into there. We're going to be having sleepless nights for weeks to come, now."

"Midna, please don't antagonize the powerful Light Spirit," Link sighed.

It would take more than sharp words to rouse my ire, Lanayru said, a tone of amusement evident in its voice. No harm was intended, Twilight Princess, only instruction. You may know already of the history within the vision I granted you, but I was confirming the danger in what you seek. And in truth, the Fused Shadows may not yet be enough.

"Why is that, Lanayru?" Sheik asked.

What you told me, of Ganondorf being the power behind Zant, may mean that the Fused Shadows may not be of use. But there is something that can help. After you are done with the Lakebed Temple, go then to the Sacred Grove. The Sword of Evil's Bane resides there.

"The Master Sword," Sheik breathed.

Indeed. Go, then, on your endeavours, and do not fall prey to evil, without or within

"Is it me, or was he a bit of a self-righteous sort?" Harry asked as they left Lanayru's spring.

"Deities of Hyrule tend to be," Midna groused. "Where to next?"

"The pub in Hyrule Castle," Link decided. "Ilia and Prince Ralis are there, and Queen Rutela wanted us to save Ralis."

And here I was thinking I was the one with the 'saving people thing', Harry thought to himself.

When they entered Hyrule Town proper, they did so, albeit after disguising Midna with a spell, albeit one that only gave her more robes and pale, but human-looking, skin. They soon entered Telma's Pub, albeit after nearly being run over by a bunch of soldiers who were leaving. Telma, the heavyset woman from earlier, snorted. "Cowards." She then noticed the party coming her way. "Ah, welcome!" she said, smiling. "What can I do for you?"

"We heard you had a sick Zora here," Link said. "I also heard there was a girl from Ordon Village. I'm from Ordon myself, and I thought it might have been a friend of mine. Is her name Ilia?"

Telma, after peering at him, nodded. "Yes, she's here, but her name's about all she can remember, kid. What's your name?"

"I am Link. This is Sheik, this is Lady Midna, and this is Harry Potter," Link said, looking rather crestfallen hearing about Ilia.

"Anyway, how did you know about the Zora kid being here?" Telma asked.

"The ghost of his mother told us," Harry said bluntly. "Queen Rutela?"

Telma, after a moment, scowled. "So that boy's Ralis? Look, unfortunately, Borville, the doctor we have here…he claims he doesn't deal with Zora, but I personally think he's incompetent. The only healer I know of is in Kakariko. Renado, the leader. The problem is, I don't even remember how to get there anymore, and that's worrying. And of course, taking a horse and coach will be dangerous."

"Actually, I've got that covered," Harry said. "It'll be a bit rough on Ralis, but no rougher than a coach ride would be, and certainly less dangerous."

"Is it true that Ilia has lost her memory?" Link asked.

Telma shrugged. "See for yourself, kid."

True enough, Ilia didn't recognise Link, though she was still polite to him. Thankfully, Midna could teleport the lot of them over to Kakariko with ease, with Telma opting not to look a gift horse in the mouth, despite the appearance of Midna's teleporting technique.

Renado was soon striding out of his house. "Greetings, Telma," he greeted cordially, though something in his expression showed some sort of discomfort at the bartender being present.

"Hello, Renado," Telma said with a smile, before it dropped from her face. "I don't think we have time to waste on pleasantries. This boy needs your help." She indicated Ralis, who was being carried on a stretcher between Harry and Link.

"I see," Renado said. "Prince Ralis has fallen afoul of something. Very well, I will do my utmost to cure him of what ails him. Borville wasn't of any help?"

Telma snorted. "He's an incompetent, a coward, and a drunkard. He doesn't mind running up a huge tab, but when it comes time to pay the piper…"

"Never mind," Renado said. "This way, please. We'll bring him to the Elde Inn to begin his treatment…"

They soon brought Ralis into the inn, and after laying the Zora boy onto the bed, Renado began examining him. "Will he be all right?" Ilia asked anxiously.

"Hard to say. The illness has advanced significantly, not helped by chronic dehydration," Renado said. "The long period of dehydration exacerbated an illness he normally would have fought off. But Zoras are very vulnerable to dehydration. Why did he leave Zora's Domain?"

"Zant. Again," Midna said bitterly. "Zant murdered Rutela as an example to the Zoras."

"He must have been coming to Hyrule Castle to plead for help," Sheik mused.

"It's more than dehydration," Renado said, coming across an ugly-looking wound, with dark-looking vein-like markings spreading from it. "Someone deliberately poisoned him. And the poison itself is rather obscure. It's something the Gerudo used to use for their executions of those who flouted their laws most egregiously. It kills the user in a manner similar to an intense fever over several days. I doubt that Borville would have known what poison it was, even if he did know it was poison."

"How do you know about it?" Harry asked.

"I travelled far in my youth to learn of obscure diseases and poisons," Renado said. "Sometimes, poisons can be used as treatments for diseases, suitably modified, of course. They are also useful for hunting, if one is pressed. This poison is wholly unsuited for hunting, though, as it taints the meat."

"Do you have an antidote?" Link asked.

Renado nodded. "The antidote itself is not that obscure: Rare Chu Jelly. And before you despair, I keep some in reserve. It may be hard to find, but I try to get some in stock when I can. After that, Ralis will need at least a week if not more of convalescence. Wait here, I will go and fetch the Chu Jelly." And with that, he left.

There was an awkward silence in the room, filled only by the ragged sounds of Ralis' breathing. Then, Ilia said, to those gathered, "Thank you for your help. I…I encountered him on the road to Hyrule Castle Town. I didn't know where he had come from." A rueful smile came over her features. "Actually, I don't know where I come from. All I can remember is my name. But…" She looked at Link. "You seem to know me. I can see it in your eyes."

Link nodded, and knelt down next to Ilia. "You're Ilia, daughter of Mayor Bo of Ordon Village. We sometimes get into arguments, especially when you think I've overworked my horse, Epona. But we're friends. We have been for years."

"Are we?" Ilia asked, a sad look in her eyes. "I'm sorry, I wish I could say I remember that…but I don't."

"It is fine," Sheik said. "Perhaps time will grant you back what was stolen from you. You did well, in spite of amnesia, saving Prince Ralis."

"I didn't even know he was a prince!" Ilia said. "I just thought…he needed help."

"And that is even better, working to help someone with no desire for reward," Sheik said.

"You said it, honey," Telma said. "Not all heroes wield swords or magic. Sometimes, it's ordinary people doing good deeds. Not for money, but because it's the right thing to do. The fact that you did it without your memories makes it even better, because that means you're a fundamentally good person."

Ilia smiled, a little sadly, but it was a smile all the same. And Link returned that smile…

It was a little later. The kids from Ordon, had gone to see Link and Ilia, with Renado giving Ralis the Rare Chu Jelly. Link and Colin, along with the others, were regaling Ilia with anecdotes of their life in Ordon, partly to see if they could jog her memory, and partly to keep her from getting depressed. Sheik had remained with them in support of Link. And Harry and Midna had some alone time at last, having been interrupted when they tried it last in Kakariko.

As they walked down the street of Kakariko, noticing Gorons now dotting the streets, selling wares, Harry remarked, "We seem to be doing some good, at least."

"For Hyrule," Midna said, a slight tinge of bitterness in her tone. "For the light-dwellers."

"Hey, every scheme we thwart of Zant's is a step closer to giving him a coronary, with any luck."

At his quip, Midna actually laughed, that beautiful, musical laugh tinkling across his soul. "Yeah, I guess. Every scheme we thwart of Zant's is worth it. The more frustrated and angry he is, the happier I am. That may not be the best reason to help…but…"

"That's not the only reason why you're helping," Harry said. "It's for your people, right?"

"Of course! What sort of ruler would I be if I didn't do it for my people?" Midna said. "I'd be like Zant."

"Yeah, but Zant sets the bar pretty low."

"…Then why do you do this, Harry? I mean, aside from the Goddesses telling you to do so?"

Harry shrugged as he thought about it. Eventually, he said, "An old friend of mine back home told me once that I had a 'saving people thing'. She was pretty exasperated. She's as bossy as you are at times, and she's probably one of the smartest witches in Britain. She was also one of my oldest friends."

"You mean Hermione, right? I saw her when I went through your memories," Midna said. "So many expectations were heaped on you, just like with me. Only, you were expected to be a hero."

"And by Dumbledore, I was expected to be a martyr," Harry said a little bitterly. "Oh, he tried to ensure that I would survive, but…he wanted me to be his weapon. I recognise that in hindsight. But…at least I'm no longer his weapon, his tool. Maybe I am for the Goddesses…but I'm not sure I care. At least they told me up front what I was expected to do." He then looked at Midna. "And I got to meet you."

"Flatterer," Midna said. They had wandered up the path that came close to the remains of Barnes' bomb storehouse. The one they accidentally burned down while trying to catch one of those damned insects. After looking pensive, Midna looked at Harry. "After we beat Zant…where would you go?"

"I don't think I can go home. But I wouldn't mind staying here anyway. Even after we stop Ganondorf and Zant, I've got more than a few good reasons, one of whom's right here."

"Flatterer," Midna repeated with a smirk. They sat down together on one of the ruined walls of the storehouse. "I mean, I know we've had this talk before, and I know we haven't known each other very long…but I said earlier that we're friends. I hope we stay that way." She put an arm around his shoulder, like she had done while they were perched on the roof of the Elde Inn earlier.

"I thought you said the Twilight Princess doesn't give out intimate gestures so freely?" Harry asked wryly.

Midna laughed that tinkling, musical laugh again. "No…but you're not complaining, are you?"


"Well then," she said, turning her face to his, "would you like another intimate gesture?"

"Like what?"

Midna's response was not verbal. Instead, she gently leaned forward, and brought her lips to his own. Light and twilight met, and lingered. First a chaste kiss. Then, a somewhat more bold one, not quite a kiss of love, but of mild lust and desire. The Twilight Princess and the Boy Who Lived, kissing, their actions betraying the growth of their bond. And perhaps it was growing into something more…


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