The sun slowly lowered over the horizon and Leonardo felt his heartbeat begin to increase. His two brothers, Raphael and Michelangelo, stood behind him with their weapons drawn. Leo took a deep breath and motioned his younger brothers to follow him into Central Park.

With heavy hearts, the three Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles quietly entered the park. None of them knew what to expect from Shredder and his minions. The three turtles knew that they were in serious danger but that they had to help their brother, Donatello. The three turtles discussed the situation and came to one conclusion. They were willing to sacrifice themselves if it meant they could help their brother in need.

As the Ninja Turtles crept cautiously through the darkening park, the sun finished setting and the moon took its place in the sky. A cool wind blew through the trees and the park was surprisingly calm. Raphael growled and twirled his sais in between his fingers. He was certain that something big was about to happen. Leonardo nodded to Raph. He felt the same way. Leonardo quickly unsheathed his katanas and scanned the darkened area. Central Park had never before seemed so dangerous to the turtles. It was usually a place of fun and relaxation but now it had the presence of a graveyard. Michelangelo's skin was tingling with anticipation. He tightened his grasp on his nunchaks. Evil was close by. All three of the turtles could feel the Shredder's presence.

Leo eyed the region cautiously and then quickly turned to his brothers. Raph and Mikey gave their older brother their complete attention.

"Stay together guys. I don't want anyone splitting up." he whispered.

Suddenly, there was a huge movement in the corner of Leonardo's eye. He quickly jerked his head it the movement's direction and took a defensive stance. Raphael and Michelangelo mimicked Leo's actions and readied their weapons.

"Dude, what was that?" asked Mikey as he squinted in the dark.

"I don't know but stay alert." warned Leo.

The three turtles kept a defensive position and waited for the movement to occur again. However, several minutes passed and the night once again seemed calm. Raphael gritted his teeth with aggravation. He did not like their current situation. It made him feel helpless.

"I feel like we're fish in a barrel. Nothing but easy targets." growled Raph.

"Sshhh! Be quiet. I think I hear something." snapped Leo as he darted to the north.

Michelangelo and Raphael watched as their older brother headed toward an outcropping of trees. They quickly followed him but were a good twenty yards behind. Leonardo pumped his arms and legs quickly, swords still in hand. He was certain that he had heard something in the trees and he had to find out what it was.

Leo continued to run but he looked over his shoulder, to see if his brothers were following. He was glad to see that they weren't far behind. He turned back around and headed for the trees. Suddenly, Leonardo came to a sudden halt with his heels skidding in the ground. His mouth dropped open and his katanas fell from his hands. The leader of the turtles heard a scream but he suddenly realized that it was echoing from his throat. Leonardo could not believe his eyes.

Donatello was wrapped up in a huge net that dangled from a large tree. The net was tied to the tree's highest branch and gently swayed in the wind. The net rope was covered in blood and Leo could see red droplets falling to the ground. Donatello appeared to be dead because his eyes were closed and he showed no signs of movement. Raphael and Michelangelo finally caught up with their brother. They were a little out of breath and took a second to gather themselves.

"Leo, what's wrong?" asked Raph as he took in air quickly.

Suddenly, Michelangelo followed Leo's stared with his eyes and realized what his older brother was looking at. Mikey fell to his knees and bellowed in sheer anguish.

"Dude, they killed Donny!" cried Mikey as tears rolled down his green face.

Raph turned his attention to the tall tree and absorbed the scene. The terrible image of Donatello engraved itself into Raphael's brain and the turtle's mouth dropped. He quickly turned away and roared in a fit of rage. My God, what did Shredder do, thought Raphael in sheer anger? The three Ninja Turtles were spirit broken. The sight of Donatello's dangling body was too much to handle. How could they go on without Donny?

Suddenly, an evil voice rang out through Central Park. The voice seemed to be no where close but everywhere at once. It echoed through the park, sending a cold wave of anger through the Ninja Turtles.

"Don't worry turtles, you'll join you're brother soon." laughed Shredder in delight.

Leonardo quickly scooped up his kantanas and slashed them through the air. The other two reacted out of anger and followed in suit.

"Show yourself, coward!" roared Leo in anger.

"All in good time, turtle. First, my Foot Clan would like to say hello." hissed Shredder.

Suddenly, dozens of Foot Soldiers sprung from the surrounding trees. They hit the ground running, with danger shining in their demeanor. The Foot all carried swords and had every intention of using them. They came in fast and with a mission to kill. The three turtles reacted quickly and sprung into action.

Leo ran into a crowd of Foot, with katanas flashing. He cut several of the Soldiers down quickly. Their lifeless bodies crumbled to the ground in a large puddle of blood. Raphael flipped through the air and homed in on an unlucky Clan member. As he dropped from the sky, Raph impaled his first sai into the Foot's throat and the second in the rib cage. The Foot Soldier tried to yelp but his vocal cords were severed by the steel lodged in his throat. Raph withdrew his weapons quickly and turned on a second Foot Soldier. The first Soldier fell to the cold ground dead.

Meanwhile, Michelangelo twirled his nunchaks and bashed several of the Foot Soldiers over the head. Mikey roared in anger with each wack. The Soldiers collapsed to the ground one by one. Central Park had turned into a battle ground. The three Ninja Turtles were greatly out numbered but they appeared to be winning.

Leonardo yanked his katana from a Foot Soldier's chest and flung the blood off the blade. He then spun on his heels and cut an unsuspecting Foot Soldier in the back. The Soldier bellowed in pain and fell face first to the ground.

Raph quickly parried a sword attack with his sais but watched his older brother in awe. He had never seen Leo act in such an uncontrollable anger before. Leonardo had a rage that seemed to outdo his own. A Foot Soldier slashed at Raphael but missed. Raph suddenly remembered his dangling brother and stabbed his opponent in a fit of anger. The Foot Soldiers were dropping like flies. They attacked in a group but fell one right after another. The three Ninja Turtles were fueled by anger and hate. Nothing the Foot Soldiers could do was good enough to hurt the turtles. Leo, Raph, and Mikey roared in fury as they destroyed their attackers. Finally the battle was over.

The three Ninja Turtles stood over dozens of dead bodies. Blood dripped off the turtles and their weapons. Ironically, the blood was not their own but that of the Foot Soldiers. Red streamed over the hard ground and the cold wind brushed against their reptile bodies. The turtles panted heavily and observed the damaged they inflicted. Never in their life, had they seen so much death. Suddenly, Michelangelo hunched over and vomited. Raph and Leo remained motionless with a rage still flickering in their eyes. The only thing they cared about now was finding the Shredder.

"Come out Shredder! Face us!" taunted Leonardo as blood dripped off his chin.

At first there was a moment of silence which left the angry turtles confused. Suddenly, the Shredder responded in sheer aggravation. His voice was still distant but every where at once.

"I don't think so turtle. I thought the death of your brother would break your spirits but it appears it had enraged you. Do you really think I stupid enough to face you now?"

"You really are a coward!" roared Raph in disgust.

"That very well may be but I will live to see another day. I will still be a thorn in your side!" laughed Shredder.

"I am going to kill you Shredder. One day, I'm going to kill you!" warned Leonardo as he sheathed his katanas.

"Highly unlikely but every one has a dream. My death will be yours. Anyway, I have to go. I'm sure the police are on their way. We will meet again turtles. I promise you that!" sneered Shredder as his voice slowly faded away.

Mikey slowly lifted his head. The wave of nausea was gone but he still felt weak. Raph patted him on the shell and slowly wrapped his arm around him.

"Don't worry bud, it will be alright."

"Thanks dude." responded Mikey with tears in his eyes.

Suddenly, a moan sounded from a nearby tree. It was faint but still easily heard. The three brothers looked up at the net which Donatello dangled from. Their eyes widened in shock. Donatello moved and made noises of pain.

"Oh my God! He's still alive!" shouted Raph.

"Quick, cut him down!" ordered Leo in fear.

Raph's sai whizzed through the air and broke the net binding. The net and Donatello plummeted to the ground but Leonardo jumped and caught Donatello before he hit. The hurt turtle let out a cry of pain.

"Don't worry Donny, you're gonna be ok." eased Leo planted his feet.

The turtles smiled at on another then darted toward the nearby man hole. Police Sirens could be heard in the back round but once again, the cops were too late. All that they found was dozens of dead Foot Soldiers.


Donatello was bandaged up and rested quietly in his bed. He had taken a severe beating from the Foot Clan but Master Splinter said that he would be alright. Donatello was going to live. The other three turtles had trouble sleeping because they all wanted to keep an eye on their brother, in case he needed anything. Leonardo was the most persistent. He stood in the door way, watching after Donatello.

"Don't worry my son, Donatello will be alright." comforted Splinter as he approached Leonardo.

"I know master but I still worry about him. I was afraid we had lost him forever." replied Leo with a tear dripping off his face.

"I understand. However, you and your brothers were lucky and you have learned a valuable lesson. Don't take things for granted because they might not always be there. Cherish your time together and don't let time pass you by. We were all lucky this past week. I too have learned to appreciate the lesson, Leonardo. I almost lost all four of my sons. I would have been devastated. Without you four boys, my life would have been like a Shadow Over the Sun. Nothing but darkness and sadness." stated Splinter as he hugged Leonardo close.

The End