Left Unsaid

I'm sorry, Sam. I did not mean to be so harsh with you. But you were so harsh with Gollum!

I understand him, I think. Who he was. What he was. He was a hobbit, Sam, a hobbit no different than you or I. He had a real name, a hobbit name. Who knows, Sam? Perhaps he even grew up in the Shire as we did. But the Ring changed him. It twisted him to Its evil purpose and turned Smeagol into Gollum.

I know how he looks to you, Sam. Nothing but a lying, murdering sneak. And perhaps you're right about Gollum. But I can see Smeagol in that pitiful form and Smeagol remains free of the Ring.

Don't you see, Sam? I have to believe that Smeagol can come back and overpower Gollum. I have to. Because, you see, if we should fail . . . if *I* should fail . . . I have to believe that I too could come back.

But you do not want to hear this sort of talk, Sam. So I will keep this only in my mind and keep it left unsaid.