Chapter 5: Promise Me

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"Promise me that you'll call, okay?" Misty asked him. He smiled, her attachment to him was more than adorable.

"Pinky promise." Ash whispered back to her and extended his pinky. She hesitated before reaching out with her own pinky finger and wrapper it around his. They smiled back at each other once again, knowing that it would be a while until they would see it in person. Misty had to return back to the gym to fulfill her duties once more, and he had a thirteen hour flight to catch back to Kalos the next day.

It had been a couple days since New Years. During that time, the new couple had finally gotten to explore their relationship. While Ash never had any experience in a relationship, he had paid attention to Brock's ways of love. However, he never pulled anything extreme or creepy on Misty. She, on the other hand, was well-versed in matters of love due to her sisters. They had taught her what she needed to know while keeping her mind innocent, surprisingly.

For Ash, the past couple of days had been absolutely bliss. He had taken Misty out again to make up for the time they were about to spend away from each other. He might have been inexperienced, but he was a complete gentleman at the restaurant. Misty had been surprised at the way he was treating her, but it was amazing. He knew what he was doing, barely.

Now, the two of them sat in Ash's room. Delia had chosen to give them couple some privacy before Misty had to leave. It was only right. Ash stared at Misty. While she didn't have the elegant clothing that she wore on dates, she was still just as stunning. She long red hair curled around and framed her face perfectly. Her small lips were set in a small pout. Her cerulean blue eyes shimmer in the light of Ash's bedroom. They were brimming with tears at one point, but Misty had held them back. She didn't want to appear weak, after all.

Ash wrapped his arms around her, just like he had after their first date. She reciprocated and threw her body in to Ash's chest and held him just like he held her. Neither of them wanted to ever let go. They sat there in silence, because not a word was needed. It was clear for both of them that they were going to miss each other. As perfect was the moment was, Misty's phone decided to vibrate in her pocket.

Both teens straightened up in surprise before realizing what it meant. Misty's ride, the Sensational Sisters, were here. Misty looked up at Ash.

"Ash, I'm sor-." He interrupted her.

"Don't say sorry." he said gently. "It's okay." She nodded at him before looking down once more. He cupped his cheek with one hand and pulled her face closer to his. They kissed deeply, the contact between their lips serving as a way of telling each other about how much they would miss this. "It's okay." he whispered once more. Misty nodded once more before standing up.

Ash stood up with her and took her bags downstairs. Delia came from her room and helped Misty with het things. Once she was ready, she said bye to Delia and thanked her for all she had done during her stay. Delia said that it was nothing, and that Misty was now almost officially part of the family. Both Ash and Misty blushed.

Ash brought Misty's bags to the car and put them in the trunk. He then turned to face Misty, who was waiting for him. She pulled him in to once last hug. It wasn't as long as the hug they shared before, but it was just as sweet. He took her lips in to one last quick kiss before whispering in her ear.

"I'll miss you."

"I'll miss you too."

Then she pulled away. Ash let his arms fall to his sides before he waved to Misty. She returned it and waved back. She graced him with one last smile before she entered the car.

"She's so beautiful."

With that, the car started and began to leave. Ash watched it go and waved the whole while. Soon enough, the car was gone and it brought Misty along with it. Ash smiled, because even though she was gone physically, she was in his heart. Even though he might miss her, she was going to be there for him. The distance wouldn't bring them apart.

Besides, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

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