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All for One

Setsuna Meioh glanced around at the girls. Except Chibi-Usa, they were all here and watching her expectantly.

"I've discovered the final threat to Crystal Tokyo," she announced.

"I thought there weren't any more enemies," Usagi whined.

"This isn't an enemy of that sort, Princess. This will require all of us to do our best. It doesn't matter how many of us fail, so long as one of us succeeds. This time it doesn't have to be Usagi either. Any one of us can save the future. With luck several, or perhaps all, of us will succeed."

Ami raised her hand and continued at Setsuna's nod. "Is there a significant improvement in the security of the future if more of us succeed at this task?"

Setsuna nodded again. "The improvement is exponential."

The others all nodded in agreement. "What do we have to do?"

Setsuna flipped open her laptop and activated the wall projector. An image appeared.

"This is our target."

"We have to kill him?" Haruka asked. The Inners shuddered at the anticipation in her voice.

"Good Gods, no," Setsuna exclaimed. "Killing him is the worst thing that could happen." She drew a deep breath, shuddering slightly at the thought of what that course of action would bring. The others blinked in surprise.

"Then what?" Michiru asked.

Setsuna smiled slightly. "We have to seduce him."

The uproar was instant. Minako, Makoto, and Rei leapt to their feet, cheering. Haruka and Michiru stared in shock. Usagi smirked. Hotaru sat quietly as if waiting for the other shoe to drop. Ami was busy with the Mercury computer and didn't seem to have heard Setsuna's comment.

"Well good luck guys," Usagi said smugly. "If you need any pointers, I'm sure I can help. Mamo-chan and I will be very happy for you…"

She trailed off as she noticed Setsuna shaking her head.

"But I…"

"Usagi, what color is Small Lady's hair?"

"Pink. But…"

"And do you have any history of pink, or even red hair in your family?"

Usagi shook her head.

"And Chiba-san?"

Again a negative. Setsuna nodded and tapped a button. A picture of a red haired girl and her mother appeared in the place of the dark haired boy.

Haruka gave a low whistle. "She's pretty cute. His sister? Why don't we seduce her instead? I'm sure Michiru and I could… ooowww." She broke off as Michiru smacked the back of her head.

"Leave me out of your hentai fantasies," Michiru said primly.

Setsuna laughed. "Actually they're the same person."

"What!" The cry of surprise from six of the girls caused Setsuna to step back.

"He's a cross dresser?" Haruka snorted with disgust.

A soft snicker from the corner diverted everyone's attention to Ami. She was staring at the Mercury computer and chuckling darkly. Her glasses were shining as she tilted her head up.

"Ami-chan?" Usagi ventured.

"Saotome Ranma," Ami intoned. The girls blinked. "We have to seduce Saotome Ranma."

"Correct," Setsuna said. "In order to secure the future of Crystal Tokyo, we, as in all of us, have to seduce Saotome Ranma. The more of us that succeed, the better the chance of the future."