*** Note ***

This fanfiction is based off the manga/anime series Fairy Tail by Hiro Mashima but is not actually associated with or reflective of any plot elements from the series. Beware of spoilers.

I am a huge NaLu shipper. I honestly ship Lucy with a lot of people (GraLu, LoLu, DanLu), but NaLu is my strongest Lucy ship. I'm not quite completely caught up on the manga, but have caught up on the anime (when I first published this I was about midway through The Key of the Starry Sky arc which is in the anime but not the manga I'm told), but I try to keep my fanfic plots as close to accurate as possible based off the characters and world presented thus far.

In the process of writing a GaLe fanfiction as well, but this won't be published until much later and while the stories are meant to coincide the GaLe fanfiction will be set in a sooner time period. Includes the GaLe ship, the Gruvia ship, the ElfGreen ship, and Jerza. Maybe some Cappy and Miraxus. Perhaps some RoWen since it is set several years down the road.

I am not a fan of NaLi at all. Sorry for any Lisanna friends, but I do not like her… probably mostly because conflicts with NaLu.

If you are a young, innocent little bird, I would not suggest reading, hence the rating, as there will be lemons among other sexual references. These are labeled next to the chapter titles. Chapter 1 does have lemony implications at the end.

*** Chapter 1 ***

The sounds of explosions and familiar battle cries in the distance brought a smile to my face. I pulled against the chains restraining my limbs and ignored their biting as I stretched to catch of a glimpse of the outside world through the just out of reach window of the cell. I whimpered as I could only see flashes of the blue sky and blood began to drizzle from freshly opened wounds on my wrists and ankles. I put names to the voices in my mind. Erza, Gray, was that Happy? And then there was one voice louder than all the rest, a voice followed by a deafening explosion that even shook the walls of the cell. Natsu. I closed my eyes and leaned against the wall, giving my arms a much appreciated relief. He came for me. He still cared about me.

"Natsu, that's not what I meant. I was just teasing," I blushed as he whipped towards me, his nostrils flaring.

"I know what you meant. You think you're one of us now? You think that because you wear the fairy tail mark that the guild accepts you? Well, you're not. You're just a rich girl who is running away because one day her daddy didn't show her enough attention. The guild doesn't need you, Team Natsu doesn't need you, I don't need you," he spat, and I flinched. His words stung like a slap in the face. I took a few steps away from him and felt my eyes welling with tears. He seemed to catch his mistake, his eyes widening with realization at the impact of his words. He reached a hand towards me, but I backed away farther. "Lucy, I—"

"No. You said what you wanted to say. You've been holding that in for a while, huh? Fine then. Team Natsu is done. I got it. I'll start taking missions on my own. I will prove that I am good enough to be in this guild," I managed, trying to hide the shaking in my voice. He took a step towards me, but I turned away and ran through the trees to the guild. I rushed up to the board, ignoring the curious stares of the other members of the guild. I need something dangerous. Something to test my skills.

Need powerful wizard to get back kidnapped son from mercenaries.


The memory flood stopped as the outside world became silent. My heartbeat picked up. Were they okay? What if they weren't okay? This would have been all my fault. I strained against the cuffs again but was stopped by a familiar voice calling through the window.


I drew in a deep breath.

"Natsu," my voice broke, and I heard him let out a sigh of relief.

"Are you okay?" he asked, his voice heavy with concern.

"I'm alive," I confirmed.

"Step back against the far wall. I going to blow a hole through this one. I'm going to get you out of there, okay?" he asked, and I immediately backed up.

"Okay," I breathed and closed my eyes, bringing my hands up to shield my face from any debris. There was silence before an explosion at the far side of the cell. I uncovered my face and looked toward the hole expectantly. He stepped through, and his eyes immediately locked on me. Something about his expression caused my stomach to flutter. His face looked worn from days of worrying, deep purple shadows under his bloodshot eyes. His hair was disheveled, and his face immediately brightened up at the sight of me. He walked over to me quickly, inspecting me before pulling me into his arms. I flinched at the strength of his hug, and he drew away, apologizing for hurting me now and, with teary eyes, for the things he said then. I shook my head and crushed him against me, annoying to protest in my aching body. I pressed my face against the crook of his neck, breathing him in, unable to voice my appreciation at his appearance. His arms came around me much gentler this time, and I knew I never wanted to let him go. I felt a sob rake my body, and warm tears fell down my cheeks onto his skin.

"You were right Natsu. I… I'm not strong enough. I shouldn't be a Fairy Tail wizard," I sobbed, but he pushed me arm's length away.

"Lucy, please stop, I did not mean any of that. I was angry, but it wasn't at you. I was angry at myself, and I can't forgive myself for saying those things to you. You are an essential part of our team, an essential part of Fairy Tail. We would not be the same without you. We need you. I need you. You are very strong, stronger than you let on. I don't even think you know how strong you are. This mission was placed on the general board on accident. This was a mission that even a higher level wizard should not have carried out alone. You managed to free the boy and take out a lot of the kidnappers. You are so impressive and I hope you can find it in yourself to forgive me," he pleaded with me, and more tears flowed out of my eyes.

"Oh Natsu," I sobbed and attempted to bring myself back together. I tried to wipe away the tears, but the chains wouldn't reach far enough. Natsu swiped his thumbs across my cheek gently, causing me to blush beneath the bruises. He called out for Erza who stepped through the threshold immediately, as if she had been there the whole time. She nodded to someone behind her and Gray and Happy followed her inside. They all looked a little beat up but very happy to see me. Erza cut through my chains with ease, and Gray held out my belt with my keys and whip still attached. I took a few stumbling steps forward, my ankle bent unnaturally beneath me, before Natsu helped me walk as I rushed to grab them. I fumbled to buckle it around my waist. Natsu got onto his knees and buckled it for me and something about it felt strangely intimidate, though I brushed it off. It was only Natsu. I felt immediately safer with my keys and whip within arm's reach. Happy then rushed forward, wrapping his arms around my neck.

"Luuuucccccyyyyyy," he cried as hugged me tightly, nearly crushing my windpipe until Natsu pulled him off. I gave Natsu an appreciative smile before holding the beaming cat in my arms.

"I've missed you Happy!" I told him, and he wiped away a tear that escaped my eye.

"I've missed you, too, Lucy. But not as much as Natsu missed you. No one could miss anyone that much. Your house is a lot less exciting without you there. Natsu and I waited at it all day for you to come back so he could apologize. I was angry with him when he told me what he said. When you didn't come back, we went looking for you at the guild, when we asked Mirajane about you, she said you took a job and left. When she tried to figure out which one, she realized she posted the wrong one and Natsu and I tried to leave immediately, but Master wouldn't let us go without Erza and Gray, the mission was that dangerous. I think you're super brave for going on your own. Even if you're a bit crazy," he said the last part nonchalantly, and I felt anger rising inside me. Natsu stepped in before I could do anything.

"We should get heading back to the guild Lucy, I'm worried about your ankle and your ribs seemed too bruised," he worried, and Erza nodded.

"I have some wraps, but it looks like it broke and healed the wrong way, though that doesn't make sense since you've only been here a day or two ahead of us," she stated, and I looked away from everyone's eyes to the ground. The pain seemed like a distant memory now, but one that caused my entire body to shudder. Natsu noticed my hesitation because his grip tightened on me.

"Lucy, what did they do to you," he near growled through his teeth. My hands began to shake, and my vision blurred as my eyes watered.

"They took turns with me. Each doing something different and when they were done, a woman would come in with a stone, and it would heal everything up and take away the pain only long enough for the next beating to start," my voice wavered, and Natsu drew in a shallow breath. Gray punched the wall behind him, breaking the silence as he released his anger. Before Natsu could say anything, Erza stepped forward. Her eyes were the softest I've ever seen and her voice shook.

"Did they—" she started, but I shook my head.

"You guys arrived before they could," I assured her, and she nodded her head. Natsu's entire body was still tense beside me, and I looked over towards him. Erza and Gray left us alone, mumbling about needing to gather up our supplies to leave. Happy flew out behind them, and Natsu refused to meet my eyes.

"If I had not been so stupid, none of this would have happened to you," he growled, and I shook my head.

"Natsu, this is not your fault," I told him, but he only set his jaw.

"I will do anything to make this up to you," he pledged, and I frowned.

"Then stop blaming yourself," I begged, and he closed his eyes, before pasting a fake smile on and looking at me.

"I'm hungry, we should use your reward money to buy dinner," he told me and before I could say anything, scooped me into his arms and carried me out of the cell. The castle I was in was complete rubble, and I gaped at the damage. The man who sent in the job stood at the edge of the town as we approached with his son. He was overjoyed. We ate a feast with the village before taking only a portion of the reward and heading towards the train station. Natsu still wouldn't let me walk on my own, even though the townspeople had offered me crutches, or even leave my side, only giving me the brief opportunity to change into untorn clothes. Despite my arguments, Erza agreed it was best for me to not have any loads on my body. Happy curled up on my stomach with a full belly and napped, while I pressed my head against Natsu's chest and tried to figure out why he was acting so weird. I'd never felt so relieved to see him, but his actions seemed to take it beyond that. It brought back memories of another time…

I needed to escape, I didn't want this for myself. He would come for me, I knew he would. I saw the sand rising in the distance, and I knew. I took a step out of the hole in the wall and just let myself fall. I wondered if he would catch me. If he would make it in time. Natsu would. Natsu was there for me. I closed my eyes as the earth got closer, and I called out his name, but before impact, arms wrapped around me and held me tightly as we flew through the air. He took the brunt of the impact as we crashed into the sand. My head was against his chest and both of us refused to move while we caught our breaths. Finally he rolled me off of him and leaned over top of me as he examined me in the sand.

"Lucy?" he breathed, and I gasped at our proximity. His breath swirled around my face, mixing up my thoughts, and feelings stirred inside of me I tried to deny.

"Natsu," I whispered and his hand came up and cradled my face.

"You're okay," he affirmed, and I nodded. Then he leaned down and his lips captured mine. It took me a moment to respond, but my hands went up, twisting into his hair as I deepened the kiss. He let out a moan as his pressed his body tighter against mine. His tongue parted my lips and ours began to dance as one of his hands ran down the side of my body. I arched my back, rubbing my hips against his when suddenly he tensed. He jumped off me and lunged several feet away, his back towards me as he sat. I propped myself up on my elbows and looked over at him in surprise.

"Natsu?" I called out softly as his body shook.

"Lucy. That will never happen again," his voice was hoarse, barely recognizable.

"Natsu…" I began, but he stood up and walked away.

It was never mentioned again.

I blushed at the memory. That was it. That was a moment that Natsu never wanted to relive. But it haunted me. My body burned with a desire for a love that would never be returned. My dreams were filled with him, my fantasies. His name was burned into my brain. It would only be him. I frowned, glad he couldn't see my face, look into my eyes and see my pain. I closed them.

We arrived at the train station in time to catch the last one of the night. The ride was relatively silent. Erza and Gray exchanging only whispers. Natsu was still sick, though he tried to be strong. I smiled at him and pulled his head into my lap, running my fingers through his hair soothingly. He closed his eyes and let out a shaky breath. After a while I could hear him snoring softly. Erza and Gray fell asleep not too long after and Happy fell asleep in Erza's lap. All that remained were me and my thoughts.

I barely had time to delve in them when Natsu rolled over in his sleep, and his nose pressed into the crouch of my panties beneath my skirt. My cheeks immediately flushed red as my thighs clamped together, and I covered my mouth to stifle the noise that attempted to come out of it. I tried to pull his head out from beneath the material, but he only chuckled, his nose digging in deeper. I let out a soft moan, stuffing one of my hands into my mouth as I struggled to control my bodily reactions. I felt myself getting wet and heard him draw in a deep breath before moaning my name. Oh god, what kind of dream was he having? I begged for him not to wake up and to turn over, but instead his nose rubbed against the lips of my pussy. I groaned, again muffling the sound as my other hand death gripped the material of my skirt. I let out a squeak as something warm and wet ran along the crease, and my eyes rolled back into my skull.

My body was now wound up as tight as a spring waiting for release. I pictured him carrying me to my bed and pinning me beneath him, kissing my lips softly before kissing a trail down my body. He hiked my legs up over his shoulder as he kissed along my inner thigh towards my center. His tongue separated my lips and circling around my clit before plunging inside of me. I called out his name as my hips bucked and my fingers twisted into his hair. He teased me relentlessly with his tongue before finally allowing me my release.