"Donnie! Are you sure the mutagen is here?" "Yes, I'm sure it's here! The Mutagen Tracker is not malfunctioning, I checked it before we left the lair!" Donnie stated. The 4 turtles are on another mutagen hunt and followed Donnie's directions to the nearest mutagen canister, but when they arrived, there was not a person to be seen, not even a canister. Even though they had checked under the dumpster and everywhere on the alley, there was still nothing to be seen. "I still think that we just went all the way here for nothing. Look, there's not a single canister to be seen!" Raph spoke out. Even as Donnie is certain that the Mutagen Tracker was not wrong, he had to admit that Raph could be right. "Maybe you're right Raph. Come on guys, let's go." Donnie answered. As they proceeded back to the Shellraiser, they were not aware that on the rooftops, someone was watching them.

"Stockman! Are you sure the retro-mutagen is ready? You know the consequences for failing this mission." "Yes, Karai, the retro-mutagen is ready! Soon, the turtles will be done for!" Baxter said. "Excellent." Karai stated. "And as for you two." She turned around towards Fishface and Rahzar. "I expect you two to not fail me and the Shredder again." "Yes, Mistress." The two mutants answered. Though they wanted the retro-mutagen badly, they knew the deadly consequences for failing the Shredder and Karai. They almost suffered the consequences themselves after their last defeat. "Alright Stockman." Karai commanded. "It's time for action." Baxter immediately threw the retro-mutagen towards the turtles.

"Guys, look out!" Leo saw the canisters out of the corner of his eye and try to dodge them. Mikey, being the most nimble turtle, managed to dodge out of the way, but the other turtles were not so lucky and got exposed to retro-mutagen. "Donnie! What is this?" "I think it's retro-mutagen!" "Oh no..." Before Leo can finish, the 3 turtles were reverted back to regular turtles, all their belongings were scattered on the floor. "Stockman! Are you certain we blasted all of them? Where is the fourth turtle?" "I think...he got away." "You fool! We are this close to eliminate our threat!" Karai shouted at him. "Never mind, Karai." Rahzar interrupted. "The fourth one will not be a threat to us. He cannot defeat us without the other 3." Karai thought about it for a moment. "You are right Rahzar. The fourth turtle will not be a threat to us, he is weak without the others." Karai, Baxter and the other mutants and Foot bots immediately left the scene.

"Dudes! Are you...ok?" Mikey peeked out and saw the entire scene. He gasped in horror when he saw the sight around him. Everyone's belongings are scattered to the ground, even their bandanas. He also saw 3 regular turtles close to each of their respective bandanas. "What did they do to you?" Mikey said terribly. His brothers were reverted back into their original forms and they each stared at him when he approached them. He saw sadness and anxiety in their eyes. They have heard what Karai and Baxter did as they had not bothered to lower their voices. He knew somehow that his brothers were worried for him. He found a bag near the dumpster and immediately grab their T-Phones, weapons and other belongings. He tied his brothers' shells with their bandanas to differentiate them. "Don't worry bros. I will turn you guys back, I promise." Mikey solemnly promised his brothers before going back to the Shellraiser with everything and everyone. He felt relieved that Donnie had built an auto-pilot in the Shellraiser in case there was no driver to drive it. Since Mikey did not know how to drive much, he activated the auto-pilot to get back to the lair to see Master Splinter. Master Splinter might not be happy to see the state of his 3 eldest sons.