Thanks to Oort on AO3 for coming up with this scenario with me :D

I wrote this months ago with no intention of actually posting it, but then I found it in my fic folder again and laughed so hard rereading it that I reconsidered.

Chris shuts the door to his apartment behind him and drops his warmup jacket into its spot on the coat-rack. He's sorting the mail as he toes off his shoes and steps into the kitchen. Bills, advertisements, letters from fans… there's an issue of one of the three baseball magazines he subscribes to. And at the bottom is a handwritten letter with a return address in Japan. Chris pauses. He knows that address.

Why is Miyuki sending him a letter?

They talk occasionally via text and Chris has been diligent in keeping up with Miyuki's progress – as he does with many of the current Seidou players. He can't think of a reason that he would receive a card from Miyuki, who generally presents himself as unsentimental. Curious, Chris sets the rest of the mail on the counter and carefully tears open the envelope. The front of the card has a generic picture of Tokyo on it. He opens the card to find seven words:

I'm sorry I doubted you.

-Miyuki Kazuya

Chris, who is not easily moved to laughter, spends a few moments with his shoulders shaking in mirth at whatever event prompted his kouhai's apology. He'd feel sorry for Miyuki, but, well, he had probably brought it on himself.

Chris thinks back to the conversation Miyuki's referencing, from a little over six months ago. It was just before graduation and the retired third years were visiting the team, having finished with their tests. Chris' entrance had, of course, caused Sawamura to wave wildly and greet him with an enthusiastic "WELCOME BACK, CHRIS-SENPAI, I WOULD BE HONORED TO FORM A BATTERY WITH YOU ONCE MORE BEFORE YOU GRADUATE AND LEAVE ME, THIS UNWORTHY KOUHAI, BEHIND."

Chris had bitten back a smile, remembering all the times after they'd first met when he'd thought that things would be easier if Sawamura had liked him a little. Lesson learned: be careful what you wish for.

While Sawamura was getting yelled at by his teammates for disturbing practice, Miyuki stood off to the side and took a gulp from his water bottle. "Still can't get him to call me senpai," Miyuki muttered, probably not intending for Chris to hear it. "I'm not a role model for good behavior, sure, but that doesn't mean he has to think I'm evil."

Chris had looked over and felt his lips curl up in a smile. "Enjoy it while you can."

"Hn, I'm not sure about that," Miyuki had replied, unconvinced.

But now, it seems, Miyuki had done something that has led Sawamura to shower him with the same amount of overenthusiastic attention that he regularly gives Chris, and Chris has been proven right. He looks down at the card again, written in Miyuki's graceful script, and then eyes the blank space on the living room wall next to his bookshelf where he's been meaning to hang a painting or artistic photo.

"The first time Miyuki admitted in writing that he was wrong" is probably something worth displaying.