Money trees here once again bringing you another fic, this is better than my first one. Trust me, the last one was rushed. This one is an upgrade, I'm not gonna hold you up too long. This is M for mature so Viewer discretion is advised. But if you have seen Black Lagoon then you already know. I do not own Black Lagoon. Enjoy.

Chapter 1: Heron: Rock

Rokuro Okajima

16 years

New York City

Evil city filled with this filthy air. Growing up in the east side of New York was far from fair. It seemed like I was dying a slow death. Speaking of that Mom just died from cardiac arrest. Dad and my brother are the only ones left. Dad doesn't pay enough attention to know we're killers. My brother Mien Okajima, street name hotshot is a drug dealer. He sells heroin and coke to prostitutes and gang leaders. I'm worried about him though, since mom died he was shaken up. I believe he's did his first shot of heroin today. I'm already numbing my emotions for him. Dad works for the police force. He's never home, he wasn't bringing in enough money. So my brother introduced me to drugs. Easy money and everybody was doing it. As long as we don't spend too much at one time that our parents would find out we were good.

I'm in all black standing on this corner on a cold November day. I'm with a couple of Vice Lords I deal with. Talking about a hit their about to do and want to know if I'm down.

"Nah I have to give this girl too a fiend later on tonight." I spoke, Jermaine nodded and handed off some coke to a customer discreetly. He put the money in his pocket and the customer kept walking like nothing happened.

"Well if you want part of the share you can get it." Jermaine said, I've been with these guys since I started to deal. They're older men of African american decent. They've been on the block longer than I have. They even gave me my first gun a Smith&Wesson stainless steel. It was just in case they weren't around and the streets were unforgiving so slipping up could cost you your life.

"How's hotshot doing?" Jermaine asked, I shook my head and handed off two viles of heron to a man. He handed me off 700 bucks. I stuff the cash in my pocket and look at Jermaine.

"He's been better..." I said quietly, Jermaine took out a box of cigarettes. He took two out and handed one to me. I took it and received a light from him. I took a long drag and watched as I blew the smoke from my mouth.

"I heard about your mom Rock, sorry to hear that." Jermaine said as he took a drag, he sighed. "Shits rough man, I know you feel like you have no one now..." I shrugged and took another drag.

"It's the hand I was dealt, yea it hurts. But I know she wouldn't want me moping about it." I said, Jermaine grinned and stuck his hand out. I gave him handshake and a hug.

"Glad too see you still truckin Rock." Jermaine said as he let go, I nodded to him and continued to smoke. We heard tires screech a couple of streets back. A few gunshots and some more tire screeching.

"Somebody just emptied out a clip on some mother fuckers." the young guy Ox, he just joined in on things. He's a year younger than me and just got in the gang, being under Jermaine.

"That sounded like it came from Vance Grove..." Jermaine spoke, he then shook his head. "None of our boys deal on that block." Jermaine said, a car then rounded the corner fast on our street. Jermaine and his guys took out their weapons. They hid them behind their coats or backs as the car sped up to us. I took out my Smith&Wesson from the back of my belt. A shot went off from our side and I looked beside me. I saw Ox with his Springfield pointed at the car. My eyes widened as the car came to a halt. "OX WHAT THE FUCK!" Jermaine yelled out, I saw three uzis point at us. I immediately ducked and ran. Ox was filled with bullet holes as he hit the brick building. Jermaine got a bullet to the head. The rest of his gang were scattering and returning fire. I ran down an alley way and jumped a fence. I hear police sirens from Southeast avenue where we were. I run to a street I know this girl from. If you thought my life was utter shit, you would think I was living like a king. She's from New York too, a Chinese American. She stays in Chinatown but has a street she stays on while on the run. She's 15, has plum colored hair she wears in a pony tail.

I broke into a walk and saw her in a alley on top of a dumpster. She was wrapping some bandages around her leg. She had her favorite Beretta by her side and held a bullet with her teeth. She saw me and didn't recognize me at first. She gave me a death glare and held up her Beretta and pointed it at me. I didn't even flinch and continued to walk toward her.

"Don't give me the wrong idea Revy." I said playfully, she smirked and lowered her weapon. I handed her the cigarette that was in my mouth. She took a long drag and jumped off the dumpster.

"Rock I haven't seen you in awhile..." Revy said she wore a black muscle shirt and deisy dukes. She took another drag and handed the cigarette back to me.

"You still running from Foster care?" I asked, she scoffed and reloaded her weapon.

"Shit I lost those bastards a long time ago." She replied looking around the alley. I noticed a few bruises on her neck and face. "I just had to beat some fuckers who thought they were about to rape me. They didn't know what kind of bitch they were dealing with." Revy said putting her mag back into her Beretta. She eyed me and grinned. "So dipshit what brings you to the west end of the city?" I took a drag and handed it back to her.

"My main crew just got shot down today over some bullshit." I informed her, I dug through my pockets and took out a wad of cash. I counted 2,500, I handed her 1,000. She looked at me dumbfounded.

"What you want me to blow you or something?" she asked, I chuckled and shook my head. "I'll do it for free Rock, you know that." she gave me a light delicate kiss. You wouldn't think a girl like her would be able to give.

"No its a gift, your still hanging onto that night?" I teased, she smirked and put the cash in her bra.

"Aw Rocky baby is looking out for his little misfit. But you enjoyed it just as much as I did." Revy spoke playfully I rolled my eyes. "You must still be dealing drugs huh?"

"I do what I have to do." I said simply, Revy took another drag and handed it to me.

"I hear that, I just saw a guy OD on some heroin. Looked like one of your regulars." Revy said, I took a puff of the cigarette while looking at her.

"It isn't my fault, it's his addiction." I said nonchalantly, Revy rolled her eyes.

"In a way you killed him." Revy spoke, I knew where she was going with this. Trying to get me by her side, she wants me to help her get back at the police. They raped her and beat her, part of the reason she is what she is today. I give her a look.

"I've always been by your side and I still am. We even killed your Dad together last I checked. Always trying to get me in on your shit." I put it out there, Revy took a step toward me. Looking up to me with a mischievous grin.

"You testing my dominance Rocky baby?" Revy spoke teasingly, "that's what it fucking sounds like."

"I don't take too kind to threats Revy." I barked back, Revy backed off always letting me win little confrontations like these.

"Alright tough shit, don't get your panties in a bundle." Revy said as I gave her the cigarette. She smoked the last of it and flicked it away. "Hey you up for a little breaking and entering?" I shrugged and put my hands in my pocket.

"I got time" I said simply, she walked passed me and led the way. I followed her to the north part of New York city. We ended up in front of an apartment building. I looked at the street, 'Woodridge Road' I said in my mind as I followed her in. We took the stairs up to the third floor. We stopped at a door, room 325 it read. Revy took out a card and put it through the door. With a little maneuvering the door creaked open. Revy took out her Beretta and wore a devilish grin. Her eyes were crazed which made me take out my Smith&Wesson. This wasn't my first lick but shit goes down when Revy's around. I tiptoed behind her as we neared a bedroom. I heard snoring and stopped dead in my tracks. "Revy this is supposed to be a lick what are you planning on doing?" I whispered to her. Revy looked back at me with that crazed expression.

"Lick? You've been hanging with those Vice Lords for too long. This is a hit and run Rock didn't you get the memo?" Revy said playfully as she opened the door. A middle aged man lay sleep in his bed with the TV on. Revy then walked toward him, she pointed her gun to the man's head. "Hey you fucking pussy?" She said the man woke up and his eyes widened at the sight of Revy.

"You bitc-" He was cut off by the gun going into his mouth. Revy put her finger on the trigger.

"Sorry but I don't do a lot of talking." She said before she pulled the trigger. She shot him multiple times his brains splattering against the head board. I took a step back at the horrifying display. But I watch it and take it in. Getting scarred by the second, I just take it. Adding to the many scars I have received in my life. After Revy emptied out her clip she walked out the bedroom. "You see anything you want Rock?" She snapped me from my thoughts, I keep my cool and look around.

"No nothing interests me." I said as we walked out, I take out a rag and wipe the door knob. I then follow her down the stairs out of the apartment building. I wanted to ask her who he was. But sticking your nose in other people's shit could get you killed. So I keep my mouth shut, we walk to my apartment complex.

"Well Rock I enjoyed your company today." Revy thanked me, I give a small smile.

"I appreciate your company as well Revy see you around." I said, Revy gave me a genuine smile. That's rare coming from her, or anybody in this forsaken city. There was nothing to smile about here. Revy then walked off, I went in the apartment. I walk in and on the couch is my brother. Barely blinking I look to the table he must've did coke. I walk up to him and lightly slap him a couple of times. He turned his head slowly to me. "What the hell Hotshot, how much of this shit have you did?!" He just stared at me, I shook my head. I grab a broken credit card and wipe the coke off the table and into a small bag. I put it in my pocket and pick my brother up. I took him outside and went to the alleyway. I placed him beside a trash can. "Dad could be here any minute, so be stupid outside." I said as I kept it moving, I decided to go back to the block. I wanted to know the status report of the guys. I knew Clark, Caucasian guy who messes with the Vice Lords ought to know by now. I walk up to the block, police tape around the scene. I see Clark on the other side of the street. I watch for traffic and make my way over there. Clark lit one for him and me. We both take a couple of puffs before we start talking.

"Nice too see you alive Rock, Warren told me you escaped." Clark said as we watched the police investigate.

"Yeah I was there whats the damage report?" I asked as I took another drag, Clark blew out smoke.

"Jermaine, Ox, Frank G, Rico and Slam are in body bags. Warren, Deuce and Gordy are still alive. Major blow to the Vice's loosing a big head in their organization. I believe there thinking about relocating from York and going to Jersey. I told them I'd stay here keep an eye on you and your brother. Warren said he'd stay too." Clark informed me, I nodded for him to continue. "The gang that shot at you guys are still unknown I'm doing some more digging to find that out. They shot up some underground bloods a few blocks down from you guys. I just heard that there was a breaking and entering on Wood ridge. A guy got his brains blown out. The west end bloods got busted yesterday with drugs. Their whole empire is crashing down in York. Shits hitting the fan Rock, my suggestion to you is sell the rest of your shit and high tale and run with it. Cause their handing out 20 years or more to drug dealers."

"That's fucking great, I guess I just might be going to the army anyway." I said, I told myself I was going when I turned 18. I knew that this drug business wasn't gonna last too long anyway.

"Yeah we had a good run, but nothing lasts forever." Clark said as more police cars pulled up. "Block's getting hot, you got anything on you?"

"Two and a baby." slang for two and a half ounces of cocaine. "It's my brother's, let's go." I said as we both walked away. The fiend who I was supposed to meet later on tonight walked up to me. "Hey you want it now?" the fiend nodded his head. I looked to Clark who was hesitant at first. He went in his pockets and took out some cash and handed to to the fiend. Who was just as confused as me. I was about to say something but Clark pulled me along.

"Rock you've been selling for three years and you can't tell who the police is and who isn't?" Clark said as we kept walking, I looked back at the fiend and shook his head and walked off. I saw a badge on the back of his belt.

"Good save back there." I thanked Clark as I wiped sweat from my forehead. 'That was too close for comfort.' I thought we kept walking heading for my house. "Matter of fact Clark, I'm done with this man. I got enough money now to last for a good four years. So if you and Warren want to split the dish you guys can." I said to my friend, Clark nodded and smiled.

"Of course you two were too young to sell this shit anyway." Clark said, I roll my eyes then look at him.

"Says the 19 year old who started at 13." We both laughed.

"Hey those were the old days anybody could have dealt then." Clark said, I pointed at myself.

"I was eleven when you were 13." I said, Clark raised an eyebrow and shook his head.

"Forgot math class already you were ten little guy." Clark said, I made a face.

"My birthday is next week Clark you started in December." I clarified, Clark thought about it then it hit him. "Yea and guess I'm the one who needs to brush up on math."