Author's Note: GUYSSS IM SO SORRY I SUCK I HATE MYSELF AHHHH! I take FOREVER to update! I really wanted to keep this story going, but i've completely run out of ideas so this may or may not be the last chapter:( I'm sorry! Thank you SOSOSO much for reading! Y'all are the best! Please enjoy this (possibly) final chapter and I love you all! - XOXO

The winter passed quicker than usual, now that your apartment had heat. Collins kept his job, and Mark continued his film, and Roger...well he did what he usually did. He eventually got out of his semi-depressed state which you were all very happy to see, although he still wasn't the same as when April was alive.

Then again neither were you.

He had begun writing songs again though, so you were happy about that.

One day you got home from a walk and Mark was filming while Collins was at work. Before even opening the door to the loft you heard soft music playing inside. It was't the usual lazy tunes that Roger would pluck on his beat up guitar, it sounded far nicer than that. You stood there for a moment outside the door, waiting for Roger to start singing.

"I know you're standing outside the door Y/N." He said, and you cursed under your breath before opening the door. "Hey." You say with a laugh. "You working on a song?" You ask him, hanging up your coat.

"Yeah. Kinda. I guess." He says, trying not to sound like he cared to much. You laugh again at his shyness and sit down on the couch next to him. "Play it for me." You tell him, and he looks at you as if you had just told him you were pregnant.

"Are you crazy?! It's not even close to finished!" He tells you, somewhat defensively. You decide to dance around the subject instead, hoping for no more outbursts. "What's the title?" You ask him, curious.

"I dunno." He says, and you smirk, quickly grabbing the paper he had been writing on before he had a chance to stop you. He makes a sound of protest, but you take it anyway. You quickly scan the page, seeing random words written in his horrible handwriting. At the top of the page though, (in slightly neater handwriting) he had written the word...or name rather...April.

You try and conceal your emotions and almost too quickly place the paper back on the table. "Oh." Is all you say, and you can feel his green eyes searching your face for a reaction.

There's a moment of silence before he says "I guess I could play a little of it for you. I mean if you really wanted." Your heart skips a beat and you smile widely. "Yes please." You say.

He begins to re adjust his position on the couch and move the paper closer to him, before Collins and Mark rush in the door.

"Yeah man I'm going later anyway." Collins says, not looking at either of you. Mark follows closely behind him. "You sure you don't just want me to go now? I can-" Mark starts before looking at you and Roger on the couch.

"Oh hey guys." He says, moving towards you both, while Collins puts his briefcase down. "I decided to pick up Collins from work so we walked home together. What are you guys doing?" He asks you, and you glance at him, slightly irritated that they interrupted Roger as he was about to start his song.

"Roger was going to play me the song he wrote." You tell them. Both their eyes light up immediately. "Yeah boy, play us a tune!" Collins says, sitting down in between you and Mark. Roger blushes slightly. "I that everyone is here-"

"Oh please you used to play gigs in front of hundreds of people! Play us something!" Mark tells him. Roger shrugs slightly, before starting to pluck the strings.

An arrangement of minor chords mixed with major chords begin to fill the room. They all fit perfectly together, and it's one of the most unique progressions you've ever heard.

He begins singing, his voice sounds different, not worse, just different. It has a new tone to it, and you love it.

It starts off as what seems like any beautiful love song, full of kind words and meaningful lyrics. The combination of it all brings tears to your eyes, until he gets to what sounded like a bridge.

He sings of sorrow and loss...he sings about betrayal and devastation. You want to look at Mark and Collins' reactions, but you are to enthralled by the music. Because even the most painful phrases sounded utterly beautiful.

Suddenly the tension that had been building throughout the song stops, and you think it's over, until he goes back to the original chorus. He is much quieter now though, using his fingers to pluck the strings instead of strum them.

"And suddenly the winter breaks into spring. The sky was blue as your eyes, you're still my everything. Though you're gone, just like a flower that dies in the cold, you will bloom again, just as beautiful.


He stops. It was one of the most heartbreaking songs you had ever heard. Then again, you should never trust a happy song.

And suddenly it hit you. Everything that had happened in the past year. It flashed before your eyes. Meeting that beautiful redhead, and her two cute friends. Moving in. Falling in love with Mark. Loving life and everything in it for the first time in your life. Listening to her painful confession. Dying of guilt but keeping her secret. Finding her lifeless body. Numbly walking out of her funeral. Crying yourself to sleep every night. Finding Collins. Finally moving on.

And wasn't a series of events anymore.

It was one event, one story. A story of love and heartbreak and sadness and pain. A story of inspiration and friendship. It was a story of some kids who were too naïve to see that what they already had was enough. And somehow screwed up their lives along the way.

It was a simple story, composed of seasons. Seasons of happiness and despair and every thing in between. And sometimes the only thing between happiness and despair is love.

I suppose then, that the story was about love.

Seasons Of Love.