Humphrey POV

"Lilly take little 'Coyote Humphrey' and run a long" Kate's word rang in my mind.

Why? Why would Kate say something like that? That hurts a lot. I mean I been there for Kate ever since she was little. I looked out for her.

Once she was being bullied for being the daughter of the pack leaders, so people mocked her and she always cried about it. She couldn't defend herself since was a pup so I stood up for her and defended her. I was Kate's Knight that she could call on when she was in a jam.

Kate actually was a shy omega and she didn't want anything to do with being leader, she liked having fun like I did. But that change when her parents forced her to be an Alpha. So months before Alpha School her attitude changed. She'd push me away when I wanted to talk. Her Mother even said I a faze in Kate's life and that we would've never been friends if she stood for herself. That hurt worse.

Now I'm going home after trying to talk to Kate to help her out but she seem a little annoyed with me. And This Garth that's she's supposed to marry doesn't seem have the same mind set as normal guys would. "Treat your mate with kindness, and love them endlessly" Garth seems to be there for Kate's body and that worries me.

Now I walk home with no one to howl with. I'm pretty sure that my friends are looking for someone to love. But that work out for me I'm gay and everyone hates gay wolves, I remember Hutch and Candu before they left the pack for being gay. They used to show it right front of everyone not caring that they'll get into trouble. Hutch was my closet friend I helped him get with Candu and now his gone and I have no one to talk to.

I get closer to my den when someone jumped on me.

"Ahhhhhhh...who's on me? I cried out.

"Humphie it's me Shakey." Shakey said looking down at me.

"Shakey what are you doing scaring me like that?" I ask crawling out from under him.

"I wanted to tell you something." Shakey said.

"Tell me what?" I said walking into my den.

"Humphie um I love you and wanted to howl with you but you left." Shakey said.

"Really?" I ask.

Shakey is cute. I should've known that Shakey loved me by the way he flirting. Damn I slow.

Now that more I thought about it, the more I realized that I liked Shakey too. Shakey was always there for me when I needed comfort.

"Shakey I love you too." I say hugging him.

"You do?" Shakey says hugging back.

"But we need to hid our love." I said.

"Oh right...that." Shakey said looking sad.

"but we can be together while no one is looking so who about we have some fun." I say pulling Shakey closer to me.

"He he he okay Humphie." Shakey before kissing me.

Okay in the ch they'll mate together and their friends will see it and tell everyone, but here you go with a new story.-HxW