Chapter 1: You better make it up to me!

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Ash panted slightly, walking up the snow-covered hill that would take him to his childhood home of Pallet Town.

"We're almost here buddy!" he said, with a big grin upon his youthful face.

"Pika-Pi!" his partner agreed. They quickly raced to the top of the hill and surveyed the quaint town below.

"Let's go!" With that, the pair raced home.

In Pallet.

Ash and Pikachu ran through the town, taking care to not slip on the light layer of snow beneath their feet. Arriving at their destination, Ash knocked on the door hurriedly.

"Ash! Pikachu!" his mother cried before pulling him in to a hug.

"Hey mom! I missed you loads." he greeted her, accepting her hug.

"I missed you too, my baby boy. Now come inside, it's cold out there!"

Ash quickly stepped inside the warm home, to both his and Pikachu's relief. He took off his jacket and shoes, putting them away so it wouldn't make a mess before he made his way to one of his most favourite rooms in the house, the kitchen.

"How have you been? It's been a while since you called, you know." Delia said while taking some food out of the oven for her son.

"It's been great, mom! The Kalos region is so pretty, and there are a bunch of cool new pokemon there too! I've been working hard with Pikachu and my new pokemon. Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie are all really cool too!" he rambled enthusiastically.

"That's great, honey!" she smiled at him. "Next time you talk to them, be sure to say thank you from me for watching over my baby boy."

"Mom! You're embarrassing!"

"That's my job, Ash. Speaking of friends, you've got a surprise visitor upstairs. Go visit her while I let this cool down just right. Pikachu can stay down here." she said, turning away to take care of the dish.

Pikachu left his trainer's shoulder, but Ash looked up in surprise. It wasn't every day he got a surprise visitor!

"Okay mom! I'll be back quickly, you know how much I've missed your cooking!"


"I wonder who it could be" he thought while making his way upstairs. 'It could be Brock..but mom said it was a 'she.' Maybe it's Misty..."

The teen walked up the stairs, his curiosity growing with every step. He eventually reached the upper level, noticing that his door was slightly ajar. Looking inside, he saw a girl with bright orange hair sitting on the bed, facing away from the door.

"Misty! What are you doing here?" he said excitedly, happy to see his long-time friend.

Still facing away from him, she said: "Do you know how long it's been, Ash? It's been at least 2 years since I last saw you, but I've barely gotten any calls!"

"Oh shit, I'm screwed." he thought.

"No messages, no letters, no nothing!" she continued, finally turning around to face the shocked boy.

"What if you got hurt? Do you know how worried I've been? I know you, Ash Ketchum! You get in those stupid adventures all the time! I know you get busy, but you could have at least called once! Ugh!" In her rage, she didn't notice Ash slowly coming closer.

"Well, Misty, I've really been wor-" he began with hesitation.

"Shut it, Ketchum!" she snarled, anger evident on her face. "I don't want any stupid excuses. I've missed you, but you expect me to forgive you after almost 2 years of virtually no communication? As if!"

Ash gulped in a combination of fear and nervousness. He was really in for it now.

"I don't want excuses! You messed up really bad this time! You're really lucky I left my mallet back at the gym, because if I didn't, you would be in so much pain right now! Ugh, I can't believe that you of all people are one of my closest friends when you treat me like this! How coul-"

Misty's rant was interrupted when she felt Ash's arms wrap around her body.

"I'm sorry Misty. You're right, I really messed up this time." he murmured, his lips close to her ear.

"Ash, I-" Misty sputtered, shocked. "Where did this come from?"

"I know I haven't been a good friend to you, Mist. I'm sorry that I haven't called or tried to talk to you much, and it's all my fault. You know that I value my friendships more than anything else, but I know it doesn't seem like I did this time. You have every right to be mad at me."

"Wow, Ash..." she said. "You've really grown up in those 2 years, I guess."

They both chuckled lightly at this, before he responded: "I guess I have. Hey, I have a good way to show you how I've grown up! I'll make it up to you Misty, I promise!"

"Hmm...I think that makes sense. It's weird to hear coming from you though." She said, mockingly.

Ash laughed lightly. "I'll let that one slide this time."

"Good boy."

"So Misty, do you have anything that you want me to do for you?"

"Not about you surprise me with this one?" she wondered.

"Sure thing Mist! Just let me think of something.." he said.

"Get yourself together, Ash! What do girls like? Clothes? No, Misty has never seemed like the type of girl to want clothes. Maybe food would be good, I guess. As long as I can make it up to her, I'm happy!"

"Want to go a restaurant with me, then? It'll be on me." he asked.

"Wow Ash, I didn't know you would ask me on a date." she said sarcastically.

"No, no! It's not like that Misty!" he exclaimed, blushing red.

"I know, you idiot, I'm just joking around! Going to a restaurant without having to pay sounds good."

They were so caught up in their previous conversation that they finally realized their arms were still wrapped around each other.

"Oh, I'm sorry Misty!" Ash said, moving his arms to remove himself from the hug.

"Ash, calm down! We're friends, after all. Besides, I kinda like it.." she muttered, blushing.

Accepting her wishes, Ash quickly put his arms around her body once more, bringing her closer. The beating of their hearts were in sync, but neither of them had realized it yet.


"So, Misty." Delia said, as soon as Ash left the room to freshen up. "How did it go?"

"Oh...well. He kinda...asked me out." she shyly said, blushing.

"Kind of?" Delia wondered.

"He didn't really mean it like that..." Misty trailed off.

"Oh that boy has always been naive. Just give him time, Misty."

"You're right...thanks Mrs. Ketchum."

"Call me Delia! Besides, the way this is turning out, you'll be calling me Mom instead."

"Delia!" Misty exclaimed, blushing. "It's not going to turn out like that!"

Deep down, she kind of wanted it to turn out that way.

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