This is legit based off boredom and the fact that I found out Katharine Hepburn's middle name is Houghton. Originally posted on my tumblr, I decided to post it here.


"How'd you get your middle name?" Castle asks one night as he and Kate sit alone in the apartment one night. The woman laughs before biting her lip debating on telling him the real story or the one her friends actually believe. Deciding on the latter, the brunette replies, "My mom was a huge Katharine Hepburn fan. The actresses' middle name was Houghton."

"It's not a family name?" Castle asks. Shaking her head, Kate asks, "What? You think one of my parents is descended from Katharine Hepburn's aunts or uncles?"

"My Dad's in the CIA," The man points out. Sighing and with a straight face, Kate answers, "Fine. My mom's maiden name was Houghton. Her great grandfather was Katharine Hepburn's uncle."

"Wait, really?" Castle questions. With a smile, Kate decides not to let him know the real story. Instead, she answers, "You're so easy, Castle."

Patting the man on his knee, the woman gets up to refill her glass. Entering the kitchen, Kate is surprised to find Martha sitting at the table dumbfounded. Confused, the brunette says, "Hi, Martha."

A smile coming across the woman's face, Martha stands and looks at the woman who refills her wine glass.

"Do you want some?" Kate asks with a small smile. She is not oblivious to the red head's staring.

"I know it's none of my business, Dear. But, I couldn't help over hearing your being related to Katharine Hepburn! How exciting!"

"Martha," Kate begins before Martha raves about the woman's Hepurn esque cheekbones.

"I'm not related to Katharine Hepburn. Not directly," The brunette adds mumbling the last part.

"But you don't deny it?" Martha points out. Taking a sip of wine, Kate rolls her eyes wondering what she has gotten herself into. Just as she thinks she can quit talking about her middle name, Kate hears Castle's mother say as she leaves the room, "Think about it Richard! Another actress in the family! And Katharine Hepburn no less!"