This is not a chapter! This is just information on where to find the coda/sequel story that I'd promised ages ago, back when I finished writing Raise Your Lantern High.

That sequel is called "If You've Got a Lantern Hold It High" and it's finally complete! It rejoins Serena and Joy four years after the end of "Raise Your Lantern High" (three years after the end of Deathly Hallows). You'll also see Andromeda and Teddy, and get a glimpse of how the wizarding world and Hogwarts are doing, too, in the post-war world...

Yes, it took me over a year of thinking and pondering, and writing off and on, and actually I'd been thinking about this for a while even before that. I wanted to do Joy's story justice. (Though...don't get confused: She goes by River in the upcoming story, since that's her werewolf name.)

So – look in my list of stories for the one called "If You've Got a Lantern Hold It High." I hope you enjoy it!