Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday's everyone! It's almost Christmas, my favorite holiday, so to celebrate I've written a 12 part story, one chapter will be posted every day, the final chapter being posted on Christmas Day! I hope you guys enjoy it! It's going to be a roller coaster rideā€¦

Chapter One


"Angels we have heard on high, sweetly singing o'er the plains, and the mountains in reply, echoing their joyous strains..." Christmas has always been my favorite time of year. I've been listening to Christmas music since October, if I'm to be completely honest. I've been imagining myself next to the fire back home, looking at the Christmas tree my mom puts so much effort into making sure is perfect before my sisters and I go and hang up ornaments. Bay, Camille and I always argue over who gets to hang the little glass cocker spaniel towards the top of the tree, in remembrance of the cocker spaniels we had when we were little. Though it would make the most sense for Camille to do it, since she is the tallest, I usually get to hang the ornament up. I like Christmas. Bay, Camille and I no longer stay up into the early morning, waiting to hear Santa come down the chimney, or through the front door, since we don't have a chimney. In more recent years, we simply go to bed as early as our bodies will let us, and wake up whenever the first one of us awake comes and grabs us out of our beds. Not too many years ago, Bay set an alarm for six in the morning, and had it project through the whole house. It was a rude awakening. We'll go open our stockings and our presents under the tree, clean up the wrapping paper, a job which has gotten easier the older we get, while mom goes and makes breakfast for everyone in the house, except me, of course. I've never been a fan of breakfast. The smell of bacon, honestly, makes me sick- maple syrup, even more so.

"Annie, wake up. You've been in bed all day." I'm not surprised that I've been in bed all day, to be honest. It's still several days until Christmas, and there's no reason I need to be up. In high school, I was spending all day in bed, only leaving for food and to go to the bathroom. With college, it's gotten better. I've spent mornings in bed and afternoons and evenings with family and friends. Mornings, for me, last until three in the afternoon, and bedtime for me is well after my parent's. I groan and find myself shuffling, reluctantly, out of bed. I made up the covers, a habit I gained in college, and walked to where my mom was in the kitchen. I felt gross, like I needed a shower. My hair felt oily and I felt uncomfortable. Matters were made worse by the fact there was an attractive guy, my age, looking me over. I was suddenly very aware of the fact I wasn't wearing a bra and my pajama's were a t-shirt and a pair of sweatpants. I crossed my arms and tried to make my breasts as unnoticeable as possible. The cold air in the kitchen from the door leading outside was not helping my situation.

I give my mom a look and she smiles as if nothing is wrong. "Annie, this is Finnick. He's the son of one of Sarah's Junior League friends." I nod. Sarah was mom's best friend. She had two kids, a daughter Camille's age, and a son, just a couple years younger. They were honestly so close to our family, they might as well were a part of it. I was used to strange people coming over and being completely underdressed to meet them. The people I met though were usually women in their forties. This person in front of me was a twenty year old picture of perfection.

I give him an awkward smile. "Nice to meet you." I kept my distance. I hadn't brushed my teeth and I could taste the morning breath.

He gives me a smile, as well. "Nice to meet you, too."

"Annie, they're having a show travel around Panem and a few of the outer cities. Sarah might have mentioned your name. The organization putting on the show needed a new actress to play the female lead, and they want you to audition. She told them you were a theatre major and had a history at the community theatre. It's a musical, of sorts."

I nod. "Dancing is minimal, I suppose?" I was a dreadful dancer.

My mom nods. "First thing I asked, Annie." My mom knew I was a dreadful dancer better than anyone. "Finnick is the male lead. He just came to drop off some papers for your audition. It'll be this afternoon."

I look at Finnick. "Do I need to sing anything?"

"The character your auditioning for has a signature song. Duet, actually.

"Which one?" I suspected Baby it's Cold Outside, and would have said it out loud, if my mother wasn't standing right next to me. It was of my favorite holiday songs, though the song doesn't have to be limited to Christmas time. There are no actual Christmas words in that song.

"Baby it's Cold Outside. Like the song?"

I nod. "Yeah. It's pretty catchy." Bay and I would sing that song quite often. While neither of us obsess over Glee, we obsess over the Glee version of that song. Being the first soprano of the family, I usually got to be the girl in duet songs.

"Well, at the audition I'll be singing that song with you. You'll probably want to have a solo song, as well." I nod. This was all pretty standard.

I start to fill out the paperwork so Finnick can take it to the people putting on the show. It wasn't much, the longest part being my resume. I was done within ten minutes. I finished the paperwork and gave it to Finnick, thanked him, then went to shower. There's a part of me that wished I knew about the audition sooner, but there's another part that's glad. I don't have time to psych myself out, make myself nervous.

I sing in the shower, not unusual, and find myself getting excited. It would be a lot of fun to get to do a Christmas show over the break. It's the beginning of December. I don't know how hectic the rehearsal schedule will be, how quickly I'll have to memorize lines, if I get the part, and how stressed out I will be, but I can't help but feel excited. This will be a fun holiday.


I was preparing to leave the house, gathering up the papers Annie had given me. I gave her mom the paper with the time, eight tonight, and address, when I heard her sing. She didn't hold back, she was free. Her voice was nice to listen to. It was obvious she had natural talent. She was singing a melody of Christmas songs, trying to figure out which sounded best with her bell like soprano. She started singing Baby it's Cold Outside, holding rests where the male part was, and I thought she sounded great. I still had another couple of houses to drop off papers, but there was little doubt in my mind that Annie would get the part, if her acting held up to her voice.

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