*So sappy you could pour it on pancakes. Hey, I like sap. I feel I deserve a reward for writing thirty chapters and a really nasty death at the end. And if you hang on for a bit, I'll show you what your reward is for reading the whole damn thing. O.o And no, Anria, you don't have to read it, coz I know how you dislike sap, especially just wildly inappropriate and OOC sap as I write! ^_^ *

Schuldig curled against Brad, letting the older man tangle his fingers in the orange hair. He sighed contentedly. Yet another night of amazing sex completed, and they were watching the dawn from the balcony. Never mind the fact they were both naked and people were beginning to appear in the streets below. Brad kissed his scalp.

"You've been very protective recently," Schuldig observed lazily.

"I almost lost you," Brad admitted candidly. "I love you."

"Hey, I'm not complaining," Schuldig protested. There was a moment's silence. "Ja, I love you too," he muttered.

"Why do you always sound so reluctant to say that?" Brad wondered aloud. "Is it such a bad thing?"

"Nein," Schuldig nibbled his lover's ear. "I'm just afraid this will all turn out to be some hideous dream, or joke, or something, and I wouldn't be able to take that. It helps to know you need me to say it."

Brad grunted. "I don't like being so dependant," he worried.

"Oh lay off it!" Schuldig grinned. "Ever since we met, we've been dependent on each other. Not just us two, but all four of us. Speaking of our younger half, I hear movement."

"Yes, Nagi normally gets up for school around now." Crawford settled Schuldig more comfortably in his arms. Schuldig nestled against his chest, pleased at the response he got. Schuldig craved a reaction from anyone he met. Attention seeking behaviour, they called it. And finally he was getting the attention he felt he deserved.

"But. he'll get there over an hour before it starts," Schuldig gave Crawford a confused look, and they both turned to stare through the French windows that opened onto the small balcony.

Nagi was humming. He was smiling. He was taking care of his appearance.

"Scheisse," Schuldig murmured. "The chibi's eating breakfast. Now there's a turn up for the books. And without being forced, too."

"What was it you said about him and that Weiss brat?" Brad suddenly remembered Schuldig's careless aside in their final battle with Tash.

"What? Oh, yeah, bit of sexual tension going on there. You know, hormones and stuff. Probably not a bad thing, really. I mean, we did save the world, so they can't still hate us."

"I rather think they can," Brad sighed. "Well, que sera, sera." He finally had someone who loved him not for what he could do, but for how he did it, who he was. It was a nice feeling, all things considered. Didn't mean he was going to stop pushing himself relentlessly to achieve higher and better, but at least he felt safe in the knowledge that if he didn't reach the standards he placed for himself, he'd have exceeded every expectation Schuldig had for him, but Schuldig expected nothing but to be loved, and Brad knew he couldn't do that any more than he already was. See? Really, really sappy!

"Whatever will be, will be," Schuldig warbled. Brad gave him a playful slap. "So, wanna fuck in front of the entire city?"

"Are you going to give me a choice?"

"There's always a choice."

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