RWBY and JNPR's twisted lives

chapter 1


Destinies. Every person has one. But a simple change in several lives can change their fate entirely.

The camera shows a town in the middle of the night with a Shattered moon in the sky and group of men in suits walking through said town lead by a redhead with a cane, a cigar in his mouth, and derby.

They walked into a simple shop with the old man behind the counter feeling a little uneasy seeing them walk in.

"Uh, can I help you gentlemen?" the old man asked nervously.

"Yes, we've come here to make a little withdrawal." grinned the red haired man before turning to the men besides him. "Grab the Dust boys."

The men in black uniforms walked over to different storages and began filling their containers with Dust.

One of the men noticed someone in the back of the store. Whoever they were was shorter than the man and had a red hood and cape that covered their form. "Hey you." he approached the person.

The figure kept their backs to the man without moving.

He furrowed his brow and walked over to them "Hey!" he tapped on their shoulder.

The figure turned and pulled her hood down to show a teenage girl with black hair that had red tips at the ends with headphones over her ears.

The man pointed at his ears.

The girl got the message and took off the headset. "Yes?"

"Hands in the air." he instructed threateningly.

She looked down at the gun then up to his face. "Are-are you... robbing me?" asked the girl with what sounded like freight.

"Yes!" he exclaimed with annoyance.

"You're new in town aren't you?" she questioned tilting her head. "I can tell."

"How's that?" asked the mugger.

"Look at my eyes." she said pointing to them with two fingers. "Normally when people around here see my peepers they go like 'Jeepers Creepers!'." she said in a mock fearful tone that made the man look at her with a raised eyebrow. "So let me ask you, do you really wanna do this?"

"Yes! Now put your hands up or I'll drop you right now." he warned cocking the barrel.

"Oh good. Now I can cut loose." The girl grinned ear to ear.

Before the man knew what hit him, he was propelled through the air from a sudden kick to his gut and crashed through the store window with the girl not far behind him.

"What the hell..." the redhead wondered with two red Dust crystals in his hands.

"And now we just apply pressure here and it pops the bone out." smiled the girl who sat on the guy's back with his arm twisted. She applied pressure to the area as they all heard a loud pop.

The man screamed in excruciating pain with wide eyes.

"Ah, the sweet sounds of pain." sighed the girl in content. "I never get tired of it."

"Hey!" shouted the red head. "Who the hell are you?!"

"Friends call me Ruby," the girl said as she stood up while a collapsible scythe appeared in her hand. "But people more commonly know me as… the Bloody Rose."

"Okay." the man said then looked to his men. "Well? Get her you dolts!"

His men ran out with red blades in their hands to try and get rid of the girl. "You're probably asking yourselves, why the red hood?"

This confused the men who looked at each other.

She faced them with a grin on her face. "It's so bad guys like you don't see me bleed, you all should have worn your brown pants." As she said this she readied her scythe before rushing at the men and spinning her scythe in her hands.

The men tried to block her swing only for their blades to be sliced in half. After that, Ruby laughed in joy as her scythe caused several of them to drop to the street with numerous cuts around their body with even one guy losing an arm.

"I win." she said holding up two fingers in victory.

The men fell to the ground screaming as blood leaked from their wounds.

"Oh god!" cried one man who had a cut going from his right shoulder to his left hip.

"MY ARM! MY ARM!" another shrieked trying to stick the appendage back on.

"MAKE THE PAIN STOP!" begged another whose body was riddled with several dozen cuts with blood leaking out of each one.

Ruby turned and noticed the leader was gone, but one of the Dust crystals he was holding lay on the ground. "Oooohh, pretty." she eyed the crystal and picked it up. "Hey!" she called to the shopkeeper making him flinch. "I'm taking this as payment for dealing with these idiots. That okay with you?" she waved it in her hand.

The elder just absentmindedly nodded as the cries of the men in pain filled the quiet street.

"And call an ambulance before these guys bleed out." she turned away noticing the leader going up a fire escape. "Oh goody, the fun keeps going." she pocketed the crystal before following. She followed him up the fire escape and to the roof and spotted an airship taking off. "Going somewhere homo? We still haven't finished our game, are you left handed or right handed?"

"Perhaps another time my dear. Here, take this." the man threw a red crystal at her feet before the bottom part of his cane opened and he fired a blast at said crystal.


When the smoke cleared the girl was gone. The man grinned confidently until he heard someone clear their throat at his left.


"What!" he looked over and saw the girl with her weapon raised.


The man went wide eyes as his arm was severed and it went falling out of the ship.

"Yay!" cheered Ruby as the man stumbled back inside the airship with only one arm.

"AHHHHHH, OH MY GOD! MY ARM!" he cried dropping his cane before clutching his stump.

"I hope that wasn't your happy hour hand." grinned Ruby.

"YOU LITTLE BITCH! I'LL GET YOU FOR THIS!" he roared out in anger while scowling at the girl.

"Okay, I love you, Buh-bye!" She jumped off the airship then rolled in the air before landing on the roof and smiled with a wave at seeing it fly away.

He panted while trying to stop the blood from spurting out as he stumbled to the front of the ship.

"Girl trouble Torchwick?" asked a woman at the controls.

"Shut up! Just shut up!" He shouted out as his body was losing strength. "Help me seal it up."

The woman hit the autopilot function before walking over and held a hand over to his stump with it glowing as flames appeared. The man hissed as small flames appeared on his stump and started sealing the hole up.

He sat against the wall as the airship took them to their base. 'Damn her, damn that brat!'

Back with Ruby, she was walking down the street while looking at the crystal when she heard a familiar engine coming towards her. "Hi Yang!" she held up her arm and waved.

A yellow motorcycle stopped in front of her as the driver quickly dismounted. They took off their helmet to reveal their face, which was a teenage girl older than Ruby and had scars on her face, arms, chest stomach and legs with long wavy blonde hair. "Ruby, where have you been, and why are you all bloody!?"

"Just playing." smiled Ruby innocently.

"Tell me you didn't cut someone's arm off, again." sighed the girl with her face in her hand.

"You know I don't do that anymore, at least not unless it's self defence." clarified the girl while tossing the crystal in her hand up and down.

"Well next time I'm coming with you. That way I can talk to any cops that saw." Yang said before she put a hand to her head and sighed. "Ruby tomorrow I'm supposed to be leaving for Beacon Academy, but now I'm not so sure I should."

"Aw come on sis. You've been waiting for this way too long." ruby said and reached out to hug her sister only to have Yang stop her, not wanting to get blood on herself.

"But I won't get very far with my studies when I'm worrying about you getting into trouble." replied Yang crossing her arms.

Before they could try and talk sense into the other, they heard someone cough behind them to get their attention. They turned to see a well dressed blonde woman with a crop in one hand and purple cape.

"Hello Miss-Sexy-Teacher-Lady." Ruby greeted waving an arm.

The woman blinked at the odd greeting and frowned. "No, that's not my name. My name is Glynda Goodwitch, and are you Ruby Rose?"

"That's-a me!" she beamed. "Yahoo!"

"You'll have to forgive her, she plays a little too much Mario Kart." Yang said stepping in front of her little sister.

"I witnessed your little skirmish with those robbers."

"Robbers!?" Yang screeched. "Did you just say robbers?"

"Yup. And the amount of blood was magnificent!" laughed Ruby out loud with a grin.

"Ms. Rose, if it were up to me you would be sent to an asylum." spoke Glynda with crossed arms.

"Another one, ah geez!" she groaned bending her back. "Ugh, those places are the worst!"

"However, my superior would like a word with you instead." continued Glynda.

Ruby stood straight and both girls blinked confused at the word 'superior'.

The woman stepped aside as a man with pale hair, glasses, and a cane in his hand walked forward.

"Hello Ms. Rose." he greeted looking into her eyes. "You... have silver eyes." He stated as if it wasn't obvious.

"And you have glasses. Ooh, psychic." spoke Ruby waving her hands around in his face.

He smiled and pulled out a tablet before showing a video of her fights. Not just the one she just had, but also of one where it showed her attacking a cop with a fire extinguisher. "You have quite the reputation Ruby."

"You forgot the one about me using a nail file, floss, and mustard." grinned the girl. "Such memorable moments."

"Wait, let me see those first two fights again." Yang requested.

The man played the videos again. "Well, these are more controlled compared to some of the other things she's done."

Yang watched them befor she faced her sister. "Ruby!"

"What?" blinked the girl.

"You cut off two men's arms, TWO!" exclaimed Yang holding up two fingers.

"Oh come on. It's not like before. Back then I took off legs too." nodded Ruby like it was a sign of progress.

"Ugh, what am I going to do with you?" Yang face palmed.

"I understand you worry about your sister Yang, but what if Ruby went to Beacon with you?" suggested the man putting his Scroll away.

"What?!" exclaimed both sisters with utter shock.

"Her skills are impressive, despite her mental records, I've only seen one person fight like that. A dusty, old Crow." continued the man.

"Oh that's my uncle. He told me the best way to break bones." smiled Ruby like it was no big deal.

"I'm sure he did." spoke Glynda with an unamused look while crossing her arms.

"Yes, well in any case you have exceptional skills and being that Beacon is my school I'd like to ask if you would attend?"

"Really!" beamed with a small twinkle in her eye.

"No way!" cried Yang shaking her head. "Ruby is still way too young."

"Come on Yang! Think of all the fun I could have!" pleaded Ruby with her hands together while she bounced on her toes.

"Yeah, and your definition of fun will get you into major trouble!" frowned Yang Putting her hands on her. "No means no."

"Oh come on. I promise not to maim or kill anyone. Just break their bones and maybe put them into a few coma's, but no killing!" she said zipping from Yang's left to her right.

"Mmmmhhh…" Yang mulled it over while her sister started giving her the big eye trick and made her sigh. "Alright, fine."

"Yay!" Ruby jumped for joy. "I'm going to Beacon two years early!"

"But if you cut off any students or teachers limbs, then I'm making you go on a sugar free diet for a year." warned Yang.

"Eek! Okay, whatever you say!" cried out Ruby in panic and fear.

"Excellent. I look forward to your arrival tomorrow for both of you." smiled the man. "Glynda, let's go."

"Okay, I love you, buh-bye!" waved Ruby as the two adults started walking away.

Yang sighed and pulled Ruby to her motorcycle by her hood. "Let's go home."

"Sir, are you sure about this?" asked Glynda. "Doesn't it seem….rather sudden to bring in a younger student like her? Especially regarding her track record?"

"I admit it may seem odd, but I have a feeling she won't be as much trouble as you might think." he smirked.