Femme Fatale

Author: Writie

Stars: Brock Lesnar, Stacy Keibler, Kurt Angle, The Big Show, Team Angle, Test and others

His large fist smashed through the wall with unbelievable strength. He withdrew his hand from the wreckage he had cause unfazed. He continued to destroy things in his path of destruction. He angrily paced back and forth with a burning hatred for that conniving weasel Paul Heyman. The increasing long for revenge mixed with his anger only fueled the fire. He was strong and quick. He could beat anyone. He was everything Paul had ever said he was, so why would he be dumb enough to screw over The Next Big Thing? The first time pissed him off, but now for the second time?! He had trust Paul and he had trusted Kurt Angle to stick by his word, only to be screwed over again. For the second time he had been played! He had been set up for a trap and was dumb enough to walk into it. Paul always acted as if Brock were stupid. Well, he wasn't stupid, and he wasn't just brawn, he had brains and he was determined to get back at Paul Heyman, and his "clients" no matter what it took. But how could you get revenge on someone you can't catch? Paul was smart, that was for sure, but he couldn't keep getting away from Brock forever. Eventually, his luck would run out. He made sure all the cards were stacked against Brock. Well, Brock would get his title back and get his revenge, if it were the last thing he would do. Paul was going down!

Stacy slowly rubbed baby oil over her legs. Being Test's manager was great, but she always wanted to make an impact. She was tired of being seen as just the pretty blonde with amazing legs and a nice ass. Even though, all of those things were true, she was much more than that. Maybe she wasn't a great wrestler but she was intelligent. But no one seemed to recognize that. She wanted to be taken seriously and she knew in order to do that, she'd have to come up with something major. She envied the power Stephanie McMahon had, and maybe that was why she screwed her over. Of coarse she loved Test's "testicles". She thought that had been the edge she was looked for but she needed something more. She had her hands full with his "testicles" so she wasn't sure if taking on another client was exactly the smart thing to do. She also hadn't found anyone else who had struck her as someone she could take to the top with her business ideas. She stood outside of her locker room as Test approached with a smile. They soon began to make out. He had won his match that night and right now he was being rewarded. They were at one of the WWE's many PPV events. She thought of all this as she kissed him. They both jumped at the sound of a loud crash. Brock Lesnar came rampaging down the hall. Jamie Noble had been his unfortunate victim. Fear consumed Stacy. What if she and Test were next?! Test would probably participate in the Royal Rumble, what if Brock planned on destroying everyone in his way?! He'd do anything for that title! Suddenly Big Show attacked Brock from behind. He went to close line Brock and Brock ducked so he ended up close lining Test. Stacy quickly jumped out of harm's way. She kneeled down to see if he was ok, as they continued to fight. Big Show choke slammed Brock. Brock had sent him a message by giving Matt Hardy two F-5's and now Big Show wanted to send him a message. He grabbed Stacy by the hair with great force and she let out a terrified scream. He gripped her throat with all of his strength and she gagged. Just as he was about to drill her into the ground Brock took him down with a tackle. He then delivered the F-5.

Stacy was getting ready to at Raw to accompany Test to one of his matches. His match was in about 20 minutes, and she was completely prepared. Besides all she had to do was sit outside of the ring. She sat watching the video of last week's Smackdown. If Eric Bischoff knew that a Raw talent was watching Smackdown he'd probably have a heart attack, but she had to admit Smackdown wasn't doing too bad. But she had switched shows for a reason. She sat back as she viewed the video. She fast forwarded the Dawn Marie's wedding to Al Wilson with a cringe. It was one of the grossest things she had ever seen. She zipped through a few matches but the match that really caught her eye was none other than Brock Lesnar. First, his former agent Paul Heyman and the Big Show, taunted Brock, and talked him into a match at Royal Rumble, which would place everything on the line. Just as Brock began to make his way to the ring he was brutally attacked from behind by opponent later on that night, Matt Hardy and his friend Shannon Moore. They busted the back of Brock's head open and he still participated and won the match against Matt. Then he accepted the Big Show's challenge. Brock was amazing, maybe all he needed was a little guidance. Paul Heyman kept screwing him over, and although Brock wasn't dumb, Paul always seemed to be a step ahead of him, not to mention he had tons of people on his side and Brock was on his own. Everyone took Paul Heyman seriously, he was making an impact. A sly smile crossed Stacy's face. She just got one hell of business idea.

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Preview: Stacy takes charge and put her idea into effect, but how will Test feel? And will Brock be interested in the help?