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"April I really can't!" You say, laughing slightly as her bony fingers wrapped around your wrist and pulled you down the sidewalk. "Sure you can! You don't even have work tomorrow!" She says, giggling with you. "Yeah but-"

"No buts!" She says dramatically. "I want you to meet my friends!" The red head continues to drag you along the sidewalk. "And I really want you to meet my boyfriend!" You both giggle at this.

You admire how welcoming and enthusiastic she was being, but realize it's also probably the 12 shots she had that was making her like this.

You had met a couple hours before, at some bar on Avenue B.

"Hey!" A red headed girl plops down next to you at the bar. "Hey." You say somewhat nonchalantly, drinking more of the beer in your hand. "I'm April!" She yells over the loud music. You smile, taking in her many piercings and expressive choice of clothing. "I'm Y/N." You say, holding out your hand. "Hi!" She greets you once more, taking your hand and shaking it vigorously.

"So what are you doing here?" You ask her, trying to make conversation...finding it only slightly odd that she came up to you so out of the blue.

"Well..." She starts, lowering her voice slightly.

"My boyfriend is in a band, and he usually plays here. Not tonight though, but I thought I'd come and drink and talk anyway." She tells you, her blue eyes shimmering. "Oh. Thats so cool." You tell her, trying to seem enthusiastic, but still feeling uncomfortable. "Come on." She says, grabbing your hand and leading you towards the makeshift stage where a band was preforming. If she didn't have a boyfriend, you'd think she'd be a lesbian.

"I don't know the name of the band, but they're good and they play here almost every night." April says, rocking her body to the beat of the rock music. You smile and try to enjoy the music as well. You and April listen to their entire set, and by the end, you had both downed 10 shots and were dancing like maniacs right in front of the stage.

Eventually you and April decide it's time to go. You check your watch and barely make out the numbers 12:56. You groan at how late it is, and walk out of the bar with April at your side. "That was really fun!" She says, still as ecstatic as ever. "Yeah!" You reply, although this time you whole heartedly meant it.

"So where do you live?" She asks. "Ummmm..." The alcohol in your system makes it difficult to answer this simple question. "On the corner of 11th and Avenue B." You tell her after a moment of thought. "NO WAY!" She says. Her loud voice makes your ears ring. "What?!" You ask her, curious.

"That's where my boyfriend lives! I was just heading over there now!" She says. You smile. "I can't believe we've never met eachother before!" You say. "Me neither!" She replies. You both continue down the street, toward the apartment building.

"HEY!" She says, shrieking again. "What?"

"You should come over! You know! To my boyfriends! You can meet all my friends and-"

And thats how you got where you are now.

Her boyfriend. "What's his name?" You ask her, trying to change the subject. "Roger. Roger Davis." She says. You don't really say anything. "Do you have a boyfriend?" She asks the dreaded question.

"Nah." You tell her, trying to sound like you don't care. "Oh...well Roger's got a really cute friend that I could set you up with!" She says. You laugh at this proposal. "That's okay April, I'm fine being forever alone." You say sarcastically.

She grabs both your hands and stops you from walking. "Well no one should be forever alone." She says, looking deeply into your Y/E/C eyes. Wow...this girl was intense when she wanted to be.

An uncomfortable silence followed as she stared at you, as if searching for something. "Let's get you home." You tell her, letting go of her hands and walking down the sidewalk, hoping she would follow...and she did.

"So are you coming over?!" She persists, sounding like a 4th grader who wanted a playdate. "I don't know April..." You say, realizing how worn out you were...and not really wanting to talk to anyone. "It'll be fun, I promise!" She says.

You eventually reach the apartment building and trudge up the steps. "What floor are you on?" She asks. "I'm one more floor up from here." You tell her. She grabs your hand and leads you to the sliding door of an apartment.

She smiles and fixes your hair a little. "Just be yourself." She says, sensing your nervousness. You smile and she slides open the door. "I'm home!" She yells into the apartment. You see a man with dirty blonde hair sitting at a metal table in what looked like the kitchen portion of the loft.

"Hey baby!" April says, running over to the guy who was probably Roger. "Hey." He says, kissing her on the lips.

You just stood there awkwardly. "Oh! Roger! This is Y/N!" She says, motioning for you to come over. You walked over to the table and said hi.

"I met her at the bar you play at! She's really great Roger. I just wanted you two to meet!" She says excited. Roger holds out his hand and you shake it. "Roger Davis. It's a pleasure." He says. You didn't especially appreciate his semi-sarcastic attitude, but you with held any comments.

"Is Mark home?" April asks. "Would Mark be anywhere but home on a Friday night at 12:00?" Roger asks. April giggles and only seconds later a second blond guy walks out of a bedroom on the other side of the loft. He has glasses and blue eyes, and seems to be holding a camera.

"Hey Rog, hey April, I know you?" He asks, laughing nervously. "Y/N Y/L/N." You say, holding out your hand, he shakes it. "Mark Cohen." He tells you.

"I met Y/N at the bar, Mark. I wanted you and Roger to meet her." She says, crawling onto Roger's lap. "I figured you and Y/N would hit it off." She says, teasingly. Both you and Mark blush at this, but you take the moment to tell April that you should probably go.

"Y/N! You just got here! Stay a little while!" She whines, getting up off Roger's lap and pulling you into the sitting area of the loft. "Let's play truth or dare guys." She says. Roger groans. "Wow April, how much did you drink?" He asks, half-seriously. April giggles.

Somehow you end up playing truth or dare, which ended very poorly for everyone...but it was lots of fun. When the clock strikes 2:00, you tell everyone that you have to go. "Aw okay." April says, standing up from her position on the couch. "Stop by tomorrow will ya?" She asks. You don't want to make any promises.

"Yeah maybe." You say. "Here's the loft number." She says, handing you a piece of paper with their phone number on it. "Call whenever." She says, hugging you. "I had lots of fun tonight!" She tells you. "Me too!" You say, hugging her back and waving goodbye to Mark and Roger.

"See you guys later!" You yell as you walk out the door.

"Bye Y/N!" All three yell at the same time, and you laugh, sliding the door shut.