Giving Us A Try

Chapter 13

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Damon looked at Klaus with a blank look.

He knew he would have to do this. He knew he would have to open up about his past. Things that he had buried completely in the back of his mind and never had any intention of thinking about again, were going to be out in the open.

Damon had never liked being an open book. He knew Klaus could read him like an open book, even though he hates it sometimes, it's good to have someone understand you and not judge you about your past mistakes.

Damon nodded his head.

Klaus wouldn't judge him. Klaus would understand. Klaus was different than the rest.

Damon got up from his previous position and sat up, crossing his legs. Klaus waited for him patiently. His brown eyes warm yet Damon can see the worry and tension filled in them. Damon swallowed the lump in this throat.

"You said you found something about my past. What was it exactly."

Klaus sighed. "You already told me about your times in the Augustines. Stefan found out about that as he went through your things. I also found a picture."

Damon's eyebrows furrowed. He was about to comment about how Stefan and Klaus shouldn't have went through his stuff but decided against it. "What picture?" He chocked out, knowing exactly what picture Klaus was talking about.

Unlike Stefan, Damon didn't like taking much pictures. He believed that memories should be experienced, felt, and enjoyed. If there is a need to take pictures to preserve the memory and remember it, than that memory is not worth remembering.

That one picture was taken however was not his decision. Klaus took out a old picture from his pocket and handed it to Damon. Damon took the photo with shaky hands and swallowed. He sighed, running his hands through his messy raven hair.

"This is Alex."

Klaus's head shot up as he heard Damon whisper out the words. Klaus sat quietly. Not asking a question, not interrupting. He was willing to give Damon all the time he wanted. He was just going to listen.

"He was my savior." Damon whispered with a small smile. "He was also my destroyer." Klaus nodded softly, signaling for Damon to continue.

"We met in New Orleans. This was after I was taken by the Augustines. Stefan and I had once again stopped talking over something I don't even remember about now." Damon chuckled dryly. "I was doing what I do best. Partying and drinking my way through life."

Klaus smirked softly, placing his hand on Damon's and stroking it with his thumb.

"I met a guy. He was absolutely amazing. He made me feel human. He made me feel special. Made me want to live." Damon mumbled, staring at Klaus's hand with a soft smile. "I thought he was the one you know. Thought I could spend an eternity with him and him alone. Made plans for us to travel the world, drink every alcoholic drink there was, eat all the food there was. He was a vampire, just like me. He was alone, just like me."

Damon shook his head. "I was wrong." Klaus felt a tear drop on his hand. He looked at Damon with a knowing look. He knew how that felt. He just didn't want to react. He knew the young vampire didn't want any sympathy.

"After a few years of being together, one day we decided to leave. To travel together. That morning I went to Alex's house to meet up with him. I found him dead." Damon replied. His voice was emotionless, but tears streamed down his pale face.

"Stupid human emotions." Damon mumbled as he wiped the tears from his face.

Klaus decided it was enough. "You don't have to continue love. You can tell me another time."

Damon nodded and laid back down on the bed, covering himself with a blanket. He moved over and motioned for Klaus to join him. Klaus nodded and smiled, taking of his shoes he quickly got in the bed. His hands found Damon's waist and he guided his body close to his own.

Damon's head rested on his chest, his raven hair tickling the bottom his chin. Klaus closed his eyes and buried his nose in Damon's soft hair, taking in the smell he had missed so dearly.

He was interrupted from his thoughts when he heard Damon's voice. "My past...Is a messy place Klaus." Damon mumbled, his hands gripping onto Klaus' shirt as if his entire life depended on it.

"You won't like it."

Klaus hooked his finger under Damon's chin and guided his face to look towards him. "Damon. I am no saint, and I am definitely not one to judge you. When I decided to make you mine, I accepted you, your past, and your present. I thought I made it clear that I love you and all the damn problems and conflicts that you carry with you."

Damon smiled, his eyes tearing up, and Klaus couldn't help but laugh at the fact that Damon still couldn't control his human emotions. Damon smacked him on the chest and mumbled something about how Klaus should stop laughing because he can fry him to a crisp.

Klaus just kissed the top of Damon's head and closed his eyes. He could feel blue eyes boring into him. He didn't mind.

"Thank you." Damon's voice reached his ears and Klaus opened his eyes once again and smiled.

No other words were exchanged. But a smile was returned from the blue eyed vampire laying next to him.

Downstairs, Bonnie sat with the rest of the group, telling about the crazy person they had met on the other side named Kai, and how Damon told her the story of him and Klaus and Elijah.

"So what did I miss here?" Bonnie asked sensing some kind of tension in the room. She looked directly at Caroline. Some kind of silent conversation happening between the two best friends.

Caroline cleared her throat. "Can I steal Bonnie for a second?" She quickly got up and made her way towards Bonnie, grabbing her by the arm, and dragging her away from the boarding house.

"We have so much to discuss."

Damon sat at the Mikaelson mansion. A drink in his hand as he stared at the flames from the fireplace.

"You wanna tell me what that was about?" Damon mumbled without taking his eyes off the flames. Klaus looked up from his painting an put his brush down, taking a step forward.

"What was what about love?" Klaus asked, an obvious smirk on his face. Damon shrugged his shoulders.

"Oh I don't know Klaus. Maybe the rescue and the pretend to care."

Klaus chuckled and rolled his eyes. "Love, I thought I told you this before. I fancy you. Is that too hard to believe?"

Damon looked towards Klaus. "Yes it is." he growled lowly. "All you brought into my life was utter confusion, misery, and death. This stupid kidnap mission was also because of you."

Klaus stood unaffected by Damon's anger. "Confusion. death, and misery were always a part of your life Damon. I just made them even more intense." Klaus whispered, now standing inches before Damon. "I made your like interesting, made you look forward to living an eternity, added danger to it, gave you a reason to fight."

Damon shook his head and chuckled.

"If I recall, you seemed to enjoying my company a few days ago." Klaus mumbled softly. Damon didn't reply. He just glared at Klaus.

"You tried to kill me."

Klaus chuckled once again. "I have tried to kill everyone, love. Why live in the past?"

Damon smirked sarcastically at Klaus. "Well, thank you for saving me. Thank you for your time. Now, if you will excuse me. I need to take care of the present, so the Mystic Falls gang and myself can have a future.

Klaus let out a laugh as Damon pushed past him and walked outside the mansion. He looked down at the floor, smiling so wide that even his dimples were on full display.

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