Shadows Over the Sun By S.A.M

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of the TMNT. I just use them to create a harmless little story.

Donatello quickly darted across the open field of Central Park. He was being chased by dozens of Foot Soldiers and he searched frantically for an area to defend himself. Suddenly, the gray ninjas came into Donny's view. They seemed to prowl like hungry tigers in slow motion but they moved with a speed that most people could never obtain. Donatello sighed heavily as the Foot bounced around him, forming a ninja blockade. The Foot surrounded him so that he was blocked off at all sides. They made it so that the teenager would have to fight his way free. Donny balled up his fists and took a Martial Arts stance. How had it come to this, thought the young teenager?

Donatello had been searching for materials to fix the Turtle Van. It was daylight but he had his mask and trench coat on. Donny was sure that no one could tell he was a mutant turtle. The green ninja had found the things he needed and he was on his way back to the sewer. Donny planed on going home, so that he could get ready for his Martial Arts training with Leonardo. He decided to take the short cut home and pass through Central Park. The walk home had been pretty enjoyable. The sun was out and the birds were singing. Donatello took in the wonderful vista of the park. It was a lovely day. Suddenly, out of no where, dozens of Foot Soldiers appeared and tried to attack him. Luckily, Donny had fought his way free but his assailants were being extremely stubborn. They followed him as he ran through the park. Now the Foot had Donatello closed in.

The ninja turtle glared at Shredder's ninjas as they darted around him. They whispered sounds to each other but no one in their right mind could understand what they were saying. The turtle was totally confused. This is not like the Foot at all, he thought, they usually attack at night.

Donatello moved continuously so that he could keep his eyes on most of his attackers. Suddenly, the Foot pounced at teenager but he was ready. Donny bent his knees and jumped into the air. As the bunch of Foot came in, they crashed into one another. Many of them fell to the ground. As Donatello was pulled back down by gravity, he kicked the nearest two Foot Soldiers in the head. The unlucky two fell hard to the ground with a thud. Donny did not miss a beat. As his feet planted, he focused on the ninja in front of him and punched him in the face. The Foot Soldier flew backwards and crashed into a hard oak tree. Suddenly, several of the Foot rushed Donny with their arms swinging wildly. Donatello stepped back and blocked most of the attacks, but one of the evil ninjas managed to hit him in the side. Donny stumbled back and covered his injured area. This angered the teenager. He was tired of being attacked by these stupid lackeys. However, it was apparent to him that the Foot did not care in the least. They ran at him quickly with their fist flailing.

The young teenager gathered his thoughts quickly and took a defensive stance. As the ninjas came at him, Donatello stepped back and launched out his leg. His foot connected with one of the ninja's chin and forced the soldier back. The wounded Foot Soldier crashed into his comrades, causing most of them to the hard ground. Donny laughed at the scene. The gray ninjas' arms and legs were wrapped around each other in a view of stupidity. It looked like a scene from the Three Stooges, only there were about twenty of them. Donatello's laugh was soon stopped by what happened next. A smoke cloud appeared from out of nowhere and suddenly Lord Shredder was in Donny's line of sight. Shredder wore his silver armor and had his shiny mask covering the scars on his face. Donatello could tell that his enemy was angry. Shredder's dark eyes were tense and his brow was furled. The evil warrior had his sword drawn and it was apparent to Donatello that the evil ninja planned on using it. The once aggressive Foot Soldiers where now behind their leader, standing completely still. Donny knew he was in serious danger. He had not the time to contact his brothers. He was sure that if he brought his Turtle Communicator to his lips, Shredder would attack, leaving the teenager defenseless. His only option was to pull out his staff and use it to the best of his abilities. Donatello was one of the four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and it was his duty to defend Earth from Lord Shredder and his evil minions. Shredder was pure evil and it was Donny's job to take care of him. Donny slowly lowered his hand behind his back, in the intent to pullout his staff. However, Shredder lifted his sword in fury, causing the teenager to pause.

"Don't even think about it turtle! You will be destroyed even before you bring your weapon out. Foot Clan attack!" shouted Shredder in anger.

The gray ninjas charged Donatello again and this time, all at once. They quickly tackled the teenager to the ground and latched on to his arms and legs. Donny tried to break free but it was no use. He could not move. Suddenly, Shredder walked up to turtle and snatched his staff from him.

"What are you doing, Shredder?" shouted Donatello and he tried to break free from the Foot Clan's grasps.

"You won't be needing this turtle." laughed the evil warrior, as he cracked the staff in two.

Donatello watched in horror as Shredder destroyed his price possession and slowly loomed down on him. The turtle could hear the police sirens in the back round. There was still hope. The huge fight in the middle of Central Park must have caught someone's attention. Shredder's shadow blocked out Donatello's vision of the sun. Darkness covered him. It was a sign of Donny's certain doom. The two fighters' eyes met in anger. Donatello desperately wanted to break free and fight. However, Shredder and the Foot had other things in mind. Shredder grabbed Donny by the back of the head and brought his face up to met his own. Donatello suddenly felt helpless against the struggle. Fear and confusion flooded over him in one huge wave. Shredder sneered at the ninja turtle and began to laugh.

"You now belong to me, turtle! You're days are over!" roared Shredder in victory.

Suddenly, there was a massive cloud of smoke. Shredder, the Foot, and Donatello were gone. The New York Police were left alone and confused.

To Be Continued..