It had been a year and a half. 547 and half days since he had disappeared and Artemis had still failed to gather the pieces of her life together.

Contrary, she had thrown her self into being Tigress, spending day and night playing hero and bringing even the pettiest of thieves to justice. She only went back to her apartment when she absolutely had to, painful memory's of blissful time with Wally overwhelming her to the point of tears and cursing.

Kent had gone to live with Dick, who had decided that the bulldog would be 'happier' if he was temporarily living with him. And when Artemis had time she would stop in and play with Kent, smoothening him in kisses and holding him tightly as she quietly cried for their loss. Dick secretly did the same thing.

I had been 547 and half days since he had disappeared and Artemis was slowly going crazy.

The night was warm, windy, but pleasant and despite the fact that her communicator was nearly constantly going off, Artemis was ignoring it. There wasn't a point, it would just be some escaped villain or another and in the end none of those people could bring back or change the one thing she wanted.


Artemis tossed her communicator off the top of the building, watching dispassionately as it tumbled through the air, passing the 21 stories in seconds and smashing on the asphalt below. She wondered what it would be like. To be falling through the air in blissful freedom and smash, her body broken as her mind and soul. Almost as broken as her heart. She stepped up onto the ledge.

"Batman's going to kill you for that, you know how expensive those are." The blond haired women froze. That voice. It- it couldn't be, she had finally lost her last bit of sanity.

"Although, I never really understood why he got so upset about it, the man is rolling in money, its not like he can't afford to replace a communicator." Artemis gripped her head tightly, covering her ears with the palms of her hands and tangling her fingers into her long, blond hair and ripping it in desperation.

"Its not real." She sobbed. "Why are you doing this to me? ITS NOT REAL!" She was hysteric, shaking from head to foot, her mental state finally at its breaking point.

"Babe," A long, warm arm wrapped around Artemis's torso and gently pulled her down from the ledge. "turn around. Look at me." A beautifully familiar hand gently pulled the one coving her right ear away from her head and a soft breath tickled the downy hairs around her ear as he whispered the words, "I'm back."

The former archer was turned around and her red- teary eyes met with the vibrant green ones that she had missed so, so much and had been dreaming of for a year and a half, 547 and half days.

Her knees buckled and her eyes rolled back but Wally was there to catch her, lowering them down onto the cement rooftop and cradling her in his arms, crying over her spent and exhausted body.

"I missed you too." He whispered, burying his face into the crook of her neck and breathing in the scent that was only hers. "I was going crazy with out you." A pair of arms wrapped around his neck and at last, finally her lips were on his in a solid affirmation that he was back. That Wally wasn't going anywhere. He tangled his free hand into the long blond ponytail he missed to much and kissed her back with such passion and love that it took her breath away, and when they broke the kiss, Wally collapsed too, pulling Artemis up onto his chest and the two young hero's were content just to stare at each other.

"I love you Wally West, more than life it's self"

"And I love you Artemis Crock, more than all the food in all the dimensions."